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 Seras Victoria (READY FOR VOTEING)

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PostSubject: Seras Victoria (READY FOR VOTEING)   Tue Apr 19, 2011 5:13 am

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing?  If so how far have you gotten?  If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least.  Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga.  The anime is not canon.  This is not our opinion.  This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.
...No, seriously. Manga 1-95, Anime 0-13, OVA 1-7, Penwood 1-11, Legend of Vampire Hunter, Desert Schutzstaffel, Awesome Führer Paradise and Coyote. Give me a break.

Seras Victoria
(She´s a girl. She´s pretty. Deserves pretty italics.)

22 years (Expired at the age of 19 at the 5th of July 1999)
(Yes, that is canon, read the first chapter of the Manga if you don`t believe me)


Physical appearance:

Seras is a rather short Vampire, standing 152 cm or 5 feet 2 inches tall. She has a round face, red eyes, straw blond hair at shoulder length and weighs 53 kilograms without boots. Her body build however is way above average as since she has a quite athletic figure and her quite large size E bust draws much attention from men.
Seras remains as a virgin, much to Alucard`s amusement.
She´s right hand dominant.
Seras possesses a scar on her neck where Alucard bit her, clearly visible to the naked eye but covered by her uniform collar all the time.

Clothing of choice:
Standard Hellsing M5 Uniform for female personal, Size 2. A yellow blouse with many buttons and a high collar, accompanied with a yellow miniskirt, a thick leather belt suitable for holstering weapons, thigh highs and combat boots. She also wears gloves like everyone in London wtfhax.
When carrying the Halconnen, a large ammo container filled with eighteen shells, nine of each type, is slung around her shoulder or strapped onto her back. It also holds four spare magazines for her pistol using a small pouch on the bottom, as since the Halconnen is far from being a close combat weapon.When using her rifle she simply straps magazine pouches onto her belt. (Thats canon as well, god knows how she found mag pouches big enough, those magazines are huge.)
She often keeps sunglasses around her to put on when the sun comes out, although a coat with a hoodie is the only real protection she can get... she does possess a pink raincoat for that purpose.

Weaponry of choice:

Glock 19 Second Generation semiautomatic
9x19mm PARA silver

Seras using the gun in the Anime. Put under a spoiler to spare you the bullshit anime-ness, but she never draws her sidearm in the Manga or OVA.

-This is the standard sidearm for all Hellsing forces, and one weapon Seras never puts out of reach. Chambered in the 9x19mm Parabellum round, it features a 18 shot magazine, plus one in the chamber make the 19 that the weapon`s name suggests. It has ambidextrous controls, night sights for easy use in the dark and a ring on the handle to attach a tactical sling.
Seras carries it in “Condition One”, with a load always chambered, but the spring untensed and the weapon safe, so she´s forced to use it in double action, thus making it less likely to shoot someone at first glace out of reflex.
As per regulation, four spare magazines are carried onto a mission, but only one or two when out of duty.

Mysterious Anti Material Rifle
13,7x92mm HEAT silver jacketed

Fitted with regular 10 round magazine

Fitted with the 25 round drum magazine

-This is the weapon Seras received right after being put on duty at Hellsing's. It is a large, 150cm tall weapon weighing 36 pounds unloaded and fires a 13,7 mm anti-armor round, originally designed in the closing days of WWI.
Everything about this weapon appears to be scavenged from somewhere: the shaft has influence of the HK PSG-1 sniper rifle, but drastically up-scaled, the bolt is borrowed from an M2 heavy machine gun, the barrel appears to be taken from a random anti material rifle or is custom made.
As an additional goof, the weapon does not feature any open sights or mounting brackets for scopes, instead its a highly accurate spray and pray weapon. It appears to use a simple gas operated blow-back system, evident by the huge gas rod underneath the barrel and inside the shaft, has an adjustable bipod permanently attached and can only fire in semiautomatic mode, although Seras`s vampiric speed allows her to simulate automatic fire through rapid taps of the trigger.
It feeds from a ten round curved magazine as well as a 25 round drum magazine, seeming ridiculously huge and painful to lug around.
Although it seems that Hellsing fields this regularly as a special purpose weapon, the non-adjustable stock, lack of a muzzle brake or hydraulic buffer to ease the recoil as well as the ridiculous weight of the weapon, given its purpose, its most likely only meant to be used by supernatural people such as Seras herself, whom prefers it over the Halconnen`s gigantic measurements and slow rate of fire.
As for the name, it was never addressed in neither Anime, Manga or OVA, but while it was simply labelled “Hallconnen” in the OVA, it bared the name “BEARLKS” in the Manga instead, which would make sense as since its definitely not the Halconnen nor were parts of it used to make the Halconnen since Seras uses it again against Dandy before switching to the Halconnen in the same scene.

Halconnen 30mm Anti Midians Cannon
30x290mm HE/DU silver jacketed

The portable ammunition pouch.

-Seras`s personal weapon made by Walter, a giant piece of mobile artillery, yet modern and functional. Its sheer size of 2,10 metres tops off the small girl, its weight of sixty pounds make it the heaviest handheld gun in the organization. It is a single shot breech loader with its mechanism inspired by the M79 grenade launcher of the Vietnam war, using 30mm shells that are currently only used by the auto-cannons of heavy bombers. The design is heavily inspired by the PTRD anti material rifle of WWII, but up-scaled even more. It features a non adjustable stock with integrated recoil buffer, a heavy break-action trigger, a match-grade pistol grip and an adjustable bipod, permanently attached to the gun. For easier deployment, a sturdy carry handle is affixed to the pivot axis, exactly in the same position as the PTRD had its handle. At the end of the nearly two-metre long barrel is a large muzzle brake usually found on tank-cannons, with four flash-pongs directing the fire up, down, left and right which forces the barrel to stay centered on the target. The gun uses ladder sights similar to a grenade launcher, adjustable for up to 1000 metres, although the gun is capable of firing a shell up to two kilometres. Additonally, there`s a simple version of the ladder sight at the breech, without the range adjustment, suitable for up to 500 metres. The two can also be used together, forming an adjustable ironsight for closer range.
The munition is also taken from the GAU-8A auto-cannon, featuring either PGU-13 high explosive incendiary shells that detonate on impact or PGU-14 armor piercing depleted uranium rounds, capable of tearing through several centimetres of solid armor, not to mention mere flesh and bones.
Technically, the weapon is also capable of firing the PGU-15 hollow steel training ammunition, but since its never seen on the Hellsing shooting range, its hard to tell.
Walter states it can be used against all targets on land, air and sea, including MBT (Main battle tanks), but seeing the armor inside and outside of a Challenger II MBT, its doubtful you could take one out with a single shot before it takes YOU out.
I´ve heard several people claiming that the Halconnen fires nuclear warheads, hence the depleted uranium rounds, but that's not true. DU-shells have only a hundredth of their original radioactivity and power reserves, making them incapable of a chain reaction. However, depleted uranium is even denser than lead and tungsten steel, and mass equals to power in ballistics.
Also, the usage of this weapon against people is forbidden by the Genva convention, but the same goes for the Anti Material Rifle Seras wields, making it doubtful that Hellsing cares about it. Besides, they`re not human, so any abuse and torture of them is justified. Dicks.

Category D Vampire

Regeneration may take a long amount of time for major damage (ie: 15 posts), sublime supernatural strength, agility, stamina, durability, and reflexes, big weakness to silver and blessed weaponry but survivable, killable through conventional means, ability to turn virgins into vampires, non-virgins into somewhat weak ghouls, the need to drink blood occasionally, susceptible to unblessed damage (still fatal to them), meagre weakness to sunlight (as in they get sick around it).

Seras is an excellent point shooter, although she ususally focuses her dominant eye when aiming.

Hellsing Organization

Seras appears towards others as a kind, sweet and cherish girl that's somewhat shy and inexperienced, uneasy around men and generally not fond of touches. She´s highly erotophobic, which is a result of a trauma from past days, although she´s trying to warm up towards the idea of having children this way she`s just too afraid.
After loosing her family to violent robbers, Hellsing became sort of her new family with Integra being a strict mother figure as well as a friend and Alucard as father figure and mentor.
In battle, she has learned to put her feelings aside, the hard way, making room for a more goreful persona, a relict from her childhood. She denies to drink blood, only doing so in emergencies and only from blood bags.

Sergeant First Class
(SFC, medium army rank with some commanding power over soldiers but not much)


(I make up a bit here and there to fill the gaps.)

Seras Victoria was born in Leeds at the 21st of march 1980 as the only daughter of a policeman and a housewife.
Five short years, her childhood was bright and perfect, before two robbers came into the house of her parents, drugged and with murderous intent, seeking revenge on Seras`s father. He was shot and killed instantly around Seras`s eyes as her mother told her to hide and wait in the closet while she tried to console the murderers. Seras did so, but her mother was also shot on sight, finally snapping the young girl´s brain. She dashed out of the closet, grabbed a fork and attached one of the robbers, stabbing his eye before getting shot in the gut and being unable to move as they raped the dead body of her mother and stole everything of value, leaving her to die. It was her luck that the neighbours called the police, who then brought her into the hospital, just barely saving her life at the cost of a lot of womb tissue.

Most of this savage act later influenced Victoria in grade school, letting her earn a reputation of a lone dog who would attack other children for lesser reasons, fatally wounding one for stealing her doll. A psychologist later discovered the trauma she had suffered that day and helped her to return into a normal life before she would`ve been thrown out of the orphanage she lived in. From that point on, she repressed the memories of that day back then, hoping to never go through it ever again. After finishing school with surprisingly good grades, Seras went to the police academy to train and become a policewoman in order to finally solve the case that costed her parents their lives.

But even in the police force, she was an outsider, being picked on by others and, more or less affectionately called “Kitten” for her fears and inexperience. Nevertheless, it was a good time of her life and she made it into the main force of the D11 before the fatal night in Cheddar village where her entire squad was murdered by the ghouls of a rouge vampire that desired power. She could outrun him for only so long, after a period of time he eventually caught on with her, disarmed her and was about to rape the virgin girl to turn her into a ghoul afterwards, as he had no use for another vampire beside him.
Alucard then decided to show, leaving a distinct impression on the helpless girl as he effortlessly disposed of the ghoul army, even coming back to life after being shot to bits.
The vampire used her as a human shield, trying to get Alucard to back off or join him, but he had other plans. Shooting Seras after making sure she was a virgin, he turned her into a vampire and kidnapped her, bringing her into the Hellsing organization where she became a soldier.

Her first mission was a complete success as she exterminated a vampire from half a mile away, but the encounter with Anderson brought her to a first defeat, just barely surviving his blessed blades.
She´s now firmly integrated into the Hellsing Organization, instructing the new people on how to hunt vampires as well as doing so herself. She has become a good friend and loyal subordinate of Integra.

RP Sample:

Ceras grinned darkly at Seras, slowly drawing her new pistols and cocking the hammers as she came closer and closer to her original counterpart.
Suprised to see me...? Do you even know who I am? I suppose not, hm..?
Stopping near in front of her, Ceras bowed politely, looking at her with a smirk.
Millenium took a blood sample from your previous fights to clone you, and enhance you... that was five years ago.. now look at me.. they did a very fine job, didin´t they? I`ve been looking for you for three years now. I almost had you, twice, but then you got away due to luck. Now i`m finally here.. not for Millenium, and certainly not for the Major, but for myself. Because i`m dieing to see what you can do.

Seras slowly got rid of her fear as Ceras talked in a smooth, almost likeable voice, but soon tensed up again as she raised her rifle towards her, flicking the safety off.
That doesn`t sound much like what a Millenium member would say. And i`m not even sure if I got all of that. But one thing is clear... you´re here for trouble, aren´t you..? You want to kill me, don`t you?!

Ceras grinned, and slowly nodded. Indeed. I am only here to kill you. So.. do you want to dance with me..?
She didn`t give her time to respond, as she let her pistols fire before Seras had time to react.
The blonde girl barely escaped the hits, running towards cover within the crossfire, but soon, after a backflip, got enough distance to fire her rifle at the enemy Draculina.

The black haired girl easyly avoided the shots, rolling to the side and fireing at Seras once again.. she instantly hoped that this wasn´t all that Seras was capable of, or this would be one hell of a boreing fight. Thankfully for her, she was wrong.
Seras soon realized that this wasn`t gonna do it, and reserved on different tactics.. enableing the flashlight on her rifle, she fired short burst at Seras as she reached out for a tree to climb onto... instead of climbing though, she jumped on it, attempting to snipe Ceras from up there..

Ceras however caught the clue just nicely and speeded towards the tree, hacking it in two with the hit of a blood blade comeing from her arm. Afterwards, she holstered her pistols in favor of her own rifle, fireing at the blonde vampire as she was, again, trying to get away from her..

Now, Seras took a more solid cover, AKA a parking truck that was positioned near the entrance.. but she forgot that this little tube on Ceras`s rifle was a grenade launcher, and without the blinding UV light she could aim it quite nicely.
If you`re gonna run away like that, chances are you´ll end up dead before you know it...
she taunted, fireing her launcher and blowing the truck to bits... but through the explosion, Seras then jumped out and at her, the surprised clone girl could only fire a short burst at her which didn´t stop Seras from tackleing.

Even though she was shot in the waist, the Hellsing Captain struggled with Ceras, her hand to hand combat skills fully engageing in the battle... Ceras already took three hits to her head, and one to the chest, as she got the clue what to do... the raven haired girl pulled out her bayonet and rammed it into Seras`s stomatch, forceing her off before gaining some distance.

Guess it won`t be so boreing afterall. This taunt only enraged Seras more.
Pulling the blade out, she threw it off herself and fired her rifle at the fleeing vampire, only to reload soon after.. she was all out.
This gave Ceras another chance to attack, who emptied her own rifle clip at Seras, to little effect... the Captain took hideing behind a large piece of debris from earlier battles.

Shit.. at these odds i´ll never defeat her. Seras thought, slamming a new magazine into her rifle and loading through. I gotta think of something.
Fireing over her shoulder, she heard Ceras laugh at her pathetic attempt to defend herself.

This is what you call fighting? Its easier than killing a mouse!
having reloaded her grenade launcher, the Millenium soldier fired it at the stone, literally crumbleing it apart.. Seras barely escaped death by rolling forwards as quickly as possible, but had some metal splinters in her back which pierced the skin through.

Laugh while you can. You`re just another death on Majors list. She snapped, now attempting to fire at her hands to disarm her.
Without your guns you`re just an ordinary vampire. Nothing more, nothing less. So you`re more than expendable to Major.

Ceras gritted her teeth, as she froze when the name Major was mentioned, she received a few shots to her arms, but managed to pull back soon after.
You have no idea what you`re talking about. Major would rather see me dead now than anytime after.
Shooting her with the regular function of her rifle, Ceras retreated next, running towards another truck as she knew Seras didn´t have a GL underneath her rifle.

Of course I don`t know.. you never even told me your damn name, how am I supposed to know anything about you?! We never even met before and you just barge in here and try to kill me!
Now furious more than anything else, Seras let loose at the truck, her sabot bullets pierceing right through the truck and giving Ceras a few more dangerous flesh wounds.
My guess is you`re nothing but a soldier in Majors eyes, and you´re too much of a coward to admit that...! Do you even have a name in the first place, being a clone?!

Of course I have one..! They call me Ceras Viktoria... Ironic, isn´t it? Because its the name of your death!
Pulling her shotgun from out of the coat, Ceras blasted loads of buckshot from behind the van at Seras, who was stuck with reloading.... the Rev-6 lived up to its name, after six shots, it was out, but the blonde vampire had two heavyly bleeding wounds on her chest and her leg.

I don`t think you´re gonna be my death as much as i´m gonna be yours.. If you could kill me, you would`ve done that by now. Look at you! Look at me! We`re more even than you think...
Seras coughed up a bit of blood, seeing as the shotshell hit her lung, but she shrugged it off as she was ducking behind a parking car.
If I wouldn´t know any better I would say that you aren´t even devoted to Millenium, but rather just want to die by my hands, isn´t that it?

Ceras came up from behind the truck and fired her now reloaded shotgun at the car, but to not much effect, as it was well armored..the vampiress silently cussed out, using her rifle instead to shredder the car as much as possible, her last clip hanging on her belt and soon being inserted into the rifle as the old one grew empty, she made a mess out of the car, but Seras was more or less okay behind it.

Face it, Ceras... Major doesn`t give a damn about you, does he? So why do you give a damn about him?
All the sudden, Seras came out from behind the car and fired a burst at Ceras, who was once again surprised by this action and didn`t react fast enough. She took a full blow at the chest before she rolled out of the way to avoid the rest of the sabots, but the blood she had fed from the guy at the airport seemingly wasn´t enough still. She was beginning to feel weak...

I know he doesn`t care about me.. and I don´t care about him either.. but its the only home I have, and if the rules of that home are that people must be killed, then I will have to do so..
Ceras stopped before the entrance of the Mansion, slideing the last four shells into her shotgun and inserting her last HE grenade into the launcher... first she fired the grenade to finally rip the car to pieces, then discarded the rifle in favor of fireing the shotgun shells at the incomeing Seras, who ran off the car as soon as the grenade left the chamber.
Even though Seras took four direct hits, she was still going... it wasn`t silver... and her millitary boots made aqquaintance with Ceras`s face.

Ceras was kicked a few inches away, spitting out a bit of blood as Seras kicked her again, and again, before throwing her own rifle away, and grabbing her collar.
Who do you think you are?! Now, she was simply beating the black haired meatbag, trying to punch some sense into her. You`re your own, sentinent being, you can choose whoever you want to serve, whoever you want to be, where you want to live and so on! Why would you think you have to stay with Major?!

The black haired girl took serveral hits, coughing a bit, before pulling out her pistols once more in a quick draw, pushing Seras off and fireing at her guts. Because I tried to leave before. They stalked me, hunted me down like some criminal, and got me back in. I killed hundreds of their soldiers to stop them, but it only pissed them off more... you can`t imagine the torture I had to go through when they caught me. Believe me I HAVE to follow Major`s orders..

Seras cried out in pain as the two incineary silver bullets hit her, but fortunely only got burned and didn`t catch on fire... afterwards, she drew her own pistols, engageing in another fierce battle with her clone counterpart... this time, they were fighting with pistols against pistols, basically trying to hit the other with the gun itself rather than the bullets.

Ceras had an aventage over Seras, but still lost the upper hand as she got her pistols knocked out of her hands due to her weak grip, which allowed Seras to empty her magazines into her defenseless body, riddleing her with explosive bullets.
The near lifeless body sunk down, but soon was gripped by Seras again, being pulled up to her face.
You disgust me, Ceras.. you really do... and do you know why...?!
The blonde hugged the defeated Millenium member tightly, uncareing for both her, and her own injuries.
Because you remind me of myself, thats why. I didn`t choose this life either... and it was hell for me, as well.. god knows how many times i`ve tried to return to my former life.. but Sir Integra, and Master Alucard, Captain Bernadotte and all the others... I would miss them too dearly to give this up. If you have anyone in your group that you hang onto even the least bit...

Ceras coughed up a curse, then shook her head. Nobody.. everyone dispises me ever since my attempt to get away..

Then you are hereby the prisoner of the Hellsing organization. Surrender yourself to England, the Queen, and God, and no further harm will be done to you.

The black haired vampire weakly looked up to her with a light smirk, starting to realize what she was up to.
..is that a promise..?

I swear it by my honor as the heir of Count Vlad Tempes of Wallachia.

Fine... I surrender.
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria (READY FOR VOTEING)   Wed Apr 20, 2011 1:08 pm


You were Prema-Banned.

Last edited by Sirina Anthony on Wed Apr 20, 2011 6:22 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria (READY FOR VOTEING)   Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:56 pm

Sirina withdrew the Permaban, but this should be discussed with the staff first, so please hold your vote here just yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria (READY FOR VOTEING)   Wed Apr 20, 2011 6:23 pm

Only put it on you due to miss-communication.
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria (READY FOR VOTEING)   Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:25 am

Sheet is open for votes.
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria (READY FOR VOTEING)   Thu Apr 28, 2011 11:40 pm



This sheet needs votes Staff.
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria (READY FOR VOTEING)   Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:45 pm

Approvals: 2

Disapprovals: 0
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria (READY FOR VOTEING)   Fri Apr 29, 2011 9:13 pm

wait I take it our other seras has been deem too inactive?

if that's the case

approval: 3
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria (READY FOR VOTEING)   Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:22 pm

Approvals: 4
Disapproved: 0

Approved. Locked and moved.
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria (READY FOR VOTEING)   

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Seras Victoria (READY FOR VOTEING)
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