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 Taku-To Kasuta (sheet) (3nd draft)(WIP)

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PostSubject: Taku-To Kasuta (sheet) (3nd draft)(WIP)   Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:44 pm

[1]Yes,watched the anime, read the manga 1-7.

[2]Name: Taku-To (jinsen) Kasuta.

[3]Age: ( special human) 27

[4]Gender: Male

[5]Physical appearance: Taku-To has black hair and dark amber eyes. He wears his hair down so it covers half his face, his arm is marked with a tattoo of a dragon, and his back has a large burn wound on it. His eyes are barley seen as he wears sunglasses most of the time.

[6]Clothing of choice: His choice of clothing for regular a regular day is a white formal shirt with black dress pants and brown dress shoes. For his military attire he wears a grey “V” neck T covered by a Black Leather over coat and navy fatigues, he wears brown leather boots. Because he is from the foreign country he is also seen in a Kimono/ Preists robe. Most suspect that was his Ex-duty

[7]Weaponry of choice: If he is just walking down the street he carries a Katana on his side, If hes in combat for Hellsing he uses a M4A1 with a 23. Cal sidearm with an extended barrel, while in his priest robes/kimono he uses a bamboo staff.

[8]Race: Special human.

[9]Abilities: Taku-To has enhanced senses and a natural power for sniping.

[10]Organization: Taku-To works for Hellsing

[11]Personality: Taku-To is a shy person who gives into pressure to get past challenges he’s given. But in battle, he’s almost a different person!

[12]Rank: Sadly Taku-To holds only a rank of corporal.

[13]Biography: Son of Natoko, mother and Okinuka, father. Taku-To was a Prodigal child who proceeded very fast in Math, Science, and literature. He worked at the towns inari shrine, not to mention that he was a Study nerd who was given the nick name “book store” because he was always seen with more than three books. After progressing from middle school he encountered a fearful experience, as a total of three “B class” vampires pillaged his home town of Narasaki. He vowed to find the source of evil and was told to find a woman named “Integra” so he set off to Britain to find her. There he was adopted by a British married couple with the name of Lee, although their new son he refused to take the name. but yet again vampires struck and took his new family.
Now scarred he wandered off and found the Hellsing mansion. Where he met the mistress of the house Integra. He wanted to be a leader some day but his current goal was to become enlisted, after two years of training he was excepted into the elite force of Hellsing. Although in the same division he barely sees Alucard or Seras. He is sent on very few missions so is often seen roaming the base. As he discovers his powers slowly he begins using them to his advantage. What he gets himself into may just be a mess larger than imaginable…

[14] RP Sample: Non-Battle sample; well… you see, I think that if millennium strikes us again we wont hold, they have increased their forces and… were just to weak
*Integra goes against saying that we can fight*
Sorry ma’am your right…
(out of battle Taku-To agrees with almost everything and doesn’t hold his point.))
Battle sample: You stupid F class vampires don’t even know how to god a damn gun right! Now "THIS" will be easy
*the vampire attacks and is quickly repelled*
Just as I expected, nothing less that PATHETIC! From a F class like the scum you are…
(in battle Taku-To shows a much more aggressive temper and attitude.))
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Taku-To Kasuta (sheet) (3nd draft)(WIP)
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