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 Hellsing Enemy reports number 1 the Die Todlich Schatten

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PostSubject: Hellsing Enemy reports number 1 the Die Todlich Schatten    Sat Sep 03, 2011 7:21 am

The Die Todlich schatten, or the Deadly Shadows in English are an elite task force and back ops unit for the Nazi Organisation Millennium which was part of the Third Reich which they believed would last a thousand years hence the name Millennium the team is only know to wear pure black out fits for fitting in at night they are an elite trio that consists of Offizier Gefreite (Officer Private First Class) Heinrich Kumpfstoffen (Leader) their second in command Private First class Elena Boshevska and Dr Edwardy Reihtofen (Doktor for the team and career} they are know to have no bounds in battle knowing only victory and never defeat the Oldest of the team the Doktor secretly holds a grudge against Millenniums leader Major Montanna Max but will still fellow orders from him
Heinrich retains a mutual friendship with E.D. Heinrich also conceals feelings for Elena, which he has never expressed, nor does he even know what they are since he has never felt them before.they are a dangerous bunch so be careful Out their operatives End Hellsing Enemy Report.

ps I will make more if anyone wants me to
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Hellsing Enemy reports number 1 the Die Todlich Schatten
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