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 Lycoris Radiata (WIP)

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PostSubject: Lycoris Radiata (WIP)   Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:41 am

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.
Yes, I have watched all OVAs currently out, read some of the manga, a bit of Dawn, and gone through several wiki pages.

Name:[b/] 'Alma Agrippina Flynn' by birth, though she has preferred to go by 'Lycoris Radiata' for over a decade.


Gender: Female.

Physical appearance: Lycoris is a girl with a rather slim silhouette, weighing up at 150 pounds with an athletic build. She does not have much of a chest, nor an overflow of curves (what she has could probably be described as aerodynamic at best, if one was trying to be polite. Petite, perhaps?), though enough to show that she is a female.
Standing at 5'6", Lycoris is not the tallest nor the shortest woman in the world. When clothed she will often be percepted as a rather fragile girl. That however, is a bit of a mistake. For under those clothes is a body that, though it isn't very strong, knows very well how to use the least energy to snap your neck, get you down on the ground and somehow snake its way out of its confines, and disappear out of sight before you can get up again. Made for flexibility and stamina rather than strength or speed, Lycoris has managed to maintain a rather normal figure, whilst still being fully capable of self defense. A body on which you could easily conceal smaller items - such as knives - and yet look natural when having a layer of clothing between that and the eyes of others.

Her hair is naturally straight, and probably the thing about her that stands out the most. Being a darker, though clearly red color, by nature, it usually stands out in a crowd, somewhat resembling the 'warning colors' many reptiles and insects tend to adopt. A bright red flow of color going all the way down from the top of her head to just below the end of her ribs. In sunlight, at least. For Lycori's hair's "redness", so to speak, seems to be dependent on the lighting of the enviroment of which is around it, an effect that is normally seen in dyed hair. When in sunlight, or other birght light, her hair will seem bright red. When in darker enviroments, such as outside during nightime or in shadows, it will seem a darker, border brown color. And at times in places with tinted light, it may seem orange.

Her eyes, a blanc blue color by nature, are the things about her that give away the most of her personality. Though her face is usually seen in a smile, or perhaps a thoughtful expression – around friends at least – her eyes always remain the same. When she smiles, the smile will not reach her eyes. Instead, they always stay devoid of emotion, never changing from an almost bored look. It is something that most people do not notice, though it bothers the ones that do. It’s something that she can’t help, though she will often try to.

Clothing of choice:

What Lycoris wears varies, depending on things as weather, temperature and occasion. Her casual clothing however during spring – autumn (she finds the winter all too cold for it, lest she gets herself a padded coat) consist of pretty much the same thing. It is not as though she refuses to wear anything else, nor does she dislike other types of clothing, but she finds having mainly the same outfit less .. Time consuming. So that she can spend her days doing other things than chooseing clothes every day.

What she wears consist mainly of rather neautral colors, that will not attract much attention. A white, though not stark white – perhaps a very light gray -, button up shirt, with a slightly too big dirty beige jacket worn ontop is usually adorning her torso. Underneath that is a pair of shorts made of a leather-esque material – synthetic leathe, but very nicely made synthetic leather – and a black pantyhose. A pair of black, high boots (thick sole, no heel) with a zipper going up the front usually adorn her feet. These zippers are usually pulled down at least half way down - perhaps more, as she finds it much more comfortable, should the weather allow it.

The jacket, being too big, has a small leather strap on each arms, something that she applied herself, so that she can have it stay on even when work halfway down her shoulders, something that she does rather often. The shorts are kept in place by a white, medium wide belt with a golden buckle, and tha shirt accompanied by a stark red tie, a red that is several shades redder than her hair, effectively bringing away some of the attention from it.

Weaponry of choice: Lycoris prefers to use small arms, such as knives.


These imported switchblades were frequently referred to as stilettos, since most incorporated a 3 and a half inch long, slender blade tapering to a needle-like point, together with a slim-profile handle and vestigial cross-guard. They are her main weapons, though she uses these mainly for defense.


For her ranged weapons, she carries around multiple throwing knives, around 10 with 5 strapped to each thigh. Each one is four inches long with a 2 inch long slender hilt, specifically made for throwing and nothing else. This, just like her switch blades, have been blessed and are also for self defense.. sorta.


She carries around a medical kit as well filled with bandages, alcohol, scissors, tweezers, wooden splits for broken limbs, tape, 12 feet of surgical thread, and cotton balls.

Race: Human

Abilities: Lycoris is extremely flexible (to the extent of being able to become a human pretzel), and has a lot of stamina (above average, though a bit under olympic runner). She is rather weak in terms of physical strength though and cannot use heavy weaponry, as she is unable to cope with the weight. She also cannot handle the recoil of larger aliber guns well, and is thus not the ideal candidate for being on the front line. Instead, she preferrs flanking to the side to find alternate paths, as well as supporting from further back. With pretty good aim, and the ability above average stamina pain threshold, capable of taking a bit more pain then most others, though not much, she has no problems staying hidden.

Lycoris is also a quick learner, and a (somewhat) logical thinker, trying to rationalize things she finds irrational. She works well under pressure, capable of keeping a cool head while in danger and threatened. She doesn't have any problems what so ever with getting dirty or going through rough / disgusting environments. She likes the cold and isn't seemed to be phased by it, however being exposed to really cold places for a longer period of time however makes her stiff and causes her joints to ache.

She is somewhat of a medic, knows a lot about the human body etc due to her early obsession with biology, allowing her to treat wounds and such with the equipment she has. Fluent in English and Latin (though her Latin has gotten rusty ever since her Grandfather, the main reason she even learned Latin, passed away and the one that she used the language with the most thus disappeared).

Organization: Unaffiliated

Personality: Lycoris is, to most at least, a happy, kind girl. She might be a little too enthusiastic when it came to some matters, and perhaps a little too kind for her own good, but she is … Safe. The kind of person that couldn't possibly do anything bad. Stupid perhaps, and maybe a bit clumsy mistakes probably, but never something 'bad'. The girl next door that one can safely have as a babysitter when working overtime, or perhaps going out to get back some lost quality time. A happy, kind, sane girl.

Having been raised by her Grandfather (for the part of her childhood that she remembers, at least), an atheistic ex college professor in biology with a little too much dedication to his subject, Lyc seemingly inherited his curiosity. She has a need of knowledge, constantly mocking the saying 'curiosity killed the cat', and will sometimes push a little too hard, go a little too fast in her strives to find that knowledge. If speaking to a person, she will often get intrigued with something and continue asking about it until she is at the bottom of the 'mystery', many times forgetting to watch out for others emotions and how she may be perceived. As a result, Lycoris in a conversation may often come off as rude. She is a fast learner though, and will try to adjust to the people she is with. As her Grandfather, she loves the study of living creatures and biology, fascinated by the behavior patterns of every race, especially humen. The human frailness, and yet our consistent stubborness and constant seemingly unreasonable behaviour disgusts her, but fascinates her at the same time.

Having tried being vegetarian during a period in her life, she has found that she loves meat. Spicey food, hot food (fuck salad! Unless it's warm.) and colorful food. Chicken, fire, heat, the forest/country side and squirrels are all loved by her. Especially squirrels, for some reason. She just finds them so .. Adorable! And she loves their digestive system, for some reason. She finds it oddly cute. Flowers she appreciates, though she does not find them as entertaining as animals as they lack blood and ability to carry their offspring with them. She finds no appeal in dried flowers what so ever. She also dislikes long baths, as they require her to stay still for extended periods of time. She finds taking quick but effective showers much more appealing than soaking in warm water. It is also better for the environment.

She is a notorious early waker, though that is mostly because she despises sleeping. When sleeping, she is a light sleeper and will wake up several times each night, both from outside noises and uncomfortable dreams. Memories of her time in London, mostly. Sometimes even unusual scents will wake her, such as someone with a strong perfume suddenly stepping into the room etc. The almost panicked state she will often be in after waking from a dream shows a somewhat more fragile version of herself. Often, she will attempt to hide from others as she is in this state, to take some time to collect herself and then continue the day as she otherwise would.

As opposed to the bold, almost rude, thick skinned version of herself she tends to be, there is a much more fragile, insecure side to herself. It's a side that she attempts again and again to suppress, constantly telling herself that it is something that belongs to the past, but ever unable to shake. She almost fears this side, this extremely weak persona of her. It is something she acquired after being raped in London, a psychological trauma that grew and deformed as she suddenly found herself attached to the child she should've hated. And after the miscarriage of that child, it has been growing stronger with each week that passes by, as she refuses to let it go. Refuses to let go the last memories of the child that she should have hated, and yet did not. Also, she developed a strong want of getting another child someday after the child. But then, as she found out that she is unable to, that want turned into a need. A longing, and then a hate. A hate of the women that could have children, and yet chose abortion. The whores that got pregnant, the women that lied about their children's father, the ones that weren't her. Why could they, whom clearly didn't even want the children, have them when she couldn't?

With the time that passed, the hate grew stronger. Became an obsession. Was like a sickness that was neglected, and spread throughout her body. And from a want, it became a jealousy. A need, obsession, and finally .. hate. She started hating all the women that would complain about their children, that would fantasize about how their life would be without. Hate the whores, and the people that would choose abortion before adoption, no matter the circumstances they were in. And at it’s peak, was when she killed for the first time.

She remembered is clearly. Her first victim had been a whore that had happened to have one of her neighbours as a friend, and she had happened to hear that she was going to take an abortion. And a couple of night later, in a dark alley, she knocked the girl unconcious, opened up her uterus with a scissor and removed the fetus, suffocating her to death after the procedure. And during it all, she experienced an almost sort of ecstacy, something that made her feel ‘alright’ for the first time in a while. And that was the start of a long row of murders, her becoming an almost modern day ripper.

Rank: None

Biography: Lycoris' childhood started out pretty normal. Born in Ireland, her parents were 2 lawyers, both with a considerable income. She spent all her life up to the age of 6 in the house her parents had bought just after they had gotten married, positioned a bit in the countryside. Pleasantly ignorant of, protected from, the rest of the world. And when looking back at it, at the moments that she remembers at least, she finds that her mother - very much like herself - seemed to have an unhealthy attachment to her child. Even though the woman would never admit it at the time. Perhaps her 'condition' could be genetic, something that passed from mother to daughter. Or not, as at would be impossible for her to figure it out now. During the 6 years she spent with her parent, Lycoris believes herself to have been happy. Unknowing of her mother's strange fear of letting other people meet her daughter, how she would socially cripple her child through never letting her meet others, never having her learn the rules of society. Instead, she chose to keep the child in an almost imaginary world, letting her come up with her own rules and ways, all whilst spoiling her rotten. Making sure that her parents were the only ones she got to know.

As Lycoris grew older, to kindergarten age to be precise, her mother quit her job as a lawyer and became a housewife instead, her husband's pay being enough to keep the household going. Their marriage had deteriorated quite a bit by then though, as Lycoris' father would continuously suggest for them to start letting their daughter out in the world, but being met by only strange fits of laughter, anger, threatening and begging. It was at that point that he started doubting his wife's sanity - having thought that the keeping away others at such an early age was because she wanted to bond better with the child or the likes (he himself having been away working most of the time, having been a workaholic that prioritized his work over his family, even if only by a little). But before his doubts got to escalate further, it all ended.

At the age of 6,5 by the very end of the year, the isolated world Lycoris was born and raised in was utterly shattered. Her mother found out that her husband had been cheating on her with another woman and 3 days later, as her already instable mind .. broke down, Lycoris having demanded to get to follow her father to work, making her think that she would be left alone by 'everyone', causing her to take suicide in the bathtub the very same night.

After a month or so of mourning, the house she grew up in was sold, Lycoris written into a communal school to attend 1st grade - only to get to skip a grade after showing an unusual skill to pick up writing, counting and reading unusually fast. Her father and her moved into an apartment with his mistress, the two getting engaged after 1 year of living in that apartment. And though she tried, the woman was unable to love Lycoris in the way that she needed to be loved. And for the father, whom had spent way too much time working overtime and never really bonded with his child, Lycoris was not (but very close to) a living memory that reminded him of his insane wife. One of his biggest shames. But then again, she was of his blood and flesh. And so, he still felt a sort of parental responsibility. But Lycoris never really got the love that she had gotten from her mother. And she got to live like that, with a somewhat detached father and 'mother' that was equally detached, having quit trying to love the little bundle of misery after several months of trying to get the thing to accept her. The years of emotional neglect tore on her, though she adapted. Becoming quiet, withdrawn, but extremely curious about the outside world. So she spent her time reading, slowly learning all she could, sucking up all the knowledge she could get like a sponge with water.

At the age of 8, Lycoris came in contact with her grandfather – an atheistic ex-college biology professor with a little too much enthusiasm for his subject - for the first time. And though he was not her grandfather by blood, having adopted the man whom was her father, he somehow ended up loving her that one of blood would. Having avoided his son ever since he and Lycoris’ mother had gotten married – her mother having turned out to have come from a rather strict Catholic family and thus believing that his ‘life choices’ and lifestyle were wrong, and though she tried staying as polite as possible, was unable to keep from trying to remind him of it, the Grandfather being gay – as he simply could not get along with the woman. However, as he saw Lycoris for the first time, the thing that drove him into getting to know the girl more was curiosity. Intrigue by the strangeness of the little girl, always quiet, always hidden away somewhere reading. And the one thing that kept her from rejecting him, such as she had done with people so many times before, was his knowledge. To Lycoris, her Grandfather was like an endless stream of information, fact, theories, questions that would put her mind into overdrive as she fought to answer them. And he did not ask anything of her in return. No hugs, no reluctant smiles, just to allow him to remain in her presence.

And so, the two got and remained close during the 6 weeks that the Grandfather stayed in London. But the closer he would get however, the more peculiar things he’d find. The strange way that Lycoris would always shy away from her father and ‘mother’, the way that her father would always be there on a fair share of her school activities, he’d know her schedule and he’d know the name of her teacher, and he’d know to go to the library when she wasn’t home before curfew. But then, he wouldn’t know the smaller things. Such as her favorite seat in the car. Her favorite food, favorite toy – if she even played with the expensive dolls and the foreign toys he’d lavish her with – and he didn’t know her fears. And Lycoris in turn knew her father’s and his wife’s name, the plate number of his car and the number to his cellphone. The signs that showed that he wasn’t in the mood, and the signs of happiness. But then, it would turn out that she didn’t know his age, nor his birthday. She didn’t know what he worked as, at what times he’d leave and return home. What he did in his spare time. Instead, father and daughter would only hand around each other when they had to, smile coolly at each other when in public and then go their separate ways. And for Lycoris’ new “mother”, she had long stopped trying to show much affection to the kid. She’d try to be as warm as she could out of pity for the kid, and sometimes playing the part of ‘mother’ as she forced the girl to eat her vegetables, to brush her teeth properly and to do some chores. But then there would be the days when she’d be just as quiet as Lycoris. Staring out the window, silently praying for something. Anything.

By the time that her Grandfather had returned back home to Wales, he had already noticed the neglect that Lycoris was put through and had started negotiating with her father about giving over the care of her to him. A rather easy negotiation really, as the father – though slightly reluctant – did not see any problems with giving over Lycoris in his father’s care. He knew that the man was fully capable of taking care of a child, and he had seen glimpses of the way that he had affected Lycoris. Made her smile more, made her make the expressions that would be expected by a child her age. Frustration, anger, sadness even, but also happiness. Content, and how she had taken after him so much during such a short time. Adopted the stupid grin he’d have after eating so much that he had to sit down for a while, becoming more talkative .. By the end of the third month after his return to Wales, he was back in London. And as he came back home, he had his granddaughter with him.
As time went by and Lycoris started settling into her new home, the roles of the new family started to emerge. Her Grandfather would stand for her studies - choosing to home school her after he noticed her obvious insecurity around the other children, having been bullied and frozen out in her former and only school experience -, constantly providing her with questions that kept her awake at night, theories that she herself would expand upon and facts that she would categorize and remember carefully, as though they were invisible, but all so precious, jewels. And the more she learned, the more she seemed to be able to take in. Sure, she had problems with pronouncing and spelling, perhaps her grammar wasn't the best at first, but for what she lacked in vocabulary, she made up with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm to learn, to get better, to understand. And it turned out that she had a seeming gift for it, being able to gradually take in the most complex of patterns, ways of thinking, trying, speaking, reading, languages. Some would fade away soon after, and some would stay until the very end.

However, her Grandfather was not the only adult in Lycoris' life during the time that she spent under his care. In fact, there was another. His Grandfather's life partner, another ex-military field medic at the same age as him, male. This man would, instead of providing for her studies, assume an almost motherly figure in the trio. He'd make sure that she and her Grandfather would eat properly, put them to bed when their enthusiasm for the studies overwhelmed them. And he would be there to help Lycoris as she grew older, and encountered emotions. Sadness, mostly. Confusion, and perhaps a sense of abandon, as she was told what she had forgotten about her mother. About the suicide, which she had pushed back into the back of her mind a long time ago. About her father, that willingly gave her away to her Grandfather - not that she complained, she loved being where she was at the moment, but she couldn't help feeling .. Abandoned, somehow - and frustration, as her memories seemed all so foggy. Outlines of her mother, sharp but fleeting images of her father and the hateful voice of his wife as she complained on the phone when he wasn't home. Assuming that the child wouldn't get it. Of course she wouldn't. She was just a child, after all.

However, as time went by, she got over it. It didn't take her long, perhaps a few weeks at most, until she fully accepted the parts of her past that she had made herself forget, and accepted her current position in life. Living with her Grandfather, her fatherly figure and kindred soul, and his partner, her motherly figure and ... Friend.
As mentioned, her Grandfather lived in Wales. A modest sized villa on the countryside of Wales, in fact, with plenty of ground around it. At the place he had two other buildings, of which one was made of the same gray-esque brick that his house was made out of and stored a - though barely used - beloved car of his. And tools, for such things as gardening and taking care of the grounds.

A bit away from the house was a larger building, containing their animals. A herd of sheep, a couple of hens and ducks. They had 3 dogs as well, although those would take their lodging inside of their house. Lycoris and her Grandfather's partner would stand for taking care of the animals, Lycoris getting more and more part of it as she grew up and the other older. It would be the thing to keep her fit, and her stamina high, though she left lifting and moving most of the things to the males of the house. And under the supervisation and encouragement of her Grandfather's partner, she'd continue to try to improve her physical condition. Her Grandfather giving her plenty of free time during the days as her improvement in her academics was vast and very obvious, she would try again and again to push her limits. It turned out that she was flexible by nature, though the stamina she would have work hard and even harder to maintain, it requiring lots of discipline and a fair share of pain to reach the level she aimed for. Which she did.

As they grew closer - this being rather early in her 9 year stay under their protection - her Grandfather and his partner would take turns in telling her bedtime stories. The stories of her Grandfather would always be grand, science related and 'scary' at times as he described the failed experiments of 'evil doctors' as graphically as he could, teaching her the rights and wrongs. Ethics, morals. But no matter how magnificent his imaginary worlds would be, no matter how many beautiful words, no matter how beautiful he described these dreams ... It would always be his partner's stories that Lycoris liked the most. The stories told with rough words, awkward pauses as he fought to open up his vocabulary to make it sound better, the stories of what seemed to be a lost world. Stories of the battlefield, empty men and the panic of seeing blood flow. The pain of losing yet another person, the hateful, burning sorrow that would fill his chest as he saw the faces of their dear ones. But there were other stories from his too. Not of the blood and sorrow, but stories of drunken parties. Quick romances, though quick to be removed from their minds the moment the sun rose and yet another cry of pain was heard. The fleeting, dull moments of .. Peace. And the joy of actually saving someone. No matter how harsh the stories were, no matter how many swears or strange words, these were the stories that Lycoris loved the most. Spoken in a way that no one but one that has actually felt the pain can do, and filled with so much emotion that she felt as though she could burst at times, these were the stories of the world that she wanted to join. But then, as she realized that the war of which seemed so terribly beautiful, and yet so horribly grotesque, had long since passed, she realized what she wanted to be. Following his footsteps, only outside of war. A paramedic. Or a doctor. A surgeon perhaps? Someone of significance, that could save someone. And it was then, a cold winter night at the age of 10, that Alma Flynn first decided to study hard, and become 'a savior of lives', as she put it. I don't know how the young her would've acted, should she have known what was waiting for her in the future. How she would have turned out, should it all have gone according to plan. For, much as her first sanctuary, Lycoris' second haven was too broken down far too fast.

Year 1997, a clear November morning, Albert Flynn was shot to death by a robber on his way home to show his Granddaughter, Alma Flynn, his newest purchase, an 'Asian Flora and Fauna - The pocket edition'.

- Born in Ireland.

- Lived 6 first years of her life with her parents in Dublin.

- Mother also had unhealthy attachment to her child.

- Mother find out that father is cheating. She takes suicide. He moves in with his misstress after a while of mourning, selling their house and taking Lycoris with her.

- Lycoris goes though 2 years of (non-intentional) emotional neglect.

- Bullied in school, but does skip a grade. Becomes quiet, and withdrawn. But continues to study like crazy, since she finds it oddly enjoyable to learn new knowledge.

- Taken under the care of her grandfather whom lived in ... Wales.

- Grandfather used to be college professor in biology. Is atheist.

- Grandfather started calling her Lycoris as a pet name (greek, means twilight). Due to her utterly fascinated with Twilights, and that she arrived at his house at Twilight. Which, according to him, was the most beautiful twilight he has ever seen.

- Grandfather finds Lycoris staring down into a biology book of flowers, fascinated by the Red Spier Lilly and changes her pet name into Lycoris Radiata, the latin name for the Red Spider Lilly. Has been a beloved name and her favorite flower ever since.

- Grandfather's partner tells Lycoris old staries of the military, him having been field medic, and she gets intruiged by this seemingly lost world. This leads to her continously asking for more, and as he never said stop, she didn't really learn how to stop asking. She falls in love with the military, and paramedic shit. Her Grandfather's homeschooling her also helps, her Grandfather being very pleased about the young Lycoris' seeming talent at academics.

- Grandfather lived in rather big villa on the countryside, with hens, 3 dogs, a cat, ducks and sheep. As he starts getting older, he lets Lycoris take care of many of the animals. This leads to her becoming very attached to them, and starts doing more and more for them. This keeps her body in good shape, keeping up her stamina etc, though she usually has her Grandfather's partner help her carry heavier things etc.

- Lived with her Grandfather and his partner (equally old male, former military) until the age of 17.

- Grandfather is shot by robber whilst in the city to buy books and dies. All his money is distributed between the family, though most goes to Lycoris and his partner soon after. His partner takes care of Lycoris for another year until she is old enough to enroll in college, graduated with straight A's.

- Grandfather's death hardens her slightly, and she gets motivation to become paramedic. Goes to London to study, after passing enterance exam. Something, something, I ain't sure.

- Raped during her 2nd year, somehow gets attached to the child though and gets severely depressed as she gets a misscariage.

- Goes through a period of very deep depression, end up dropping out of college. She starts drifting around London's back streets at night, owning a flat there, and gets stabbed in the stomach, the blade also cutting into her uterus.

- Survives, but is left with a very ugly scar and an unability to carry children, and somehow starts becoming jealous of the women able to have children. After that, the want of having a child becomes a longing. And then a need, an obsession. And that makes her jealousy become a hate. Why can she have a child and not me? What makes her a better mother than me? Why can she have a child, when she doesn't even want it?

- Kills a woman, a whore that she happens hear saying that she is pregnant, and then complains about the child and is going to make an abortion. She ends up killing this woman, using a scissor to open up her uterus whilst she is still alive, removing the fetus and then strangling her to death. It is then that she feels a moment of ecstasy, a feeling that is better than anything she has felt in a long while. This is the start of a long chain of murders, and she becomes almost like the modern day Jack the Ripper. Killing women in their first trimester, removing their fetus whilst they are still alive and then strangling them to death.



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Lycoris Radiata (WIP)
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