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 Bloody Mary.

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PostSubject: Bloody Mary.   Wed Sep 28, 2011 10:48 am

Simply for my own amusement.

For a night in early August, the air seemed unusually cold. Not the kind of cold that you would normally expect from that time of the year, with it's cool breezes and fair humidity. This night was under a chill, so much so that words turned into drifting white clouds once they left the speaker's mouth. The kind of cold that turns the tip of your nose red while turning your lips a pale blue. The exact kind of weather that makes you regret leaving the cozy warmth of your own home, making you wish that you had just stayed inside, or at least bundled up a little bit better. There were no other options here, though. If you were ordered to go outside, then you were to stay outside until your shift was through. That's the way things were at this camp, no complaints and no back talk, regardless of the circumstances. No, it was nothing like a home. Not unless your home was a large field scattered with barbed wire fences, large guard towers, and run down little wooden shacks.

But somewhere along the far, inside perimeter of the outside gate, tucked quite a distance away from all the other huts, a single wooden shed stood, hidden in plain sight as many ventured away from the dilapidated building. Crouched among the many boxes and tables, though, a female sat on the floor of this shed. Her knees pressed to her chest and a cigarette hanging loosely from her lips, the blond eyed at the only window that the shed was built with. It was a pretty high window, reaching almost towards the ceiling where a dim light bulb hung dangerously overhead. From years of neglect, the glass on the window was covered in a thick layer of dust and dirt, obscuring the view from outside, but every so often, the spotlight from the guard tower flashed across, sending shadows dancing over the walls before dying down to their original shape once again.

It was obvious that this girl was a bit on the nervous side by the way that she tapped her foot, and by the manner in which her green eyes darted back and forth between the window at her side and then to the door in front of her, repeating this cycle many times over. Every few seconds or so, she found herself reaching up to adjust the little white cap that was fastened into her long, blond hair. A nurse's cap, to go along with the plain white dress and the cape thrown over her shoulders. The ever original uniform for the nurses. As much as she despised the matronly outfit, she didn't want to bother with returning to her quarters just to change out of the thing. If plans were to go accordingly, she wouldn't be wearing it for too much longer. For now, she just had to be patient.

Taking a long drag of her cigarette, the nurse finally plucked the cancer stick out of her lips, blowing a large plume of smoke out into the air in front of her. Being patient wasn't usually her strong spot. Sitting and being bored only meant that her mind would wander. It was like being forced to think. Right now, she could only think about Berlin, and how badly she missed it there. It had only been a good three months since she was stationed at this camp, and it wasn't a particularly bad place, but it just didn't hold the same excitement. Prisoners, doctors, soldiers, it all sounds so exciting when you hear about it, but when you boil it down, it is just a tad overrated. She would take a cabaret and some schnapps over this any day.

All things considered, the one thing that she missed the most was her father. After all, he was the only person who ever truly supported her decisions. When she was a little girl and wanted books instead of dollies, he would always get her exactly what she asked for. In school, when she decided to go to college instead of getting married and having children, like her mother so begged of her to do, he was right behind her. She could even remember the day she announced to her parents that she was offering her services over her, and would be shipping out soon. The screaming and ranting that her mother did, she could never forget that. But what she remembered the most was the way her father pattered her on the shoulder as her disappointed mother disappeared behind a slammed door, and told her that everything was going to be okay.

The door to the shed gave a sudden creak as it slowly began to open. The tiny blond nurse jumped, reaching back to smother out her cigarette on the floor behind her. And as if on cue, a head poked in through the doorway. Perfectly cropped blond hair, a pale yellow that complimented the healthy pink shade of his skin. A strong jaw, a cleft chin, and some of the lightest blue eyes she had ever seen, set just right in his head. Not too close together and not too far apart. Yes, perfect. A real poster boy if you ever saw one, looking sleek and clean in his guard's uniform as he emerged fully into the room, closing the door behind him ever so gently. In his hand was a sort of folder, but he put it behind his back before she could get a real good look at it. Silently, he sniffed at the air.

"Fausta, have you been smokingk again?" This perfect man asked dryly down at the nurse who was now collecting herself off of the floor, dusting off her backside as she gave a weak chuckle. "Don't be silly, Matthias, it's just musty in here. Zhat's vhat you get for pickingk zhis old junk room for a meetingk spot. Why couldn't ve just do it in your room like last time?" She questioned halfheartedly, wiping away a few stray pieces of dust that stuck to the shoulder of her cape. He didn't bother with answering, he only clenched his jaw and eyed her suspiciously in response. The young woman could feel his gaze and fought the strong urge that she felt to roll her eyes at him. Yes, she was smoking a cigarette, it wouldn't be the first time they had this argument. She grew tired of his constant pestering that her evil cigarettes would somehow destroy their future children and blah blah blah. Like she wanted to keep hearing that stupid lecture.

Sighing deeply, the man shook his head slowly, that sort of disappointed parent look. "Ve need to talk," he explained, now holding up the folder that he had been hiding before. On the tab at the very top, letters were printed in bold, reading "ADLER, FAUSTA". The girl froze, staring with dread at the folder. Through their silence, faint noises from the camp outside could be heard. The distant sound of digging, the occasional chatter from a passing group of men. The guard tower spotlight shone by once again, casting heavy shadows over the two standing figures before it disappeared as quickly as it came, the both of them lapsing back into near darkness which brought an end to their silence. "So, vhen vere you goingk to tell me about zhis?" He asked, shaking the folder in front of her face.

This was another sort of lecture that the nurse didn't feel in the mood for. If she had to guess, then those papers that he was waving about in front of her face were her medical files. Definitely not the sort of information she was willing to share, especially not with this guy. It wasn't as if she didn't like him, quite the contrary, she was okay with his presence as long as they didn't talk much. It helped their "relationship" last. He called it a relationship, she just called it the one guy she slept with the most for a long span of time. But what's the difference? He could call it whatever as long as she still got what she wanted from it.

"I, uh...." She hesitated for a long moment, her gaze drifting off to stare over his shoulder at the shed door. This conversation was going places that she never wanted to travel to. Fleeing, it seemed like such a lovely concept, but with Nazi boy between her and the door, it didn't appear to be an option. "I didn't zhink zhat it mattered,[/color]" she managed to stutter. It had come to her attention by now that the gap between them was beginning to close as he took a few short steps forward. "Zhis doesn't matter to you?" He asked, taking another step. His icy eyes were now narrowed down at her, his large frame towering over her miniscule height. She suddenly felt very, very small. "Our future doesn't matter to you?" He seethed, a cloud of cold breath escaping from his lips.

"Matthias, look, plea-" as she had attempted to reach for him, to maybe sooth his poor mood, her pleas were cut short as he snatched her wrist up with his free hand, clutching it tightly. "No, you see here you little whore. You've been toyingk vith me zhis whole time, haven't you?" Fausta took a step back, trying to twist her way out of his grip, a pained look flickering over her face. Honesty was not going to be the best policy here, if she was going to get out of this predicament, then more lies were going to be needed. "No! I, uh, I-""-You vhat? You love me? Spare me, I'm done vith beingk your puppet. Vith all I've done for you, zhe gifts, zhe favors, you're just a vorthless slut, not even capable of bearigk children!"

They were now face to face despite her current attempts to back away from the raving man, and suddenly she fond herself cornered, her back pressed against an old work table and him pushed hard up against her. Behind him, she could make out the trail of fallen papers, her medical files spilled out across the filthy floor, the folder now crushed underneath his boot. Something on the nurses face felt cold and wet, running down her cheeks to her chin. She hadn't even realized until that moment that she was crying. The warm tears froze against her cold face. The sudden realization of this also brought to her attention the terrible way in which her legs were shaking. She needed to run away, but this was the horror of being trapped.

"Let me go!" She choked out through her sobs, giving another violent jerk to maybe pull her way out of his fist as he held on to her tighter. To her complete astonishment, he released his grip and allowed her to pull back her arm. She gripped at her wrist with her other hand, rubbing at the skin which was beginning to turn purple and bruise, fingers marks showing darkly on her pale skin. "[b]I'm still not done vith you, yet,[b]" he growled menacingly. She never got the time to react before she found herself with both of his hands around her frail neck, squeezing just as tightly as he had done to her wrist. In an instant, the nurse found herself panicking, beating her hands against his chest with little to no effect on him. As hard as she wanted to scream, not a single noise escaped from her throat but the choked gags and a few weak whimpers that had managed to fight their way through. Time, and air, were quickly running out.

Flailing her arms behind her, her fingers raked about on the table's surface, searching for something, anything, that could possibly help her. Anything to save her. Far back enough, she felt something cold brush against her finger tips. Without hesitation, she gripped it and flung it forward with all the strength she could managed. A direct blow right to the top of his head had made his release his grip, but she wasn't stopping. Panting for air and sobbing, she drew the object back again and and aimed another blow forward, this time wailing him right across the face. Her crying had reached hysterical levels as the blood from each hit splattered against her face and uniform. His heavy figure dropped down to the floor, blood leaking out from his wounds to soil the floor further. Scattered over the papers around him were bits of flesh and skull that had managed to come loose, along with a couple of teeth she knocked out when she hit him hard on the second blow.

Outside, the spotlight from the guard tower flashed by, casting eerie shadows inside the shed. Dropping the bloodied hammer from her hands, Fausta sank down to her knees, her hands covering her face as she continued to sob. She was a killer now, a murderer. Fleeing, that was the only think she could think to do.

Like I said, for my own entertainment.
May or may not add various other random bits in here.
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Bloody Mary.
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