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 Iscariot goes to HELL

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PostSubject: Iscariot goes to HELL   Sat Sep 24, 2011 3:51 am

Chapter 1 : the 1st Circle

”What the bloody fuck is taking so god damn long!?” An Iscariot Soldier shouted out standing in a fifteen by twenty shoulder to shoulder formation. A contraption was being worked on by several scientists seemingly nonstop as their eyes bore the evidence of heavy bags and blood shot eyes. Being in the formation for almost a half hour before being allowed to move was making many of the soldiers fidgeting but staying in line. Alexander Anderson was at the helm of the formation and to his right was the cybernetic, demon slaying badass Father Michel Miles, to Anderson’s left was the less cybernetic but equally dangerous Father Kaleb Siver. Anderson turned around and faced the formation of Iscariot Soldiers.

”Soldiers of Iscariot! Brothers in Arms! Tonight thy lord’s wrath shall be carried out swiftly an through the gates of Hell itself!! Thy sacrifice shall be rewarded in slayin of the evil of Hell and the grace of god!”

A lone laughter was heard among the Iscariot members, a man slowly trenched up the side lines to meet Anderson and his three team members. “Oh that was priceless….your accent is too funny…” Anderson was in the zone and not in the mood to be mocked, and in the young lads’ position he seemed dressed as a Iscariot member. Having placed a hand on Michel’s shoulder he took a breath in and asked a simple question to the cybernetic humanoid, “Who be he?” Michel’s face was of course without emotion but his eyes, if one looked close enough would see the lines of information crisscrossing all over his eyes and his mind.
”Name: Rick Jameson, member of Iscariot sense….one month ago, specialty….unspecific.”

Rick nodded, “I may be new but Im quickly going take your job someday Anderso—“
Anderson quickly back mule kicked the boy in the family jewels dropping the cocky young man in an instant. Kaleb openly laughed at the sight of the ball striking and picked the kid up and set him on his feet, his legs wobbling terribly. ”Haha, you have have some balls kid…” Anderson slid his glasses down to the tip of his nose and looked at Kaleb with a small smile, ”Oh but of course Kaleb mae son, I crooshed em.” Kaleb’s snickering and Anderson’s grin ended as a vortex opend before them but Michel’s facial features remained the same and Rick’s ball’s remained…damaged.

Anderson said no more words but ”FORWARD!!!”

Entering the vortex they all experienced something similar to an out of body experience but they slowly shook it off, before them lied the gates of hell and several demonic hordes were approaching already as they took their first steps into that evil underworld. They looked like black shades and Anderson was the first to dig his blade into the Demon horde’s flesh.

”HIIIIIIIIIRRGHHH!!!” One swing was enough to bring down of the mighty beasts, the demons stood of nine feet tall and seemingly of five hundred pounds but was like a child against Anderson’s blades. After killing over one hundred in less then a few minutes Anderson shouted out a word that seemed to resonate Lucifer himself for the entire realm of Hell shook, ”AMEN!!!!!!” Before the small army of three hundred and three could advance, a black smoke formed in front of them less then ten yards away. Out of the smoke a demonic voice rattled some of the soldier’s spirits, ”You have gone too far mortals….this way is closed to all but the damned.” Anderson stepped forward but a hand held his make, the hand belonged to Michel. ”Advance further Father Anderson, I shall keep this fiend occupied and will join you when this task is complete.”

Anderson was hesitant but was encouraged by Siver to continue on. Michel scanned the being, ”Scanning………Scanning complete, analysis: No detection in weakness no visual weapons….reconfirming…..rescanning…..analysis: Weapon now detected, very large scythe. Opponent identity confirmed, Death.” Brandishing his two 50. Calibers held no intimidation over Death who brandished his own weapon his death scythe. Firing several shots off after the army had headed deeper into Hell, Death simply spun the weapon at supernatural speed. ”Fear me Mortal, for you shall taste the death you so desperately desire…”
Michel obviously showed no concern or fear or even simple rebuttal making the situation akward for Death...

Meanwhile Anderson was in the middle of the demonic army hacking, slashing, jumping and kicking everything around him and the army had engaged finnaly after some hundred demons slain under Anderson’s blessed bayonets. Siver was back to back with Anderson in the middle of it all and the army of Iscariots were scattered somewhat in the horde and as their was a quick minute brake in the battle Kaleb was Michel walking back towards them…holding a very large scythe in toe, Anderson’s eyes asked the questions and Michel answered right away. ”Death destroyed, no more interference on his front….” Kaleb’s jaw dropped, ”That was incredibly quick, how the hell did you do it!!?” Michel spun around cutting several demons in half with ease and returned his attention to awnser. ”My method though crute was quite effective, Tip of scythe was inserted directly into Death’s equivalent to a rectum.”

Anderson looked forward and smiled, they were almost to the end of the 1st circle of Hell. ”Lucifer!!! Bepare thy toilet for thy shall shit bricks when thy sees this Priest!!!”

OOC : If you like my story so far and wish to tell me and i Am not in the chatroom feel free to PM me about what you liked or have thoughts on.
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PostSubject: Re: Iscariot goes to HELL   Mon Sep 26, 2011 5:52 am

Chapter 2 : King of Limbo, Iscariot heads to Lust.

The Forces of Hell gave way at least for now. Anderson sat on a rock near the enterence at the gates. Reinforcements of several hundred Iscariot soldiers had come through the portal on the outskirts of Hell. Those that had received wounds that were not fatal left back to Earth and the ones with fatal wounds...were strangely not dead but feared returning to Earth as those wounds would bring about Immediate death. The reinforcements set up supply crates and various other things, weapons and tents. The Catholic church was literally camping right outside Lucifer's domain and it was NOT going without attention.

Anderson was chewing on some gum and blowing bubbles, he had slain over nine hundred demons that day and he felt he was slightly winded but could go on for several more days before needing to really rest. His eyes darted to just inside the Gates that were blasted down in their initial attack, black smoke had starred to rise similar to the Grim Reaper's appearance but this time it felt far more sinister. The figured that appeared looked less intimidating then that scythe welding death however this being was far, far more powerful then death could ever have been. "Come here mortal Priest. Anderson was not hesitating but rather thinking. "If this be Lucifer....Ima carve that ass up like a turky!!"

Anderson stood quickly in one motion and doing so got the Attention of Kaleb and Michel who were close by, Kaleb rushed over to Anderson but Michel was downloading his visual's from his battle with Death being tired of telling everyone over and over again. Kaleb stopped when Anderson stopped at the torn down gates, his back to Kaleb but up a hand to to signal him to stop. Anderson looked dead in this black shade's eyes, It smiled and started to speak. "Mortal why come to this place? You Anderson...I know ye well. come to this place of sacred tourcer and death, what will ye gain? Why is--" Anderson's lips parted to silence the shade,"SHUT THY PANZY ARSE UP FOR THY LORD SHALL GRANT ME THA POWER TO PLANT MAE BOOT UP UR ARSE ALL THA WAY TO THA KNEE!!!" The Devil was dumbfounded for a moment but he started to laugh and turn his back to Anderson and float away but stopped,"Tread carefully mortal...you are the first to come here alive...but you shall never return the same your soul shall be mine priest."

A hour or so later Michel's memories of the battle were downloaded ad played on the computer screen for only a few to see, Anderson, Kaleb and two captains from the Iscariot soldier battalions. The following scene played out on the screen....

"Firing 3 shots, one to the knee two to the head. probability of successful strike, 78%." Michel fired the three shots all three were on target fully but Death swatted them out of the air by twirling it's weapon at supernatural speeds."Silly mortal technology cannot--" A shot fired from the 50.s caught Death's middle boney finger on the outside of the handle to the scythe. "Smaller Target hit rate now 85%....with the opponent talking hit rate 100%" Death lifted his weapon over his head and then tossed it at Michel with it spinning and is clipped his guns knocking them out of his hands."Most warriors that fight me off are weaponless, as you should be....fitting for a mortal like your ancestors fighting with clubs and stones."

Michel places his hands on the two swords he had at his disposal. Reaching into his Cassock as fast as possible for Death was on the offensive he brought the two swords up, one caught the scythe on the outside, the other on the inside. Both were struggling for a little bit but Michel got the best of it, stepping forward and slamming his shoulder into Death's face and pulling the scythe away. Death lunged forward to reclaim his weapon but his chest met the bottom of Michel's foot in a front snap kick. Death was knocked to the ground, his power draining from lack of physical contact with his weapon. "You fool!! Your MINE!!!"

Death leaped forward his arms out stretched, his black cloak slightly pulling back showing off his near skeletal features. Michel dropped the swords in favor of Death's weapon and slammed the tip into the ground. "Weapon status; More then acceptable." As Death's flight cam closer and closer Michel used the ground embedded weapon to hold onto as he lifted himself off the ground and kicked into Death's face knocking him into a nearby rock formation. "Death's position;Fucked." Michel pulled the bladed weapon from the ground with ease and bum rushed the stuck specter. Michel pinned Death to the wall with his back to Death's and swung the weapon blade up into Death's body and he did a front flip shredding Death in two...

Kaleb's mouth was open and he looked at Michel, "That guy was awesome....can you do anything like that?" Michel held the scythe over his shoulder and walked away towards Anderson, "Humor associated with that statement; None." Michel stood next to Anderson as The Paladin looked on over the landscape, seeing a giant with tentacles grabbing souls and throwing them on a spiked wheel. "GREED!!!.......VIOLENCE!!!.....ANGER!!!!" Michel saw a look on Anderson's face and needed no mind reading skills to know what he wanted. "King Minos, Judge of the Dead, King of Limbo, Guardian of the path to the second Circle."

Anderson nodded in thanks and with Kaleb, Michel and a new batch of 1,700 Iscariot soldiers behind him they marched towards the King of Limbo and onwards to the second circle of Lust.
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Iscariot goes to HELL
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