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 Leona Hart ~The awesome~[Done]

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PostSubject: Leona Hart ~The awesome~[Done]   Thu Mar 31, 2011 4:39 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing?: Seen all, read all! =DDD

Name: Leona Hart (Aka Slayer)

Age: Twenty three... (Was bit at twenty one)

Gender: Super girl!

Physical appearance: She stands at 5'8" and has an athletic build. Leona is a brunette(the color would be a mix of ash brown and auburn, really) with crimson eyes, which would be custom to the vampire ranks. Yet, at times her eye color lingers at a hazel shade, reminding of her original eye color. All, in all, she is an attractive female, given her frail features and petite frame. Yet, she is still visibly fit, probably because of her always bare stomach. Don't misunderstand the 'frail figure' comment, thou. She still has a nice set of ample proportions

Leona has a healthy tan complexion(perhaps a little more tan than the regular Eauropean shade) and no scars what so ever. No piercings, even. No tattoos. You could say that she wasn't really into the lates trends of scarring her body.

As for her hair, she usually wears them tied back somehow. May it be a bun, a pony tail, a hybrid between a bun and a pony tail, it didn't matter. She does leave bangs in front of her forehead and there have been sightings of her hair let loose, in which case it stretches down to over her butt at the back. As for the sides, it reaches over her shoulders. Her hair has a layer V cut done, which is why there is difference between the sides and the very back...

Clothing of choice: You would probably catch Leona in an outfit that might border between smart, ellegant and a little courageous. She likes suits. No lie, she really likes suits. Yet, she tends to leave her stomach bare most of the time. Shoving cleavage is also a MUST. You see, she is very confident of her looks, which is why bold decissions as walking around almost half naked don't scare her.

She would be cought dead in something pink, overly shiny or yellow. Orange was crap to her too. And nothing with feathers, for that matter. A fur couat might work but something else is a pain. She never dresses obviously cute either. There are a few freak accidents, but they might just be a 'once a lifetime' thing, you know.

Here's a pic of her for better understanding! =D

Weaponry of choice:
As has been handed down in her family for decades, she carries zis!:

But now for real:

And she has a friggin rapier to act all old fashioned and awesome.

Race: Vampire (Cat. D)

Abilities: Regeneration may take a long amount of time for major damage (ie: 15 posts), sublime supernatural strength, agility, stamina, durability, and reflexes, big weakness to silver and blessed weaponry but survivable, killable through conventional means, ability to turn virgins into vampires, non-virgins into somewhat weak ghouls, the need to drink blood occasionally, susceptible to unblessed damage (still fatal to them), meagre weakness to sunlight (as in they get sick around it).

All that being true, Leona's aces lie in her speed. Tell you the truth, she regenerates a little slower than any other of her peers, probably. Yet, her speed seems to be a little better than others of her level. And yes, she has mingled.

Organization: Knights of The Damned (W00, parteeh~!!!)

Personality: There aren't enough words to to fully grasp her personallity but I shall attempt to make it clear for the lot 'o ya.

Leona is a self loving woman. She could be described as egoistic and arrogant. Self-centered really. You see, she doesn't admit to any flaws and makes sure to not have any, at that. For her, she is something unique and superior to the other pests of the world. You would also be correct to assume that she doesn't really make bonds with most of the people. She can accept someone as a peer, yet a term such as 'best friend' doesn't exist for her. For she is always the main priority. No one would really change that.

The arrogance also leaks because of her looks. She realizes that she is an attractive female and therefore she can almost get anything, when opposed by the opposite sex (or another female. Hey, she doesn't judge orientation). This has also developed into a rather bold way to approach anyone she feels lust for. I'm not gonna lie, she is a healthy female with a healthy apetite for sex(if you ignore the fact she is undead). Sometimes she might act like a flirt and it is perfectly normal for her. People should really loosen up and have more fun... like her.
The only problem with relationships: as stated before, she doesn't really make bonds. There would have to be a miracle for her to love anyone besides herself, really.

Another quality of hers is the observation of other beings. As a kid, she had shown great interest in pshyco-analyzing others. Her dad had taught her, really(It kind of being his profession). So, at times she can't help her curiosity after spotting a sign of shame, anger, pain or any other emotion they try so hard to hide. She doesn't try to find out things for the sake of comforting them. Nope, she's just curious. They just had to tell her to satisfy her hunger for facts. Also, to prove her right at noticing something was wrong.

Despite the charming personality traits above, she has a very huge pride. If someone were to target her honor, she would kill them. No matter how or when. She just would. Sooner or later. Yep, she might not even let them notice it at first. Yet, there are times when she takes jokes or just is too drunk to care(rare occasions but possible).

Oh, and she has a strong sense for blood-lust. Either she gets something to bite or she bites the person standing in her way. She absolutely refused to skip a meal time. She had grown trully addicted to feeding during her time as a vampire. It was a rush, really. And the energy flowing through her as she did... Priceless.

Being a dominant personality, Leona has also had to back up her words a LOT of times, which is where her liking to a good fight formed. She doesn't allways start them because she doesn't talk to most of the trash, but when flared up, she turns out to have a truly sadistic side. Besides, who doesn't like to crush the bones of those bastards who offended them? Well, she really does that.

Oh, right! She smokes. Well, not like it can kill her. And she isn't afraid of whisky either. As long as it could end up fun, she's all up for a glass. And there are a lot of definitions for 'fun' in her opinion.

Rank: Ensign of the Damned

Biography: Born as a daughter of a Duchess and a professor, Leona was spoiled, of course. She was also scooled from the age of three. Yes, three... I know, terrible, ain't it? She was being thought Italien, German, geography, the piano, art, martial arts at first. At the age of seven, she enrolled in one of the best private schools in England. The fact she had to live at the dormatories didn't bother them, really. As long as she was aducated. Then again, everyone could've pretty much agreed that she probably would end up with a degree one way or the other. But with those two it was just one word - STUDY!

Have to admit, it was a good thing that she was sent to that school. The first few years were not that fun, but at the ae of 14 she had started partyin' with the big crown. Catching onto many habits she shouldn't even have known about, the girl and the other 'good' children were having a blast every night.

The style of lifestyle changed her from the kind little girl. She had realised just how popular she was, which also affected her future choice. At the age of 18, Leona had finished the school but she said 'screw it to any sort of university'. Throughout the years she had realised that she has a really great vocal talent and she had made sure to work on it during the last school years. Which is why, she left home and formed a band called 'The Slayers'. She did get funded by her family, thou. she had convinced them about her ability to sing. They didn't mind that much after half a year of not talking to her.

The first year had consisted of her and her band partying more than they were playing, but at the age of twenty, they had their first break through. The mix they made between rock and metal, adding an alternative aspect, had reached out to people. Their fanbase grew, they even signed a contract with a new recording company.

And after a year of glory, on her twenty first birthday... she got bitten by some bastard. She didn't really remember how and when, since she had too many stuff circulating throughout her system, but she did wake up in an ally... That night she acted on instinct and realized just what she had become. It sucked, it really did. To think she had been on the path to become famous. That bastard. Well, she couldn't find him anyway. Nor did she now what he looked like, because surprisingly, there vere a ton of vampires scattered throughout the country.

Her next victims were... well, her band and her family. She even threw in an extra body at her mansion to fake her death. After all, since she was on the road to fame and they had noticed her change, she kind of had to kill them, she guessed. This way, no one had a chance to know what happened to her. How helpless she had been. She did feel a light hint of regret after that. Not much, yet a needle to the heart. Odd...

Recently, after rounding up a group of tourists for her amusement and dinner, she had been approached by something she considered to be yet another vampire. There was some talk about an organization or something. She didn't hang on the information about the biography, but the fact of them taking over things interested her greatly. Power was her best mate, you know. So, she bluntly accepted the offer to join, not really knowing what to expect. Then again, after spotting a castle, she grew used to the thought. Her kind of a place, after all.

RP sample:
"Oh, die already..." came a voice with obvious anoyance gracing the tone. You could even say that the irritation was dripping, as if you could hear the owner of that voice push the sentence through gritted teeth.

Yet, the ghouls were not down yet. Well one of them would be left standing as Leona, still in mid air from making a kick off the wall, made sure land with her boot first on the other ghoul's face, instantly pressing him to the ground and pressing her whole weight on that foot. She would want to smash it, yes. She had left her guns back home and wouldn't let a few ghouls threaten her.

The young woman grined the sole of her boot against the ghoul's cheek, as if slowly drilling in. You could see the head of that disgusting creature as if get swollen under the pressunre and it took a litttle longer untill it gave under the pressure, his dead, rotting hands still attempting to avoid sudden death. Well, he failed, for now the lack of brain was clearly splattered across the pavement.

Now, for the other ghoul~! He had actually gotten behind her already, huh? Well, that could be changed. She didn't forget her rapier, you know. A quick draw from the sheath and an agile turn. Voila, the blade was going through that bastards forehead. Now, to actually have a little fun with this. Leona moved the blade in a circular motion, slowly crashing the inside of his scull, knowing very well that it should die right then, but she would only let him hit the ground after a clean decapitation. Indeed, she had liked cutting swirls in his scull yet it had gotted boring when that thing stopped to make noises. What a drag...

*Meh... I wonder who I should eat today...* she thought to herself while patting her stomach. Yep, it was dinner time.
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PostSubject: Re: Leona Hart ~The awesome~[Done]   Sun Apr 03, 2011 5:14 pm

More detail on the weapons, where did they come from, etc.
More information in her biography on why the Knights extended an invitation to her.
Change the race to Category F.
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PostSubject: Re: Leona Hart ~The awesome~[Done]   Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:25 pm

meh make those changes, and just put something simple on the weapons, um the cat change b/c knowing the knights you will have plenty of chances. and yup,

approval: 1

disapproval: 0

and that is only if you make the changes
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PostSubject: Re: Leona Hart ~The awesome~[Done]   Fri Apr 08, 2011 1:44 pm

Post on this thread when you've made the edits to your post please.
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PostSubject: Re: Leona Hart ~The awesome~[Done]   Thu Apr 28, 2011 11:36 pm

This sheet has been stagnant for a while now. I'm giving Leona 48 hours to return and inform the Staff of her interest in this sheet before I move it to the Disapproved section.
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PostSubject: Re: Leona Hart ~The awesome~[Done]   

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Leona Hart ~The awesome~[Done]
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