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 World Change

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Pip Bernadotte

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PostSubject: World Change   Mon May 30, 2011 3:05 pm

The year is 2012 and the so called "end of the world" is supposed to happen today, an seventeen year old by the name of Desmond is walking down the streeth minding his own buisness, untill pain surges through out his body, he feels the pain everywhere it was so excrusiating that he fainted.
He awoke to the noise of busyness, his eyes slowly opend, at first there were blurred figuers, then they quickly became clear, it was a hospital room full with other paitents.

He heard a doctor talking Damn it how did this happen all these people just randomly faint ? and then somehow an explostion happens and... the doctor noticed Desmond, who was slowly sitting up but slowly. Ah good your awake the doctor said as he walked towards the teen.
Ah what the Desmond said as he shook his head, the doctor took a look at his sheet You shouldn't try and move around, you just recovered after..what ever happend.. the doctor felt a bit helpless not knowhing what happend to Desmond, or the others who fainted.

The doctor gave Desmond a freindly smile, So your name is Desmond Mcollen ?, Desmond simply nodded and said Just call me Des. The doctor looked at the teen with some confusion as he looked at Des's featuers Odd his hair is pitch black..I'm sure it was light brounet when I last checked...and his eyes..there saphire wern't they just a cyan ?.
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World Change
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