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 Worlds end.

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PostSubject: Worlds end.   Mon May 16, 2011 12:40 am

Thanks to Anderson for letting me use Adara in this story, and tweaking her personality. Since i've been studying Demonology i though it would be fun to make a story about it, from different religions and other things. I dont intend to offend anyone's religion or anything like that, I just did what my imagination told me.

Worlds End

Chapter One: Devil's Escape to a new home..

The underworld was filled with strong heated winds, ruins of buildings and burnt plants littered the area. Screams echoed up from the depths beneath the stone floor. Hell was truly a massive domain of demons. The sound of a struggle echoed over the heated waves of wind that blew threw to massive corridors. A massive gloved fist flew threw the air which made a horrible cracking sound as it plowed into one of the soldier demons faces, which sent it flying threw the hot air of the underworld and into a stalagmite before falling to the ground. The other hundreds of soldier demons around the massive black shadow backed away a few feet, hissing all the way. The weakest of all demons, Soldier demons looked like deformed humans with rotted flesh and sharp teeth, only strong in number. The massive black shadow stepped forward from out of the cave entrance, revealing his full eight foot glory, white mask with six eye holes, a white Japanese jacket and black kimono underneath and snow white hair. Another Soldier demon decided to test his luck, jumping forward toward the giant, the masked monster simply swung a giant fist into the beast's side and batted it away like a fly. "The gate will be opened!" The giant yelled taking another step forward. In the distance a massive gate lay closed with giant chains wrapped around it. The giant threw his arms out and let a massive roar which shook the massive cave they were in, causing a few rocks to fall from the ceiling. "I am Asmodeus! You face a Archdemon of my status and yet You weaklings dare stand in my way!" The demon of wrath and lust yelled out over the small army before him, who only hissed and growled in return. Just then a black mass slowly manifested beside Asmodeus, a black figure dressed in a black cloak with a hood covering his face stepped from the darkness, a large black scythe draped upon his back.

"I told them to block your way.." Asmodeus turned to swing a massive arm toward the tiny cloaked figure which seemed to vanish in a black cloud and reappear in front of the Archdemon. "Azreal! The eight foot monster yelled as he pulled his arm back to his side, being a full 3 feet taller then the cloaked figure, he was definitely stronger in terms of brute strength and could most likely crush him. "Indeed I did.. Beelzebub does not want you to go to the human world... Since some demons already escaped and took humans as vessels, he wanted to make sure none of his counsel tried to do the same..." Azreal said, taking a step forward as he looked up at the masked face the 8th Archdemon. "You will not pass this gate.. A Archdemon has already made it threw and Angels have already been dispatched to bring him back..." Asmodeus let out a otherworldly roar which made the stone beneath them seem to cower in fear. "I care not for what Beelzebub wants! He may be the Lord of flies and the lord of the counsel of flies that I am apart, but he is a old demon of no authority! If you shall stand in my way, Azreal, no The Angel Of Death, you to shall be crushed just as your soldier demons!"

He roared again, lifting both his massive hands up into the air before bringing them down in a mighty overhead slam. Azreal jumped back just before the armored hands came down, a mild explosion erupted from when his fist's hit the floor, sending rubble and stone flying threw the air along with a small dust cloud, in which Asmodeus's red eyes peered threw. Azreal touched down and skidded back a bit before finally stopping, keeping his arms inside his black cloak all the while. "It matters not what you think of the fallen angel who you serve. However, I do not follow his orders only, I am a servant of God and he too wishes for no other Archdemons to populate the earth's surface." The angel of death spoke as if nothing had happened, his voice was monotone, his eyes and half his face were hidden under the shadow of his hood, and the army of soldier demons behind him began to slowly make their way toward the two of them. Asmodeus lunged forward, moving his massive frame out of the small dust cloud that was around him and threw his massive fist forward, Azreal leaned back just barely dodging the armored ball of muscle and bone. This continued for minutes, Azreal leaning back and forth, jumping and ducking, dodging the constant onslaught of the giants fists and legs. The angel of death finally jumped back just as Asmodeus went for a final punch, which slammed into the ground and made a massive fissure open up causing tons of the solider demons to fall into the abyss below. The black cloaked figure slowly moved his pale white hand out of his cloak and gripped the long shaft of the scythe on his back, slowly lifting it into the air and spinning it between his fingers before bringing it to his side. "Asmodeus, you are the Demon that represents Lust and Wrath.. So i will say it again, You will not get threw that gate....", with that said, the angel of death vanished in a cloud of black smoke before appearing behind the bulking giant, moving his other hand on the bottom of his scythe, he swung it forward toward the demons neck.However the blade of the scythe stopped on contact with his skin, barely drawing blood. Asmodeus suddenly turned around and swung a massive forearm around, knocking Azreal threw the air. In a small flip the angel of death landed a few feet away, shaking off the impact to his chest, even though multiple ribs broke, almost shattered on contact. "I see... In the underworld my abilities are weakened.." Asmodeus threw his arms up as he turned around to face Azreal.

"Thats correct, you may be the angel of death, but you are a angel nonetheless. So you cant stop me either way!" The demon of wrath turned around and began to make his way toward the massive gate, batting aside a few soldier demons in the process. He stopped in front of the gate, Azreal watched from behind as he moved his scythe onto his back, watching the muscle bound giant place both his hands on the large gate and began to push, the massive chains on the door began to fall as the hinges that were literally embedded into the rock began to make a loud creaking sound. Letting out a loud groaning sound, the demon took another step forward and began to push even more, his hands began to indent the door as the massive gate finally began to move open, Azreal stood in amazement, using pure brute strength to move doors made of a special metal, with so many blessings placed on them they were uncountable, that this demon was able to even get near the gate was astonishing, however, pushing the blessed gate open, even indenting them! What incredible brute strength! Finally the chains broke loose on the other side of the gate and Asmodeus pushed it open just enough to fit his massive form threw. Azreal's eyes shot open as he realized the Soldier demons also saw a way out, acting quickly, he vanished in a cloud of black smoke and reappeared in front of the gate, already having his scythe in his hands, one large swing sent body parts flying threw the air. Five soldier demons at once were sliced in half, the others stopped a moment and backed away, they were no where near Asmodeus's level, they were the lowest demons in Hell, they only understood one thing and that was the one who is strongest, is in charge, and in this case, Azreal was the strongest in the group.

After a few more swings of his scythe, and a few more body parts flew threw the air, the soldier demons finally backed away into their little holes scattered throughout the massive cave, after that he turned toward the gate and lifted his hand up, black letters began to flow out of his robes in multiple lines as literal sentences flew out from the confines of his cloak and melded onto the door, the doors pulled back together with a loud slamming noise that echoed throughout the second level of the underworld before the letters flew from the door and back into his cloak. "I see.... I may not have been able to stop him here... But in the human world, it will be different.. My abilities in the underworld do weaken, but I've never had to fight a Archdemon before...." He turned away from the large gate and placed his scythe once again on his back before vanishing in a cloud of black smoke.

Mathew made his way into the hotel room, both his hands in his pockets, hunched over and letting out a large yawn. Mathew stopped just in front of the door and moved his right foot over his left, and used it to scratch a itch that had been irritating his left foot for at least a few seconds, then pushed the door open and made his way in letting it close behind him. He had just came to L.A on his semi-world wide trip trying to find a place he could settle down in. Inside his room was a large oak table in front of a small couch, on that table were tons of sweets, deserts, Sweet tea's and a jar of sugar cubes. The man walked over to the couch and put his right foot on the cushion and then pulled his left foot up afterwards, sitting in a crouched position. He looked over the tasty treats before him, moving the tip of his thumb up to his bottom lip as he eyed the sweets. After a moment of thinking he reached out and grabbed a small saucer which held on it a piece of yellow cake with white frosting, whip cream and a cherry on top of it and sat it down directly in front of himself then used his left hand to grab a cup of sweet tea,which after taking a sip,his lips twisted in a sour look,then sat the tea on the table and pulled the lid off of the sugar cube pot,and dropped in about 12 more before stirring it with a small spoon. "There idea of sweet tea and mine seem to be completely different it seems..... Room service here cant seem to get it right... Now for cake..." He sat the spoon down and instead reached for the fork and pulled the plate up to about chest level and dug the fork into it,pulling a rather large piece of it off before shoving it into his mouth. He chewed it for a few seconds before swallowing the cake, then sat the plate down.

The shower was running in the background, it seems his guest made her self at home, it seems she lacked manners more then anything else. After a few mouthfuls of cake he heard the shower shut off. The door swung open and a tall woman, around 6 feet tall, walked out with a towel wrapped around her, her long smooth legs and we body were a site to behold, moving her hair up into an ponytail. "Just because I'm letting you stay here doesn't mean you can just use my appliances without my permission.." Mathew called out without turning around, more interested with his cake then anything. It took a few moments before he finally set his plate down and heard his refrigerator open. The raven haired woman reached in and pulled out a beer before using her foot to close the door and walk toward the T.v room. She opened the beer which made a hissing noise as the pressure shot from the can. "Oh shut up.. Its just a shower." Adara made her way over to the couch beside him and fell onto it, crossing her bare legs and took a large swallow of the beverage. Mathew uneasily moved to the other side of the couch with his cake still in hand. Adara took notice of this and grinned as she set the beer can down on the table and looked at him. "What?? Never seen a woman wrapped in a towel before? Or maybe your embarrassed? She leaned toward him a bit, obviously teasing him. Mathew sighed, why was she always like this? He just met her a few weeks ago, she was homeless and wandering Los angeless. Apparently she talked him into letting her stay with him, which was one hell of a trick, cause he really couldn't say no...quite literally.

The fact that she was able to create fire with her mind was another thing, she was a pyrokenetic. So he had no say in the matter either way after she held a flaming palm to his face. The fact that she hadn't set the place on fire yet was a astonishing. "You know, Adara. He said, dodging the question all together. I'm not gonna be here that long.. And your sure as hell not coming with me when I leave. So you might wanna start looking for a place to stay. She moved back against the armrest and pulled her legs up under her, her damp skin seemed to reflect a bit of light, her bare legs seemed smooth. Yeah, Yeah. Stop bugging me about it. I told you I'd find another place before ya left, didn't I? So shut up! She yelled, lifting her bare foot up and slamming it into the side of his head, he fell over the armrest of the couch in a comical fashion with a thud, though surprisingly enough he caught the cake with the plate before it hit the floor beside him. He sat up with a giant footprint in the right side of his head, which quickly got swollen as he sat the plate down. OW! You didn't have to kick me you know! Your wearing such a short towel that I was able to see your~~ He was cut off as the beer can slammed into his face and made him fall over the table of sweets onto the floor with a broken nose. Shut the hell up or Ill kill you!! I cant believe you looked! She climbed off the couch and stormed off to the back room to change, leaving Mathew under the pile of sweets, tea, and sugar along with broken plates on the floor with blood pouring out his nose and a busted lip from the beer can.

She made her way into the room which had a nice size queen bed, a mini fridge, a large flat screen T.V and a very large closet, she pulled the towel off and threw it on the bed after slamming the door shut and locking it, she then made her way to the dresser and started going threw the dresser drawers, tossing shirts and pants onto the bed, either to small or dirty. She finally stood up with a black T-shirt and a pair of Jeans along with some underwear and a bra. After putting the clothes on she opened the door and made her way back to the living room part of the hotel room to only find Mathew still knocked out. "If you ever look again I swear to God I'll take that butcher knife in the kitchen and castrate you!!" Mathew was tempted to say it was her fault for kicking him and wearing such a short towel, but seeing as how crazy she was he figured it would be safe not to.. He sat up rubbing his face, he watched as his precious sweets fell off his chest and hit the floor, His cake, His tea, His cookies, everything! It was like a little bit of him died inside.. He stood up and brushed the crumbs off his white shirt before stepping over the mess and making his way over the broken plates, and picked up the phone to call in room service. "Ah, yes. Hello, room service, I a tiny mess that I cant seem to clean up, could you send someone?" Adara fell onto the couch again and placed her feet on the edge of the table, since it was cleared off now there was foot room. She leaned forward and took the remote off of the table and turned the t.v on, a second later Mathew hung up the phone and walked back beside the couch scratching his head and giving a Innocent smile. "Ah, well.. They said they would send someone up later.."

Adara flipped threw the t.v channels trying to see what was on, he face was straight, showing no sign that she was listening or even caring but after glancing up to see his smile she held her fist up, her skin slowly began to turn pink as the air in the room began to heat up. Her hand suddenly combusted into blue flames and with a sling of her arm sent the small fire ball flying toward Mathew, who, with unexpected reaction time and flexibility, leaned all the way back while bending his knees and placing a hand on the ground to keep himself from falling over, and watched as the blue flame shot just above his face and flew into the wall, leaving a deep scorch mark along the white paint before he sprung back up. "W-whats wrong with you! Could of killed me! He yelled as he crouched down behind the armrest of the couch, peeking over it just in time to see the flame on her hand die down. "You think I just got over what just happened?! And your sitting here smiling like a child?! I swear to God I'll cook you, bastard!"

Pitch black storm clouds rolled began to form over the horizon and began to move toward the city, the occasional flash of lightning revealed a face in the clouds, looking as if the clouds themselves were all one large demonic entity. Thunder also ripped threw the sky with its loud roar as heavy rain began to pour down onto the city. L.A was use to bad weather lately, record breaking storms and earthquakes had been recent in the past weeks, record high cold fronts to, which was strange cause it was normally hot in L.A, but they got snow just last week! The new played it off as some crap about global warming and such. A large black cloud suddenly shot down from the black thunderstorm above, the black mass flew down between two large sky scrappers and flew between multiple buildings, zigzagging between the buildings before shooting off down the road before landing on a roof of a sky scrapper, out of the darkness stepped Azreal, The Angel Of Death. Over looking the city from his perch. Making his way from the underworld to the human world was common for him to do, he often came here a few hundred times a week to take souls away, but this time he was rather curious, after Asmodeus's escape from the underworld, he lost all trace of him. Had he to taken a human as a vessel? Was he hiding in the human world? Soon enough the demons here would begin to act as the did in hell, they would fight each other for power, devour one another.. Looking over the city his black cloak swayed in the winds, tonight felt so different then all the others he had experienced.. "You are here.. Somewhere... No one escapes Death... Not even A God.."

Asmodeus fell from the thunderclouds miles away from where the Angel of Death appeared and fell threw the air, it seemed like the fall would last forever before he finally slammed into the "Hollywood" Sign, which exploded as his massive demonic frame fell into it, the hill it was positioned on also opened up into a large crater. He rose up from his crouching position before shaking his head, popping his neck, and then jumped off the side of the hill which quite literally sent him flying over the streets below and onto the roof of another building. The roof cracked under his feet for several feet in all directions, with that feeling he jumped again and flew threw the air before he came crashing down on another roof, this time falling threw the roof and threw the top 2 floors before landing on the first floor. He rose to his feet after crashing threw the coffee table and jumped up again, flying out the hole he made threw the multiple floors and landed in the middle of the street on the hood of a car, the car's back end lifted up as the people inside it screamed from the sudden crash on their hood. Asmodeus bent down and looked in threw the window threw his mask, growling before jumping off again which made the car fall back on all four of its wheels. After jumping threw L.A and making his way across the city, scaring people shitless along the way, he finally came to a stop in a alleyway, as he landed the concrete broke around him in a small crater before making his way into the alley. "I need to find a vessel... A body to feed off of... Or at least a place Azreal wont spot me...." He spoke to himself as he walked all the way to the other end of the alley way before he lunged over the fence and landed on the other side. He rose up again before looking at the building across the street from him, a hotel. A human house that stored many people at once in different rooms, at at least that's what he heard from the souls in his level of the underworld.

Since Humans couldn't see Demons, well, Normal humans couldn't see demons, he was safe from being spotted, even the car he landed on the people inside wouldn't of seen him, all they would of seen was a large dent appear on their hood and their engine crushed underneath. However, Humans could see the aftermath of what demons did, if a wall was destroyed they would see the damage. Asmodeus took a few heavy steps forward before lunging over the road and traffic and came crashing threw the side of the Hotel wall. Luckily the room was empty. However, the exploding sound of his massive frame busting threw the wall and window echoed quite a ways. Even the people across the street saw it but didn't see HIM, himself. The sound of arguing caught his ear as his body suddenly exploded into a black storm of smoke which shot threw the door and made a sharp turn down the hall. Anger was good, a person with a lot of Anger and Lust would be able to feed him while he explored the Human world, Hell was boring. It really was. Adara and Mathew were still arguing before a loud explosive sound rocked the hotel to its foundation and made Mathew fall from his feet, face first in a piece of cake on the floor that fell earlier. "What the... What happened?"

"I dunno.. Dont care.." Adara said as she let out a small yawn, He sat up rubbing his head, wiping the cream from the cake off of his face. "Shouldn't we go check?" He asked looking up at her. "Maybe someone got hurt or something" Adara turned and looked toward the door then sighed, why not? Maybe something fun would happen. Mathew used the armrest to pull himself to his feet just in time to see Adara jump out the couch and run out the door. Mathew jumped up, assuming she was going to see if any people were hurt just as he suggested, and was about to tell her to wait a second but she was already down the hall. "Why's she so hasty.." Then again, She really could care less about most things, including people dying. Truth be told, Adara felt something nagging her in the back of her head. Calling her toward the destruction of the room down the hall. It wasn't fear and it damn sure wasn't concern for the other people here, she was sure it was excitement, she didn't know why either. Adara hadn't been in a real fight in so long she felt pulled to what ever it may be, maybe a suicide bomber attacked the hotel, but it was unlikely, maybe the US government finally snapped and were turning on the people, but again, unlikely. She rounded to corner only to see a massive cloud of black smoke shooting toward her body. She stopped and lifted her hand up, whatever it was it was gonna burn! Her hand combusted into a massive ball of blue flame which shot down the hall, scorching the hallway from wall-to-wall but the smoke passed threw seemingly unaffected. Adara lunged to the side and pressed her body against the wall as the black cloud rushed past her and flew down the hall, it stopped and levitated for a moment before shooting back. She took off down the hall with it right behind her. "What the fu~!!" she was cut off as it passed threw her body with such force it felt like a shotgun blast, which literally knocked her off her feet and sent her flying forward down the hall a few feet before skidding to a stop along the carpet floor.

Mathew finally made it around the corner and got wide-eyed seeing Adara's body jerking back 'n forth on the floor from side to side before lifting into the air and slamming back down to the floor. She didn't move anymore but it freaked Mathew out so much it seemed like something out of a ghost movie! Mathew ran up and fell beside her and made sure she wasn't dead by checking her pulse on her neck, thankfully it hadn't stopped. He put one arm under he knees and one on her back before picking her up and running back down the hall, Adara's eyes were about half-way open but glazed over. Physically she was okay, well, minus the broken rib from being knocked off her feet and the broken wrist from slamming on the floor. Mathew kicked the door to his room open and kicked it closed before making his way to the couch and placing her on it. He wasn't sure what the hell happened. Last thing he saw was her run around the corner then BAM, she was like this... He was trying to think of something other the demonic possession but seeing her body jerk around like that in the hall, what else could it be? What the hell else was that creepy? Mathew sat down on the table and pulled her eyelid up, both her blue eyes were heavily glazed over, almost a milky. Mathew really couldn't do anything cause he wasn't a doctor, let alone a priest. The most he learned was in C.P.R class and he knew if he even tried that and she found out, he would be dead.. Literally.... She'd kill him a bury him in the backyard of a house somewhere.

Adara felt like she was floating, she felt weightless in mid air. She opened her eyes to see nothing but darkness surrounding her. "W-what the hell..?" All around her was darkness, pitch black empty darkness. "Where am I... The hell happened?" She lifted her hand up to rub her head but the real pain was in her chest, felt like she got hit by a car. She noticed a bright red glow coming from the distance in the dark, it grew brighter and brighter till it consumed her, it felt hot, really hot! She felt a sudden burst of rage come of her which caused her to let out a angry scream out of no where before the light died down. A massive black figure stood before her in the air, the darkness was slowly pulled off the figure as the 8 foot giant looked down at her. Asmodeus examined her looking at her from head to toe before letting out a laugh that echoed threw the darkness. "Woman who controls flame... My constellation is like an animal which reclines in its den in heaven... Some men call me the Great Bear, but others the Offspring of a Dragon. I am Asmodeus... Demon of Wrath and Lust! Your body has become my vessel..." Adara had to cover her ears as the demons voice echoed so loud it hurt her eardrums. She was curious as to what was happening, but she could care less at this point. He said he was going to use her? Like hell! No one ever used her! "Whoa, whoa, whoa! The hell you did! Find someone else! Demon or no Demon, I'll cook yer ass! She yelled back, pointing at him as a bright blue fireball appeared around her hand. "How do you Humans say this.... You don't have any choice!"

The demon yelled back while lifting his armored hand out to the side and swinging it back, batting the fireball to the side, making the flames break apart as they flew into his armored skin, he then moved his hand into the air toward the sky, the bright red light shooting from his palm and engulfing the entire place in its burning heat which blinded her temporarily. At that moment, Her eyes shot open as she sat up covered in sweat, she had bandages wrapped around her wrist and around her chest, and was covered by the blanket on Mathews queen sized bed. She moved a hand up to her forehead and pressed against it, however, even though she had a broken rib and a snapped wrist, she didn't feel anything. "A... A dream..?" Adara looked up to see Mathew standing in the doorway. "Mornin' sleepin' beauty!' He said as he leaned on the door frame, moving some of his hair from his face. "Feelin okay?". Adara sighed and feel back onto her pillow and moved her forearm over her face. "Don't call me that.. I feel fine.." Mathew raised a eyebrow, she had to be joking. "Now your full of shit. You got a broke rib and snapped wrist... At least that's what the doc said." Adara was a bit surprised to hear this, if it was true she had that much injury then why couldn't she feel the pain? And if she did get injured that couldn't of been a dream, could it? Ah well, guess they had to wait it out... See what would happen..

She pulled the covers off and sat up at the edge of the bed, the only thing that was bothering her was her head, which was throbbing nonstop. It was annoying. "Get out of the room, Matt." She said as she pulled the dresser drawer beside the bed open and pulled a white T-shirt out. "Yeah, yeah.. Just don't hit me with the lamp.." he said obviously referring to the beer can she threw at him earlier as he turned from the door and closed it on his way toward the t.v room. She stood up and put the shirt on before stretching her arms out over her head. Adara then stood up and walked into the bathroom on the other side of the room and opened the mirror cabinet to get the toothpaste and toothbrush, but as she closed it the woman dropped both of them in the sink as she saw the mirror. In it was her reflection but behind her in the mirror was a massive form. Taller then her by at least two feet stood Asmodeus in the mirror behind her, his red eyes peering at her in the reflection. She jerked around only to see that nobody was behind her, he only appeared in the mirror! She turned back around to see the massive figure still peering at her, his crimson eyes like fiery orbs. "Alright, we gotta get somethin' straight!" Adara said looking at him threw the reflection of the glass, surprisingly having very little signs of fear in her voice. "Your not using me ya bastard! So pack your shit n' get out!" A demonic laugh seemed to echo quietly threw the room as he listened to her, it was funny and she was indeed a interesting human. "I said it before, Adara. You have no power over me and you don't have a choice... This piece of flesh and bone you call a body is no longer yours.. Asmodeus responded in a somewhat arrogant manner, being a bit smug about it. Its not like it's gonna matter soon anyway... If anything this place will quite literally become a 'Hell on earth', as you humans tend to say" Now Adara was curious, though she was still freaked out that this "Thing" had taken resident in her body for some reason. "Wait.. What'd ya mean? "Hell on earth? And how the hell do ya know my name?!

The demon took a moment of silence before speaking. "I know many things... Do not think that just because I said I took your body does not mean that I didn't take your mind as well. I know everything you know, and much, MUCH more.. You will know soon enough. The gate will open and 'they' will come for me.. No... 'they will come for Us...." Adara slammed her fist on the sink and gritted her teeth. "What'd ya mean US?! I got nothing to do with this "Gate will open" shit!" Asmodeus slowly began to fade from the mirror infront of her, his massive frame melting away from view. You are now.... Just relax until then...

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PostSubject: Re: Worlds end.   Mon May 16, 2011 12:42 am

Chapter two: Beelzebub's anger.

The black storm clouds blocked any light from the moon or stars. The street lights were poorly lit and began to flicker on and off, putting out only a little light as if the light bulb was about to go out any moment. Littering the alley were bodies of people, beaten and bruised, one was thrown over a dumpster, the other was half way imbedded into the wall, others just littered the floor, fell against the wall in a sitting position, blood splattered on the walls and all in all looking like a small war just happened. A lone figure stood at the end of the alley in a long black overcoat with blue jeans and T-shirt underneath with bright yellow hair and deep green eyes. "Oi, Satan'el, you there?" The boy said seemingly to himself since no one else was around to hear him, but just as he finished speaking a dark light slowly raise up from behind him and slowly manifested into a gargoyle like figure with light blue skin, cat like eyes, muscular body, and around four feet tall with its giant wings spread out wide.

"What do you think...? Its not like I'd just leave my host... What ya want Zane...? Hurry up before I eat you.." The boy turned around and moved his bangs out of his face, looking at the ugly little Demon behind him, it looked like a stereotypical gargoyle from the myths and stories about them. It was kinda funny actually. "Just wondering how close "It" is... You know you cant fool me since I learned to control you, right..?" The gargoyle simply grunted and lifted his hand onto his bald head before using his overgrown nails to scratch his dome. "Meh. Its a few months away.. At least one.. Either way, why do you care? Thought you wanted to stay outta Demon awakenings.." Zane turned around again and began to walk off out the end of the alley, the tail of his overcoat blowing in the breeze, the gargoyle simply floating behind him and following his vessel. Zane looked up at the thunderclouds before replying." I do.. Once it happens I'm gonna be long gone... Something that releases that much energy that happens only once every Millennium on a random spot on earth isn't something to be toyed with. Especially since that's when all of the Seven Seals come loose and the demons rise.." Satan'el got a crooked grin on his lips as he heard Zane say it.

"Having all the Seven seals break once a millennium was a agreement all the devils of the underworld made with God in order to test humanity, or at least that's what we told the angels he sent as messengers anyway." The gargoyle let a small chuckle escape before continuing. "We really do it to search for Demons who manage to escape to the human plane, once the demon reapers find their target they take the demon and the soul of the person the demon uses as a vessel back to Hell. Its a trick we use to gather extra souls. The sad part is, God knew about the "plan" all along and still let us do it. Tells ya a lot, don't it. The demon used his pinkie finger to clean out his ear as he finished his little explanation and flicked a piece of earwax off on the floor. "I know." Zane said turning a corner, "That's why I figured out how to get threw it without being detected by the Reapers... When that time comes I'm going to force you to detach from me... Then you'll be the only one who gets taken away... Then once the gate opens for all the souls and demons to return to the underworld, I'll have my chance to get my hands on one of the Archdemons.."

He waved his hand out to the side as if just tossing the plan in the demons face. Satan'el stopped in mid air for a moment, this little bastard was gonna use him as bait? This kid was cunning, he had to give him that much. Its not like the plan would go that smoothly though. Either way the gargoyle slowly began to break apart and fade from view "Whatever man. It doesn't matter to me one way or the other. I'll be fine either way. Im going back to the terrestrial plane, cya later., with that said the demon broke apart as the pieces turned to ash and blew away with the wind. Zane stopped in place, placing his hands in his pockets as he sighed. Sure, it was a plan he was still working the kinks out of, but it had to work. Having a weak incarnation of a Archdemon like Satan'el was crap, he was strong enough to beat the other weaklings they came across earlier, but that was it. Soon.... Mammon.. You will be mine.. Zane made his way threw the city and slowly vanished into the night.

Unacceptable! Came a massive growl over the flaming winds of the 6th level of the underworld. Asmodeus escaped! Its still a full month before the Seven seals break as well! Sitting atop his thrown, Beelzebub, the lord of flies, was enraged. Dressed in tattered robes and a large bow at the side of his thrown, he looked down at the hordes of Soldier demons at the bottom of his thrown, looking like a mass floor of ants below him. He then turned his attention to a large pale creature who was very large in size, multiple mouths on his stomach, and slitted eyes. He was gnawing on a soldier demon, ripping it limb from limb as he ate it. So whats the plan, boss. Can I eat him? the fat demon beside him asked, finally shoving the last of the solider demon into the mouth in the middle of its stomach, crushing it between hundreds of rows of teeth. You? You wish for me to send you after him? The lord of flies almost laughed at the Sin. If Azreal couldn't stop him, what makes you think you can!? Gluttony's arms seemed to stretch out to the bottom of the thrown and grab another soldier demon from the masses below and pull it up, as if reeling it in with a fishing pole. Azreal's a angel, boss. Angels powers weaken down here. Send another Demon after him. Even so, as long as I can eat him I wont fail. Beelzebub listened as the sin gorged himself on the solider demon, ripping it apart and sticking severed limps into eat of its mouths before finally sticking its head his mouth and swallowing it whole.

True enough, Azreal's power was split in half in hell, but nonetheless gluttony had a point. Just as the prince of demons was thinking it over, a meld came out from the stone that the thrown sat on, seeming to be apart of it, a statue of her body slowly manifested itself in front of them before finally the stone skin broke apart revealing the woman's true form. Her beautiful silver hair flew in the warm breeze, he Chinese style dress was decorated with black markings that were made of of swirling lines with a slit along the thigh that revealed much of her leg by the way she was standing. Lust! They both said in unison as the large busted woman walked toward Gluttony. Hello, Master Beelzebub. She said with a light bow of her head toward the Lord of flies before looking toward the fat buffoon before her, gnawing on a live solider demon. Hi, fatboy.. Seriously, Gluttony, you should really kill them before you eat them.. Its disgusting.., he hardly heard her over the sound of the bones crushing and snapping under his teeth and bite power. Good timing, Lust... You just volunteered to go after Asmodeus with Gluttony.. The woman lifted her hand and placed it on Guttony's pale white head and leaned on him like he was a fencepost. So~~~ Ozzy finally got loose, huh.. She gave that nickname to Asmodeus a while back, though he really never paid that much attention to her, they were similar in a way. They both lived in the same level of hell and both represented Lust. However, being a part of Lust and being the true embodiment of lust are to different things. Indeed... He broke the gate open... Now he escaped to the human surface where we cannot go until the end of the month when the seals break.. Lust stood up and moved her hair from her face in a elegant hair flip and crossed her arms.

Why cant we just go out the way Ozzy went..? She asked, if Asmodeus, a archdemon could do it, then surly Beelzebub could. You can... I cannot. Azreal replaced the seal after Asmodeus got loose, and he made it stronger then the last time so that the other higher level demons could not pass threw. Lust and Gluttony both blinked at the same time and looked at each other before looking back at their master. How are we suppose to get through it then if he resealed it? We are demons encase you haven't noticed... Beelzebub shifted in his stone chair, obviously annoyed that he had to sit here and explain to them. Surely they were smarted then this, they were a part of the Seven Deadly Sins.. You are Sins.. Just because the gate is sealed dose not mean you cannot get out. Use this. He said as he held out his hand, making a black ball suddenly appear in his palm that shot out to the edge of the thrown and opened up into a portal. On the other side, lush trees and buildings could be seen threw the black abyss. This is a piece of the portal that lies behind the gate Asmodeus used. I cannot pass due to the portal being to small, but you two shall go... Now! They both jumped at the sudden yell, Gluttony just bolted for the portal, Lust bowed her head once before running off after them, even though the chubby demon got a head start the woman still beat him to it, after they both passed threw it shut closed.

Gah! This bastard wont get out of my head! Adara yelled as she kicked a tea pot off the table, and balled her hand into a fist before slamming it into the side of her own temple, knocking herself onto the couch. Get the hell out! For the last time you bastard! She yelled after recovering from the daze she gave herself from decking her self. Mathew sat on the other end of the couch with a rather concerned, but a accusing look on his face, Adara told him about what she saw and what happened, to be honest, he thought she was joking around. C'mon Adara, its just your imagination.... Though some strange crap did happen when I found you, I dont believe a ghost is inside you.. I mean sure its strange but c'mon.. She shot up from her hunched over position and almost jumped toward him, tackling him over the couches armrest and knocking him to the floor. Up yours! I know what I saw! She yelled falling back onto the couch and holding her head. Just as she was getting angry a massive black cloud began to form in the middle of the room, this caught Mathews attention, maybe there was something to this "Demon" thing, but he crawled back around behind the couch and peeked over it just to keep an eye on it, and use Adara as a semi-shield. Adara opened her eyes as the massive black gas formed into a solid body, the massive 550 pound body frame of Asmodeus manifested over the table which broke and shattered to bits under his weight. Mathew fell over out of put shock, almost pulling the couch with him. W-what the heck!!! he screamed as he pointed at it.

ENOUGH! Asmodeus demanded as his booming voice shot threw the room, shattering the windows of the place. I came out! Now shut up with your nonstop complaining! Even a Archdemon has limits~~, just before he finished a blue ball of flame slammed into his masked face which exploded and broke apart on contact with his mask. Good!! Now I can kick yer ass! Adara jumped from the couch and leaped forward, both her hands ablaze with azure flames in her palms. As the flames around his mask cleared the giant lifted his massive arm and swung it to the side, which sent Adara flying across the room into the wall. The female slammed into the wall and slid down into a sitting position before taking a few seconds before climbing to her feet again. I have no time for this.... I did what you asked and you attack me? I should kill you. He said as he moved his arm back down to his side and turned his head to the side, spotting Mathew behind the couch. Mathew could see him, but only because Asmodeus allowed him to. Come and try, ya over grown five-hundred pound sack of monkey crap! The pyrokentic yelled as she moved her hands out, focusing on the flame in her hands the balls of azure fire suddenly began to grow at a rapid rate.

Asmodeus took a step forward as the two giant balls of flame shot over his body, the flames past around him, his clothes got singed, his body burned a bit but nothing major, luckily the windows were broken which sucked the flames out of the room. You test my patience! Mathew sat up and crawled backward on the floor before rolling onto his feet and suddenly bolting forward, using the couch as a step stone he jumped into the air toward the giant and sent his bare foot slamming into the side of Asmodeus's mask. Which he then got batted back into the couch by a simple swing of the Archdemons arm. The man flew into the couch and the force made it flip over, Matt pulled his foot up in his hands looking at the giant red mark on it from kicking the things mask so hard. Son of a~! he was cut off as a hand seemed to meld out of his floor, followed by the body of a woman as the statue like figure rose from his floor, screams shot threw the building. The stone like skin chipped away from the statue of the woman revealing sooth skin and long silver hair, in her Chinese style dress cross her arms over her chest. The door suddenly flew open as a grotesque little ball of lard stepped into the room, a arm hung out the mouth on his left side, a leg hung out the middle mouth on his stomach, and a arm and leg hung out the mouth on his left side, while in each hand he held a leg which he used to drag the bodies by. Hello~~! My, my, Ozzy! Attacking a woman? How rude... Its a improvement I guess.

Lust said as she leaned forward on the over turned couch, though the sudden appearance of the woman coming out of the floor made Mathew almost crap himself, the thing that really scared him was the thing at the door! Luuuuuuuust~~~! Can I eat the two humans.... He said, swallowing all the appendages in each of his mouths whole. Yes, Gluttony. You can.. I'll take Ozzy Gluttony let go of the bodies in his hands and clapped once before stepping into the room toward Adara, who, already had a blue fireball in her hand that she flung forward. Gluttony opened his mouth and ate it, which made smoke come from everyone of his mouths as he burped. Spicy, spicy, spicy, spicy! He lunged toward her out stretching his arms toward her, opening all of his mouths which seemed to each have tens of rows of razor sharp teeth inside. Though he was hit by a dresser just before he got to Adara that Asmodeus threw, which sent him slamming threw the wall and into the hallway. Lust! Gluttony! He sent you two to get me? I was expecting a reaper! He lifted a massive fist up as he turned around to face lust who placed her hand on the handle of a iron pot, he skin began to turn grey, the color quickly covered her body as she swung her hand up and caught the giants fist, the ground under he exploded and shattered. Why were you never this aggressive back home, big boy? She swung her hand to the side which made the giants fist fall away, she jumped back out of the hole in the floor and lifted her hand which was now dented and bent out of shape. Your ability always annoyed me, that's why!

Asmodeus took a step forward but stopped as the massive blob of fat stood up in the hallway, the desk was being crushed between his teeth, crushing the hard oak wood before swallowing it. Ewww.. Fiber.. Gluttony lunged threw the hole in the wall with surprising speed and tackled the giant Archdemon, who was forced to take a step back from the impact. Taking this chance lust lifted her hand as it slowly returned to normal, the iron on her skin that she took unto herself from the pot shot forward toward the giant in the shape of spears of the tips of her fingers, which shot threw his skin and out his back. Blood ran out from the bottom of Asmodeus mask as the iron spears impaled his body, but he was able to grip the massive blob of fat that was on him and fling him to he side, sending him flying threw the wall beside them and into the street before bouncing off a car and into a mailbox. He then lifted his right hand into the air and brought it down, snapping the iron spears in half which made the demonic energy that held them together vanish making them disappear. Lust's feet sank into the floor as her demonic aura flew threw the house. Multiple arms and spear like objects morphed out of the wall and floor and flew to the center of the room, ramming into Asmodues and wrapped around him, binding his arms by his side.

Adara by now was already beside Matt who was already in the back room, crouched down beside the wall. The hell is going on!? Adara said in a violent whisper as she peeked around the corner. Mathew shook his head. No idea but they ruined my room!! I paid a five thousand dollar deposit on this place! Mathew stood up and looked around the corner above Adara who was crouched down, the woman was facing Asmodeus, the fat one got thrown like a baseball so he was gone for now, so there was only one.. This could be easy.. Mathew suddenly jumped out the door and ran toward the woman before jumping up while turning at the same time, as he flew toward Lust, his body twisted in the air which sent his leg flying toward her head in a spinning flip kick. The embodiment of the sin didn't even have to move, she knew he was coming before he even left the room, she felt the vibrations threw the floor, a large morphed pole-like object shot from the floor beside her and shot up between them and took the kick. The force of the spinning kick snapped the hardened wood but it successfully protected the Sin. Mathew kicked off what was left of the post and back flipped threw the air before landing in a crouched position on the floor, then jumped to the right as multiple more post's formed from the single post he kicked and shot toward him, as he came into a roll out of harms way he watched as the multiple post's stabbed easily threw his refrigerator. Whoa! That could of been bad.... he said to himself as he looked back toward the ball in the center of the room, the walls and floor seemed to have morphed up around Asmodeus restraining him.

Just as he was thinking of going after the woman again, a large pale ball flew up threw the hole in the wall which he was thrown threw and landed beside Lust, walking around the woman who was still morphed to the floor, Gluttony made his way toward Mathew, drool coming from all the mouths on his body. Meat! was all he said as he jumped toward Mathew, just as the ball of lard jumped forward, Adara came running out from the room, jumped up into the air and pulled her legs under her, then kicked them out as if she was drop kicking somebody, but as her feet shot threw the air, a massive blast of blue flame shot from her shoes and slammed into the side of the pudgy ball of fat when pushed him back to the side and into the ball in the center of the room. Gluttony pushed him self up, covered in burns and opened all of his mouths wide, a strong suction began to flow threw the room as everything was sucked into the demons mouth, Lust was anchored to the floor so she just crossed her arms and watched. Adara grabbed Mathew by the wrist and grabbed onto the entertainment center to keep from being sucked in. Alright! I've had enough of this crap! This is annoying! The pyrokenetic screamed over the suction noise as she opened her eyes as wide as she could, looking toward the fat blob with the multiple mouths. Adara had to concentrate, alot... After a few moments the air in the room began to heat up as Adaras eyes began to glaze over, her blue eyes slowly began to darken then suddenly, Gluttony combusted into blue azure flames which cause him to close his mouths and scream as the flames ripped and burned his pale skin. He dropped to the floor and rolled around before the flames went out.

Gluttony, you idiot! This is how you deal with humans! Lust yelled toward the now smoking ball of fat on the floor that only groaned in response. Lust's feet morphed out of the floor as she turned to face the two and held her hand out, her arm suddenly shot forward as it stretched. Lust's palm slammed into Adaras neck and pressed her against the wall, beginning to choke her, Lust's other hand did the same to Mathew. See Gluttony. Your abilities would of worked you weren't so stupid. If its this easy to catch them then~, loud cracking noises began to shoot threw the room, as if the room itself was tearing apart. The large mixture of wood and steel in the center of the room wrapped around Asmodeus began to expand, growing in side before it suddenly exploded sending smoke and dust flying around the room. A tower of crimson aura shot from the smoke threw the roof of the house and into the sky. The demonic aura seemed to weigh the air down, what was left of the floor began to splinter and lift into the air, the walls cracked from the weigh. Lust and Gluttony were tossed across the room from the sudden burst of demonic aura and flew threw the refrigerator, threw the oven, threw the wall and into the back room. The bright red light died down revealing the eight foot giant in a hunched over position, his red eyes blazing with rage. Stand before me, The Great Bear, The destroyer of Men, The King Of The Nine Hells, and fight till you drop!!! Asmodeus roared which finally brought the walls to the ground, almost leveling the place. Adara and Mathew pushed a piece of the dresser off of them and were thankful and a bit concerned, thankful that Asmodues knocked the two things off of them, but concerned that he was gonna slaughter them all. Lust rose to her feet, her left arm twisted and broken in four places, Gluttony sat up, impaled by four large pieces off wood and a piece of metal impaled threw his neck from the oven. All they were able to see were the Crimson eyes of Asmodeus, One of the seven princes of the underworld, standing before them.

Gluttony hoped off the bed he landed on after hitting the wall and waddled toward the front room, facing the giant. Boss said I can eat you... Lust says I can eat you! So I can eat you, right?! The sin's voice seemed to echo as if more then one voice was talking, four voices at once talked in unison as he opened his mouths and began to turn inside out, his body slowly shifting and transforming. At this point Adara had pulled Matt to his feet and took off past Gluttony, who paid them no mind once so ever, the psychotic look in his eyes were locked on Asmodeus. Adara and Mathew ran into the room only to find that Lust had melded with the floor and vanished. Gluttony's intestines slipped out of his jaws and shot up and wrapped around himself. His bones shifted, snapped, twisted, and regrew in different places before finally showing his true form. A large creature covered in drool, multiple mouths covering its body with a massive mouth where its eyes were suppose to be, its massive six legs and standing a full ten feet taller then Asmodeus. The two stood before each other, as if staring each other down. Each of their demonic aura surging threw the atmosphere.
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Chapter three: Wrath vs Gluttony, Battle of Demons.

The air around the building was thick and so heavy that Adara and Mathew fell to the floor on their knees, even the wooden floor began to break apart and splinter just from the demonic aura the two were putting off. Asmodeus, surrounded by a thin outline of red and gluttony surrounded by a dark green outline, the twos demonic aura clashed together as they stared each other down. Finally, Gluttony in his beastly like transformation charged forward, its massive mouth gaping open as it attempted to swallow the demon prince whole. Lifting both his hands up, Asmodeus placed one heavy hand on the Sin's top jaw and one on the bottom, the giant was still pushed back as the charging sin continued forward, pushing the arch demon threw what was left of the wall and out into the street, smoke rose from Asmodeus's feet as his iron skin skidded over the asphalt, even the road began to break apart as the massive worm like monster continued to push the demon back. The Great Bears eyes flashed a even darker red before finally lifting his right leg up and stomping down on gluttony's bottom jaw, the sudden stopping motion cause Gluttony's own weight to snap his bottom jaw and dislocate it. Asmodeus then took another step forward and twisted at the waist, tossing the massive head of the sin to the side, which slammed into a car, crushing it under its weight. COME! Fight until you drop! As long as one of us still breaths, the battle is not over!!, the archdemon said walking toward the massive mixture of mouths, saliva, and intestines that made up Gluttony's transformation. Gluttony stood on all six of his legs and opened his massive mouth again, but this time the monsters own intestines flew out and wrapped around the demon prince, binding Asmodeu's arms and legs together before pulling him toward his mouth. MEAT, MEAT, MEAT!!!! was all that came from gluttony's other mouths as the intestines pulled the giant toward its largest mouth.

Adara almost fell unconscious from how thick the air was, she could hardly breath, let alone stand. Mathew was already face first on the floor trying to push himself up to his knees but couldn't due to the weight of the air around them, it seemed gravity itself increased around the two demons, and everything around them. Adara placed a hand on the floor to brace herself as she looked up out the massive hole in the wall, well, what was left of the wall anyway, to see the Asmodeus being pulled toward the things mouth, but she was more worried about the woman that sunk into the floor, what the fuck was going on? Adara couldn't see her, so either she left or she was hiding, either one was fine with her as long as Lust didn't come out of no where while they couldn't move. Lust, however, couldn't move either. She had moved her way to the roof of one of the buildings then got held down by the massive demonic aura that suddenly shot threw the air as the two began to tumble over each other.
Asmodeus was being pulled into the gaping maul of Gluttony, with a loud animal like roar, Asmodeus threw both his arms up as the red aura expanded, blowing the intestine's that were holding him to bits then jumped forward, throwing both his arms out as he tackled the Sin just below the jaw line. Forcing the eighteen foot tall gluttony back into the wall of a building before sending it threw the wall and into the living room. The two rolled over each other, going threw a few houses in the process, before rolling over a small drop off that made them fall into the highway, breaking threw it and to the road below it.

The tentacles on Gluttony's body then shot forward as Asmodeus stood up, having separated during the fall. On the ends of the whip-like appendages grew small mouths with canine teeth which opened as they slammed into the demon prince, Once latched onto his neck, one on each of his arms and legs and a few bit into his chest. The veins in his body bulged out as Asmodeus pushed forward before lifting his massive arm up and swinging it to the side, ripping all the things out of his body. The giant then took a heavy step forward and pulled his fist back before throwing it forward into gluttony's jaw which sent a small sock wave threw his skull, snapping his top jaw. Now, with both his jaws dislocated the giant worm like being stood up on its bottom two legs and stood up right, all the mouths on his body began to open and close repeatedly as a pale saliva began to drip from the jaws. Food! food! FOOD!!!, the saliva, as it touched the ground, exploded into smoke as the acid like liquid melted threw the concrete before spitting it out toward Asmodeus, who lifted his hands up and charged into it. Letting out a otherworldy roar as the skin on his arms began to burn and smolder, gluttony in hailed a deep breath, ready to spit more of his Acid slime toward the demon, but before gluttony was able to actually do anything, Asmodeus lunged forward, took a heavy right step toward the thing and brought both his fist forward, ramming them into the center of Gluttonys gut which sent a massive wave of demonic aura threw his body so much that the Sin shot back like a shotgun blast and flew threw one of the concrete pillars that held up the highway above them, which fell on Gluttony soon after, in a pile of concrete and steel re-bar. Asmodeus leaned back, arching his back at almost a ninety degree angel and let out a demonic roar which shattered windows and set car alarms off for blocks, the skin on his arm slowly regenerating. Soon after Asmodeus turned around, large tentacles shot from the rubble and slammed into Asmodeus chest which knocked him back into the concrete wall behind him that was under the overpass.

Letting out a snarl, the demon prince pulled himself off of the wall and dropped down before bolting off toward the cloud of dust, just as Gluttony stepped forward, he was tackles by the massive 550 pound archdemon and fell to his back. The great bear climb upon gluttony's chest and lifted both of his massive fists, beginning to pound on the sin, relentlessly hammering the Sin's head. Pieces of bone began to fly threw the air, broken teeth shot to the sky, and a massive pool of blood began to form around Gluttonys body. Multiple tentacles shot up around the demons body and pulled him away, flinging him back into a already destroyed car. The sin weakly climbed to his six legs and began to shrink, changing back to his normal round self, he stumbled backwards, his face beaten in, his teeth broken, his bottom and top jaw snapped out of place. Asmodeus rose to his feet and began to march toward the ball of lard. How? No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't eat him! Normally he would be able to swallow anything in hell, he has even eaten older archdemons before, but why was this one so much stronger?! Where are you going??!! What are you doing??!! You cannot retreat! Your heart still beats, your lungs still move, your body is still able to stand! This fight in not over till one of us is no longer breathing!!!!, he yelled, obviously high from the adrenaline.

Lust sat up as the demonic aura around the area slowly died down, although the aura from Asmodeus still made the air thick and heavy, not as much though, she looked over the edge of the roof, Adara and Mathrew peeked out the wall, and looked toward the destruction down the road, most of the road was destroyed and houses were gone. Lust quickly sank back into the floor, vanishing from the area around the houses to get a closer look. Gluttony, who was beaten to hell already, turned around and began to make his way, away from the approaching demon, he tried to get away, but didn't get far as Asmodeus's massive hand flew down over his head and knocked him forward onto the curb of the road, the demon follow up quickly by lifting his large foot and stomping down onto gluttony's head, slamming his skull into the curb which broke the concrete around him, then pulled him up into the air as he bend down and grabbed gluttony by his face. Lifting his other hand onto gluttony's legs, and one of his head, He began to pull from both sides, ripping the tiny ball of lard apart at the waist, sending his intestines falling down onto Asmodeus's shoulders, He pulled his hands apart, tossing the demons legs to the left and his torso to the right, letting the mini-fountain of blood shoot all over the place and rain down around him.
Lust melded out of the concrete wall behind the two just enough so that her face was the only thing sticking out, She looked to see gluttony get ripped in half which made her cringe a bit, Gluttony was ripped apart? How could she beat them, maybe in hell it might be different, but in the human world, where most of her abilities were limited to melding with stuff, no way she could win. She slowly sank back into the wall before completely vanishing in the stone.Beelzebub would be enraged, but she really didn't care right now, it was gluttony's fault for volunteering to come, she on the other hand, WAS volunteered. Beelzebub could of sent one of the stronger sins, but he had to send HER with the tub of lard.

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Chapter four

Adara and Mathew watched as the massive giant stepped forward after making his way back threw the destruction, covered in blood and intestines hanging over his body. Adara balled her hands into fists and punched the floor before pushing her self to her feet and swinging her hand out toward him, pointing at him as the Azure flame erupted around her hand. I've had enough of this Shit! Explain what the hell is going on, or this time I wont stop roasting your ass until your nothing but charred cinders!!! Mathew finally pushed himself to his feet, rubbing the back of his neck as he looked at his house. Tears almost came to his eyes, all the money he put into it, all the furniture he paid for, was all gone! Asmodeus stepped threw what was one a wall and stood in front of them, glaring at the woman before him with his crimson eyes. Very well... If it makes you shut up, Ill tell you what I know... The giant fell into a cross legged sitting position that made what was left of the house shake before crossing his arms over his chest. In one month, no, eight weeks from now, the seven seals will all be broken, as they always do every millennium. He said, beginning to explain before Adara chimed in. Whoa, whoa, whoa... The hell you mean Seven Seals? Like, from the bible? That shits real?! Asmodeus nodded as he watched the woman sit on the overturned couch, Mathew just fell to the floor, more interested in the damage that happened to his house then the crap that they were talking about. Well, Most of its real. The crap about Jesus, the war between God and the Devil, most of that's bull shit. Now, back to what I was saying. He said, moving his neck to the side letting a grotesque popping noise shoot threw the air.

Evey Millennium, the seven seals break at once, releasing the gates of hell unto the human world for a total of six hundred and sixty six days. During this time, the demons are free to roam the earth, take souls, eat people, and when its all over, the reapers from the heavens come to lead the demon armies back to hell. Its a cleaning of earth, if you want to call it that. All the demons get sent back to hell with the souls of the people they are currently, or were previously attached too. When this time comes, unlike right now where only the people I allow can can see me, every one will be able to see them, and will be tested. Quite literally a hell on earth.." Adara was left dumbfounded, what the hell? Demons, seven seals, God? Really? All this shit was real? She really couldn't say anything, it was to be honest, a shocker to say the least. Every demon or angelic figure in each religion is real, however, only one can be called "God" and only one call be called "The Devil". This started when the earth was formed, the strongest of the angelic figures came together and combined, to create the ultimate good, or the "Light", the only thing that could be called a "God" The demons, who were in protest of this, merged together to create the ultimate evil, or the "Darkness". Breaking the seven seals are what controls the population of demons, over 95% of the demons are locked in hell, in the deepest pit. He paused a moment to let it sink into.

Whoa.... So... Why did you Possess me? Adara asked, still trying to handle all of what was happening. I didn't... You think I chose you? What? Cause you think your smart or something? You were just the closest thing around. Continuing from where I left off, you have close to a month before Hell breaks loose.. Mathew caught everything while examining the damage to his home, tossing a broken plate to the side. So... In other words.. We're fucked, right? He walked over toward Adara and sat on the floor by the couch, sighing. I should of become a detective like my mom wanted... Looks like im gonna have to stay in the states longer then I expected... Mathew places a hand over his face and leaned back against the couch. Jesus Christ....

A pitch black cloud rose in the air as the flames beneath the pot shot upward, a figure clad in a tight, black, single piece hooded robe, throwing her hands into the air, her bright green eyes shot threw the darkness as she waved her arms in the air. Show me the pace at which the earth shakes, devour the devil and seal his fate, come forth from the waters and riddle the earth with despair! Come forth from the depths and show me my path! the witch called out threw the darkness, the smoke in the air began to twist and turn, shaping itself into a face before flying back into the pot into the water, shaping the image in the water into a image of a massive giant, Asmodeus. The image circled around the demons showing his face in the reflection of the water, this was her next target, the beast that would help her bring down and take the power of all other things! The witches lips turned into a slight grin as she looked at the giant threw the watery reflection, waving her hands over the edges of the cauldron. The woman reached up and pulled her hood down letting her shoulder length blond hair fall around her neck before waving her hand over the pot again, letting the image disappear. Diana lifted her left hand as a snake slowly crawled out of her short sleeve and wrapped itself around her arm before resting its head in her palm.

Queen of all enchantresses And of the dark night, And of all nature. She began to sing, holding the snakes head in her palm as it slowly closed its eyes, as if listening to a lullaby. Of the stars and of the moon, And of all fate or fortune! Thou who rulest the tide, Who shinest by night on the sea, Casting light upon the waters; Thou who art mistress of the ocean In thy boat made like a crescent, Crescent moon-bark brightly gleaming, Ever smiling high in heaven, Sailing too on earth, reflected In the ocean, on its water; We implore thee give this sleeper, Give unto this good Melambo The great gift of understanding! She turned away from the smoldering pot as she began to make her away across the dark room, almost pitch black, illuminated only by the glow of the green flames on the walls, held by candles. She made her way to the wall which has a tiny hole in it and moved her hand close beside it, the snake slowly opened its eyes before gently slithering off her arm and into the hole, crawling into the wall. So, my destiny lay with the demon of Wrath and Lust.... I have the perfect spell...to bade him to my will... If he shall refuse my offer.. She turned from the wall and made her way to a table made of Oak wood, covered with a large, old piece of parchment with a human skull sitting on the top right corner as a paper weight, she leaned over the table and began to examine the document.

First book: Book of Shadows.. Second book: Gospel of the witches.. Third book: Book of Death.... Last book: Book of Life... I can scratch off the first two for I already have them... Next is the book of death. She picked up the old parchment and pulled the skull off of it, turned away from the desk and walked toward the pot with it in hand. Next is the book of Death... Once I have the three of them, I can use that demon, that giant, to help pry open the gates of Heaven to retrieve the book of life.. She pulled the collar of her robe out and placed the paper inside her cleavage before leaning over the cauldron. Show me what I want, show me what I need, become of me and set my soul free... The water in the pot slowly began to twist like a small whirlpool, sploshing around against the edges it slowly opened up then slammed against itself, closing it on the center before flattening out and revealing a image of a pitch black book wrapped in chains, as the image grew smaller it seemed to fade before showing a old building in the middle of a desert. Her eyes opened about a half inch with surprise as she saw where the book was being kept. Jerusalem! She pulled herself away from the pot and moved her arms across her chest, her bare feet moving her around the dark room. I guess I can cause some...mayhem.... After the witches sabbath is over, Ill go retrieve my book... She moved her right arm out as the air in front of her began to crack, literal cracks opening up in front of her as if space itself was being ripped open, space was ripped open into a small portal as she stepped into it, vanishing as it shot closed behind her.

Oi, OI! Zane! Wake up your lazy bastard! The gargoyle, Satan'el, called out to the boy who was sleeping on his side, the air on the roof was nice and fresh, the high winds felt nice as they past over his body. Even so, the constant calling of his demon was annoying and what pulled him from his sleep. Whadd'ya want, you over grown bat! Who the hell you calling old bat! Im surprised you just slept threw that freaking immense demonic pressure! You told me to let ya know if i felt anything, so I did, now stop complaining!. Zane rolled over onto his back and sat up, looking over the edge of the skyscraper he was on. It dont matter, anymore. I could care less. I worry when the month is up..

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{Yes, to those who dont know, I am asmodeus. Really short chapter, sorry. Pressed for time and it might not make sense yet, but it will. }

Chapter Five: Witches Sabbath broken?!

Surrounding a large cauldron six witches stood, each illuminated by the bright blue light of the candles Azure flame, and accompanied by a familiar, mostly a cat or bird. The smallest of the group of witches, no more then a child of around ten pulled her pointed hat up from over her eyes. Where the hell is she! She's late! She cried, pulling her hat off of her head, letting her short brown hair fall over he face. Patience, Ariel. Your such a Child. Diana will be here... She must. A second witch replied, pulling her black hood from her head and crossing her arms, a smug grin appearing on her lips. Even SHE wouldn't dare miss a gathering.. The mistress long ago placed a rule to negate such things, if she is late she will be disbanded from~!! She was cut off as two slender arms suddenly shot from the air and vacant space behind her, one wrapping around her waist while the other around her neck, which caused her eyes to shoot open as the air behind her seemed to crack and break open as if space itself was ripped apart, revealing the tight black, single piece hooded woman with her hood pulled up, who stepped forward from the strange portal and pressing her body against the witches back. Now, now.... One must learn not to speak with such hatred, after all I am a fellow witch, Maria.. Maria's eyes, filled with surprise and fear as the killing intent that came from Diana from that single moment almost made her break into a cold sweat, she tensed her body while Diana pulled her arms from around the woman and stepped into the light of the candles. So...good to see you all didn't start without me. Mistress Arabel, Nemesis, Maria, Ariel, Yoichi, and of course, Hecate. Diana looked around the room, eying each of them as she called their names off before returning her gaze to one of the smaller, older witch who sat beside the large black cauldron.

Your late by about five minutes, Diana Arabel said, moving the smoke pipe from her lips with a wrinkled hand before blowing a smoke ring out, then placing it back between her teeth. The smallest one, Ariel, ran forward and damn near tackled Diana and wrapped her small arms around her waist before burying her face in the woman's stomach. I told you not to be late! She lifted her head and looked up at the woman with her big brown eyes. I thought you would of missed out, we need to continue where we left off! Teach me some more things about magic!! Diana placed her hand over her face and sighed, indeed she had been teaching Ariel but this was ridiculous! Moving her hand down, she grabbed the tiny girl by the back of her shirt and pulled her away before setting her down. First off, Yeah, I know. Second, who said you could touch me? Ariel fell on her knees before pushing her self up off the ground and dusting her small skirt off. You never had a problem with it before! Yes I did! You just don't listen! Diana yelled, obviously annoyed at the little witches antics. She sighed before pulling her hood down, letting her bright blond hair fall to her shoulders. Come on, Dia, don't be so hard on her, she's only ten... Besides, your getting a bit "old" to be a witch, maybe you can be her "Mommy" and just find a successor already. Yoichi said with a playful tone, the cat like ears on her hood perking up as if they were alive before falling limp again, her black cat familiar sitting on the floor beside her.

Ariel I can forgive, since she is just a child, as you say, since she knows no better, but if you call me "Dia" one more time~ She paused, turning a half a step to the left and turning her head to look at the wanna-be-cat-woman out the corner of her eye. I'll feed you to my snakes, dammed feline! The air between them became tense, their magical aura pushing against each other as Yoichi let out a hissing noise at the threat. A few seconds past before the thick air finally got heavy enough to crush the stone floor beneath them. Enough! We are here to learn and share knowledge and do the ritual!! Not slaughter each other over something as petty as a insult! Arabel yelled, slamming her wrinkled hand onto the floor, her voice echoing threw the corridors of the complex. Both of their spiritual aura dropped slowly, the air around them slowly growing softer as they both looked at the old woman before them, who was giving off a glare toward them. Right They said in unison before Diana turned away from them all, obviously not interested in the meeting. Obviously, since I don't have my "book", I didn't come here intending to be apart of this trivial meeting, I rarely share anything with any of you anyway, I just came to say that I'm not coming to the next meeting or any other meeting again.... The others all froze, almost scared of hearing the words come from her mouth, never come again? How? This was a sacred tradition of witches to grow in knowledge and power? Why was she not coming?! Hold it, Diana.. Hecate called out, pushing herself gently off the small, broken pillar she was perched on before landing softly on the stone beside Arabel. Why....? Tell us why your not coming back... It better be damn good too, since none of use have ever missed a meeting, whats so important then this sacred tradition? She said, crossing her arms as she watched Diana's back, seeing her stop a few feet away from the others.

To be honest... There are tons of things more important then this little meeting of fools for me to do. One is a normal as taking a shower.... The others eyes shot open, each of them making a sort of growling noise as the massive insult, no one ever did that, not even the strongest witch insulted the "Witches Sabbath". Who the hell do you think you are!? Nemesis yelled, pulling her hood down and letting her bright red hair fall to the middle of her back. Yoichi pulled her legs up under her, pulling herself into a crouching position, Hecate stood with her arms crossed, obviously insulted by what Diana just said, Maria stood silent, but glaring at the woman. Diana felt all the eyes upon her back, like wild dogs looking a peace of meat, sadly, even if they tried they wouldn't be able to do much. I could care less about this pathetic gathering, I don't pray to Baphoment, nor will I ever pray to a dammed goat. The only reason I even began to show up to this place is because the woman who taught me made a pact with me, but I'm gonna break that right now.. she paused, turning around to face them all who, now, really did look like a pact of wild animals, even the familiars rose from their seating position. I could care less.. If any of you feel froggie, then jump... Into the snakes mouth...! She smiled, a purple outline beginning to form around her as she looked on toward them, in the shadows behind her a massive eight headed figure appeared, nothing more then a silhouette, a shadow of something. Then go.... Arabel said, blowing another smoke ring from her pipe before sighing. But do not come back or we will be forced to put that "rule" into place... Diana pulled her hood back up, keeping her grin on her lips as she turned back around, the air in front of her seeming to crack and rip open for her. Seems your still the only smart one here, Arabel... Witch of time... Diana vanished into the space anomaly before it shot closed behind her. And it seems... Your still as arrogant as ever.... Diana.... Witch of space..

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Finally new chapter... Dang im lazy..

Chapter Six

Adara sat in a hunched over position, her elbows placed on her knees and her fingers interlocked in front of her, Mathew lay on the cough, his forearm draped over his eyes. "So... What ya gonna do, Adara. Mathew said as he stretched out his legs a bit more, moving his hands behind his head before looking at the ceiling. Adara sighed before falling back in a slouching position on the couch. "No idea... This crap just randomly happens... few weeks, maybe a month, before the world ends? Type of shit is that...? Speaking of that, you over grown bastard She said, turning her head to look over the couch to see Asmodeus digging threw the refrigerator of the new hotel room they had to rent, pulling out 3 large pizza's that they ordered earlier before turning around as he noticed Adara was referring to him. Aint that rapture or something suppose to happen, some crap where millions of people vanish from earth? Asmodeus let out a deep chuckle before making his way to the center of the room and dropping to a cross legged sitting position, which made the floor creak very loudly. That's only when the end of the world is happening, and trust me, its no where near that time... Long after your dead.. When the months up it wont be the end of the world, just mass chaos and destruction. he said it as if it were a minor thing, flipping open the pizza box and sliding it up under his mask into his mouth, the grease dripping down onto the carpet. H-hey! That's our food for the next three days! Put it back dammit! Mathew yelled as he sat up, obviously a bit pissed about what the demon did to his other place. Who the hell said Demons eat food anyway!

Adara pulled her legs up under her after kicking her boots off on the floor, and laid down, out stretching her legs and arms. Wait wait wait.... How much of that bible crap is real then...? How much ain't? Asmodeus, completely ignoring Mathew, pushed the whole slice into his mouth under the mask before pulling his hand back and picking up a second slice. Well, about 85% of it is a lie or was written wrong. The other 15% is all to the point. Most the flaws in the bible were due to lower demons messing with the Apostles He stopped, sliding the second slice of pizza into his jaws under his mask, and after a few chews swallowed it before continuing. Most of the crap about the end of the world is a bit true, but the shit you humans come up with surprise even me... World ending in 2012? World ending just because a comet passed behind the moon, which caused a lot of humans to commit suicide? Honestly, you guys are even stupider then Judas and he hung his self, but at least he got 30 silver pieces out of it... He finally reached down for a third slice before Adara placed her hands behind her head. Meh, I don't really care that the world will end. Needs to hurry up, though. So... Whats the point of humans existing, then..? Asmodeus stopped before putting the slice down, how stupid was she? I'll tell you the flaws of the christian book, the bible, but I'm not your personal information center.. I'm not gonna tell you stuff you people aren't smart enough to figure out on your own, the only reason I'm explaining the bible part is because that's all your bodies worth, one body, one explanation.

Adara sat up, a slight grin appearing on her face, Mathew could see the "Wheels" turning in the back of her head. Really? So... I guess I can get a answer to he age old question..... Does God exists? Asmodeus lifted his massive hand up over his mask, face-palming himself over the sheer stupidity of this woman, and maybe all humans. If he know they were this dumb, he would of stayed in hell. Of course! You people are this stupid!? All your science and other crap cant tell you this? Your body structure, your anatomy, your organs, your insides, your eyes, your brain! All of these things are, as he wanted to make them, very complicated things! You think some damn bacteria the size of a needle tip could grow over thousands of years and make something as complicated as a dammed Human?! Asmodeus said loud enough for the whole room to hear, even the room next to them. You humans come up with "Evolution" and "A random existence" but your to stubborn or to stupid to realize that the spiritual world is all around you! Demonic possession, demon's caught in your pictures, Angels in the sky's next to your planes, even the strange creatures like the one you call "Big foot" is a spiritual creature! Asmodeus finally lifted the third slice under his mask and into his mouth, his razor sharp teeth cutting threw the cheese and pepperoni before swallowing it after chewing the crust. Whoa.... So, God exists, then why all the bullshit in the world? Death, mayhem, destruction, famine...?

It said in the bible that it would happen, he may be "God" but he's not going to watch after you dammed humans all day, he's got his own shit to do... Christ, even when he sends someone down, a prophet, a president, a leader of any kind to do the right thing, he either gets assassinated, killed, or made out to be a bad person and is pushed aside by you people. Asmodeus finally sat the pizza box on the table and clapped his hands together, getting the crumbs off. The only thing you humans are good at is cooking food.... Adara sighed as she heard his response, a bit annoyed and confused so she decided to ask something that may help later on. Okay.... That helped.... Now tell me something useful, like what type of demons that are gonna come through those gates... The eight foot giant grunted, as if annoyed by the woman's constant questioning but decided to go with it, reaching for the pizza box again. Think of a demons power by rank.... There is a hierarchy of demons, each demon is stronger then the last as its rank goes up in the underworld... First and foremost, the weakest of all demons are soldier demons, mostly used as meat shields and are only strong in number, though one alone would be able to rip a human apart.. These type of demons are called Yurei and are placed in the same ranking as the Ghost on the human world... Many demons exist with this rank and are no more then an annoyance..

The second kind of demons are stronger in all terms, far stronger then solder demons and ghosts. We call them "Yama".. You could say they are like familiars for witches and the like, like in your fairy tales... They attach themselves to humans for their own reasons.. Though they are still only used a shields for the most part, we use them just as often as we use solider demons... The last kind we call "yonma", a rare level of demon that is only found in Hell unless its released from its prison, they can rip a small army of solider demons apart like toys, unlike the other two, these demons have a mind of their own, and join the higher ranking demons in terms of being able to think for themselves... Then there are the second strongest demons right below the archdemons, which are called "Yokai", these are more like the ones that attacked us earlier, Gluttony and Lust.. Think of them as Yokai, they are the second strongest form of demon in the underworld, and they are strong in number but no where near the numbers of the yurei and yonma.. Then the Archspirits, the ones who rule over the entire underworld and over a domain of their own, like me... We each have our of agendas, we dont take orders from anyone, however we do hold council with the so called "Lord of flies". But that doesn't matter... I could give you a list of all types of spirts but most of them aren't stronger then the yurei... However, there are spirts that have evolved over the years, the ones people worship, called "Gods" are the strongest amongst the normal spirits... Some, though very rare, can even be on the same level of power as Archdemons....
He stopped, taking a rather slow and deep breath, letting it all sink in since he knew Adara was rather slow when it came to complicated things, but even she should understand the rankings, to help with this asmodeus lifted his hand up and extended his pointed finger as a small red ball of demonic aura formed at the tip of his fingernail. He lowered it onto the wood table and began to drawn on it, the demonic aura ripping into the wood like a knife as he drew out the rankings.

Yurei - Ghosts, poltergeist, soldier demons, cryptic creatures, etc.

Yama - Demons of high ranks, such as elementals, nature spirits, and even some human spirits that evolve.

Yonma - Pure demons that have evolved to a higher level, usually seen as last resort before sending into battle before the archdemons are sent in. In the ranks are the embodiment of the sins, Gluttony, Wrath, Lust, Pride, Envy, etc.

Archspirits - Demons who lead the underworld, or a certain territory, often divine entities such as Buddha's and guardian spirits.

Adara watched the giant carve the layout of the ranks into the table with a rather bored look on her face, she was about to speak before matthew flew off of the cough and tackled Asmodeus, though the 8 foot monster didn't move, Matthew wrapped his legs around the archdemons neck and his arms around his masked head. Dammit!! I told you to stop messing up the crap I PAY FOR!!! Matthew shook back n' forth violently as if trying to rip the demons head off, but to no avail. Asmodeus simply continued the drawing until it was finished before pulling the human off and throwing him back onto the couch. Read over it if you want.. Im going back into your head, woman... Asmodeus suddenly exploded into a dark mist which seeped back into Adaras body, which sent a cold chill down her spine, it was feeling she wasn't quite used too.

Diana's bare feet made almost no sound as she made her way down the stone hallway toward her room. The witches lips were twisted into a slight grin as she thought about what she did, but it was inevitable, she would of had to of done it sooner or later. Being bound by the rules of the meeting would be troublesome for her work, and even if they did take action, the only one that she would have to worry about would be Arabel and her time magic.. Diana's thoughts were broken as she came into the large dark room at the end of the hall, the only light from multiple candles that lined the wall burning with bright green flames. She walked around the large cauldron in the center of the room and made her way directly to the table at the far end of the wall before placing both of her hands on the edges. Thinking over how she would be able to get into Jerusalem without being detected by any of the soldiers stationed there and getting out.. It would be tricky indeed... She wouldn't be able to use the giant Asmodeus without the last book, so she had to make a plan and get to it as quick as possible... She could just warp in and warp out but chances of actually landing in the room with the book would be a long shot. Turning from the table and making her way across the room back to a large bookshelf and running a delicate finger along the spines of many books, searching for a specific one.

Down the hall from the room a pair of amber eyes peered out threw the darkness, moving swiftly like a shadow in motion, it glided down the hall as if it were floating, it made no sound as it ran in a zig-zag like fashion toward the door. Yoichi pressed her back to the wall just behind the doorway and peeked in, her body completely covered by a skintight black catsuit and her long black hair tied into a ponytail. Peeking around the door frame her cat like eyes locked onto the slim figure in front of the bookcase, she stalked that woman here. She couldn't stand what Diana did at the meeting, if she had the guts to disrespect the sabbath then she was gonna die for it... Diana joined the sabbath meetings only 20 years earlier and she dared to insult it?! Yoichi couldn't allow it, though none of the other witches knew she was here, no one would question why Diana was missing. Lifting her elongated nails, or a better word would be claws, he slowly inched her way into the room, her feet silently guiding her across the room toward her prey. Lifting her claws into the air she thrust her hand forward, claws leading the way to rip out the witches spine. However, Yoichi's eyes shot open as she seemed to pass through Diana's body, falling into the bookcase in front of her and Diana before spinning around with a strong back hand which also fazed through the witch of space. What the hell?!

Diana simply stood there with a almost unnoticeable grin on her lips, as if she knew the cat was coming. Well... That was rather careless for a cat.... I smelt you following me even after i left the meeting.... Yoichi swung another clawed hand forward only to have it fade threw Diana and yoichi's whole body once again fall threw her as well before stumbling to the cauldron in the middle of the room. Why cant i hit you!?! Yoichi yelled, spinning around to face her fellow witch, who slowly turned around while crossing her arms. Tsk, tsk, tsk.... For a feline your not very bright are you.. Last time i check, you heard what Arabel called me right..... Im the Witch of Space.... Meaning I can turn myself intangible by using my magic.. Meaning nothing can physically harm me, it will simply pass though me like I'm air... She slowly began to walk toward Yoichi, the grin on her lips growing with every step, Yoichi even noticed that Diana's left eye which was hidden by the shadow of her hood was glowing a dark green color. N-no way.... Nothing like that can... Dammit! She yelled, crouching down and then back flipping over the cauldron and landing on the other side of it, before back flipping another 3 times before coming to a stop, putting some distance between them, only to notice that Diana was no where to be seen in front of her.

Yoichi's eyes widened and she spun around then jumped back away as she felt a hand lightly fall onto her shoulder, noticing that Diana somehow appeared across the room behind her. So fast!! Yoichi skidded to a stop as she moved her clawed hand up beside her face, showing her fangs and giving off a low hissing sound. Come now... Surely you understand the part about "Space"... I am everywhere and nowhere.... I exist yet do not exist... You cant out run me nor can you harm me.... You basically walked to your funeral.. Yoichi inched back a bit more as Dianas hand slowly lifted and extended outward, pointing at her. Just then 5 massive snakes seemed to fly out of Diana's skin, as if they never ended and could continue to stretch forever. Fangs filled with poison and mouth wide open, they flew threw the air only to get split into pieces by a swing of Yoichis claws, their bodies seemed to vanish and fade from view as if never there, just then multiple anaconda like snakes shot forth from the ground underneath the cat-like witch, one wrapping around each limb and one around her waist, suspending her in the air a few inches off of the ground. Where did these come from!!? Yoichi noticed a few seconds after looking at Dianas feet, the ground around them had cracked in multiple places as if she placed them there only seconds ago. So.... That was pointless... Now, question is.. "What do I do with you?"

Diana's snakes stretched out even more and moved Yoichi across the room and slammed her against the wall before dropping her onto the table under her, which broke under her weight. Looking up at Diana, Yoichi rolled forward, flipping to her feet and using the momentum from her first flip to front flip again, flipping up into the air and bringing her clawed hands down toward the snake witch, which faded through her like air. However, as Yoichi landed behind Diana and began to turn, she felt a foot slam into her back and a firm grip on both of her wrist's as Diana turned around, placed her bare foot on yoichi's back and leaned forward grabbing her wrists. Diana pulled yoichi's arms back while pushing forward with her foot. W-wait a minute! D-diana!! Your not gonna...!! The feline's eyes shot open as the grin on the snake witches lips grew into a twisted smile, the sadistic look in her eyes, yoichi felt like they could see through her, looking over her right shoulder, she saw Diana as she applied more pressure to yoichi's back with her foot, the force ripped both of the cats arms out of their sockets, dislocating both of her arms, the sudden rush of pain swept threw yoichi as she was kicked forward to the floor. Gritting her teeth to stop from screaming, she pulled her knees under her and sat up, biting her bottom lip so hard that her fang dug into it and drew blood. However, yoichi was taken by surprise as another large snake shot from the ground in front of her and bit the front of her throat, pushing her back through the now intangible Diana and back into the wall of the far side, the walls seemed to morph around Yoichi's loose limbs and held her in place as the snake broke apart and vanished.

H....How did... How were you able to...grab me if you were...intangible...?! Yoichi managed to gasp out, trying had to breath with the four small holes in her neck, which would heal but until then she had to deal with the pain from just trying to talk.. Honestly, I thought you were smarter then this... I can control my solidity and my intangibility perfectly... I chose when im tangible or not... And dont worry, the poison in the snake that bit your neck isn't gonna kill you...more like make you very numb.. Diana walked forward toward the now pinned yoichi and looked up at her. Now be a good girl and behave... I wont kill you, yet.. She moved a hand out toward Yoichi's inner thigh and caressed it gently, which got a embarrassed gasp from yoichi who shook her upper body, trying to break the stone around her arms and feet. J-just what the hell do you think your doing!!?! Yoichi screamed, feeling the hand on her inner thigh and the rubbing sensation, though she also felt her body going numb, it wasn't that numb yet. Oh, nothing really.. Just testing to see if I can play with you for a while... After all, you should be completely numb here in a few minutes... Or do you want me to wait until you can feel what I'll do...? Diana turned away before she could answer and walked toward the door, pulling her hood down. I'll play with you when i get back... I have a book to collect. The witch of space slowly faded from view as if completely vanishing into thin air, leaving the helpless Yoichi embedded into the wall until she returned, who was already starting to go completely numb.
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Chapter Seven

Wake up!!!! came a loud cry from above Zane, though he couldn't sit up fast enough as the Gargoyle's foot slammed into his side, sending him rolling across the roof in a comical fashion. Lazy bastard! I wonder sometimes how you ever learned to control me! Satan'el yelled out, floating over toward the now dazed Zane who sat up rubbing his side. Gah....Satan'el, what the hell man!? Stop waking me up like that! Zane yelled, groaning as he pushed himself to his feet and obviously injured a bit, a large bruise already beginning to form on his side. He stumbled toward the gargoyle and finally stood up straight, his side throbbing wildly. What do you want!! Satan'el simply growled in response before floating around behind Zane. What are you gonna do! Just sleep the month away!? Not gonna prepare at all?! Isn't your so called plan to take control of a archdemon? You need more preparation then just sleep to even get to the levels of hell they reside in! Zane listened, though not very intently, cleaning his right ear out with a pinkie finger and blowing it off as if a overreaction. Calm down.. Christ... We still got at least three weeks left... So.... If your worried about it that much go do some recon for me.. Satan'el's face twisted into confusion, what? Recon....? On who? The hell I look like, a marine?

No, you look like a over sized bat.... Anyway, I want you to go search the city for anything thats not suppose to be here... Like gates or portals.... You know, like how all demons get here.. If you want me to prepare I will. Im gonna go get some more demons, so you wont feel lonely and annoy me while i sleep, and the more demons i have the better chances i get, right? Satan'el floated in the air infront of Zane who turned around. Seeming frozen and his face twisting with what seemed like he was gonna burst out laughing, and he did. Ha!! Hahahahah! Seriously?! Dude, a lazy human like you wouldn't be able to fully control more then two demons at once, and you want multiple ones?! You either insane or just stupid! Zane scratched the back of his head, letting out a deep sigh, obviously irritated. Shut up and go!! Christ... Zane yelled, turning around and walking toward the stairs to get off of the roof. Try to bring back atleast three... Satanel chuckled and grinned his toothy grin before finally beginning to float into the air away from the roof. Fine, fine.... Geez.. Satan'el's massive bat wings shot out and lifted him into the air before fading from view. I need atleast three low level demons aside from Satan'el to be able to do what i want to do.... Mammon is the king of hell and represents Green.... Its actually interesting... Zane began talking to himself as he made his way down the fire escape stairs. They have Sins which represent the sins man does... Supposedly there are seven... But they have fullbody demons who also represent sins.... Whats the point of that, i wounder....

Either way, I either need to find three demons, plus satan'el, or I need to stick to my original plan and wait till the end of the month... I just need to figure out how to get past Shíshī and Reapers.... It's crap.... Run through them like a little girl, and possibly make it through to the second gate which is said to be Envys mouth.... Which Im not sure how thats gonna work or how im gonna get though... This is complicated.... Ill stick with my original plan.

Beelzebub sat in his throne, looking down on what he disgustingly called his home, or domain. The recent failure of Gluttony getting ripped in half and Lust running away like a dog with her tail between her legs was a disgrace.. Lust made a wise move not coming back right away, she snuck in through a back portal to avoid being confronted, but it didn't matter, either way she was going to go back. By force if needed. Resting his chin in his palm, he looked over the hell that was before him with bored eyes, it was boring here. Nothing happened aside from the torturing of human souls and that got old rather quickly... Moving his grotesque hand forward from under his tattered robes and letting out a high pitched whistle that would make a human go deaf if they heard it. Upon calling for them, the floor below his throne was flooded with soldier demons, crawling out of the walls and caves that littered the area, obeying the lord of flies commands. I dont want to send Sloth, Envy, Wrath, Pride, or Greed... The high ranking SIN's are too strong to send threw the portal right now.... So a few hundred solider demons should do. Might as well call Despair, the sin of suicide..... Beelzebub lowered his hand and moved it back into his robes as he looked down over the small army that had manifested itself before him.

The month is close to being over... I decided to start early! Move threw the portal to the human world and destroy everything in your path! Your brothers and sisters will join you when the month is up! The solider demons growled and snarled in response as the massive swirling vortex opened behind them, ripping threw space and time as a image of the human world appeared on the other side of it, the demons quickly crawled over one another to get to it, it had been to long since they had seen that world. So full of life. So full of souls to devour, they never started the demon awakening early, though they had no real thoughts of their own, they happily forced their way over each other to get threw the portal. Watching the massive hoard of Demons push threw the portal to the human world, the lord of flies let out a deep sigh before leaning back in his massive throne. Honestly.... It takes to long to come around....., after waiting a few minutes the lord of flies finally sent out a massive burst of demonic aura which shook the very foundation of the sixth level of hell, sending a powerful ripple to shoot threw the air of hell to send his message. Not soon after, a black blob seemed to warp into existence, the smell of death filled the air as what looked to be a rotting corpse manifest itself before the demon king, covered in black robes with sunk-in eyes and cracked skin.

Despair, the sin of death and suicide even gave Beelzebub a eery feeling, even so much that a shiver shot down his spine. You called....?? The corpse asked, obviously showing no signs of respect in any way. I got things to do... Human souls to torture, humans to make commit suicide, the works... The demon kind leaned forward giving a dark glare toward the SIN, moving his claws hands from his robe and placing it on the armrest. Hold your tongue or I shall remove it from your skull.... Go threw the portal with the Soldier demons... I dont care what you do as long as you last until the end of the month... Keep the portal open as well.. Despair stepped forward about to speak when the lord of flies waves his hand, sending a massive wave of hot air flying into the Sins chest, carrying him across the massive cavern and into the portal. Without the argument.....
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Chapter eight: Jerusalem's Guardian

The heavy oak door of the office flew open and slammed against the wall, granting entrance to a rather large man of around six foot five inches tall, short spiky black hair and dark blue eyes. Marching his way over the shag rug with his heavy combat boots, the tail of his overcoat whipping wildly behind him as he slammed a heavy palm on the large oak desk. Whats the meaning of this, David!? Father Dimitry yelled out across the desk, tightening his hand into a fist. You send 20 of my men, 20 of my finest soldiers, to Rome just to help deal with a few exorcisms?! Though the Leader of the knights Templar didn't get a immediate response from the man in the seat that was facing the window, it slowly turned around to face him. Reveling a rather slender man with brown hair and dark green eyes, his arms cross in front of him and wearing a styling all white fitted suit. Ah, Father Dimitry... I thought I'd have a bit more time before you found out.... Guess news travels fast.... David shifted in his chair and leaned forward, placing his elbows on the Oak and locking his fingers together before continuing. I think you already know, but the number of demonic possession has increased nearly 80% over the past few weeks, within the past month the vatican has already preformed over 450 exorcisms, and even preformed one on the pope himself..

Dimitry was a bit shocked to hear this news about the pope, but the other things he knew. He had gotten so much paper work about it to send some of his men over to Rome, which he denied only to have David do it anyway. I sent 20 of your men to Rome to help them out. We also have a new report that the time is almost here for another "Awakening". David and Dimitry locked eyes for a moment, as if they both knew what each other were going to say about it, or at least Dimitry knew what David would say. Just like the last Millennium, literally hell is going to break loose, we suspect that's why the demonic possessions have sky rocketed. However, this does not mean there is anything to worry about. Just like the last time, we Will push them back. Unlike the Vatican, we have kept our army and have kept it hidden from the modern world.. We suspect we have at least a week left.. at most... We have predicted that the first gate will open in L.A, California. In the United states.. Dimitry shrugged it off, he had been apart of the last Awakening and it wasn't much to deal with, slaughtering a few thousand demons was a bit fun actually, more like a game then anything. That doesn't explain why you sent 20 of my BEST soldiers there, why not a few normal exorcist?
Because, The second gate will open in Rome... We at least need a few soldiers to protect the Pope, after all he is the "Leader of our faith", so to speak.

Dimitry gritted his teeth as the laid back response, David didn't even seem concerned at all for the lives of his men. Letting out a low muffled grunt the six foot man crossed his arms and shook his head in disbelief. So, you're gonna send me to Rome as well, I take it? The last time the Awakening happened we lost a few thousand people, we barely recruited enough people to break even in numbers. Which is more important, the Pope or a city in the USA? David leaned back in his chair as his arms began to fall asleep, placing his hands at the ends of each armrest on the seat, and placed his right leg over his left before letting a eery grin cover his lips. No.. Im sending you, the first division, third division, Michel and Sarah to L.A. We have more important things stationed there then the Pope. One mans life is not equivalent too that of the numerous sacred Objects we've hid under the Americans noses in the L.A harbor... You will leave once your packed.. Dimitry didn't agree with the way David though, a humans life was more valuable then he thought, David had fallen from the grace of God long ago, to Dimitry all it seemed he did was things that benefited himself or the Knights, either way it was wrong. Alright, Ill go pack my things.. Shouldn't we leave Michel and Sarah here, though..? Or send them to Rome? Dimitry asked, seeing as how Michel and Sarah were hard to deal with, not in terms of their attitude or abilities in a fight, but the way they talked and the way they looked at things in general..

No... You are one of the original Templars, and the Strongest Soldier we have. I want every one of you to protect our ship in the L.A harbor.. Dismissed David waved his hand and turned his seat back around to face the window, all Dimitry could do was turn around and head down to his hallway to pack for the trip. Turning around, his heavy combat boots lead him out of the room and slammed the door behind him, obviously showing signs of anger and displeasure at the decisions David had made. Making his way down the hall he rounded the corner which lead to a long stair case that lead down deeper into the floor, Jerusalem had many underground tunnels that went on for miles and miles, only lit by candle light. Down underneath the compound was where the soldiers rooms and training complex was stationed. Walking down the steps that creaked under each heavy step, he seemed to sink into the darkness before finally reaching the bottom where the candle light was and heading toward the rooms. The Father stopped just as he was about to round the corner as a red spot caught his attention, then the smell hit him. The smell and taste of Iron filled the air as the Father rushed around the corner to find multiple bodies of armored and non-armored soldiers laying on the ground, sliced apart and cut to bits, blood splattered against the walls and pooled on the floor. Looking down the hallway the Father's face twisted in rage, no one had ever been able to get into this heavily fortified training ground, no with the modern upgrades the knights had placed around it. Dashing down the hallway, his boots splashed in the pool of blood under him as he rounded the second corner, following the trail of bodies to a large opening, spreading out over at least a 300 yard radius, the large circular room was filled with bodies, with a black robed covered woman standing at the large steel plated vault at the end of the room.

Not even thinking of asking the woman a question, it was obvious she did it for two reasons, one was she held a straight sword in her right hand and the second was she was the only one left alive in the room, the father lifted his gloved hands and threw them down, 4 carbon steel machetes flew from his sleeves and were caught between his fingers, with a might step forward and a strong swing of both his arms, all 8 weapons flew threw the air toward the woman's back, who was focused on the vault, 8 throwing knives joined their machete brothers as he let them fall from his sleeve and toss them forward. The 16 weapons of death flew true were on mark, but simply passed through the womans figure as if she was never there. A low chuckle came from the womans lips as she turned around to face Dimitry, pulling her hood down with her left hand, Diana let her blond hair fall to her shoulders and grinned. Well, your right to the point, i see... She said, taking a step toward him before moving her sword up onto her shoulder. Strange that my magic wont effect this vault... Did you put a barrier up...? Diana asked innocently, as if she didn't just slaughter the guards, as if nothing ever happened, however, when her green orbs met the priests Icy blue eyes, she didn't even have time to react when a Machete flew between her eyes, luckily she was still intangible, if she hadn't been that would of dropped her right then and there. Silence, witch! How did you get in here to begin with?

Dimitry yelled across the room before moving his arms up in front of him again and throwing them down, letting two long spears fly from his sleeves, which seemed impossible for a normal human to do, its as if they came from nowhere before sending them flying across the room once again. This time Diana, instead of staying intangible, she stepped to the side, letting both of the tools of death pass by and bounce off the vault behind her, like all the others before dashing forward toward the Father. Dimitry brought 4 Machetes from his sleeve's and clenched them tightly between each finger and charged forward as well, swinging them forward like a large clawed paw of a bear. Diana simply vanished from sight, instantly appearing behind Father Dimitry and spinning the blade around and stabbing it toward the mans back, Dimitry stopped and was a bit shocked that this woman seemed to vanish, it was intriguing that this was even possible. Bringing himself to a stop and jerking around, the blade ran along his stomach and cut across his white dress shirt he had on under his overcoat, and threw the 4 machetes forward up close, which just phased through the woman who stepped through them and brought her face only inches away from his. Well, thats interesting... A hammer space ability? Just how many weapons do you have hidden...?? Diana pulled the blade back across the mans shirt and stepped back before back flipping away from the Knight, landing a few feet away. I got as many as I need! You trespass on sacred ground, missy, don't expect any mercy from me!

Dimitry roared before flinging his arms forward, sending multiple shuriken flying from his sleeves toward the woman, who managed to cut two of them in half with her sword and phase through them before bringing her sword up onto her shoulder. Hm... Cute tricks... I'd even say its a ripoff of my ability, but use for weapons.. However, out of all the weapons in this room, my sword is the strongest here... The sharpest blade ever made by man, the Japanese Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi. I stole this a while back, just never used it. Thought today would be a good day to- Diana's speech was cut off from a strong backhand from Dimitry who dashed across the short distance between them, Diana was sent flying across the room before she pulled her legs to her chest and flipped back to her feet in mid air, blood dripping from her bottom lip which she licked off with a devilish grin. Well now... Wont even let a woman finish talking... Rude much? Diana stood up and held her left hand out, letting multiple snakes fly from the small black orbs that seemed to form around her wrist in the air, as if space were being held open for the serpents to travel through. To the Witches surprise, each snake head was impaled by different bladed weapons which Dimitry threw from his sleeves and dropped to the floor. A machete appeared in each of the Fathers hands as he rushed forward like a madman, stepped on a corpse of one of the guard and using it as a stepping stone to fly into the air, coming down toward Diana and bringing the two bladed down in a mighty overhead swing. The witch just smirked and lifted her blade and swung it sideways, watching as the blade of her legendary sword cut cleaning though the 2 machetes and sending the pieces flying threw the air. Dimitry dropped the broken weapons and after he landed, jumped forward, attempting to tackle Diana, but to no avail as he seemed to pass though her like air.

Stomping down on the stone floor and bringing himself to a stop, Dimitry jerked back around as the witch also spun on her bare toes, like a ballerina and swung the sword forward, slashing it across the fathers cheek and sending blood flying over the floor. I can go all day, big boy. Though I prefer dinner before a date. She said mockingly in a playful tone, knowing she was completely safe with her type of magical skill. I just wanna know what type of barrier you put on the vault... Even I cant phase through it... Dimitry stumbled back a few steps before catching himself and regaining his composure. Well Missy, I would love to buy you dinner, however, I dont fancy the whole snake idea... He said, reaching into his overcoat and pulling out a large black bible with a large golden cross on the cover. Dont worry about them, they only bite if I tell them too. I dont bite either, you know. Diana said licking her lips. Dimitry, Slamming his hand on the bible cover, the book flew open as all the pages scattered over the room, turning into a mini-typhoon of bible pages which seemed to float around Diana and Dimitry. In the name of God, Impale the devil! Strange vortexes seemed to open up on the front of the pages, barely noticeable to the naked eye, though to Diana's surprise, Hundreds of different bladed weapons flew from each page, coming from each vortex and slamming into the area around Diana, cracking the stone floor and kicking up a large dust cloud. Diana came flying out of the smoke, covered in cuts and even one of the Machetes stabbed through her shoulder. Even though you can turn Intangible It takes time, even if its just a second or two, its not instant.. Dimity said as the bible pages stormed out of the dust cloud, following the witch and raining weapons down upon her now intangible form before being called back by the Father and flowing back into the spin of the book cover.

The room, now littered with bladed weapons and bodies, grew quiet as he moved his bible back into his overcoat and moved his left hand out to the side, allowing a large English claymore fly from the sleeves, which was caught by the handle. Lets test that thin sword of yours against this... The six foot man leaped forward, bringing the sword over his head and swinging it downward, Diana smirked at the mans comment, obviously not taking notice of the blade in her left shoulder, she lifted her sword up in a one handed upward swing. The blades of their weapons met, the Tsurugi's blade sliced clean threw the claymore and continued on into the priest's chest, opening up a massive cut across his torso. Diana's eyes widened as she realized he didn't flinch at the pain and was actually smiling as he threw the broken sword away and landed on top of her, forcing her to fall to the ground and get pinned to the stone. Im surprised yer blade can cut through blessed objects, however, now your done for. Diana smirked again and puckered her lips as if blowing him a kiss before sinking into the floor from under him and raising up out of the stone a few yards away by the vault. She switched her sword to her left hand and ripped the machete out of her shoulder with her right hand before dropping it and then switched her sword hand again back to its original holder. Is the book of Death here...inside this vault... The book said to contain the name of everyone that has died...even up to current times...? Dimitry stood up, obviously annoyed which the look on his face told Diana. Not anything of the like, witch! All the items of that stature has been moved to a safe place, the only thing in there is gold and silver.. Hmm.. Dont lie to me, you'll ruin your chances with me.

Dimitry began to walk toward her, a long spear sliding into his right hand while a large buck knife slid into his other hand, marching toward her while gritting her teeth. Its true, however, dont expect me to tell you anything else, cause you're gonna die here! He yelled, slinging his hands forward which sent the buck knife and spear hurtling through the air toward her, while pulling his arm back and swinging it down, bringing 4 more machetes in between his fingers and were also send flying toward her. Well, then... I dont need to stay here anymore then... Diana lunged forward into the weapons, which passed though her like nothing, her ghostly form flying across the room before appearing behind Dimitry and placing a hand on his shoulder, moving her lips to his ear and whispering into it while tightening her grip on his jacket. Its been fun... Your lucky I'm in a good mood today... Diana faded from view just as he felt her warm breath caress his skin and swung his arm through her intangible head before it finally vanished. WITCH! He called out so loud that it echoed though the stone. Taking a minute to regain his composure after the battle. Examining the bodies she had killed which littered the hallway and the room, he turned away a dashed down the hallway, back around the corners and back up the stairs, this time kicking the large oak door open with such strength that it almost ripped out of the doorframe, which cause David to jerk back around in his chair. Dimitry!? Whats gotten into yo- Shut up and set the alarm with the button under your desk! We just got infiltrated and the bitch might still be in the compound!

Despair finally passed through the portal after the massive amounts of mindless soldier demons, that he crashed into as he was still being pushed by Beelzebubs wind, stopping only after crashing into 5 demons and landing in a pile. [i]That bastard!
He cursed to himself before sitting up and brushing himself off. Apparently they arrived a few miles just outside of L.A, the massive army of hundred of soldier demons behind him could barely contain the urge to go wild and devour everything in site, their wish was soon granted as Despair lifted his decaying hand and pointed toward the towering buildings in the distance, the ground began to shake as the massive army charged forward without hesitation, climbing over each other to get closer to the city. So... All I gotta do is destroy shit for a week until the Gates open.... Easy enough.... Not like anyone can actually stop me... Despair seemed to float into the air with his dark torn robes flipping in the wind as he began to float over the moving mass below him, leading them forward. Satan'el flew high through the clouds as he sharp gargoyle eyes caught site of the moving mass below and dived down toward them for a closer look, onto the begin to flap frantically to get up higher after spotting the dark figure floating above them. H-holy shit!! Its despair!!? Whats he doing in the human world in physical form!? The awakening hasn't happened yet! His large gargoyle wings brought him up behind the clouds which is where he stayed, following the army below from the safety of the cloud cover. I-I gotta tell Zane! This is gonna be a friggin hassle if they are starting early! Flying through the sky back to the city skyscapper after following the mass for a few more moments, Satan'el vanished into a puff of black smoke.

Zane fell over as the Gargoyles face suddenly appeared infront of him, making him fall into a pile of trash cans and trash bags. D-dude! What the hell did I say about doing that!?!! Shut up! Bad news, BIG NEWS! We got a freaking army heading toward this city! We gotta get the hell outta here! NOW! Zane seemed confused, Army? Where? When? Zane stood up and dusted himself off and held his arm out. Show me... Satan'el grabbed ahold of Zanes arm and bolted into the sky with a large powerful flapping motion of his wings, pulling Zane into the sky. Scanning the area as the high winds from that height blew across his face, he couldn't see anything. Satan'el, is this one of your damn pranks again... Seriously, I could be sleeping right now an- Zane was shook violently as satan'el used his tail to point toward the west, Zanes eyes shot open a half inch as he witnessed the massive black army rushing toward the city. Satan'el, take me to the highest building!! without missing a beat, Satan'el flapped his wings once again and suddenly bolted off like a rocket, dragging zane through the air like a bullet before finally landing on the highest building in the city, the U.S bank tower, and dropped Zane on the roof before landing beside him. The hell are we doing! With my flight speed i could make it to Nevada today! Lets go! Zane ran to the very edge and looked out toward the black mass which was still a good 4 miles away, and panic still wasn't happening since normal humans couldn't see demons unless they wanted to be seen, but this was still a problem, they could still level the place within a few days. Satan'el, we're gonna do a demon contract! What for! Lets get outta here! Zane shook his head and turned back toward the gargoyle. I wont care what happens during the awakening, but its still 5 days away, We're gonna fight until the gates open!

WHAT?!!? the gargoyle yelled before flying up to zane and knocking on his head a few times. Did your brain go on vacation or something!?!? Thats gotta be at least 400 to 450 demons there! Lead by a SIN! Your freaking crazy! Zane grabbed Satan'els arm and a large spark shot out from both their bodies before Satan'el was pulled in, multiple lines forming over Zanes body as his eyes rolled into the back of his head, electrical sparks flying off of his body as he twisted his foot, shooting into the air with such force the roof shattered and cracked, the demon contract, a bond between the human and a demon, placing the demons physical power into the humans body, but controlled by the host's mental power. Combining the physical abilities of a demon while having the same mentality of a human, it was a ultimate contract between a demon and host. Shooting threw the air toward the massive army, the ground in front of them exploded into a massive crated as Zane landed in a crouching position, before rising to his feet. The mass of Soldier demons stopped, so did Despair, looking oddly at the man before him covered in strange black markings over his body. Zanes voice sounded mixed, as if he and Satan'el spoke at the same time. Sorry dudes. Cant go further then this... Zane held his palm out as a electric spark shot from his hand into the dead center of the demon ranks, exploding and sending body parts flying threw the air. I can let you get past this small mountain.. The city is off limits... atleast until the week is up..

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Chapter Nine: Gods Will. {I will also reread all of the chapters and fix the typos.}

Father Dimitry slammed his fist into the large oak desk once more, sending multiple cracks running across the hard wood. Place some damned barriers up over the Jerusalem walls! We're not letting this happen again! The witch can turn intangible and from what I've gathered, can appear in anyplace she wants! However, she couldn't get into the vault due to the blessings we still have over the damned thing! He yelled, clenching his fist even tighter before punching the desk again. David already had the men doing so at each wall. He leaned back in his chair and placed his hands together over his chest, obviously seeming to be unaffected by what happened. Now, now, Father Dimitry, calm down. If what you said is true then she wont be getting back in anytime soon. Things haven't changed, either, your still going to L.A with the others. David said moving his hand out to the coffee mug on his now cracked desk. Are you mad?! Dimitry yelled, Im not going anywhere as long as that bitch is alive! The sheer fact that she made me look like fool pisses me off! Michel and Sarah will be more then enough! David sat forward after taking a sip of his coffee and leaned inward. As said before, you are one of the Original Templar Knights.. The fact that you have kept a semi-youthful appearance is miraculous in itself, the fact that your over 150 years old is also unbelievable. You are either a envoy of God himself, a Demon in disguise, or a very stubborn human who refuses to die. I would prefer it to be the first one. You abilities go far beyond making weapons appear. The fact that your wounds have already healed are proof of that. If you want more proof, you can always look at you mother and see for yoursel- A machete flew from Dimitry's sleeve and impaled the glass window behind him, after sending multiple cracks though the glass it finally shattered which allowed a great suction of wind to pull a few paper off of Davids desk into the outside winds. The fact that my mother was a angel has nothing to do with the way I see things... My outlook on this damned place, my entire outlook on demons in general, come straight from the Bible. If you wish I can send you to meet my mother right now. You've fallen a long way but Im sure on your way to Hell you would catch a glimpse of the light!

David calmly laid back in his chair after the flurry of work paper and files flew out the now broken window behind him and sighed, he knew Dimitry wouldn't kill him but the mans temper was a bit troublesome, and the way he worded his insults were interesting, to say the least. Listen, Dimitry, you are a Nephilim, the offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men" in Genesis 6:4, the sheer fact that you exist proves that. You are the only weapon we can really use against the demonic armies.. The only other thing we have are Michel and Sarah. But Im sending you to L.A whether you like it or not. If it makes you feel better I will keep Sarah here, but Michel is going. Now.. Pack your things and go. Dimitry slammed his fist into the desk again, this time the desk split in half and fell inward on it self, then after letting out what seemed to be a angry roar, like a animal, the Father turned around and stormed out the door, the bottom of his cassock whipping out wildly behind him before slamming the door so hard multiple cracks shot though the wood. The large frame to the Father marched down the hall, his cassock end whipping wildly behind him, gritting his teeth as his made his way though a second door and out into the courtyard. The sheer look on his face made the few people he passed on the way avoid making eye contact. He soon made his way across the courtyard and into the large metal building on the other side of the complex which held a massive aircraft cargo plane. Inside were other soldiers, either sleeping against the wall or playing cards, waiting for the plane to take off. He soon found a isolated corner and sat down, crossing his arms over his chest. Maybe slaughtering a few demons and sending them back to hell will loosen me up abit.. my joints are stiff... I cant believe that bastard David, he blew all of this off like nothing happened?!

Dimitry leaned back against the wall of the aircraft and sighed, using his left hand to rub his shoulder. David was right, the wounds he got from the witch had already healed. The fact that he was half angel had its good side. He just wanted to get to L.A quickly so he could prepare. No one knew where in L.A the real demon gate would open or how many would spew out, he just wanted to cut loose right now. The door at the back of the plane finally began to lift up, signalling to Dimitry that they were about to make their way to L.A. Though he had no idea where the hell they were gonna land this thing. The fact that he didn't see Michel or Sarah on the plane told him they got on a different flight or a boat. Some other form of transportation. He knew David to well, even if he said he would keep Sarah here he knew it was lie.

Blood flew though the air with one clean swipe from his scythe. The pitch black blade easily sent the womans head flipping through the air before it came bouncing to a stop on the alley floor. The womans body dropped to her knees before falling forward on the ground at Azreal's feet. Alright. I've dealt with your host.. Now show yourself, Ashtaroth, the 29th Duke of Hell. Azreal said, using his right hand to pull his hood from his head, revealing rather lanky, curly black hair that blew in the light breeze. From behind the woman a image appeared, a large Doglike humanoid beast solidified before the Archangel of death. The body of a hellhound and the Torso of a human with the head of a goat. Honestly, you demons get uglier every time I reap one of you. The hideous beast rose up on its back legs and moved its arms out as green flames formed in its palms. I am a Prince!! Bow before me, Angel! He fell back on all fours before throwing his human-like arms forward, the green flames burst forward and rushed over the Angel, consuming him within the flames. Become dust...!! As the flames died down, nothing was left. The fact that a massive swirling, black vortex appeared behind the prince only led to one thing, Azreal vanished before the flames even touched him. The Vortex would soon spread out and took the form of Azreals pitch black cloak, a arm also extended from the black mass gripping the pitch black steel Death Scythe. In one mighty swing the scythe blade ripped though the demons torso that connected him to the dog-like body and sent the torso spinning though the air, followed by a small fountain of greenish blood.

The Torso slammed into a dumpster before falling to the floor, the dog-like body exploded into ash and scattered. Azreal lowered himself back to the ground with the black mass swirling around him before his massive black cloak fell around him. He then made his way to the torso of the demon and lifted his scythe into the air, Ashtaroth barely had time to speak before his head was sliced from his torso, both the head and torso soon exploding to ash as well, along with the body of his host. Scatter upon the wind of Time and Death... Eventually, you will all die.. The angels scythe seemed to break apart into black ash-like material and flow back into his came before he turned around and slowly began to break apart himself, scattering in the wind, just like the demon he had slain. The black ash-like dust flew on the air currents before finally forming back together into his human shape and pulled his hood up as he manifested on the roof of a building. The sheer number of them... Its getting troublesome.. Honestly, they're speeding up the process and letting more and more out. If they would just do it on time I wouldn't have to work until AFTER they've all died... They love making my job harder. Ah well, only a few days until the Awakening, then I get to wait until the wars over to reap the souls. He was lost in thought, reaching into his cloak and revealing a large black book with the white lettering on the cover, written in some dead language which translated into "Deaths Book", and flipped it open. Through millions of names that each had a line through them, or a check beside them, he moved a black pen when manifested from his cloak and drew a line through Ashtaroths name, then closed it. The book and pen broke up again and joined his black mass that surrounded him in the shape of his cloak.

Next is....Beleth. And he should be- Azreal closed his eyes a moment, letting the wind brush against his face, as if searching for something through some unknown means. His greenish-yellow eyes soon shot open as he looked toward the west and pulled his arms inside his hooded cloak. Beleth can wait, apparently... I can sense a SIN. Its to early for them to send any aside from Lust, gluttony, or...Despair.. Crap.. They let Suicide out this time? Great. The rooftop around him seemed to darken as his cloak lifted into the air, wrapping around him and turning into the same black mass as before, then sank into the roof and blended with the shadows.

Demons suddenly exploded into the air as a electric spark flew from Zane's palm. I told ya', bastard! Ya' ain't gettin' to the city until the weeks up..!! I need a real demonic gate to open- Zane moved his arm up into the air as a bright blue electric spark rose up from his feet, through his legs and and torso, before finally rising up his right arm and flinging it forward in a massive bolt of lighting, which shot straight through the horde. Blowing a few to pieces, though the ones who got hit directly were no where to be found, most likely turned to dust. SO GET LOST! Despair stood in the air a moment, watching the boy with the strange markings over his body completely destroy the solider demons blow him, the sheer amount of power could not be generated by a normal human. That much was obvious. Boy... Did you make a demonic contract with a Demon..? Zane wasn't that surprised the thing knew about it, the fact that he was SIN told Zane he had to be knowledgeable. Yeah? So what if I did? Zane asked as a multitude of electric sparks began to surge around his body. Well, I just feel sorry for the demon who made anything more then a Human contract with you.. If you made a Demonic contract then either the demon must trust you with its abilities, or must be yer little pet.. Either way im disgusted.. The back part of Despairs robe exploded as a massive bone hand shot out of his shoulder blade, bent as what was its elbow, and stretched out toward Zane.

Tha' Hell?! Zane barely managed to jump back before the massive hand ripped into the hard stone beneath them and ripped it apart before being pulled back and lifting up beside the SIN. I'll Kill you both right here. After all, I cant let our reputation as Demons go down the drain simply because a damn human managed to take control of just one... The other side of Despairs cloak ripped apart as a second bone hand rose from his shoulder blade. Both the massive hands shot forward and reached out, Zane was about the move when he felt a tight grip around his ankle, then felt arms wrap around his neck. A soldier demon had gotten behind him and one that was on the ground with its legs gone had grabbed his leg, he was held down. The massive hands came down and slammed Zane, and the solider demons, directly into the dirt, multiple ribs cracked and blood flew from Zanes mouth, the two solider demons exploded into the dust afterward. Pity. If your demon was more of a Physical type then your Physical abilities would of increased ALOT more. Although that electric ability is kind of cool.. Still, you can beat me with a element type.. Time to di- Despairs bone hands suddenly split in two and fell to the floor as a black mass began to form in between Zane and the Sin. The large black mass soon stood up and took a human-like shape, Azreal, the Archangel of Death stood up with his black cloak swirling around him, like pure shadows of the dark. The fact that a Sin is here, with this many soldier demons, proves my suspicions. Azreal spoke as the blackness his cloak was formed of, formed a hood over his head. The angel lifted his right hand out to the side as black pieces of cloth broke apart from his cape and manifested his black steel, Death Scythe. I'll send you back now... Its not your time to walk the earth.

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Chapter Ten: Deaths Clock..

The cold black steel of Azreal's scythe and the hard demon bone of Despairs extra hands clashed together in a epic collision of sparks before Azreal vanished in a puff of black smoke. The SIN pulled back his newly reformed bone fist's and had them wrap around himself just before Azreal's deadly scythe blade flew from a twisting black mass that formed to Despairs right, the tip of the scythe manages to cut the bone clean in half, sending Despair falling toward the ground. Dammit! The SIN cursed as he righted himself in mid-air and pulled his now good bone wing-like hand back toward him before having it shoot forward like a spring, its sharp bone fingertips attempted to impale the angel. Azreal simply pulled his scythe back and swung it forward, sending a pitch black wave of energy flying from the scythe blade with a red outline, cutting cleaning through the bone, all the way down its forearm and humerus, and into the ground behind Despair, completely cutting the bone wing in half, down the middle before the Archangel landed lightly on the ground in front of him.

Your really annoying, Despair... Hurry up and let me send you back.. Azreal said, lifting his scythe onto his shoulder, letting his black cloak blow in the wind, his bright red eyes glowing out from the shadow the hood cast over his face. Zane, still holding his chest with a few broken ribs, sat up and looked at the battle. The marks on his body vanished as Satan'el formed beside him. O-oi! Zane! Are you okay?! The little gargoyle asked as he lowered himself to the ground beside his host. Y-yeah... I think i got a few cracked or broke, ribs.. Just who the hell is that guy, though.. Satan'el looked away from Zane only to fall over on the floor and hide behind as much of Zane as possible. W-we gotta get outta here! T-t-thats Azreal! If he see's me, He'll kill us both! He's in charge of killing demonic host's and the reaping of every soul on earth... Some say he's so good at reaping that when a person dies, he can be a thousand miles away and that person's soul would be sucked into his scythe. He doesn't even have to be in the general area to take their souls..!! R-really? Whoa... You think you c-can carry me outta' here, Satan'el?

Satan'el nodded and grabbed Zanes shoulders which cause him to wince in pain as he was moved. Azreal began to casually make his way forward, toward Despair, who was already sweating in a cold breakout. G-god damn you!! Azreal!! He yelled out toward the approaching Reaper, who didn't stop nor alter his course. Multiple miniature hands ripped out from Despairs hands and flew outward, they soon vanished as Azreal soon stopped dead in his tracks. The invisible miniature hands wrapped around Azreal's Limbs. The angel was soon forced to bring his own scythe blade closer and closer to his neck, a grotesque smile appeared on Despairs lips as he slowly began to walk toward Azreal. I am the SIN of Suicide!! This is my ability!! Just like all the SIN's, I have a power related to my SIN. I can control my enemies, force them to kill themselves, then their soul is sent to Hell. Angels included!! Azreal's scythe blade soon pressed against his skin, despite his struggling, the sudden turn around in the fight was a bit surprising, maybe he had underestimated this Demon, after all, he was a Rank above the two weakest ones, though he was no were near the top three.

The Death Angel soon grinned himself as Despair realized his hold over the Angel was quickly weakening, the scythe blade grew further and further away before the tiny hands became visible again and withered away. I am the Archangel of Death.. Every thing dies out. No matter what it is, Magic, Humans, Souls, Demons, and even Gods. So do peoples abilities. Azreal spun his scythe around in his fingers before flinging it forward, sending a pitch black wave of energy ripping through the ground toward Despair, the SIN was still shocked that his ability "Died"! "Died"?! How?! It wasn't a living thing!? The sins body was soon enveloped by the blackness and erased, as if had never been there. The only thing left of him was small pieces of his cloth and that too, soon burst into flame and vanished into ash. Everything has a time limit... Abilities included. If God's don't last forever, then neither will you.. Neither will your Sin.. Azreal then noticed out of the corner of his eye the tiny gargoyles massive wings expand from its back and slowly lifting the boy in the air. The scythe in his hand was soon thrown like spinning saw, which cut clean through both of Satan'els wings, the demon cried in pain and dropped Zane and himself to the floor with a loud thud. The scythe soon circled around a tree and flew back into the angels hands. Where are you going....? Im swamped in my schedule and you think I'd overlook the both of you? Sorry to mislead you, I didn't kill him to help you guys out. He was on my list, and so are you- He said, lifting his scythe in Satan'els direction and making his way toward both of them. O-oh shit! Zane! We're screwed, man! The small gargoyle said as he tried to crawl back along the dirt. You gonna kill us both...? Why...? Zane asked, coughing a bit. I'm here for the demon because he is on the list. He escaped hell about three years ago.

Your just a bonus. You might not notice it now, but one of your ribs punctured your right lung. If you don't make it to a human hospital, you are going to die.
Satan'el crawled to his feet and stood up, attempting to run when Azreal casually tossed his scythe again, this time the black buzz saw sliced through both of the demons legs and dropped him to the floor again as the scythe circled around again and was caught by the Archangel. The gargoyle wined in pain as a large puddle of blueish blood began to form around him, the two stumps on his back and now both his legs below the kneecap we're cut off. The information hit Zane like a rock, one of his lungs? He was really going to die here? How did this man know that if there was no outside injury? It had to be true then, he was the Archangel of death! The grim reaper! W-wait a moment.. What about a extension or something. If Satan'el can get me to a hospital then- The scythe blade stabbing into the ground beside his head made his mouth shut and his eyes widen as the black cloaked figure was already standing above him, even his vision began to blur and it became harder to breath. The pain in his chest was sightly growing and the menacing black cloaked man with the hood pulled up over his head, that cast a shadow over his face wasn't helping. Extension's are something I cannot give. Only the one who dares call himself God can grant those. I simply take life and nothing more. No emotions, No attachments, No nothing. Zane could barely breath now but he still struggled to talk, Satan'el still trying to crawl away with his missing wings and legs.

N...No attachments...? What about...God? Azreal looked down at the boy for a moment, his crimson orbs shining out from behind the shadow his hood put over his face. He moved his hand out to the shaft of his scythe and pulled to the side, bringing the blade closer to the boys neck. I have no attachment to God, either. When the time comes I too, will take his soul. Zane felt the cold blade press against his neck and grinned a bit, he really was going to die? Then what... What will you do then..? He asked, his voice finally starting to sound dry and raspy. I will fade from existence...then everything will end, as it should. Even I have a time limit. He looked at the boy now, his eyes had glazed over and blood had fallen out of the corner of his mouth, the fact that the boys death was only moments away. I'll make it quick boy.. Though, I don't think you will like where your going... Before Zane even had a chance to respond, Azreal jerked his hand to the right, dragging the blade across the mans neck and sending his head rolling along the ground, blood exploded out the stump of his neck and began to pool around him. Azreal then turned his attention toward the small demon who had left a rather clear blood trail, but only managed to crawl a few feet away. He marched his way toward the small demon and he soon met the same fate, his body turned to ash just after his body was decapitated by a single swing of Azreal's scythe, Zanes body soon followed as it too broke apart into ash. All flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of the grass. Because the grass withers and the flower falls away. Time to take care of all these soldier demons, then Beleth..

Adara was asleep on the couch, snoring as loudly as possible which only annoyed Matthew. The fact that Him and Asmodeus had gathered around as the table in the Kitchen to give her some peace and were looking through a few of the Mythological books Matt had collected over the years, they moved out of the living room so she could sleep, but she still annoyed them from the living room! Who snores that loudly!? Jesus Christ?! Who sleeps like that?! Honestly?! Matthew asked in a violent whisper toward the Archdemon who was lazily flipping through the pages of a book on the table. Apparently, Her. He said back in a normal tone, not even making a attempt to be silent. You said you'd tell me what you could about Demons and such. So dont act so bored since you offered! He hissed back, opening a book himself and sliding it out onto the table. Most fiction...or most paranormal stories in the human world say that any demon can be banished in the name of christ, or a holy or blessed object. Asmodeus closed the book he was looking at and casually tossed it into the pile in the middle of the oak table. Look, Ill give you a rundown since your the only one here who will have trouble with ANY demon we encounter, since your only human. Most weaker demons, as i stated earlier, are put into ranks. Yurei, Yama, Yonma, and Archspirits. Any unholy spirit thats Yama and below will be injured or killed by a Holy object and the like. Anything stronger in power will basically laugh at you and eat whatever object you have just to show off. Pretty much like me. Crosses dont do anything, prayers dont do anything, blessed objects sting, but thats it. The only real thing that can stop even Archspirits are Holy barriers, and there are VERY few people who can make them. Matthew closed the book and set it aside and reached for another one and opened it.

So... Can you tell me about "Gods"? You said a while back that all things from each religion exist, but why is there only one god and one devil when there are multiple religions? The Archdemon placed his chin in his palm and sighed, knowing this was going to be a long night he leaned to the right in his chair and pulled the refrigerator door open and grabbed a soda before closing it. He pulled his mask up just enough to reveal his mouth which didn't look burnt or disfigured. Why wear a mask then..?? No burns, no disfigurements, no nothing... Matthew thought as he watched the giant suck the can dry before speaking. All Gods live off of Prayer from the people who believe in them. If the prayers stop, the Gods die. The main Gods who still get prayers are still alive, but each religion is slowly getting taken over by Christianity, thus the other Gods are weakening. It really matter about how many followers you have. That's how you kill a God. You humans wanted to know that and never knew it was so simple, did you? The only Gods who have any real power right now are the Hindu Gods, Yahweh {Christian God}, Buddha, and Allah. All of them still have relative powers. The others are either in Hibernation or have very few followers to even do anything. Matthew moved his hand to his chin and tapped his bottom lip with his knuckle on his left hand. So... If you fight a God be sure to kill all of the followers first, eh? Kinda hard to do. He said laughing a bit.

Asmodeus sighed and pulled his mask back down over his mouth, which covered his entire face now, and threw the can across the kitchen and into the trash can. If you really want to know about the Occult, try finding a few of the REAL books about it. Like the Clavicula Salomonis, the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, or the Goetia. Thought good luck finding them. Most of the Real Witches have them hidden or have stolen them over the years. The real ones anyway, though i wouldn't trust a copy if you found one. The sheer fact that you only know a bit of martial art is going to screw all of us over later on, you might as well study up on how to kill a few weaker demons. Go to the church down the road, I think I saw it the other day after ripping Gluttony apart. Matthew sunk into his chair and put his head on the edge of the table, it was true he was rather useless during demon attack, though this was all still sorta new to them, and time had been going by rather quickly. Even Adara could throw fireballs at them, the most he could do was a few flip kicks, one of which almost got him killed when he tried to attack Lust. Isn't there another way to kill them? A shorter and faster way? He asked under his breath, just barely loud enough for Asmodeus to hear. Adara twisted in her sleep and pulled her arm over her eyes, continuing to snore loudly after kicking the covers off.

Asmodeus laughed a bit at the pitiful site before him, did Matthew actually feel bad? Seriously? This is why he hated humans. The freaking Emotions they give off are repulsive. Nope. Simple as that. Unless you wanna open yer soul up to a demonic possession like i did to Adara, but there aren't any demons strong enough that would be able to help. Your screwed dude. He got up from the chair and exploded into a black cloud of smoke before shooting across the room back into Adaras body which, in turn, knocked her off the couch and made her roll off onto the floor, which still didn't wake her up. Matthew stayed at the table letting what he just heard sink in. Sure, he was sorta worthless against a demon. Though he really didn't know what Asmodeus meant by "Open his soul" to demonic possession, it was strange. How and when could he do it? If he did, could he get stronger? All of this was happening to fast for him. Even he was a semi-expert of Demonology, he really didn't believe all this was happening. It just suddenly came out of the blue? Matthew placed his head in his hands and sighed. He really only knew one way to get possessed and it never worked, he had tried it years ago so there was no point in doing it now. Matthew stood up from the table and made his way toward the back room. Guess I'll go to sleep for now...
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Chapter Eleven: Diana...

Diana phased back into the black room and soon stepped into view of the green candle light. Her bare feet led her father down the hall and soon into the main chamber, where to her surprise, she saw Yoich still hanging from the wall. She looked hungry and thirsty, though the fact that she had been there for a good few days, that was to be expected, even if Diana was the witch of space, it took her time to travel very long distances. Yoichi no doubt still had two dislocated arms, but the numbing poison should of worn off by now. Diana smirked at the pitiful sight before her and brought her hands up and clapped a few times which brought Yoichi into consciousness, giving a ugly glare toward the snake witch. Y-you gonna kill me yet...? She asked weakly, slowly lifting her hear up from its slouching position. Diana waited a moment and crossed her arms over he chest, shifting her weight to her right leg. No.. Why would I do that? The look of a helpless woman who's lost her pride is something you don't see everyday, though I cant have you dying on my wall. Your still useful even like this. I'll bring you some food and water later, I've got to go deal with Arable. Yoichi tried to laugh but her throat was dry and her voice was raspy from lack of water. Ha! Y-your actually going to go back to the Sabbath meeting?! With that wound on your shoulder!? You really...are Insane! T-they'll rip you apart by yourself! Diana smirked and winked at her playfully before moving her hand out, letting a long snake slide out of her sleeveless robes and wrap around a cup on the table in the center of the room. Aww. Your worried about me! Thanks for the concern, Yoichi, but I plan on slaughtering them all. The book I was after wasn't in the Jerusalem vault and I'm a bit short of strength to do what I need. She moved her hand up into the air and the snake pulled the glass off of the table and slowly moved it toward Yoichi, who gulped hard as she saw the water move closer and closer to her lips.

The fact the the cup was sucked dry after it was close enough for her to drink out of showed just how thirsty she was. Though it didn't help her hunger. Im going to take all of there abilities and absorb them... Sounds like a nice plan, right? She asked as the snake dropped the cup to the floor and shot back up Diana's robe. You really think...you can take them all on... at once?! She asked, starting to lean her head forward again. I dont know what the hell your thinking, but how do you plan on accomplishing that feat? Diana stepped forward and made her way across the room to the suspended woman and moved as close to the woman's face as she could get, which cause a uneasiness to cover Yoichi, the look in this woman's eyes wasn't normal, even for a witch. I told you before that I am the Witch of Space. Absorbing someone into my body is a easy task. Most witches store there magical energy inside their body, but most have a limit. I, however, do not have such a thing. The inside of my body is limitless. An endless void of nothing but magical energy. If I really had too, I could fit "Everything" inside of me! I am a endless container! The only one who would even be a problem for me is Arable and her "Time" Ability. Not to mention I have the Kusanagi sword which increases the strength of my Snake summonings! I also have a few books that'll help me out.. The witches Gospel or Gospel of witches, and the Book of shadows. The look on Yoichi's face was something Diana loved, the look of surprise, shock, disbelief. The books?! How?! When?! They were suppose to be lost in time! Decades ago! The fact that she was stuttering over her own words at the moment showed just how shocked she was. As for the wound on my shoulder, I appreciate your concern, but I'll be fine.

It should close up in about an Hour. Diana pulled her face away from Yoichi's and turned around. She made her way toward the door once again and slowly began to disappear from sight. The stone around Yoichi's limbs also began to loosen and slowly she slid out of the wall, hitting the floor face first, he dislocated arms falling freely to the floor just as she did, laying limply at her side. She slowly pulled her legs under her and got to her knees, looking up toward the fading image of Diana. So long as you don't make a mess, I'll let you wander around and get something to eat. Its not like you can get out of this place anyway. Yoichi sat up, he stomach growled at the mere mention of food, she was still thirsty too, was Diana so sure of herself? So sure that she couldn't get out of this place, even if she tired? In her current condition, Diana may be right. Two dislocated arms and massive hunger and thirst overcame her, she weakly stood up, barely even managing too without the help of her arms and moved toward the table in the center of the room. She twisted her torso and used the movement to fling her limb arms onto the table, once they were flat on the stone top, she suddenly pressed down with all her strength which resulted in a grotesque popping noise and a loud scream of pain as she relocated her joints. Gotta find where she keeps the food.. and water. She said to herself, beginning to weakly explore the chamber. Multiple test tubes and jars lined the shelves and desk's in the other rooms that branched off from this one, and in the shelves tons of Occultist books, magic seals, runes, and holy texts lay side-by-side in a tight pack. J...just what the hell...is Diana trying to do?!

Yoichi scanned over the spines of the books, noticing a few of the occult grimoires that have been lost for ages! She even took notice of a few of the more ancient ones such as The Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, Ars Goetia, De Praestigiis Daemonum, and even one with a almost faded out text that read; The Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King. On a small desk toward the hallway that normally acts as a exit, multiple scrolls lay half-open and ripped. The Lesser key of Solomon, the original Testament of Solomon, The Gospel of John, even the lost Gospel of Mary Magdalen herself! Yoich was amazed, how did Diana get these, where did she get these?! J-just what the hell...is she searching for?! So many hidden text, holy scriptures, and even occult books that are suppose to be lost in time! On top of all of these she had the book of Shadows and the gospel of witches?! Just how powerful did Diana intend to become?! Yoichi stumbled over a few fallen scrolls and caught herself on the desk near the wall, sending a sudden burst of pain through her arm due to relocation she just did. Her eyes shot open as she saw what was written on them. T-the dead sea scrolls?!?! When did she get these?! How?! She sunk to her knees and sat herself against the desk with her back to it, forgetting all the feeling of hunger and thirst. All of these books. All of these records, scrolls, documents.... Even the hidden books of time?! Who...just who the hell is she?!, She said to herself is a harsh, raspy yell which echoed through the stone walls. She was shot with even more surprise as she looked to her left and noticed a small stack of parchment, like a very old journal and read the faded name that was just barely visible and she jumped back. A look of horror spread over he face. N-no way!! Its...No way!! It cant be possible! Tha-thats the.. Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit, also called the Coptic Gospel of the Egyptians....!! Is..Is there ANY hidden text she DOESN'T have?! Her eyes shot to the other room that connected into a chamber on the otherside of the main area and she pulled herself up and bolted off into the room. Remembering she saw book shelves.

Yoichi came to a sliding stop as her weak legs gave out and she fell forward, looking up at the dust covered shelves and pieces of paper, scrolls and parchment. These.... Does she have EVERY hidden text?! Is this why they've stayed hidden for so long?! She asked herself, sitting up and reading the small named on the book shelf. The The Lost Book Of The Graal?! The book of the whole, the book of the five goddesses, e-even... the covenant of the Goddess! Theses books.... I cant take it anymore! Who is she!? She yelled to herself, noticing even more writings and books, journals and paper scattered about, covered in dust that related to the witch hunts. Yoich sat there frozen in thought. Trying to rack her brain as hard as she could. Why did Diana have these?! How did she get them?! These questions repeated themselves multiple times, maybe even hundreds of times, in her mind. How....?? Yoichi slowly and cautiously pulled herself up using the edge of the bookcase and used it to hold herself up, still ignoring the painful hunger and thirst her body was telling her. I've got to get out of here! Shes not only insane...shes strong! She said to herself, using the bookshelf to guide her back toward the door that lead into the main room. Her foot crushed a piece of paper beneath it and she looked down at the crumpled name on the front. Its a...diagram of The Temple of Set?! Yoichi bolted off as fast as she could, ignoring all thoughts of food or water at this point, she just wanted to get the hell out!
Ariel yelled and cried, stomped on the ground and threw a temper tantrum, like any small child would. Where is she! She didn't leave like Diana did, did she?! She continued to stomp around and flail her arms before Maria suddenly pushed herself off of the wall and yelled, For God Sake!! Shut the hell up, you little brat! If you miss Diana that much then why didn't you go with her! And yoichi's probably just late! Sit down and stop causing trouble! Ariel froze in place, her eyes slowly beginning to build up tears before falling to her knees and crying. I said shut the hell up!! Maria yelled again, stepping toward her. Nemesis stood up from her spot beside the cauldron and grabbed Maria by the shoulder. Whoa! What up with you? Shes just a kid! She loved Diana like a mom, remember? Its only natural for her to be upset.. She tightened her grip on Marias shoulder to keep her from getting any closer to the child. Ariels eyes shot open as a slight gasp for air pulled their attention on her. A sword suddenly emerged from the child's body, her witch hat flying from her head, her face still covered in tears, but this time tears of pain, she couldn't even talk due to blood pooling in her throat and falling out of her mouth, the blade slowly pushed into her back and out of her chest. The blade suddenly ripped upward and cut cleanly through the childs chest, neck, and head. Splitting her upward in the middle, sending a massive spray of blood everywhere. Every one in the rooms eyes shot open and were grasped by shock. W...who.... What happened?! She pushed Nemesis aside and looked as the blade slowly rose into the air, the air around it cracked and broke apart as Diana revealed herself, stepping onto the now wet, warm blood covered floor with her bare feet. Diana's ordinary robes were no where to be seen, instead a new outfit was placed upon her body. A black body-length robe that looked like a sweat-jacket and sweat pants, with a hood on the back.

Sorry... She was going to be annoying later on.. Diana said casually, lowering her blade onto her shoulder and placing her foot on the child's body, hunching over and placing her elbow on her knee, her eyes glowing a dark purple from behind the shadow the hood cast over her face. So... which one of ya's next...? Eh? C'mon dont be shy! Yer all gonna die today anyway, who wants to be first?... Er, I mean second... Diana boasted, still using the child's body as a foot prop, keeping her left elbow on her left foot, holding her sword with her right, using a unheard slang as she spoke, she had never shown it before, her attitude seeming to be a bit different then from the last time they saw her. Everyone froze in shock, even Arabel was frozen in disbelief. Diana actually came back! And even killed a fellow witch?! What is the meaning of this, Diana!!? You dare return?! She yelled, standing up in her wrinkled form. The others were still frozen with disbelief of that just happened. Eh? Really? Ya have to ask? Im here to slaughter you lot, absorb all yer asses and take yer abilities. I'm kinda pissed off that the book I was after wasn't at the place I was told, so instead of spending another year or so perfecting a search spell, I figure ill just kill the lots of ya and take yer powers instead, preferably... She pulled her foot up and kicked the child's body through the air toward Nemesis and Maria, who caught the child, but were knocked over by it. Diana moved her sword from her shoulder and pointed the tip toward Arabel. Your abilities! She finished her sentence, the other witches all somewhat still in shock. She pointer her sword at the master of the sabbath! The head-witch! What the hell was she thinking! Had she gone mad?!

Maria and Nemesis pushed the dead child's body off of themselves, now covered in the child's blood, and got to their feet, Nemesis held her hand out as a spear manifested in her grasp. Maria had two daggers form into her hands. Hecate simply sat still behind Arabel against the wall. Thank you, Diana! I've always fucking hated you and now you give me a chance to kill you! Without breaking the witches code! Maria yelled, inching forward a bit. Oh please. The witches code was made in 1990 by Emily once she took over the witches sabbath and made it into a council. If i wasn't for my master Emily, the damn sabbath would still be a gathering of Witches who dance around a fire naked, touching each other and doing this "Unholy" things, praying to a damn goat named Baphomet and the other shit that started the witch hunts back in 1480-1750's. So Maria, when ever you feel like attacking go for it.. She turned her head to look toward Nemesis and Maria, but never taking the sword point away from Arabel. I plan on turning back time...and become a goddess.. After she was done, she seemed to vanish, as if she was never there at all. She appeared out of no where, as if she manifested from the air, the tip of her sword sliding across the side of Maria's neck and spraying blood into the air, Maria dropped her knives and fell over, a look of surprise permanently frozen in place on her face. Nemesis was next to fall as she stepped forward and swung her speak, the tip of the weapon exploding into crimson flame. It faded through Diana as she casually turned around to face her, her intangibility making her, literally, untouchable. A----nd... Your next! She said, swinging her arm forward and slashing it across the woman's neck as well, sending her head flying through the air and her body dropping to the floor. Diana then seemed to vanish once again, as if she had never existed.

Diana appeared in front of Hecate with her back to her, flipping her sword into a reversed grip so the blade was pointing toward the ground and stabbed it backwards, impaling the witch through the chest and against the wall before ripping it out and leaving her lifeless body sitting against the wall. Diana lifted her sword onto her left shoulder again and walked back toward the cauldron. Ya know, for the "head witch", Yer kind of a heartless bitch.. Watching them all get killed like that and not doin' a damn thing about it... She put her foot on Marias face after making her way across the room where she was, as if completely ignoring Arabel. All talk and no substance.. Even yoichi put up more of a fight then you did Arabel sighed, still a bit shaken by just how fast this single woman took out four witches AT ONCE! Just....what is your goal, Diana... To go so far as to slaughter the ones you once called sisters... What is driving you.. Arabel asked, pulling her pipe from her mouth. My goal..? She asked with a smile on her face, pulling her hood down and letting her hair fall to her shoulders, kicking Marias face once before turning to face the old hag. I told you. I plan on absorbing ALL of you and takin' yer abilities.. Then with the books I already have, I plan on becoming a Goddess... Just like my master, Emily. The sheer fact that the modern term witch, in today's society, no longer strikes fear into people is disgusting! Its disgraceful! If humanity wants to classify witches as monsters, servants of the devil, or anything else of that sort, then Ill show them thats what we CAN be! Diana lifted her blade up and moved in back out to point toward Arabel. Yer the last one.. Lets see just how fast yer time magic is.. Arabel sighed, dropping her pipe, to Diana's eyes it seemed to slow down and stop in mid air just before touching the ground, then Arabel was gone. Already beside the snake witch, who in tern, couldn't move herself. As you can see, I can stop time, something which no witch, aside from Emily, has accomplished in over 100 years... Diana, frozen stiff in place, could only watch as the witch circled her in a slow walk. Diana's lips slowly crept into a slight grin as the space around her ripped open, he body fading from sight.

The second later Diana's sword shot from the cracks in the air, flying toward Arabels face. The tip of the sword stopped a centimeter away from her pupil. As the sword stopped, multiple snakes shot out of the air behind her from small black obs. Arabel spun around, surprisingly fast for her old age, and held out her hand. The closer the snakes got the more the aged. They quickly rotted away so much that even the bones turned to dust. Diana herself emerged from the air beside the witch and swung her fist forward. The fist connected with the old womans face and knocked the old woman to the floor. [color=green]I've done research on yer damn magic. You may be the only witch that's controlled time since Emily, but you can only stop two things at a time. Diana lifted the sword onto her shoulder and held her right arm out, sending multiple black snakes flying from her palm and the orbs around her wrist that formed. Arabel couldn't react due to her old age as the lightning quick snakes flew around her and constricted her limbs, Diana already on top of her with her sword into the air over her. Yer to old for this shit! Time to pass the torch to me alright, granny! The tip of the blade, to Diana's surprise, slipped into the womans flesh and into her body, stabbing her through a lung. .... What are you doing..? Givin' up? You could of stopped it, ya know.. She said, a bit bored and agitated that the fight ended so fast. No... She replied, blood beginning to come from her mouth. I wont fight you... Im far to old to keep up with a youngster like yourself. I will give you a warning, instead....... Time travel, Diana, is for Immortals and Fools... Which one are you, i wounder? Diana paused for a moment, she didn't want to protect herself?! What type of bullshit was this old hag playing at?! Well whatever it was, Diana didn't care right now, anyway. She quickly jerked the sword to the side and sliced open the womans chest before standing up. Dumb ass... Diana held her hand into the air as multiple cracks began to form around the bodies in the room, slowly pulling them into nothingness, into a deep void of blackness. Yer all mine now..

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Chapter twelve: Crusade pt. 1

The massive cargo plane slowly began its decent as its large landing gear lowered down, the wheels bounced a bit and began to slow along the runway. Multiple vehicles pulled up along the runway as well just as the plane stopped. The large back door to the cargo plan slowly began to lower itself and revealed Father Dimitry standing in front of all the men who were packed tight inside the massive cargo area. The priest's boots led him down the ramp with multiple thuds before he used his index finger to push his glasses up against his face before they fell off. Alright, boys, get yer gear and get moving! Pick a SUV and get in! Move it, move it, move it! He yelled to the men behind him, who were scrambling in the tight space in between each other to grab their bags and march out of the plane down the ramp. Father Dimitry noticed two familiar figures step out of the car directly in front of him, both dressed the same as he, the first figure was a rather interesting addition to the Knights Templar, Father Michel. Having sandy blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and standing at just about the same height as himself, he was indeed an imposing figure. The fact that he was also the fruit of the Vatican's technological research and the worlds first cyborg also added on to his appearance. His face seemed frozen with the same expression, that straight face. The second figure was a woman, Sarah, around 5'4 with light pink hair and blue eyes, dressed in a nuns outfit with a cassock over it, which seemed strange. Alright, c'mon! Move it! Dimitry yelled after stopping at the bottom of the ramp and clapped his hands together, hustling the men before turning to face Michel and Sarah. Give me a run down of the situation.. Wheres the gate gonna open exactly? He asked, scratching the side of his face.

That is unknown, Father Dimity. The gates exact location has not been revealed and we cannot precisely locate where it will open. As for the run down, Saint Catharine wishes to see the three of us as soon as possible. She has used her connections to issue a city-wide evacuation and is currently clearing the city of civilians. We have already set up a wall using the cargo containers and lining them up in front of the dock. We have also cleared all other boats from the harbor. Saint Catharine is also on the cargo ship at the moment, she is categorizing and filing the Holy Relics that are on board. She has also issued a class five gathering.. Every available Combat priest, Nun, and Templar are to be split evenly among the four major spots where we believe the gates will open. We have five more cargo planes on the way, like the one you arrived in. There are a total of 450 men on this one, we plan on having a total, once all the troops have arrived, of 2,250 troops guarding the ship. We are setting up blockades as well with the left over cargo containers, we are blocking off every street but one that leads to the docks. So when the gate does open we can concentrate on one area. Michel stated, giving a detailed rundown on the situation, We are also massing the three active paladins here, which is the three of use, You, Me, and Sarah. As the only three Paladins within the entirety of the church, we are to protect the Saint and the relics.

Sarah moved her hand onto the backdoor handle and opened the door before sliding inside and closing the door. We don't got time to chat! She wants to see the three of us as soon as possible. The men will load themselves into the convoy and follow us once they are all loaded. We're gonna have to make multiple trips though. Lets go! Michel nodded and walked around to the other side and got in the back seat next to Sarah, Dimitry to the passenger seat. The single SUV slowly pulled away from the mass amount of vehicles that were still pulling up to pick up the extra soldiers, and pulled out onto the road after leaving the gate. Turning out onto the road, Dimitry noticed multiple cranes moving the massive cargo containers across the streets to block them off, multiple men setting up miniature bases behind the Containers and planting multiple mini-guns on the top of the cargo containers. Multiple miniature bases were seen by the four people in the SUV as it made its way around the containers and into the single road that was left open to the dock. The car came to a stop a few yards away from the ship as the doors opened, letting the three Paladins exit the vehicle and make their way toward the small ramp that lead into the ship, however they were met half way by a woman dressed in a absurdly long dress which dragged on the ground, being tall, slender, languid, and with large green eyes, full lips coated in ruby lipstick and a soft voice, a small Asian woman was beside her dressed in black cloth like pants, a black cloth like shirt with mesh arm guards and straw sandals with white socks, two tantos strapped to the back of her waist with her hair in a spiky black ponytail, a pile of papers in her hands.

Greetings, my loyal knights... Catharine said as she made her way to the bottom of the ramp, followed by her assistant and bodyguard, Izumi. It has come to my attention that the schedule has jumped forward a bit.. Due to the recent increase in demonic activity, we believe we only have about two days left before the gate opens.. Michel dropped down to one knee and placed his left fist on the ground, resting his right arm over his knee, Sarah did the same and lowered her head. Dimity was hesitant in doing so but also complied by bowing and kneeling before her. Here are the reports, M'lady. Izumi said, pulling a piece of paper from the small bundle in her arms and handing it to Saint Catharine's delicate hands. She moved it up and scanned over it for a moment. Correction, between two days and a two hours... It seems Izumi got a new fax while we were waiting for you to arrive, it seems the demonic activity in Rome and other parts of the world have also skyrocketed. Even spreading to Mesopotamia itself. But even if it did happen today, we are prepared. She handed the paper back to Izumi who stuck it in a folder under her arm. You can rise now.. It seems the others are already arriving. The cargo planes should also arrive within the next hour. So it shouldn't be to long. She moved a delicate hand up and moved a strand of hair from her face, watching the three rise from their knees. I see you have things under control, your holiness Dimitry said, rubbing his shoulder.

Of course. I have more authority than the pope, If i didn't have something as small as this under control, what would the Vatican say..? I'd be a laughing stock. However, I highly doubt Izumi, or Michel for that matter, would allow anything to happen even if I did loose control of the situation. Izumi is my personal adviser after all. Izumi pulled the folder out from under her arm and held it out to Michel before reaching into her pocket and pulling out even more folded papers and unfolding them. Excuse me, Father Michel, could you please help me with the sorting of the files. It would be appreciated. Michel took the folder from Izumi's hands and looked at it for a moment, then nodded. Positive. Lead the way. Izumi and Michel made their way up the ramp and into the ship, leaving Catharine, Dimitry, and Sarah standing outside, multiple people scrambling around to build makeshift walls, move the cargo containers, and set up offensive walls of automatic turrets. Sarah sighed and looked around, suddenly making her way toward a group of men who were setting up a wall of sandbags. I guess I'll help out with the preparations, since we may have a hell of a day. Catharine looked up at the sky as multiple cargo planes flew overhead, most likely her extra troops. Well then, Father Dimitry, she began, also noticing the dark clouds beginning to form in the sky, we may have to start early... Make sure we get as many of our men here as possible, call back all the men who are working in the city with the barricades aside from the ones who are suppose to be stationed there. Also, Kaleb is here and has been wanting to speak with you for a while now. She turned and began to make her way back up the ramp and follow Izumi and Michel.

Dimitry let out a sigh of irritation and aggravation, if the demons were rushing things they needed to hurry the hell up! He had tons of stress built up from his argument with David a day earlier and wanted to cut loose. A familiar voice called out to him from behind as a rather rough looking fellow approached, a tattoo under his right eye and dressed in what looked like mid evil armor of a knight with a large sword on his waist and a shotgun hanging from his back, Father Kaleb siver stood before the mighty paladin, Dimity and patted him on the back. Long time no see, eh old man? Father Dimitry smiled a bit and nodded. That it has. How have you been, Kaleb. I haven't seen you since you left Jerusalem to work for the Vatican. Kaleb scratched his head a bit and sort of laughed it off. Yeah...about that. Sorry I left like that, apparently the Vaticans thirteen sections were short on men. I hear they are even mobilizing to defend Rome against the gate that will open there. I hear even the Judah section will be mobilizing. Kaleb rubbed the back of his head again and felt a slight drop of rain, then looked up along with Father Dimitry as the rain suddenly began to pour down. Ah.. Seems we'll have to cut our reunion short. I've got to call back the men as Catharine ordered. Ill talk to you later, Kaleb Dimitry reached into his pocket as Siver nodded and began to go back to work, and pulled out a cellphone and flipped it open. Of course he had no bars. So he would have to do this the hard way. He found a worker and called him over, asking to borrow his radio. He soon called all the men back to the ship, aside from the ones who are suppose to be at the make shift bases along the city roads. It looks like the report is right... Hell's about to break loose... Dimitry said to himself, standing in the now pouring rain and looking up at the pitch black clouds.

A knock on the door made Adara's bloodshot eyes shoot open and caused her to sit up. Looking like something out of a horror movie, her hair was a mess and had a few knots in it, her eyes had bags under them and were bloodshot, she yawned once and noted that the knocking was still continuing. For FUCK sake! Shut up already! I'm coming! She yelled, obviously annoyed. She stood up and walked toward the door, still dressed in her shorts and tank-top, and opened the door. Two military soldiers were at the door, she stared blankly at them for a moment, as if waiting for them to speak. The looks on their faces however told her they were more focused on the way her hair looked and the way she, herself, looked in general. Adara's right eye twitched a bit as she waited a few more moments, obviously not amused. Can I fucking help you with anything, gentlemen?!? She growled, glaring at them. They jumped a bit and stuttered in their words. M-ma'am.. There's a city wide evacuation going on.. I-its advised that you leave for your own safety. Adara stood silent with a dull, annoyed look on her face. They woke her up....for this?! Thank you, gentlemen...now kindly FUCK OFF!, she slammed the door in both of their faces and made her way sluggishly back to the cough, falling face first into the pillow she had placed on the armrest. Augh! I didn't sleep for shit last night!? The two rejects were up all night talking about stupid shit! I swear to god if anything happens today im gonna cook the next bastard who knocks on my damn door! She though, rolling over on her back and closing her eyes.

She noticed the light on under Matthews door and looked at the clock, it was 5 P.M, so it was understandable that he was awake, but the fact that he hadn't come out of the room yet was strange. Despite her better judgement, she lazily pushed herself off of the cough and yawned again, rubbing her eyes, making her way across the room to the door and placed her hand on the knob. She stopped herself when she heard what sounded like heavy breathing. What the hell could he possibly be doing? She turned the knob just a bit and pushed the door open a few inches, enough for her to peek inside. What she saw made her face turn reddish. Matthew was standing on his hands doing push ups, the floor around him was littered with books that were flung open, he was reading them as he was working out, she noted the sweat on his body, the body of a athlete, the thin muscle and abs, she really didn't think Matthew was that well built before, since she had never see him without his shirt, and the smell of the room smelled like him too, as she inhaled the smell, She shook her head to shake away the thoughts and tried to focus on the books on the floor. What was he reading? It looked like a book of runes or symbols or something, she couldn't tell this fare away. The door suddenly flung open, which caused Michel to look toward the door, fall off balance, hit the side of the dresser with his leg before hitting the floor, knocking all the books that were on his dressed off and onto him. Asmodeus was standing behind Adara and was the one who pushed the door open. Oi, Matt.. I think you got a stalker now... He said as he stepped into the room. What are you doing, anyway? You think workin' outs gonna help any in a fight with a demon? Matthews head popped out of the pile of books that fell on his and rubbed his head, while at the same time holding his leg. Son of a bitch... Jesus christ, you guys ever heard of knocking...?? And no, this is my normal routine. I work out three times a day. And.... Stalker? what? He asked a bit confused.

Asmodeus took another step forward and crossed his arms. Adara was watchi- A bright blue ball of azure flame shot from her hand and into Ozzy's back, forcing him to step forward and had to put his hand on Matthews bed to keep from falling over. Shut up! Matthew, cook me somethin' for breakfast! Matthew was a bit confused, what the hell were they doing? Why do I have to cook? He asked, standing up and brushing himself off, Adara turned around and walked back off into the living room to avoid actually being caught looking at him. CAUSE IM HUNGRY DAMMIT! She made her way back to the cough and fell onto it, burying her face in the pillow. Oh, Matt, some guys came by.. Apparently there's a city wide evacuation... Matthew pulled his shirt off the bed and began to put it on, making his way into the living room, passed Adara who was acting strange as hell, and into the kitchen. Evacuation? What for? He asked, pulling open the refrigerator and grabbing the eggs. Asmodeus stepped into kitchen with him and leaned on the counter, shrugging a bit and picking up a left over soda that was left by the microwave. Matthew was already cooking eggs. Dunno, Adara told them to get lost before they could say anything..and I also got some news for the both of you. I dont know the exact time but i can sense the awakening is close.. Matthew flipped a few of the eggs and began to scramble them. Great! We're screwed and you dont even know when its gonna happen? Who called the evacuation anyway? Oh wait, let me guess, Adara didn't give them time to answer that either, right? He put the eggs on a plate and made he way into the living room and put the plate on the table. Oi, slave-driver, here's yer food!

Adara pulled her face out of the pillow with a small groan, as if she was trying to go back to sleep and looked at the plate. Thats all? What a cheap breakfast! Matthew crossed his arms and sighed, Yeah? Well to bad. If you wanted more for breakfast you should talk to the garbage disposal you have inside your head.. You know, the 500 pound sack of muscle that is mooching off of us? He pointed toward Asmodeus, who crushed the old coke can he picked up and threw it across the kitchen into the trashcan. Its not my fault you humans make good food... Adara sat up and noticed the rain outside, it was pouring cats and dogs, just then the floor began to shake, then entire building was rocking. Asmodeus walked across the rocking floor, using the wall as a guide to keep from falling over, and pulled the curtain down. What the hell?! Earthquake?! She asked, grabbing onto the table to keep from falling off the couch. The middle, downtown, of L.A suddenly exploded with a black cloud and debris, buildings tumbled to the floor, cares flipped through the air, and the few people screams could be heard who were still left in downtown. Through the smoke cloud, two massive black pillars arose from the crater that formed, lifting above the buildings that were still standing and into the clouds, each inscribed with different runes and seals, the pitch black color was like oil, covered in cracks that glowed crimson. We're gonna have to cut breakfast short.. Both of you can do what you want, just dont get yerselves killed.. I cant have my host dying on me. Matthew and Adara looked at each other, then out the window. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on! THATS the gate?! Why is it so friggin' huge?! Asmodeus balled up his fist's and swung his right one into the wall, causing it to explode outward in a massive cloud of dust and rubble. Each gate is large enough to evenly split the 7,409,127 demons of hell into the four corners of the earth, a gate will open at each corner. The corners are different during each "Awakening", so dont ask me why the hell its in L.A. Hell may have a unlimited number of demons, but only 7, 409, 127 can come onto the earths plain of existence. It was another one of "Gods" brilliant ideas of limiting hell... Not much of a limit if you ask me. Matthew threw his arms up and grabbed his hair.

7,409,127?! This is bullshit! How the hell are we suppouse to surviv-Im goin' with Asmo! Adara cut Matthew off and pulled herself off the couch, Matthew just suddenly stood there and gave them both a blank stare, Your both friggin' crazy.... Aren't you.. Greeat.. Why not, Ill go too and if im lucky ill get a prize! At least If i get chased by demons ill just trip one of you. Matthew walked toward the wall with Adara and looked out at the two pillars. How the hell are the two of you going to follow me? The archdemons question was soon answered as Adara and matthew climb onto his back. Oh what the... when the hell did i become your damn horse?! Whatever... Before matthew or Adara had time to even talk back to him he jumped out the hole he made, landing on the street a few hundred yards away. H-Holy shit! That was a Hulk jump! I swear to god! Shuddap! This aint the time to be comparing him to the damn Hulk! Asmodeus took another step forward and with a few more "Hulk jumps" he brought them a few hundred yards away from downtown. Alright, get the hell off! He threw his hands into the air and straightened his back, forcing Adara and Matthew to slide off his back and onto the street. Play nice and shut up. Matthew dont get to far away from Adara, you'll be torn apart if you do. Im not baby sitting both of you while I could be having a damn rampage. Hide somewhere or somethin', Adaras flames hurt Lust and Gluttony so a few soldier demons will also get hurt by them, but dont take on more then you can handle. Ah, to hell with it... Do what ya want.

Azreal's black scythe swung threw the air one last time as the last three soldier demons split in half at the waist, their torso's flipping through the air before turning to ash. He had also noticed the massive pillars begin to raise in the center of the city, he had finished cleaning up just in time. The sheer amount of force that came from the pillars was amazing, it had a repulsive feeling to it, something vile and nasty. He spun his scythe between his fingers before placing it on his back, where it broke apart into black particles and mixed with his cloak. He took a step forward before a portal opened up above him a few hundred feet, a familiar voice echoed from it and he jumped back. A golden orb of energy surrounded this one man in his free fall toward the earth, his head covered in a full black metal helmet, having three large horns on the top of it, down the middle of the helmet, black chain mail is worn around the waist and around the neck and over the shoulders, black breast plate and the backplate, strapped together over the shoulder and then hooked together on either side with a pin and hole arrangement, black metal greaves is worn over the shin and calf that came to a point just at knee height, having worn animal skin wrapped around his waist that gave it a semi-cape like appearance as he moved, looking like a knight from mid-evil times. He crashed into the earth in front of Azreal in a massive could of smoke and rock that spewed into the air, he landed in a crouched position before rising to his feet, completely unharmed. Azzzzreaaaall!! He yelled out, taking a step toward the angel of death, but before he could make it a pitch black, rotted snake shot up out of the ground and sat in between the two. A black portal opening up once again in between the two, allowing a pale skinned woman, dressed in a dirty-white kimono step out, her bare feet touching the dirt and freezing it with a thin layer of ice as she stepped forth, the portal closing behind her. She looked at Thanatos which no eyes in her sockets, only small trails of blood pouring from them. Thanatos.. we didn't come here so you could fight with Azreal.. We came to help.. learn the difference.

Azreal stepped forward as Thanatos sighed and the woman turned to face him. Izanami-no-mikoto, the Japanese reaper of life...? Thanatos, the greek grim reaper...? Why are you both here..? Shouldn't you be in your own territories? Azreal said as he looked off toward the city. You wish! The big man up stairs told us to come help you, this gate is gonna have the most demons come from it. The three of us are the last three living reapers of death, all of us need to be here to make sure things to get out of hand... anymore, anyway. Izanami turned toward the city with Azreal and moved the coal black hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear. Indeed. Our orders are to watch and reap the human souls who die. We are to step in only if Beelzebub makes an appearance. He has broken his pact he made with god and has forced the gates open too early.. Azreal sighed, his job, in a way, just got easier, but at the same time got ten times harder. Son of a bitch.. So we can only watch? Izanami nodded, crossing her arms. Were only able to fight once the damn King of Flies shows up... Which, in my opinion, is to fucking long! I wanna slaughter some shit! Thanatos stepped forward and looked toward the city as well, crossing his arms as his heavy boots thudded against the ground. Stop complaining.. Gods word is Gods law.. We must follow it. To be honest, I never thought we would have to work together in the same region a second time.. Azreal, the true grim reaper, and the two of use... Reapers who were converted to work for "God" of Israel.. The three looked at the city as a blood red ball of energy crackled through the middle of the two pillars, expanding and connecting to both of them, growing into a massive portal of fire and heat. Finally.. Its begun!!
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Chapter thirteen: Crusade pt; 2

The massive light the middle of the gate expanded into a rectangle in between the two large pillars, the fiery red was mixed in a brilliant color pattern of red, yellow, orange, and black. Soon after the moment the Templars at the dock had been waiting for happened, out of the portal, six figure appeared from it, walking out onto the destroyed ground the pillars had made. Each ranged in various sizes, most of them were around 5'8, aside from the female in the Chinese dress and the small man who looked like a pre-teen. Lust had a cocky smirk on her lips as he stepped out, lining up along side of the other figures. The seven figures gave off such a strange, terrible feeling, that it shook the very soul of city, what ever humans that were still alive, they would feel as if they were going to go insane. Dimitry, Sarah, and Michel were already in the middle of the street, a few yards infront of the cargo containers that blocked the road from the ship. The tallest of the figures, around seven feet in height and weighing around 340 pounds on compacted muscle, stepped forward, his body covered in red fur with patches of black scattered over his body, his yellow eyes glowing in the shadow the gate cast over him, his ears looked like large bat wings. The pre-teen stepped up next to him, being around 4'8 in height, and crossed his arm. Wrath... Do what you will, Beelzebub will not exit the gate until he is sure we have the advantage. Better yet, go find Asmodeus, he's the only real thing aside from the three grim reapers that can hinder us... Go, now. The boy said, nodding once to the left.

Gottcha, pride... Wrath stepped forward once more as his back bulged as massive bat wings shot from his shoulder blades and lifted him from the ground. Pride waited until Wrath vanished from sight before lifting his right hand out, the ground beneath him cracking even more then it already was and lifted up, the hard earth and concrete shaped itself into a throne like seat in which the boy sat down. Sloth, Greed..Come here.. Two figures stepped forward from the line up behind the throne and walked around in front of it and looked toward the three figures in the distance, who were not moving at all. Sloth, who was dressed in a white trench coat with multiple belts and buckles covering it, a black shirt underneath, and black pants with strange boots that seemed to be made of bone, his blue hair hanging down just past his eyes. Greed looked no better, dressed in tight black pants and a black hoodie jacket that seemed to be from the human world, having spiky green hair. I want the two of you to go take care of the reapers who are watching the city.. If you cant kill them, then atleast wound them and make it hard for them to fight., and with out so much as a question, the two SIN's vanished from sight, both fading into a black mist and lifting into the air. Envy... I want you to stay here with me.. Lust, you lead the armies of soldier demons and take care of the priests by the harbor.. Think of it as a way to redeem yourself after fleeing from your last battle. Envy, who was wearing tight black shorts and a black tank-top without shoes, and green hair, yawned and crossed her arms. Tha hell? Sloth, Greed, Wrath, and Lust, all get to do something, but im stuck here with you? This is boring.

Lust, who was already in trouble with Beelzebub at this point for fleeing from Asmodeus the last time, readily took this chance to redeem herself and lifted her hand up into the air. Come forth armies of Hell, Soldiers of Beelzebub, and devour this world! After a slight delay, of what seemed like minutes, thousands of groans echoed from the gate as the first few exited the portal. The decaying, zombie-like creatures walked forward, seeming to be endless in number and soon filled the street, packed so tightly that they could barely move amongst each other, making their way down the only available road toward the boat. I wont fail this time! Lust claimed as she leaped into the air and landed on top of a light post to over see the army. Their numbers were great, thousands upon thousands of Soldier demons marched passed Pride and Envy, toward the dock, the three priest standing firm and unmoving. Dimitry's face was soon twisted into a large smile, oh how he had been waiting to cut loose, to let the wrath of god crush his enemies, the anger he built up was about to be released in a torrent of blessed weapons and dead demons. Lifting his mighty hand up, a Machete gripped between each finger, Dimitry spoke with such force that even Pride heard it from where he sat. Alright, men!! Its time to show these unholy bastards just what the meaning of "Divine Punishment" really is!!, he brought his other hand up and then swung it down, stabbing a english claymore into the concrete road as it slid from his sleeve. Show yourselves to them, Knights of God! The ground soon began to shake even more as over two thousand men marched out from the harbor area, lining the street in front of the dock in many rows, some even appearing on the rooftops, each dressed in Templar Armor and a bucket helmet, carrying a long sword in one hand, and a massive shield in the other, though there were the select few who had guns and firearms in their hands.

That marching demon army soon stopped a few yards from Dimitry's position as the sudden appearance of the Churches Army made them halt, they may have been mindless ghouls, so to speak, but they knew all to well the sting of a priest's blade. Allow me to ask thee four questions! Dimitry moved his right hand with the machetes in his fingers in front of his face as a shadow fell upon him, his glasses glowing an orange color due to the light of the Hell gate reflecting off of it. What is thou holding?! The question echoed across the street for moments without answer, even lust laughed to herself a moment before she leaped off the light pole onto a bus that had been flipped by the gates coming from the ground. Then in a sudden booming voice of all 2000 Templar soldiers speaking in unison, they replied; We are holding the Sword, The shield, and The armor Of christ upon our bodies! We are the Knights Templar! Dimitry stood still, like a stone statue and let his smile grow even wider. Then allow me this question; Why dost thou carry the sword?! Soon they replied, lifting their swords in front of them perfectly, a army of blessed swords. We all carry the sword of Christ! It will deliver us from evil, cut through the darkness, and slay the Great Dragon, Lucifer! We stand firm with it in our grasp, we shall not retreat! Michel's hands moved so fast they were nothing but a blur to human, and demon, eyes. The tail of cassock flew up into the air revealing the gun holsters on the back of his waist, which he quickly drew two handguns. One having a red cross on it, the other a silver, he lifted the .50 caliber pistols up into the air and bent his arms at the elbows.

The why dost thou carry thy shield in to battle, when thou hast the sword?! Dimitry roared, only to gain a even louder response; This is the shield of Christ, it will block the strongest blade! Break the strongest Spear! Crush the strongest mace! No weapon shall break it, no evil shall penetrate it! We will stand together, we will not retreat! We will no falter! Sarah pulled her cassock off and flung it to her right, then ripped the nuns outfit she had placed on under it, revealing a skin tight cat-suit that had the mid section cut out, revealing her stomach. He slammed her right fist into her left palm and stepped forward beside Dimitry, along with Michel. Then we, the Paladins of the church ask this of ye, knights of Christ; Why dost thou wear thy armor, when thee hast the sword and shield?! The three said in unison back to the army behind them, keeping their gaze locked on the demons in front of them. The army stepped forward, some leaped off the roof and landed beside their brothers, bringing their swords to bare. This is the armor of Christ! It will protect those of us who shall fall in battle and let the dead be judged with fairness before our lord, God! It shall stop the evil! It shall stop the blackness! It shall not be tainted, and as such, we will not be tainted! Dimitry marched forward, Sarah and Michel beside him. The mighty paladin stopped no more then inches from the very front lines of the demonic horde that was before him, his face centimeters away from a solder demons. The four questions hath been answered! Answer me this, full of pride and loyalty, who art thou!!?! He yelled in the demons face, letting it echo across the ranks of the demon army as well as the knights behind him. We are the Holy Order, We are the Servants Of Yahwe, We are Gods Will!! We are the Earthly agents who bring forth Gods Law and make sure it is followed!! We are the holy knights Templar!! Dimitry lifted both his hands, bringing the english clay more down into the left side of the soldier demons body, while the 4 machetes in between the fingers of his right hand slashed down the right side, splitting the demon into pieces, it exploded in a glorious fountain of blood and guts.

Do not forget this day! Do not forget that we, The holy Order of the Templar, Gods Will upon earth, stood before the armies of hell itself!! Do not retreat! Do not falter! Do not give in or loose your faith!! Those who stand with me today shall soon be beside our lord in heaven, receiving his judgement!! I, Father Dimitry, Paladin of the Catholic Church, Leader of the Jerusalem knights, now name this movement the 9th Crusade! Dimitry stepped forward once again and with a mighty heave of his hand, flung the five machetes at close range with such force, it knocked five demons over, causing a large pile up as the solider demons fell on top of each other. FORWARD INTO THE DEPTHS OF HELL! Several blessed bullets flew from Michels two hand guns, the blessed bullets ripped into 2 or three demons at a time due to them being so close together. The lifeless cyborg shown no fear as he opened fire. Sarah let out a loud battle cry that made even the soldier demons freeze in their tracks, slamming her fist into the ground, the street broke apart in front of her, opening a massive fissure into the demon ranks, making them fall into the sewer below and get crushed by the debris. The army of Knights rushed forward as well, Shields up, swords held high. The two armies clashed together in a wild frenzy of shields, claws, swords, and fangs. The solider demons were turned to dust the moment to blessed weapons sliced their flesh, other knights were tackle, crushed and eaten.

Tons of different bladed weapons flew from Dimitry's grasp, blessed .50 caliber bullets flew from Michels handguns, Sarahs punches exploded soldier demons the moment they made contact. The three paladins ran directly through the demon army ranks, clearing a large path for the others to fill in and divide the demons apart. A large spear flew from Dimitrys spear, into his hand, and was quickly thrown forward with such force that the wind off of it knocked near by demons off of their feet before finally impaling three demons through the chest and pinning them to a near by car that was flipped over. Then filled his hands with two machetes and leaped forward, one mighty swing sent three heads flying threw the air before their bodies exploded to dust. Michel, farther into the demon horde then any other, was making quick work of many of them. His blessed bullets hit two or three demons at once as the high powered rounds tore through their rotting bodies. Switching to genocide mode. Advanced targeting system active. Michels arms shot left and right, each time sending a bullet into a demon, his arms soon became nothing more then two large blurs, demons seeming to fall every time a gunshot went off. Hell yeeeeaaaaah!!! Sarah screamed as she jumped onto a car then dove into the demonic horde, slamming her fist into the street, with a slight delay, the street suddenly exploded and fell down, breaking apart and falling into the sewer below. The Templar Soldiers had little in number, compared to the demons, but they had the advantage in weapons. Lust stood on the light post with a growing look of concern on her face, she knew what would happen if she failed this time, but she also knew what would happen if she went out to help.

One flick of the wrist brought a massive scotish claymore into Dimitrys hand and one heavy swing, split three soldier demons in half at the waist. AAAAMEN!! Dimitry spun around and decapitated yet another demon when one managed to leap onto his back, though a .50 caliber bullet flew directly into the demons head and turned it to ash. Watch your back, Father Dimitry. Michel spoke over the loud roar of battle cries, weapons clashing with swords, and the roars of demons. Dimitry nodded and spun around again, 4 machetes appearing between his fingers and were sent flying forward, impaling a few demons and turning them to ash as well. Regroup!! Dimitry roared as the knights brought their shields up and stood side by side, pushing the bit of demons that weren't dead back and marching up behind Michel, Dimitry, and Sarah. Four machetes appeared in each of his hands, clenched between his fingers, and all were sent flying into the demonic ranks, leaving a golden streak of light behind them as the light of the gate infront of them reflected off of the blade. The blades hit, multiple demons fell. Michel! Sarah! Your both in charge now! Im going after the little brat in the stone chair! Sarah and Michel looked at each other, Sarah shrugged, Michel nodded. Up to you, father. We can handle it. They only got numbers. Dimitry was already charging through the demon horde the second she finished speaking, Machete in one hand, long sword in the other, like a giant blender he sent the limps of demons flipping threw the air, their heads, cut their bodies in two, charging forward like a madman. One powerful lung forward sent him flying into the air and over the horde, sending his machete flying threw the air and directly toward Pride, who moved his head to the side and let the machete impale the stone seat. My, my... Your going to be hassle Dimitry landed a few yards away and stood up, a second longsword falling from his sleeve into his hand to replace the machete. In the name of God, your Impure soul shall be banished to eternal Damnation...,AMEN!!
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Chapter fourteen: Wrath vs Wrath: Round one.
Asmodeus was already walking away from Adara and Matthew when the gates began to glow, a grotesque fear rushed over the city, as if rotting the entire city to the core and slowly eating away at it, the sudden feeling of sickness hit Matthew and Adara like a sack of bricks, Adara covered he mouth to keep herself from puking while Matthew did puke, falling on his hands and knees and puking up dinner from the other night. J-jesus christ.... Not cool. Adara couldn't speak due to her keeping her mouth shut and her hand over her lips, it really felt like she ate some rotted food or something, or drank expired milk, her stomach began to churn and literally felt sick to her stomach. Asmodeus just continued walking, as if unaffected by it, which was understandable since he was a Archdemon, he lived in this type of environment. However just as he made it to the intersection in the road, he noticed a small figure in the sky, he felt a familiar demonic aura, in fact he felt several familiar beings in the city now. One was obviously Lust, he recognized her demonic aura anywhere, the other six soon came to him and it was obvious, where one SIN appeared, others followed. Finally...the bastards came out to play, maybe that damn fly bastard will show up soon, too. Asmodeus turned around to face Adara and Matt, who were still feeling sick as hell, and placed his hand over his mask. For the love of all Unholy things... Yer gonna be useless in a fight if your so weak that this feeling gets to you. Im pretty sure you'll be tore apart even by the weakest soldier demon like this, go back to the Apartment.

Matthew was still on his knees, using the sleeve of his long white shirt to wipe his mouth off and sat up, I-im all for that... but how the hell do you want us to get back? Walk? Im not walking back across the city feeling like thi- Urgh! Matthew leaned forward again and puked, cutting off his sentence. Adara lowered herself to the ground and sat down, slowly pulling her hand off of her mouth to make sure she wasn't going to puke like him, I agree.... Im damn sure not walking back that far after you just casually brought us here in 4 or 5 jumps... Even though we did want to come along. Adara's gaze was soon drawn away from Asmodeus and into the sky as the clouds began to turn reddish. It had been raining earlier but stopped before they left, Adara felt a slight drop on her forehead and blinked, then used her hand to wipe it off and noticed it was..red. W-what the.... Red rain..? It soon began to sprinkle with red droplets that fell from the ground, covering the three of them in the red liquid. Rain, you say? No.. Hate to disappoint you, but that would be blood... When the gates of hell shall be opened, the sky shall turn red and the world will down in blood.. The giant moved his arms out wide to his sides, letting the bloody rain pour down onto him, then a sudden rush of energy poured over them with such force, the air itself seemed to thicken and get heavier, so heavy that Matthew was forced to fall on his stomach, Adara placed her hands on the ground to brace herself but her arms soon gave way and she fell face first onto the street. Asmodeus felt the rush of demonic aura and smiled under his mask, his eyes flashed a crimson red through the eye holes and turned around. A black figure with large wings suddenly came crashing into the street a few hundred yards down from them, the street literally shattered in all directions as his feet touched the concrete, the large beast like man stood in the massive dust cloud that was kicked up from the street breaking. The large red humanoid demon with black fur and chiropteran wings on his head and back stepped forward.

Wrath walked forth from the smokey cloud of dust, his eyes like amber, shining threw the thick cloud along with his massive figure, so terrifying was this demon that even the earth around him cracked and broke, though the cloud seemed to cling to his body, leaving small trails of dust coming from his body as he moved. The large bat wings on his back suddenly twisted around themselves and shot back into his back. The sheer aura coming from this demon, its demonic pressure, that alone was enough to make Adara and Matthew break into a cold sweat. With each step Wrath took, the ground sunk in and left a footprint in the hard concrete. And Fear gripped them in its tight grasp, and their souls quivered with cowardice. Asmodeus! Fight me!! , the demon roared across the street, Asmodeus turned around to face him, completely ignoring Adara and Matthew now who were on the ground, still feeling completely sick to their stomach, but also gripped by this terrible feeling, and balled his hands into fists, then walked forward toward Wrath. Asmodeus's eyes flashed a crimson color from behind his mask, his blood red aura slowly beginning to outline his body as they grew closer in distance with each other, the closer they got the more their bodies shined with crimson aura, getting thicker and thicker as they closed in on one another, this forced the air to get thicker and heavier as well, pushing Adara and Matthew into ground even more. T..this is insane..!! I cant even...move!! The fuck is this?! Adara thought while trying to get up, but to no avail. Matthew was also held down by the aura, holding his stomach while puking once more. So, you finally showed up? Wheres the others? Pride, Lust, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Despair, where are they? They were now within a few yards of each other, both of their demonic aura clashing together and ripping the street around them apart, causing a massive pressure wave to surge threw the air and in between the massive buildings around them. Wrath balled his right hand up into a fist and grinned, showing his fanged teeth. Currently? Despair got slaughtered by Azreal, the others...well they're slaughtering a few priests by the dock...but that's enough talking, right? C'mon, I've been wanting to shred your ass to bits ever since you left Hell!! They both took one final step forward , and swung their fist forward and clashed together, both of their firsts hit each other and caused a massive explosion of demonic aura to shoot outward, creating a large, expanding dome of crimson energy which toppled the skyscrapers that were still standing around them, and sent a few cars flipping threw the air, the dome then exploded into a massive cloud of dust, revealing a massive crater that came only feet away from where Matthew and Adara we're pinned down in fact, the heavy atmosphere is what saved them from being blown away. Asmo was sent flying out of the dust cloud and down the street, passing over Adara and Matthew, then fell to the floor and skidded a few yards away before bouncing off of the pavement and flying into a nearby office building, after flying over the Mat and the pyrokinetic. Wrath stepped out of the dust cloud as well, but with his entire right arm missing, blood fell to the pavement as he casually stepped forward, withing a matter of moments the arm was instantly regenerated by a cloud of black mist that formed around the wound, skin and muscle tissue reformed, along with the bone, and looked like he had taken almost no damage at all. The SIN grinned as he flexed his newly regenerated arm and held it out toward the dust cloud at the other end of the road, which was where Asmodeus flew into. A crimson orb formed in his palm with black sparks forming around it, then suddenly shot off toward the dust cloud Asmodeus was in. Oh shit..!!! Its gonna hit us!! Adara closed her eyes and tried to brace herself in case the blast hit, then a large shadow rushed over her, she saw Asmodeus charge directly into the blast and ran straight through the demonic beam, which caused it to break apart before hitting her or Matthew. The resulting explosion sent her and the boy flipping through the heavy air and landing a few feet away. Wrath saw Asmodeus's shadow inside the red blast and lifted his other hand up beside his other one, and sent off another demon-ball blast, the two beams of energy combined together into one massive ray of demonic aura. Asmodeus skin was ripped off of his torso and arms, revealing the thick muscle tissue underneath, the bones, everything, his large white jacket was blown off and shredded in the energy, though somehow the bottom part of his kimono seemed to cling to his body.

The giant Archdemon let out a animalistic roar as a massive wall of demonic aura shot forth from his body, completely blowing wrath back down the street and into the large crater that they formed when their fist's collided earlier. Asmodeus walked forward with patches of skin and muscle missing from his upper body, but were quickly healing, stitching themselves back together and was soon, in a matter of second, completely healed. Stand before me, pitiful SIN, Lap dog of Lucifer, Cower before the Great Bear, the Ruler of all Men, the King of the Second Level of Hell!! Wrath flew out of the crater, moving so fast that his image blurred, appearing in front of Asmodeus with a grin on his face before swinging his fist into Asmodeus chest, the force caused Asmo to skid back a bit before lifting both of his hands up and bringing them down into Wraths back, sending him crashing into the ground with a mild explosion of dust and debris. Ozzy let out a massive roar toward the clouds as the rain picked up, the blood rained upon both of them and completely dyed the streets crimson. The giant Archdemon cocked his foot back and then swung it forward, literally punting the SIN threw the air and down the street, which caused him to bounce off of a few cars before finally slamming into a knocked over building. I shred all who fight me! I annihilate fools who object me! I will become something not even Beelzebub could become!! Asmodeus ran forward with a few heavy steps, strong enough to shatter the floor, before leaping forward with his powerful legs. He was launched down the street at a high speed, both of his arms out wide, ready to spear tackle the sin. The smoke was suddenly blown away as the giant bat wings shot from Wraths back, his large figure shot forth from the smoky haze toward the demon, his hand slammed onto Asmodeus's masked face and pulled him along, slamming the Great Bears head into the ground and dragging him along the street, leaving a large grove in the pavement. C'mon, Asmodeus! Wrath pulled his hand up and had his wings open up to stop him in mid flight, which allowed him to throw the 300 pound Asmodeus threw the air and sent him flying into a car with such force, it literally caused the automobile to form a "V" shape around the giants frame. The back of Asmodeus's head was almost completely gone, being drug down a street with his head scrapping against the concrete caused the back of his head to split open. The giant sat in his place, unmoving, blood and brain matter pouring out the back of his cranium. Is this really all you can do? Destroy my arm and kick him through a building?! Thats all the famous "Great bear" can do?! Are you really an Archdemon?!! Wraths feet touched the ground as he landed, folding his wings into his back while marching toward the downed Asmodeus. I wanted more of a fight! Im going to have to kick Prides ass later for sending me after a weakling!! This is such bullshit!, Wrath swung his foot up and slammed it into the side of Asmodeus's head and sent him, along with the car her was on, flying to the right and into a large glass window that belonged to a radio shop, all the shelves and equipment inside got either crushed, tossed into the air, or fell to the ground as the Archdemon flew into the shop and into the back wall. Damn it! This was a complete waste of time... All I did was grind your damn head into the ground. Cant you regenerate your brain? Ah well.. to hell with it.. I guess Ill kill the two humans he brou- The massive car Asmodeus went flying with went flipping through the air before slamming into Wraths back like a freight train, which sent him flying forward and seemingly getting crushed between the car and wall of the building on the other side of the street.

Asmodeus got to his feet seemingly unharmed, crushing the radios beneath his feet with what was left of the small store building falling down behind him, the bottom half of his mask was broken away which showed his rows of sharp teeth that were twisted into a arrogant grin, but soon the mask too began to repair itself, once again covering his entire head, multiple broken bones could be heard popping back into place and regenerating, small cuts and other wounds also healed. Asmodeus marched forward toward the SIN, batting cars that were in his way to the side with one swing of his massive fist, as if they were twigs. The giants speed soon picked up as he slowly built up his momentum into a run, bolting across the street in a massive lunge of rage and excitement, toward Wrath who was just now prying himself out of the wall, but was soon forced back into it as the giant Archdemon tackled the car, crushing Wrath between it and the wall again, before the wall gave out and wrath was sent flying into the building. You talk to much shit, little boy! I am over 4500 years old, I was around even before Lucifer got knocked from heaven! I was the one who followed him! I was the Second demon to appear in hell!! You are thousands of years to early, to even stand before me, or even kneel before my power!! Let alone talk shit!! Asmodeus reached down and grabbed wrath by his ankle before turning around and slinging the sevenfoot tall SIN around, slamming him through edge of the hole he made in the wall, and back out into the street. Wrath got to his feet reletivly quickly and popped his neck, using his right hand to rub his shoulder which had been dislocated the moment he was thrown through the edge of the wall. Talk is cheap... If you wont show me your true ability, then ill show you mine AND END IT!! Wrath bolted off toward Asmodeus, balling his right hand into a fist before stepping inside of Asmodues rage, the archdemons fist soared right passed Wraths head, barely missing its mark, while Wraths fist went directly into Asmodues's chest, ripping through the flesh and bone, sending his first through the archdemons chest and out his back, completely punching a hole through the demons body. Say goodnight!
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Chapter Fifteen

A silver flurry of glowing pages of the holy bible swirled in the air as Dimitry descended toward the child known as Pride. A machete in his left hand that was held in a revers grip, a long sword in his other, his teeth clenched together and his eyes filled with a maniac look, all in all he looked like an Angel falling from the sky with the tail of his cassock flurrying out behind him. Begone, demon child!!, the Father yelled as he brought both his blades down toward the monster, the silver bible pages attaching themselves to the buildings around the two which erected a holy barrier so Pride and Envy could not escape. Pride stood from his stone chair and casually lifted his hand, though to his surprise, nothing happened! Pride took to long to register the moment, by the time he jumped back to get away from the mad priest, he felt the sting of blessed metal ripping into his flesh. The long sword was brought down onto Pride's right shoulder and cut clean through, completely severing his right arm while the machete, gripped in a backwards grip in Dimitry's left hand, swiped across the childs stomach and ripped the soft flesh open with its sharp blade. The two weapons in Dimitry's hands were now stained with the demons blood, which caused a grin on Dimitry's lips to appear. Pride, who's facial expression remained...unchanged, stumbled back as his intestines slipped from the cut on his stomach, blood spraying from his now severed right arm. Tsk, a holy barrier this strong? You really are a threat., Pride managed to let the words out as blood spewed from his lips. Dimitry didn't give the child much time to get far, as soon as the priest noticed the boy stumble back he leap forward like a predator, flipping his machete into a normal grip before slashing it forward toward the boys neck, the blessed steel came within inches of Prides neck, as the blade barely missed its mark the paladin brought his other arm forward, the longer blade on the longsword would definitely reach its mark! Pride managed to duck down just in time to avoid the strike, only allowing the steel to cut a few strands of hair before stepping forward and placing his right hand on Dimitry's chest, the paladin felt something similar to a strong shockwave rip through his body, sending him skidding back for many yards before stopping even though the paladins feet never left the ground, blood began to drip from his mouth.

Oh...? You can still stand after that? Thats impressive. I'll make the next blast so strong it will make your insides explode.., the child moved his left hand onto the place where his right arm would of been and clenched his teeth, grunting as a new arm shot from the wound and replaced the lost one, the wound on his stomach soon healed as well before Dimity's eyes, the intestines that should of spilled to the floor seemed to be pulled back into the things body. Monstrosity!, Dimitry yelled as he stepped forward, sending his machete flying through the air like a bullet, though Pride easily lunged to the side the Paladin was not far behind, keeping up with Pride he moved his longsword up and swung it in a sweeping motion, causing Pride to move his arm up, and to the Priest's surprise the blade stopped. My ability...is the control of air pressure and "wind".. Your barrier is strong enough to stop me from using my abilities for a short time, but its effects are already wearing off. Good bye, Father., Pride spoke as his other hand shot up and was placed against Dimity's face, sending a massive shock wave so large through his body that the ground around them shattered, Dimitry felt his entire body shake, as if put under tremendous pressure at once, so much weight and force went through his body that the mighty Demon Slayer fell to one knee. Urg...!! It'll take more than that...to stop me!!, the said through gritted teeth, swinging his longsword up in an arching motion which would cleave him in half diagonally, though once again the blade stopped before hitting the boy and another shockwave was shot through Dimitry's head, forcing him to fall backwards on the ground. Your a really stubborn man, but no matter how much you try your blade will never reach me again. I can create small pockets of air and fuse them with my demonic aura, and they can be used to stop your weapons from even touching me. Im untouchable.., Dimitry sat up just as Pride turned around, just in time to barely move out of the way of the cleaving swing that would of swept his head clean off. The heavy priest stood, blood pouring from his head and face, a rather fierce expression in his eyes. If It takes me marching into that god forsaken gate and fighting my way through all the hordes of demons imaginable!! I will wipe you all from existence! I will cleave your bodies in twine!, Dimitry ran forward, in only a few large strides he came in front of the child in a mere blur before bringing his hand down, backhanding the child with such force he was lifted from the ground and went flying for many yards before skidding along the ground to a stop. "Every one that is found shall be thrust through; and every one that is joined unto them shall fall by the sword. Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes", six blessed blades appeared in the priests hands and were send hurling through the air toward the downed SIN of pride, each of the blades leaving a golden trail of light behind them.

Pride brought himself to his feet only to have the blades meet his chest, all six of them skewering him, thought the child was not downed by this, he looked up at the priest before ripping the blades from his body. Dimitry simply let two more machetes find his grip before marching toward the child, he found it odd that the other demon, Envy, was not joining though this made it easy to deal with them one at a time. "And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man's brother will I require the life of man. Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made the man.", the demon slayer lunged forward just as pride lifted his hand, tackling the shockwave head on Dimitry felt as if his body would be ripped to shreds, multiple cuts and lacerations opened up upon his body as the wind came from above, a normal persons body would have been ripped to bits but not his, with a stubborn roar of anger the priest stepped forward through the shock-wave and swung his blades forward, effectively cleaving the demon childs arm in two down the middle, followed up by a heavy boot to the chest from the priest sent the little monster rolling across the ground closer to the gate, yet...he kept getting back up! This little brat kept getting up! Kept healing his wounds! Even cut by blessed weapons and surrounded by a holy barrier! The child looked as if he would not stop, not even if he died, on the other hand, The Demon slayer was tired... his vision was blurry already, his body ached, covered in blood with an uncountable number of cuts and wounds on his body, honestly he thought he would collapse. Pride was actually a threat to him... The shock waves did internal damage on top of physical damage, not to mention the control over the wind was just overwhelming. "Thou shall not entertain......the sins of pride and arrogance in yer breast....my sons an' daughters. Fer dis is the deadliest of all Satan's sins an without fail, pride cometh before the fall.... Dimitry took one step forward and a long spear joined his grip and flew threw the air with a heavy heave from the Paladin, the large projectile was easily dodged as the child ducked, only to have the paladin use his monstrous strides and speed to appear in front of him yet again and swing a heavy hand down onto the childs head and pushing his face into the hard ground, a grotesque crack followed as the boys skull broke under the force. Begone from this world, Sin of Pride!, a long sword appeared in the priests other hand from his sleeve and was brought down, just before it could impale the child a strong force shot outward, another shock wave so strong it send the demon slayer flying back for multiple yards before landing against a light post and falling to the ground. Pride cometh before the fall...? I should stop playing around with you I guess and just rip you to shreds. Pride rose to his feet as the sound of bone and cartilage was heard popping back into place and healing. Envy, go deal with the other priests, it should be a simple enough task for you., pride lifted his hand up and the air seemed to twist and sway, encircling Dimitry in a torrent of high pressured wind, causing more and more wounds to rip open upon his flesh. Begone from my sight, priest!. Father Dimitry stood in the tornado of wind, tons on cuts and wounds opening over his body, his mutilated body barely finding the strength to stand, let alone counter attack.
Envy waited a second longer to watch before running passed both of them toward the crowed in the street, finally she could have some fun, no longer did she have to wait on the sidelines! Her charge was soon halted however, as six blessed .50 caliber bullets flew into her and ripped through the flesh her body was made up of, causing her to stumble back. Target acquired, 0.23 seconds to slow, the monotone voice called out before dashing from the crowed of people in front of her, sending multiple soldier demons flying into the air as he burst through, leaving Sarah and the others to deal with them. The cyborg brought both weapons to bare once again and sent three more shots flying into Envy's left and right knee, causing her to drop down to one knee. Michel had literally came out of no where and caught her by surprise, Michel didn't stop there either as he continued charging forward and let the two empty clips fall from his handguns, leaping toward the SIN and bringing his knee into her bottom jaw, forcing her to go flying a few feet away while he reloaded his weapons. Recalculating: 0.125 seconds to slow. A moment of silence between the two fell over the area before finally Envy rose to her feet, the bullet wounds closing up as the bullets were expunged from her flesh leaving a tail of smoke from the wounds they had made. Son of a BITCH! Your ruined my body!, Negative, with your healing abilities it is almost impossible to "Ruin" your body. DEATH, however, is unavoidable., Envy lunged forward at such as speed anyone else would of seen her as a greenish blur, but Michels targeting system caught her just fine, moving his head to the side just in time to avoid her kick before stepping forward and moving his gun to her chin. Re-recalculating; 126 seconds to slow, commencing execution., Michel pulled the trigger and send his .50 caliber bullet blasting through the sins head, flying through her chin and up out the top of her skull. What caught the cyborg of guard though was the fact that, instead of falling over like others would, her head jerked back, then swung forward in a full force headbutt, causing the cyborg to stumble backwards. Fuck! Whats your head made off!

Michel stomped down before lifting his weapons again, then leaned his head up and pulling the triggers. Once again the SIN's body was torn by the barrage of bullets, the nonstop stream of lead continued for what seemed like minutes, Envy's body jerked and twisted, seeming to be filled with an uncountable amount of blessed bullets Michel lowered his weapons. His famous unchanging expression finally showed a bit of emotion as his eyes opened a half an inch, noticing the Sin did not go down. Illogical... This is not possible. Nothing in my Data explains this. Further explanation is required. The wounds on Envy closed up but the blood that was splattered on the ground seemed to change and twist, morphing into a humanoid form of Envy herself, surrounding the Paladin with multiple copies of herself. Big....fuckin'...Mistake! My body is "nearly" indestructible. Out of all the SIN's in hell, im ranked 3rd strongest. The more damage I take the more I multiply! The more of my blood spills, the more copies of myself i can make! I am the indomitable one! I am the Hydra! This is only one of my abilities though. The small group all lunged toward the priest at once, causing him to drop his weapons and bring his arms up around him as they fell upon him, dog piling the robot Templar. Rip that human apart! I wanna wear his skull on a neck-, all the bodies of envy were soon send flying passed her as the Priest threw his arms out and stepped forward, one of the clones had such a grip on him that his cassock was almost completely ripped off, causing his entire upper torso to be exposed. -lace.... ?! Human...?? Negative! I am not a Human, I am machine. Genocide mode Long range mode switch to Close combat Mode. Hand to hand likely Michel bolted off toward the small group of Envy who were getting back to their feet, the group charged, one threw a punch which would shatter any normal humans bones under the pressure, Michel simply sidestepped and brought his elbow down into its skull, shattering the top of its head and forced it to break apart into its original form of Envy's blood. He then reached forward and grabbed a second one before spinning around on its heels and using it like a makeshift club, slamming it into a third clone which caused them both to explode back into their original form of blood.

Data collected; A solid hit will make them revert to what they originally transformed from., Michel stumbled forward as one of them slammed its fist into the back of his head, he lifted his foot up as he leaned forward, slamming his boot into the things stomach and sending it flying, the last of the clones finally managed to tackle the priest to the ground before it brought its fist into his face. Finish it!, the real one yelled as the copy lifted its fist up, bringing it down toward the cyborgs head. Michel moved his head to the side just in time to avoid the blow, then sat up and gave a solid headbutt to the thing, resulting in it turning back into blood. I'll say it again... I. Am. Not. Human. I am Machine! Michel rushed forward toward the last remaining one, which was the original. Envy also rushed forward and brought her hands out, interlocking them with Michels and entering into what looked to be a grapple match. The two stood there with their hands locked together, pushing against each other. This is pointless, I will win., Michels monotone voice and emotionless expression irritated the SIN, why did he look so calm? Sound so calm? This was a war of demons for god sake! Urg...Your pissing me off!, Envy stepped back and pulled Michel forward, lifting her knee into his chest which had the sound of metal and bone connecting, which surprised Envy. Metal..? The hell? however, in the middle of her thought Michel pushed himself forward and forced her off balance, pushing her to the ground and crawled on top of her, using his knees to press her arms to the ground. Replay: "This is pointless, I will win." I believe this is the end. Michels fist came down toward the things skull with such force, that just as Envy moved her head to the side the cyborgs fist punched through the concrete road under them. Tsk...Shouldn't you be worrying about your friends?, Envy moved her leg up and kicked Michel in the back of the head which caused him to roll forward off of her. The both got to their feet moments later and turned to face each other, Michels facial expression unchanging. Negative. Concern is not an Emotion I have. I carry [i]No Human emotions. They are pointless. If they all die then I will continue where they left off, the Mission always comes first. Envy was..confused and...envious. How could someone have No human emotion at all..? None whatsoever? Envy's body began to shudder and shake as she started to chuckle, Cant feel..emotions? Cant feel anything....? Thats something that.. I-I want it! No, Ill take it!

Want it? Negative, I request you define what you mean. I have nothing to give., Michel moved his head back just in time to narrowly avoid Envy's kick after she dashed forward, then leaned his head to the side to avoid a punch. The continued for several minutes. If what ya say is true.. and you cant feel anything at all..!! I want that ability! I dont want to feel anything either! Do you really think we SINs enjoy what we represent?! If they do then dont lump me together with them! Envy finally managed to land a Kick after spinning around and slamming her foot into the cyborgs chest, which sent him flying across the street and into an already destroyed building. I' dont even know if I can do it, but Ill absorb your ability, Ill eat you!, Envy was suddenly collided with a massive piece of concrete which Michel threw after raising to his feet, knocking her to the ground as it landed on top of the demon. Eat me? Negative, I am machine. My ability cannot be copied. My ability cannot be multiplied. I am the only successful cyborg related experiment that has survived. I am the only one that exists on this planet. Just then the massive slab of concrete Michel threw was shattered by a extremely long tail, covered in green scales with a long hooked claw at the tip, followed by a very loud roar, though nothing on Envy's body seemed to change aside from the tail, which shot toward the Cybernetic priest like a spear, forcing him to dive to the side as it pierced what was left of the wall of the store that once stood there. 0.34 seconds to slow!, the cyborg came into a roll and got to his feet just after landing, barely moving his head down out of the way of the hooked claw at the tip of envy's tail. 0.14 seconds too slow, Michel stated calmly with his unchanging facial features before rushing forward in a position where his entire upper body was leaned forward, almost completely parallel to the ground, something no human could do. Shut the hell up!!, Michel suddenly went face first into the ground as the tail slammed into the back of his head, continually hammering him into the concrete with continuous hits, the heavy tail dented his steel frame and broke a few metal ribs as well. Not only do your abilities piss me off! Your attitude does too! How the hell can you stay so calm, even in this situation! It pisses me off!

Negative, I could care less if your pissed off. Even if you rip me apart, i will be rebuilt. I will not die, i will just be...damaged., Michels gloved hand shot up and gripped the scaly tail with such a fierce grip the scales cracked, slowly raising to his feet Michels eyes flashed a deep green color as he looked at the SIN, every one knew the color green represented this SIN, and even so his grip held tightly to the demons tail before jerking his arm back with enough force that it jerked the Female from her feet and toward Michel, who balled his other hand into a fist and lifted it. Commencing Final blo-, both of Envys feet slammed into Michels face as if she drop kicked him, sending the cyborg flying from his feet before the Nimble Woman landed on all fours with her tail whipping out above her. Final blow my ass!, Envy's voice seemed a bit cracked as she yelled, I want what you have and I will get it! Ill tear you apart, Ill eat you, what ever it takes! Negative; I will repeat what was said before., Michel sat up off of the ground and pushed himself to his feet, moving his left hand up to rub his right shoulder where his fake skin had been ripped off from skidding along the concrete, I am machine, I cannot be copied. You feel..Envy toward me? I find this rather awkward, for I feel no emotions toward you; only my orders matter. No hard feelings.... If I could feel anything right now I believe the right word to describe it would be...Pity. Positive, systems check out, I would be feeling "Pity" toward you. Envy's eyes went bloodshot after hearing that, was he mocking her? Toying with her!? Why was she so angry toward this "Man"? Was it truly because of how he acted, or was it something else? Envy's tail suddenly shot forward like a spear, the tip of the hook-like claw at the tip left a cut along the side of the cyborgs face as he moved to the left, allowing it to rip off even more skin and shed more fake blood, what Envy saw made even her eyes widen. She had never seen anything like this before, underneath the skin that her tail had ripped over was complete metal plating, dented and scuffed, it was like a normal skeleton of a human but...made of metal, even Michels artificial teeth could be seen as his skin that covered his entire cheek had been ripped off, what came next surprised her even more as the cyborg was already upon her, bringing his foot down on top of her head and slamming her face into the ground with such force the street cracked for many yards in every direction. 0.254 seconds to slow, why did you hesitate? Your speed is dropping., Envy gritter her teeth as the Cyborg continued to put pressure on her head with his boot, looking down at her with an emotionless expression, speaking with that monotone voice of his.

....Why..? Why do you get to feel...nothing?! No Pride, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Pain, Hunger, greed.. None of these things you feel?! Why?!, Envy shouted as she moved her hands to the ground and began to push up, michels boot still pushing down on her head. The cybernetic priest looked down at her like he did all others, his eyes void of all emotion and feeling, artificial black blood rushing down the left side of his cheek and dripping down over his bare torso. .....Positive, I feel nothing. No Hate nor Pain. No Anger or Longing. My orders are all that matters. Current orders: Destruction of the demonic horde; SINS included, as well as Beelzebub if possible., Michel spoke before pushing down again, stomping the Sins head back into the small crater he had made, though she continued to push for a few moments more before he massive tail whipped around, like a large pike flying toward its target, the tail hit the center of his chest. Impaling the cyborg, once again Michels emotionless face seemed to show surprised as his eyes opened wider than normal, though not by much. Metal sheets that made up Michels frame proved useless to the things power, Reinforced Steel rods that acted as ribs were snapped with ease as the tail pushed through, internal metal walls and wires were also no match as the serpentine tail impaled the cyborg in the dead center of his chest, lifting him into the air. Unacceptable! Its not fair! Not fair at all! I want to be unable to feel... No emotion, no pain...all of it!, Envy pushed herself up and shook her head, shaking the pieces of concrete and dust off, moving her hand to the center of her chest, Envy...its an ugly emotion! Even for one who is its embodiment! Feeling like this all...all the time! Every second of the day! Non-stop for eternity! Even if im a SIN, its THAT unbearable! So If I cant have your ability, you cant either! Die alrea-, Envy's eyes once again shot open in disbelief, the cyborg, even though he was impaled through the chest, fake blood and oil coming from his mouth and wounds, both his hands clamped around the things tail, as if he had felt nothing at all, then spoke. I will Repeat: Die? Negative; I am A Machine. I cannot die, I will just be..damaged. Replay complete. I also repeat: I feel nothing for you, but one would describe it as "Pity", If i could feel anything right now, the definition of "Pity" would fit it perfectly. I was built to carry out orders without objection, kill all who go against my orders. Children? Women? Men? All will die if I am ordered to do so. You are no exception, you are a failure. Second rate Demo-, the cyborg was suddenly slammed down into the ground as the tail was jerked down, forcing the metallic body to almost break against the street. Shut the hell up!!!

Metallic bastard! This is exactly what im talking about! Talking like that in your situation! Pisses me off!, Envy's tail shot up into the air with Michel still impaled on it before bringing it back down much harder than the last, so much force, such pressure was caused by the impact that the shock wave from the cyborgs body hitting the ground cause the already ruined buildings around them to fall and crumble, her tail shooting out of the giant dust cloud that was produced which the scales were covered in fake blood and oil. Ha..Haha..Hahahaah!! Get up now, bastard! I wanna see you act how you were now! How does it fee-, Envy's jaw dropped, her eyes shot open wide, a pair of green orbs shined through the dust could, like a lifeless doll the cyborgs Boots carried him from the veil of smoke and dust, oil and fake blood pouring from the wound in his chest. Positive. I felt nothing. Chest damage: 86%. Left arm damage: 45%. Skull damage: 23%. Damage to back plating: 60%. Right leg damage: 86%. Genocides mode canceled. Switching to Arch-Angel mode; Close-quarters-combat if active. Envy, who was still surprised this...this...thing could even stand, she stood there in shock, her face twisted in confusion and shock. Why wouldn't he..stay down!? W-why wont you break! Stay down, Already!, the SIN took a step forward and sent her tail flying down with crushing force, the wounded Cyborg did not move as his arms hung by his sides, limp and lifeless like a doll until the very last moment. His right arm came to bare, catching the tail with little effort as the ground around him broke apart even more. Arch-Angel mode: Approved. Nephilim abilities unrestricted, all levels can be accessed., Michel lifted his head and looked at the female demon, whos face was frozen in shock, Michels eyes were glowing, but not like before. Bright green orbs, void of life and emotion, were now staring at Envy, she felt as if they were not looking at her but..through her. Y-your like..that other priest! Your a halfbreed, aren't you! Michel stood there for a moment, his grip continuing to tighten around the beasts tail. ....Positive and Negative. I am a combination of three things - technically four. Originally a Nephilim, like Father Dimitry, born as one. Heavily wounded during battle and was put on experimental treatment. My Body was modified, transformed. I am now a cybernetic Nephilim, by combining super human ability I already had with robotics made me even stronger.

Yo..you said four things..., Envy cringed a bit as she finally felt the scales on her tail cracking under Michels grip, it was so strong that she couldn't even pull it back. Positive. After being turned into a Cybernetic Nephilim, I took down an arch demon, but was wounded in the process, thus i was once again repaired but this time...I had Archdemon body parts placed inside me. It fused with the Metal and flesh that i was made of. I am a mix between an Nephilim, Arch-Demon, and Cybernetics. Releasing Arch-Angel mode unlocks my restricted abilities, my power is now equal to that of a low level arch-demon. You are no match. Envy stepped back and gritted her teeth as the scales on her tail finally broke under the cyborgs grip, her flesh on her tail ripping under the pressure. Impossible! The Nephilim were a race that came to dominate the antediluvian (pre-flooded) world, and are referred to in the Bible as the heroes of old, men of renown. They were reportedly the children born to the "Sons of God" by the "daughters of men. How could there be anymore that exists! Even the other one, Dimitry, its not possible! You would all have to be around...n-no way! Just how old..are you!?, Envy's tail began to squirm and twist to break loose of the cyborgs grip, but it was futile as his grip only tightened. Searching memory files... File found: I was born 4990 B.C., born during the great flood of Noah, my mother rescued me from the waves, I Lived as A normal Nephilim for many millennium before joining the church during the crusades, was turned into a cyborg/Arch-Demon mix in the year 1950 A.D.

Currently I am 7000 years, 3 months, 4 weeks, 3 days, 12 hours, 58 minutes, 230 seconds old. Father Dimitry is much older., Michel jerked his arm to the side suddenly which caused the skin on the tail to rip, ripping the tail in half and throwing the piece he tore off to his right, then began marching forward. Envy was honestly fill with shock, surprised, disbelief.. Rarely did something of the supernatural live so long, infact the oldest living being next to God and the Devil as Lilith..yet, this "Thing" was older than Lilith? Honestly?! If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing. Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; ... Lo' and Behold, SIN of Lust, for I am of the 3 immortal Templars. Paladin to the Vatican. You will be purified here.
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Worlds end.
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