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 Taku-To (jinsen) Kasuta (WIP)

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PostSubject: Taku-To (jinsen) Kasuta (WIP)   Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:45 am

[1]Yes, Anime Manga-7.

[2]Name: Taku-To (jinsen) Kasuta

[3]Age: (vampire) 16

[4]Gender: Male

[5]Physical appearance: Hair: black w/ yellow base, orange filled, red tipped highlights. Eyes: (has two auras) Good: blue Bad: amber. Build: very skinny, only 5.4

[6]Clothing of choice: (Is a spy) Allied/regular: grey-”V” neck T, Navy blue fatigues, Black overcoat w/ a red vertical stripe from the Left shoulder down, Burlap satchel.
Axis/spy: Millennium Officers Combat dress.

[7]Weaponry of choice: Allied: Hellsing 454 cassul (akimbo), Hellsing PSG-1. Axis: MP40 modded, Mauser C96 (army surplus ammo)


[9]Abilities:are able to hack anything, and use mind bend technology to conceal their true forms, also since he is a vampire he has the power to disappear in shadows/ darkness

[10]Organization: works: hellsing, Spies: millennium

[11]Personality: Taku-To is a very secretive person who barley trusts people, even if he knows them. Note he will pull a gun on people he doesn’t know.

[12]Rank: Hellsing, demon spy (GRADE 3)

[13]Biography: Abandoned as a child (age 6) Taku-To was found and raised a military child, he was known to snatch things from the top shelf without anyone noticing. His “father” a captain in the Hellsing attack force signed him up for the spies program making use of his skills. As he was recruited he caught onto the military life faster than any other and proceeded to his first missions at age 11. Although only equipped with a Colt M1911 he completed every mission flawlessly. After finding out his secret at age 13 that he was a tec-malia he achieved greater goals and more complex missions.
Now aged 16 he is a perfect spy and achieved medals which are pinned on his wall in the barracks. Known to have links to Yakuza divisions left over from his country he trained them to act like cold hard killers, as his trusted team they impersonate Millennium squad “Foxtrot-Arc-Leonard-Serpent-Echo” (A.K.A. “F.A.L.S.E”). he does on occasion talk straight forward to the millennium generals/officers but often he only replies with a “ja” or “jawhol”.
Taku-To’s goal is to become the head of the spy division of Hellsing. If he works hard he also hopes to gain a rank in millennium and soon betray the army and turn the majority of the force on the leaders. Other than that, he wants to find his lost father and possibly mother. Although they have been missing for 14 years he hopes to find them alive in Greenland their last known location. His life changes ever more each day as a new piece of his story falls apart… and reviles a bigger picture.
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PostSubject: Re: Taku-To (jinsen) Kasuta (WIP)   Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:14 pm

Changed this to WIP for you. Lists for everything is not acceptable, by the way.
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Taku-To (jinsen) Kasuta (WIP)
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