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 Roukostu Belle Wolffang

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PostSubject: Roukostu Belle Wolffang   Wed Aug 31, 2011 6:11 pm

(I've been thinking for awhile if I wanted to bring Roukostu back here to Hellsing, and I've decided I want to, but she of course will be remade and have a different ability of sorts, more medical and scientifical).

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? I've seen all OVA and manga.

Roukostu Belle Wolffang. Alias she goes by: Belle of the faint heart, or Black Orchid.

28 yrs old

Gender: female

Physical appearance:
Roukostu has short and spiky blood red hair, she is at the height of 5'9 and weighs about 130 lbs and health atheletic weight for her to have. As many can notice she is actually taller than some women she meets--and is sometimes mistaken to be a man from behind. She has blood red eyes and unnatural tank skin--due to the fact that she tans alot and sometimes maintains that tan skin even through winter. Due to her always being in the sun too much--she's quite use to heat of 90 degrees, but can't stand any heat that is over 100 or even close to 100 degree weather. Her bust is about 27.9 cm, while she sports an atheletic hour glass figure.

She also has different tattoos as well:
-right shoulder: Silver Wolf howling
-left shoulder: Bengal Tiger
-right thigh: White Serpent
-left thigh:Red Fox
-upper back: Phoenix
-lower back: Amor Vincit Omnia (it means Love Conquers All.)

Clothing of choice:
Roukostu has many choices of clothing she uses in certain situations or places:
Job: Tuxedo style gangster wear: black suit with white dress shirt, may or may not wear a tie, and wears a fedora hat.
When she is at work, she will be normally seen with a suit that is black and a white dress shirt, she will sometimes be seen with or without a tie as well. She'll sometimes have a fedora hat along with her attire. She will also have her prescribtion orange shaded looking sunglasses if she doesn't wish to wear her regular glasses in order to see.

Formal Attire: dress pants with shoulder-cut shirt.
When at a formal event she will be wearing what looks like dress pants and a shoulder-cut shirt with collar. She will sometimes add a few of her own accessories with it like a leather jacket and heeled boots.

Semi Formal Attire: jeans with graphic low V T-shirt
Roukostu is seen with jeans and a a graphic T-shirt, this is sometimes rare to see her wear, because of the fact that she's always seen in formal attire. Usually the jeans are in the color of dark blue, or grayish-black color, finally the T-shirt will have a different color every so often, but the image on it will be the same of an Angel staring left holding a two roses: one red and one white. The other is the image of the Grim Reaper holding two roses--both dead.

Day off Attire: ripped up jean skirt with heeled biker chick boots, ripped up T-shirt along the stomach and shoulder (right), make-up, and spiked up and messy hair.
When she's on her day off, she will normally have a ripped up jean skirt with a black ripped up graphic t-shirt with the same design of the Angel and Grim Reaper. She also places her hair in a punk style with a large bang on the right side of her face.

-full-fingered claw ring on the middle finger of her right hand.
-heart shaped locket necklace, a picture of her parents are inside, but the there is one empty space near her heart.
-prescription orange shaded sunglasses
-regular glasses (poor eyesight) almost completely blind without them.
-leather jacket
-heeled biker boots
-three piercings: two separately wired feathers on right ear, one is higher than the other, and a black stud skull earring on left ear.

Weaponry of choice:


These blades are given the name of Crimson Blades. The Crimson Blades are broadswords that have an eery red to the blade, the reason why it's that color is because the blade has amounts of hematite within it--giving it a blood red color on the outside when mixed with the metal, and has been passed down through her family for ages--giving it to the only person left that had enough strength to actually wield the sword. It was to be given to the eldest, but he never had the interest in swords, out of all of them it was Roukostu herself that held the interest of the two twin blades. This blades can be used and sheathed in two ways:

1. It can be sheathed as a regular sword which can be seen as the sheath has no covering that is over the blades--one sword is strapped to her back leaning to the right of her body, and the other is strapped to the left side of her hip, hanging a few inches sometimes.
2. Another thing that makes it unique is the 2nd way it can be sheathed, many people see short by side and bigger opening for something to be placed into the sheath. The swords itself are made of connecting sections of blades that once the button on the hilt of it is pressed, they separate and top one another in response. They are finally placed into the sheathed that are strapped to the lower part of her back.

1. Both blades are used in combat, since they are both one-handed swords, she is able to carry both of them at the same time in a fight. Usually if it's a fight against a weaker opponent she only uses one.
2. Even though they're single blades, they can be also separated and joined to make a claymore. When it is separated they turn to two short blades, making 4 in all. When both swords are placed together they make a Claymore, and it can also be done if they're in 4 short blades as well. Sometimes if the situation calls for it, she will separate to 4 blades, throwing two in the air, sometimes one straight at the enemy, or attacking them head on with both blades--causing an attack from above and below. How the blades are released and combines takes a set of 2 buttons total--it also takes the use of a bar and clamps on the two swords. The swords might not look like it at first, but are actually cut in half from the hilt to the upper part of the sword--there is even clamps in the middle parts of the sword for it turn into the smaller version of the short blades. When the buttons are pressed the clamps release to either come apart or together making it one button on the left sword and two on right sword, making it 2 total buttons on the left and 3 total on the right blade including the button that makes it smaller to fit in a sheath. The clamps are placed on the bar opening of the sword--making it easier to open and to close.

The coloring is what makes this sword a head turner though--it is a sword with pure red coloring, when it chips a piece of it's blade--people are able to see pure red clearing right through--almost like a ruby. Many have their opinions of the sword--one of the most told is that the sword feeds off of both human and monster blood. There is another rumor that some say to be true: "no matter how many times that woman cleans it--it looks as though the sword drips with blood--making it look like it's crying."

The hilt is made of obsidian steel with dark red wrapping (which people think is blood soaked, but really it is a dark red ribbon she found during one of her travels), and a carved gold wolf head on one hilt, and a silver wolf head on the other.

Race: Human

Abilities: Herbalism- It is a practice that goes through many countries. It is where herbs and sometimes even spices are used for healing. Roukostu is what people call an herbalist and a mistress of spices--mostly due to the fact that it looks like she talks to and asks either a herb or spice what exactly she could use them for. Though many find it a crazy thing--her remedies and medicines work efficiantly. Herbalism has been mistaken for witch craft before in olden times when it was also once called physick. Roukostu even though having no medical license still continues to work with people that is in need of cheaper medicine--she mostly does few scrapes and bruises sometimes, when it comes to bullets wounds, deep cuts and anything that could cause serious damage--she's able to stop the bleeding, but will recommend the person to go to the hospital to actually get it fully stitched and such, or she will do it herself except at a higher price the person must pay.

Sword: Even though he sword is mostly a claymore style, she learned the basics of her training from her father and has come up with many of her own--some of them is throwing her sword around hoping to land a hit and will back up with the other swords if it misses it's hit. Mostly her basic understanding of swordplay is of course that fact that she learned her techniques with a heavy two-handed weapon, the only moves she learned from her father were: the basic overhead cut, yoko giri, and kisa giri.

Other techniques known: She doesn't always have to use either medical or her swords to get by a fight, though she's not phrone to attacking people or using her sword in a battle. If she's able to--she will only detain the situation with the work of her fists--not wanting to harm to many people in the process, mostly she doesn't like to fight and will use this as a warning. If one does not cease she will go about attacking them seeing them as an enemy. There have been incidents were she has accidently broken a nose or an arm or two. The techniques that she uses for fighting are Muay Thai and Jujitsu.

Organization: Unaffliated, works along with Rone as medical and body guard holder.

Roukostu is called the faint heart for a reason--she--to some people, is unable to show her emotions to, but to those who are considered the lucky few have seen what she truly feels, and how she reacts too many. She doesn't really like to show her emotions to those that she works with—this is why many of them see her as someone with no heart to share to anyone else. However, many of them see her as an easy target that they could control and for Roukostu--this is seen as her amusement for that cause, and this is also how she doesn't really wish to show people her emotions, because either way they will probably find her useless if she did.

Some emotions that she normally shows is sometimes sadness or even loneliness that some of her co-workers do not see, but she can sometimes show tinges of her old self-rising from the depths of her despair. They are sometimes seen when she passes by children when they are playing and such. She is usually seen going to place that have children when she has enough money and time to go, and when she does head there--she is seen playing and taking care of children when they need an adult nearby. Sometimes she's even found taking care of lost children in finding their parents, but what's most amazing is that she's seen smiling whenever she's helping a child or parent.

To her she has a hard time making friends with anyone that tries to come near her--usually she will either ignore or just tell them to leave her alone when she wants to be away from anyone and anything that tries to become her friend. Finally another feeling that she gets is anger, she can and will fight or tell someone the whole truth to someone that is cruel to some people or say things that they don't even know the whole story about. She will give them a cold stare while saying something that might truly hurt them in turn for being cruel to this person.

When in battle she's not really one to care who she fights as long as she's protecting those around her, including the ones that she works for, which is to say is Rone, who she shows devoting loyalty too, since she owes him much for helping her bring her family back together. She will sometimes ask if they just wish to stand down and let her through, but if she knows then she'll just fight them, even though she rather just take an nonviolent turn out like Rone, and the others.

Rank: None

Born March 16, she was born in small village in Japan, along with her British mother and Japanese father, twin brother, two older siblings, and 5 younger siblings. She is the middle child of three girls and the third born of literally nine children: six boys, and three girls. Just like any family, Roukostu and her other two sisters were protected by their father, whom was always over protective of each on, especially Roukostu, who had a streak for being a little adventurer, so in all Roukostu or either of her sisters--saw the outside world.

When the last of their kin, Issica, was born--she was only 13 years old, it was only months after--that many health problems were noticed.....

The first of them started with Issica, he was starting to have sight loss, though doctors are not even sure why this was happening to him at such a young age, being that he was only born a few months before. Issica lost his eyesight at the age of 4; however, instead of the family treating him like any special needs child, they still maintain some kind of protection with that, but other than his lost eyesight--they treated him like any normal child.

Then Nickolas and Nicole--the eldest in the family--started to get sick, but by the time anyone could realize anything happened or how worse it had gotten--they passed on due to the excessive film found within their lungs. From what is known--the Wolffang family was found to have such a sickness that would come and go as fast as the wind, and Nickolas and Nicole died at the age of 25.

A year later, Roukostu--was found to have heart problems, making it even harder for her to go outside and do things that normal children and people do. Fortunately she was able to get heart surgery when possible, but she still had to continue using medication to make sure she didn't go in relapse from the surgery. Even before she had the surgery she didn't let it stop her from doing training along with her father in sword training and learning medical arts from her mother using herbs and even spices to heal the sick and heal wounds.

At the age of 21--there was an incident involving both parents, unfortunately they did not survive. After both parents death--the siblings were separated amongst the family, and she was sent to live with her grandparents.

For 3 years she lived scrounging up enough money and waited patiently for the court order to come in stating she would have custody to have her family with her with the help of her twin brother she had found recently, even though many said it was a waste of time--she continued on hoping she would see her family again. A year passed before she met Rone--at that time she had become a bit of a doctor helping those who couldn't really pay for anything, and those that could pay fully, but not that much money to get better as long as they never reported her for not having a license. Rone had walked in one day asking to see her and when she said that it was her he was speaking to--he only smiled and asked her a simple question, "would you like to join my side? I've been looking for a physician--I'll pay you as much as you need...maybe even bring back a lost family?"

Roukostu's heart stopped as he said those words--bringing back her family together was the one thing she wanted, and this man could give it to her--she came to the decision of it, but she couldn't be quite she to really trust him--when she finally did do research she had called the contact number she was given, finally giving him the answer he wanted. She has worked Rone since then, using her father sword that was passed down to her to protect Rone, and using her mother's medical skills and natural remedies to help him--she has become completely loyal to Rone--and whatever cause he's for.

RP sample:
Roukostu leaned quietly against the pillar looking out to the sea ahead of her, and she smelled the fresh air combined with the scent of the water, "nothing better than having the sun and water near...." She moved forward, but not too far away from the entrance of the corridor to her work study in case of an emergency, then she looked at the herbs that were drying over her head, and picked one of them. "Just like anything...basil can be used for many different things for medicines--evening giving people good dreams is what is sometimes seen with it...."

She pated the herb as though it was talking back to her, "tell me young and beautiful basil...what and who will you be used for today?" She looked at it with impaired eyes, looking silent and uncaring as to who would get it as long as they had treated the herb right--if not, then it would be their problem as to what happens next for them. "If you are properly used--then you could make a good protection item for anyone...."

A tall and slick girl came from inside just then, her voice was energetic as she spoke rapidly to Roukostu, "big sis, Rone wanted to talk to you! He's in his office as always waiting for you to come in!" She ran after another person--a boy--who looked almost like her in every way, but not truly, Roukostu smiled as she watched them run off, but it smoothed out as a frown yet again, "time for work I suppose..." she said placing the basil down, and going inside to see what her boss wanted.[/center] Roukostu entered the building watching each of her siblings either helping out by placing dried herbs into her waiting desk for a patience that would be in need for it or by playing with each other in joking around or running after one another. The youngest bumped into her, Issica's eyes grew big as he looked up to her, but it faded into a smile, "morning big sis--another work for you to do for Mr. Rone?" he asked.

Roukostu looked at Issica for a moment with her frown fading to a smile as she answered, "yes, unfortunately I have to go and see what it is that Rone needs from me this time..." she answered him quietly, she moved past him, and was stopped by his hand grabbing hers, "why are you like that? You always smile to us, but when it comes to the others...they say that you scare them sometimes--they even called you a machine sometimes, except you always act kind and gentle to us like mother did....." Roukostu stared down at him for a moment--feeling guilty? She never had that feeling before, but she could see why, she didn't want to just lie to his face--she'd knew better than to lie to this child--to her brother.

She moved closer down to him touching his cheek, [color=red]"because--they are not my family--so I will never let them harm or touch any of you...I want nothing to keep us apart ever again...do you understand me? I don't care what it is that Rone does, but I will do anything for him as long as it keeps us all together..... Understand?" she asked him when he looked up at her, and he did by nodding silently, one of her other brothers--Theodore came up to her taking Issica's hand, "have a good day at work big sister--I'll make sure to keep them out of trouble--especially Seth and him wanting to go out and start fights with anyone."

Roukostu nodded as she went back to walking away from her family--whom were now staring at her when she was walking away from them--they could actually tell that she acted differently to them than anyone else, and she never saw it..... Then again it could always be blamed on the guards on this island--their fear gets the better than them, if she herself had a fear--she didn't know it--no that wasn't true---she did in fact knew what her fear was, losing my family...I don't want them to be separated...I want them to always be near each other--it's what mother and father would want...I know it, and if I'm shunned for it--so be it...I have no use for those that will let themselves show fear amongst my family--I can't and will not.....

As she made a final turn before entering Rone's room she had already encountered one of the guards, his body a bit shaky from bumping into her and then apologizing multiple times before running off in a different direction than his implied orders, and Roukostu huffed in completely annoyance now when no one had looked, "foolish guard--just because I don't like too many people doesn't mean I'll bite his head off--though--I could see why he would think that....." She thought about it for a moment before going instead completely masking her mixed feelings when she looked at the man that decided her family's future, and for that she wouldn't let him see a weakness to stab into her, to be honest she wouldn't let anyone see it and would keep it like that for all eternity if she had too. She wouldn't show fear--or mercy-nothing--as long as it was her family that is with her--she won't let anything or anyone destroy the only thing that kept them together....

Battle Post:

Roukostu huffed as she looked up at the one thing that had stood in her way in this mission, easy, that's what he had told me--damn it Rone, what the hell is wrong with you...this thing might be able to piss off, but isn't nearly easy to kill... she thought before hardly managing to dodge what looked like a claw or something sharp coming at her, and as she looked up she could see it was a bladed weapon. She looked boringly at it, "you got to be kidding me--who the hell carries a sword or lance these days?" she asked dryly, then she felt the weight of her weapon on her back, "never mind that statement...."

Her sword gave her even more weight to consider when fighting this man or woman—whoever it was, it had taken her a least almost a day and a half to get where she was now and night time had already fallen over the quiet town that she was only a few feet from. ”Here I am trying to help people—and you brats want to get in my way—if you let me through—there might not end up being a kill today? Do I make myself clear?” The only she gotten back was pure laughter and she itch to see blood now went through her mind, but she kept her composure, [color=red]letting them get to you is bad—bad idea indeed—that’s how people can tell that you’re easily broken…I won’t be like that—never…..”

She moved to grab one of the swords off her hip, but was met with again with another thrust near her chest this time, she barely dodge it, and it struck hard against her arm piercing right through and she fought hard not to let a yelp through. She eyed the person ahead of her as they started to move backward trying to grab the bladed weapon out of her, at this point she realized it was just a sword—she studied the distance between her and the person that struck her, and she smiled as she thought, [i] at this distance between me and this person…it’s most likely to be a long sword than anything else…so if I were to…..

She gripped the sword feeling it slice into her hand as she held it in place, her silent and covered smile was still on her face as she spoke, ”well looks like I caught you finally… my boss never told me that it was going to actually be a hard job, but unfortunately I can’t say that I have that much time to waste—I have patients back at the island waiting to be checked and helped with...get my drift?” This time the voice spoke back at her with so much menacing anger that it almost made her step back a few, “what’s wrong? Did you think I was just going to be easy to kill little girl? What good are you anyways? If you’re a medic—then you must have some poor fighting skills…..”

She felt the sword go up against her arms as she still kept a grip on it, she looked down as she was almost a few inches up as the sword was slipping deeper into her arm and into her hand, she shrugged off the urge to scream though, as she looked down at the glint in the eye of the man that was lifting her almost mid-air, how does someone have this much strength to actually lift a person might weight like this?! Then a chill went down her spine, not unless they’re a freak…it’s the only explanation, but still it doesn’t make him unstoppable—I just need to figure it out…..

She thought of the ideas she could think of to try to get free from it, but her thinking stopped when she heard gunshots from somewhere behind the man, she felt herself fall downward landing hard on the ground with the sword almost slicing through her arm like nothing. She went into a crouching position pulling the sword out, someone was approaching her—she was going to throw the sword when she heard the voice call out, “Miss. Wolffang—are you alright?! We heard fighting here and thought to check it out, when you weren’t found in your hotel room—we decided to check out here where the fighting could be heard.”

She looked at the young soldier, ”I could have handled him on my own…” she stated annoyed as she was still trying to pull the sword from her arm, the soldier didn’t seem to be phased by her lacking of a thank you in the very least, and he went closer to her. “Here I’ll help you—that seems to be a nasty cut” he said reaching for the sword, she pulled away, ”I said I don’t need your damn help…I can manage on my own” she said coldly and dryly to the boy, and he shook his head repeatedly, “there is going to be a day where you can’t handle anything on your own—so why don’t you give up that act of being cold to other people than those of the council, Rone, and your family….. Why is it so hard for you to befriend other people? And even trust them?”

She looked at him before pulling the last half of the sword finally out, she opened her mouth to talk while pulling out her sword, ”because—“, she blocked someone’s knife trying to get the young soldier from the back, it was the same one that had pierced her arm and she moved it away before slashing downward on the man, ”of this very reason…we human beings only live to serve ourselves…not caring what others do to each other or to ourselves, I won’t let my family live a way like this man—that is why I only trust a few people to go near my family—you prove you have what it takes to be different…then we can talk again…other than that---don’t get in my way—ever….”

She walked away from the young soldier and the man that now laid bloodied and cut almost in half on the ground, she looked at her bloodied arm and sighed, ”looks like I’ll have to get stitching for this—great…just what I need another scar to add character…..”

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PostSubject: Re: Roukostu Belle Wolffang   Wed Aug 31, 2011 6:11 pm

if there is any problems, just say what is wrong or what is missing, thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Roukostu Belle Wolffang   Wed Aug 31, 2011 6:47 pm

Alright, the picture at the start doesn't really look like her at all. Not sure what you're representing with it either, since none of the major outfits you described look like that.

The sword is something I'm having some issues with. First, I need you to explain why it's red; at the very least, give some sort of allusion to a reason (one that isn't like, "It's magic. Deal with it."). Next, I'd like you to remove the "she's the only one strong enough to lift them," line, since that's not true; you said yourself it was given to the eldest son, meaning he'd have been able to hold it to begin with, just chose not to use it. Also, I don't see why these swords can combine or how that would even be logical if that picture tells it true.

What does "Human-Freak" mean?

Those are really all her abilities? She can't use those swords, she can't fight hand to hand, she can't spark witty conversation, she can't beat the last level of Mortal Combat?

I think you got the wrong definition for "faint". It doesn't mean cold or distant, it means weak and prone to, well, fainting. I have to ask; why is everyone in a Japanese family given Western names besides her? Also, why is a Japanese family in charge of a Western sword that can transform into another Western sword?

I'm also wondering why she chose to continue learning her mother's medicine. It obviously didn't save the plethora of siblings that died, so what leads her to believe it does much good at all?

The bio sort of contradicts her personality section. She seems extremely caring and inviting there, yet she was described as cold and lonely before. Also, just throwing this out here, heart surgery is usually either a, "Are they alive, or not?" type thing. You've implied she went through several, which would be kind of far fetched.

I'd like a little more in the RP samples. They're short. Short bad.
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PostSubject: Re: Roukostu Belle Wolffang   Thu Sep 01, 2011 4:15 pm

Okay before I actually go through changing of things I'll point some things out that were misread or misinterpertation.....

Appearance: that picture is to give an idea for people to understand what she might look like...not as in her clothing or anything---clothing doesn't mean anything to me in pictures. I'll give out her appearance and clothing choice. A picture is to show what the character will look or might look like--I've always place pictures in to give a person an understanding of the character.

Her nickname: It has that definition of faint in that way, but for english literacy--it means very slight or small--so I used that pretense as a position for her with her personality.

Personality and Bio: I've forgotten to place in the feelings she has toward her family and how she feels for Rone and others, for that I'll be getting right on it, but the bio still remains the same.

Human-Freak: I meant to place human -_-' I have no idea why I placed that freak part in...

Abilities: Herbalism is a studied practice, and I placed in she doesn't really like to fight too much, but if it'll help I'll place that she does study a form of sword style. Thankfully you didn't see it as magic or something---had that sort of problem too many times....-_-'

Family Name: Sorry for not placing it in earlier, but will be placing it in today--her family is a mix of Japanese and British. I never really liked British names so I go with american names sometimes, that's where I get Nickolas and Nicole from, even her twin brother is named Seth, but to be honest I don't see how her name being different from the others is important or needs to be pointed out?

Sword: to be honest I can see the combination thing confusing and will be explaining why and how it combines--including why it's red as well, but really I don't see how there is a problem with a Japanese family having a western style sword...... Just because their Japanese doesn't mean they have to have a Japanese sword.....

RP Sample: I thought that it stated that it has to be 3 paragraphs?

Anyways I said what I need to explain and give an understanding. I'll fix what I need to fix, and others not, because I've just explained why they don't need to be fixed.
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PostSubject: Re: Roukostu Belle Wolffang   Thu Sep 01, 2011 4:28 pm

Yeah, but...like I said, it doesn't really even look how you described her.

Explain why she still practices the herbal thing. I asked you a question about it, and you give me a history lesson (on a subject I'm quite familiar with). The reason I want more abilities is because, regardless of how much she's fighting, on the chance she does get into a battle, she'll be considered to know nothing at all about how to use that behemoth of a sword (which doesn't make much sense to begin with, considering you say she isn't a fighter).

You still don't answer my question; WHY does a Japanese family have all these Western inspired things? Are they part British? Did their ancestors come from England? And being Japanese kind of means you have to have a Japanese sword if it's passed down from your ancestors; they didn't really make anything other than Japanese swords back then (still don't, really).

Let me put it in simplest terms; the RP sample is to show us your style of RP. That is next to nothing. They're tiny paragraphs to begin with that don't have much detail at all. I also noticed there's no battle post there.
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PostSubject: Re: Roukostu Belle Wolffang   Thu Sep 01, 2011 4:51 pm

I'll place it in once and only once now:

What does it matter if they have a western style sword? If you look at the picture in larger view you can see romanji on the blade, which can be placed as meaning of a Japanese Sword. I prefer to have a western style sword because she wields a claymore--fighter--or not.

I said I'll be placing in a sword fighting style that she's practices with .... It's her choice if she's not a fighter--they don't need a reason to be a fighter if they practice it--she practiced it because her father practiced it and she had a love for swords.

I'll be placing what I need to change and what doesn't need to change--I will not get into a fight over you with something as little as appearance, family meaning, or whatever else. I've sent my complaint to an Admin, so they can give a final verdict or not.
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PostSubject: Re: Roukostu Belle Wolffang   Thu Sep 01, 2011 5:15 pm

Okay, cut the attitude. I am not getting snippy with you, so I don't see the reason you have to do it with me. And then you go and file a complaint against me? What the hell is your problem? If you can't take some criticism on your characters, don't put them up. I'm asking you to explain things that confuse me and contradict other stuff you've said, and you come at me with full force bitchiness. For one, I don't HAVE to vote on your sheet at all; we could just as easily go back to the oh so wonderful before times where people would wait months to get a single vote. Secondly, I could just disapprove you and be done with it; instead, I opt to try and help you, to which I'm met with a snarky attitude.

I'm telling you either what I have problems with or what doesn't fucking make sense. It's your choice whether to take what I say into consideration or not, but you should be aware that ignoring my concerns gets you a disapproval from me and other like-minded moderators. But that's beside the point; your attitude is completely unwarranted. I'll let you in on a secret; your character is not perfect. If you take my criticism of your character to be some form of attack, you're completely and utterly wrong. I'm doing my job as a moderator and trying to help you get something I don't find up to par to a level I find acceptable. You are not the one in the position of power. I am. You cannot tell me what you will or will not fix if you expect me to approve this.

I'll give you two options here: 1) Drop your attitude and try to work with what I ask of you, and you'll eventually get my approval, or 2) Keep up your holier-than-thou routine and you've not only got a disapproval, but lost any chance of ever having me help you again with anything. Choice is yours, I suggest you make it a wise one.
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PostSubject: Re: Roukostu Belle Wolffang   Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:50 am

Okay. Let me help out a little here. For starters, Tod, you need to calm down man. The major thing that needed to be change for the most part are changed. There's no need for you to fly off of the handle that much. As for the character Isis, there are just a few things that i feel it needs in particular. As mentioned, i need you to put a battle rp sample. Since I haven't seen your rp skills, regardless of how much work you have done, I can't approve this until that is up. As far as the healing and everything, you're okay with some of that but I still need to know a little more about what is the extent of how effective her healing is. Are we talking just minor scrapes or what? To be honest, this character itself does strike me as a little odd. Her mannerisms in your rp sample were a little weird so i might need a little more out of the regular rp sample too. Do these things and I will approve it. One last thing, I don't see an organization anywhere. Please add that.
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PostSubject: Re: Roukostu Belle Wolffang   Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:57 am

Whats going on with this character? Did you lose interest or are you still working on it?
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PostSubject: Re: Roukostu Belle Wolffang   Wed Sep 21, 2011 4:05 pm

hmm? No I've just haven't been able to place in a post that she was finished, if there is anything else that doesn't look right just say the word.
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PostSubject: Re: Roukostu Belle Wolffang   Sat Sep 24, 2011 1:20 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Roukostu Belle Wolffang   Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:18 am

Your character seems to have an incredible resistance to pain. It seems completely unrealistic to have your hand sliced open and simply shrug off the pain, especially if your a human. I mean, she pulled out the sword without so much as a flinch. I also have a hard time believing a 130 lb woman could easily wield a sword as heavy as a claymore. Also I'd like it if you could go a little more into detail about how her parents died. Its way too vague just to say that there was an incident involving her parents. She surely would know how they died. This sheet seems like it needs a lot of work, I'll stave of my vote for now.
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PostSubject: Re: Roukostu Belle Wolffang   Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:12 pm

Is this still being worked on?
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Roukostu Belle Wolffang
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