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 Night Runner WIP

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PostSubject: Night Runner WIP   Mon Aug 15, 2011 7:30 am

Watched the OVA and read the manga up to date

Name:Zathe Triad. Alias-Night Runner

Age:31. Looks 21


Physical appearance:Night Runner has an average size of 5 foot 6. His figure is complimented with a wiry build in or out of transformation. He has midnight black hair that falls to his shoulders and covers the left side of his face which covers an angry scar he recieved under his eye. His hair is often messy but he attempts to make it flat at times. His right eye has an emerald colour with a tinge of black, though his left is totally devoid of colour (courtesy of his scar, and assumingly blind in his left eye). Night Runner can sometimes be seen with a smile on his face but when it is not, it is in a cold judging line. Night Runner weighs around 64kg. When in wolf form, Night has a shaggy black hide that is almost always messy. When in wolf form you will be able to see a slight twinge of silver in his fur, that may look like a trick of the mind but it is there. In this form his muscles are a little more defined.

Clothing of choice:Night Runner is almost never seen without his dark blue coat with a collar that covers the bottom half of his jawline on both sides. His coat comes down to mid-calf and has a black raven brooch. Wearing little else but his black jeans that have seen a slight wear and tear in their usage. Night Runner binds his hands and feet with cloth (arch of the foot). In wolf form Night usually drops his coat or drapes it over a tree branch. Night's coat is also lined with silver, this helps him become resistant to it but weakens him when he has it on (sort of works like a seal).

Weaponry of choice:Night Runner's first weapon of choice is but a simple hand and a half metal katana. Though it does have some engravings of silver near the hilt, the blade itself is fairly simple. The hilt is a dark shade of blue with cloth bits hanging off the end. The blade is usually held in a backward grip in most situations because that's just how Night Runner fights. Though being short the blade, when used in the right hands can be utterly fatal. Night keeps this blade in a plain black sheath behind his back (horizontally at his waist). When this blade is not on hand, well who wouldn't with his claws? Night Runner uses his claws and teeth to maul the opponent. Night Runner inherited this blade upon his father's death.


Abilities: Aluminum-like skin, great weakness to blessed and silver weaponry (often fatal), regeneration (takes up to 15 posts max to regenerate major wound damage such as limb loss), agelessness, mild super strength, agility, stamina, reflexes, durability and senses, ability to transform into a Lycanthrope (simply a humanoid wolf form), the ability to transform back into a human with some trouble; it is much easier to transform back and forth from the wolf from and humanoid form with the full moon. Night Runner has these abilities plus his ability to go beyond photographic memory. Through this attribute, he can relive every moment of his life with perfect clarity as if he were still there and uses these to teach himself lessons that last forever (born with this ability). The downfall for this certain ability, is that sometimes the thoughts and memories can overwhelm him and he can go into fits. Night Runner also has somewhat of a natural affinity for anything technological, ranging from gadgets, to radios and especially computers.


Personality:Night Runner is more or less a very reserved sort of person. He never openly admits anything, you could call him somewhat of a silver tongue and tries as hard to get out of a sticky situation to a point where it might be called stubborn. He refuses to admit he is wrong when he voices his input. Night can, at times be all-knowing, due to the fact that he studies his targets or the like. He goes into states when he is reliving a moment in his life, where he closes his eyes and his heart rate slows. He doesn't reveal himself to many people but whom he chooses. He can take a laugh when the situation calls for it, but he is more serious than comedic. Preferring to act from the shadows, Night isn't seen almost at all.

Rank:Hired Assassin

Biography:When Zathe was but a babe in his mothers arms he was as harmless as a butterfly. When his mother passed away from illness, he turned into somewhat of a violent child. Triad looked to his father with an idolisation for anything that he did. Anyone that insulted his father ended up in a brawl with a boy that co-named himself Night Runner. Though he didn't win many of these brawls, Zathe always ended up getting these boys or sometimes men back for what they had said or did by remembering them and any habits that they had. One such occassion was when a thug was spreading rumours about his father selling drugs. Zathe confronted this man as Night Runner, kepping in the shadows so as to avoid his face being seen. Though he didn't count on the thugs friends in helping and he lay beaten in the gutter. Waiting for a death that would never come a shadow appeared at the end of the ally.

Not caring what happened to him at that point, Zathe watched the shadow come closer. Before he could see his saviours face he blacked out. He remembered being carried through streets but when he woke up he was back in his bed. Was it just a nightmare? Baring a scar from this encounter under his left eye, he let his hair grow and cover this wound. A few months later he found the thug, remembering his face and walking habits from reliving that moment since the moment. Bashing the man to death, Zathe never looked back, he just remembered. Years later he would lose his father to a work incident, which entailed his father falling to his death. Maddened with grief, Zathe took his inheritance (A significant amount of money, his parent's run-down home and a blade his father had kept through the years) and disappeared from all records, he was never recorded as dead, but he was never found either. What records say is different from what happened (ofcourse). He actually went to the one person he did know, his Uncle, some would say that he was one of his closest friends.

Zathe was trained in his Uncle's line of work, assassination, although under his Uncle's stern disapproval of what Zathe wanted to do with his life. Warning him and at times, threatening him with what would happen. Though to no avail, Zathe continued to poke and prod and learn. Zathe would learn everything his Uncle knew, before he passed away. Zathe would never call himself Zathe ever again after that point. From that moment on he would name himself,'Night Runner'.
Taking out all the hits off of his Uncle's contacts, Night Runner memorized the contact's databases and codes. The contact never knew of his Uncle's death and he planned on keeping it that way. While on one of the assassinations, Night Runner went in blind and found himself facing a werewolf. He had never faced anything like it before and was pretty much beaten to death. Taking a few bites, Night Runner would later, turn nto a werewolf.

RP sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Night Runner WIP   Sun Sep 04, 2011 1:12 am

Are you going to finish this? It's been down here quite a while.
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PostSubject: Re: Night Runner WIP   Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:52 am

naw dont worry about it, I'll delete the char ive lost interest in this one
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PostSubject: Re: Night Runner WIP   

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Night Runner WIP
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