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 Seras Victoria - DONE

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PostSubject: Seras Victoria - DONE   Wed Mar 16, 2011 11:48 am

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.
Manga: Yes.
Anime: Yes.
OVA: Yes.

Name: Seras Victoria

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Physical appearance: Obviously the first thing most notice about Seras is that she is generously well endowed, which generally attracts a lot of

She stands about 5'5" or so, with a trim, but generously well-endowed, or, at least, gravity-defying figure, and a face most would say more cute than beautiful. She has orange-blonde hair and blue eyes, that change to the common red colour when her full vampiric state comes over her (or when she is really angry) and her canines are somewhat longer than normal. Her Hellsing duty uniform is a creamy yellow shirt with twin breast pockets that buttons up the front and belts at the waist. The sleeves are rolled up over her elbows, with a Hellsing patch on the left sleeve. A heavy gorget of what looks like leather goes around her neck (hiding her bite marks). The rest of her uniform is a short (and I do mean short) micro-skirt in matching cream, black stockings to mid-thigh, and low ankle boots

Clothing of choice: Usually seen in her Hellsing uniform, of button up shirt and skirt, Seras also wears street clothes or civies. In her civies, she isnt one for over feminine clothing prefuring to wear

Weaponry of choice: Hellsing Anti-Midians 13.7mm - it is a semi-automatic rifle capable of using a drum magazine, designed by the Hellsing organization.
The Hellsing ARMS Anti-Midian Cannon 'Harkonnen', this 30 mm single-shot breech loader cannon is Seras' favored weapon. It uses various types of shells, including depleted uranium with silver for piercing armored targets and incendiary napalm rounds for destroying large groups of opponents both on land and in the air.
Seras has also used the Extra Long-Range Bombardment Firearm system for Localized defensive use "Harkonnen Cannon II". It had a gross weight of 345 kg and sported a pair of 30 mm auto cannons belt-fed from two large ammunition boxes carried on her back. Its maximum range was 4000m, and could snipe fast moving missiles and even shoot down Millennium airships. For additional firepower, the pair of cannons could double as a grenade launcher, launching two of the immense explosive incendiary grenades for wide-area field dominance "Vladimir", one from each barrel. Due to Seras's vampire strength, she could move around with the system with relative ease after she discarded the massive ammo boxes.

Race:Category D Vampire

Abilities: Regeneration may take a long amount of time for major damage (ie: 15 posts), sublime supernatural strength, agility, stamina, durability, and reflexes, big weakness to silver and blessed weaponry but survivable, killable through conventional means, ability to turn virgins into vampires, non-virgins into somewhat weak ghouls, the need to drink blood occasionally, susceptible to unblessed damage (still fatal to them), meagre weakness to sunlight (as in they get sick around it).

Organization: Hellsing


Seras is some one who in some cases can be likened to that of a tomboy, with her some times loud and slightly childish actions, such as screaming when she awoke for the first time in the Hellsing mansion. She is strong willed, and always stands for what she believes, this includes a reluctance to drinking blood.

Ever since she was a child, Seras Victoria has been a woman with a very strong will, and a brave heart. It was her goal to be a Police Officer (despite her parents death before her own eyes as result of her father, a police officer, getting in too deep) and no matter what anyone told her, nothing would change her mind. Seras would be a Police Officer.

When given the choice to die or live and be a Vampire, in that instant Seras chose to live, even if it meant being a Vampire.

When Seras is turned into a Vampire, for a great deal of time she refuses to drink blood, feeling that if she did, she would lose a part of herself -- a part of her humanity, something very important to her. Even if not drinking blood makes her weaker and merely a ‘halfling’ vampire.

A possession of a strong sense of Justice (even to a fault) coupled with her strong will are possibly what made Seras incredibly stubborn in regards to becoming a Police Officer. When she becomes a Vampire, however, her sense of justice and what her job as a member of Hellsing is are almost always at odds with each other. Seras argues with Alucard that killing humans is wrong, they are just humans, not the ghouls or Vampires they are up against. If she is told to do something against her beliefs or perhaps even witnesses it, Seras speaks up against it. From the start, Seras is a loyal soldier to the Hellsing Organization and even to Pip Bernadotte, the Captain of the Wild Geese.

Seras seems to regard her Master, Alucard, as someone to look up to, to an extent (because of their major differences in belief), even despite his chastising remarks about how she refuses to drink blood. However, he seems to understand her - to a point, even saying that perhaps there is a place for a vampire that wont drink blood. Yet, he still continued to call her ‘Police Girl,’ and other names such as idiot, until she finally becomes a full Vampire. He is obviously proud she’s proven her worth, calling her by name from then on. It is clear at that point that there is a strong trust between Master and ‘apprentice.’

She is also loyal to Integra, Alucards’ ‘Master.’ They both work together very well, trusting each other. When Seras is out of control massacring the Hellsing Mansions’ ghouls, Integra is the one to stop her and bring her back to reality to feel remorse for her actions. Integra also tries to push Seras to drink blood (even cutting her own finger), so that she will become ‘stronger’ and feel relief. Seras respects Integra strongly, always calling her ‘Sir Integra.’

While Walter doubts Alucard’s decision in making Seras a vampire, he was someone else that Seras looked up to. While she still spoke with him with a touch of formality, he was something of an equal to her -- Alucard was her Master, and Integra was her Master’s Master. She bickers with him like one might with a friend, and even fights side by side with him when the Valentine Brothers attack the Organization. While Alucard pushed Seras along in an almost harsh manner when it came to being a Vampire, Walter did it in a way that, for Seras, made it a little easier to accept.

Rank: Officer.


Seras Victoria is the daughter of Senior Police Officer Victoria, who was killed of his hidden child. Seras' father, a police officer, got in far too deep during an undercover mission. The group he had infiltrated traced him back to his home and brutally murdered him. Her mother hid Seras in a closet and then walked out to face the criminals, who immediately killed her as well. A distraught Seras charged out and stabbed one of the criminals in the eye with a fork before being shot in the gut and thrown against a wall.
Not long after the horror that was her parents deaths, Seras was sent to an orphanage, where she had to deal with her fresh trauma. She created many an ordeal in her orphanage, once where she threw a stone at another child for taking a toy she was playing with. After being told that she may be relocated if her violence continues, as the orphanage may not be able to care for her any longer, she tells them of her desire to become a police officer.
Many years later she succeeded in following in her father's footsteps, Seras finally became a police officer herself, first with the London Police Authority, before being promoted to a position within the D-11 squad, a special-operations unit.
While investigating a rash of deaths in the village of Cheddar (the deaths including a number of villagers as well as a unit of police officers sent in to arrest the village priest), Seras's unit came under attack by ghouls. Most of her squad members were killed and the rest were wounded. While tending to their wounds Seras is horrified to discover her fellow officers becoming ghouls themselves. Running for her life, she escaped into the woods.
Eventually ending up at a church, she went inside, only to meet the priest of Cheddar - who was a vampire himself. He attempts to drink her blood, but is interrupted by Alucard. After a short and messy gun battle with the priest's ghouls, Alucard made a bargain with Seras, he can kill the priest in one shot, but to do so he needs to shoot through her body (since the priest is using her as shield). If she is to survive the night, he will need to drink her blood and turn her into a vampire. Seras, who might not understand exactly what it is she is agreeing to, assents to the proposition..

RP sample:


Facial muscles twitched ever so slightly and the lids over her eyes moved as she dreamt, memories surfacing as the dream became more and more instense. It had been a while since she had dreamed this dream, nor had it been this intense before...

Sweat slowly made its way down the back of her neck joining some of the other small dropplets that clung to the nape of her pale neck. Taking a small step forward, she let her eyes adjust to the darkness of the church. To her muffled human senses it smelt slightly musty and damp inside. Almost like some thing had died.

The figure at the alter dressed in black turned around slowly, a twisted grin on the mans dark face that sent shivers down her spine. Whispered murmers rebounded off the walls as the man opened his mouth.

Never in her dreams had she been able to hear the full of what was being said, she only ever caught one or two of the same words. Blood and vampire.

It was these two words that vibrated softly off the walls of the dark church, the words sounding like a chorus as they danced around her delicate ears. Slowly the figure became more apparent as he shifted from being in priests garments to a long red coat, dishevelled black hair and a wicked grin that made her heart beat faster and faster with anticipation.


He looked up, grin widening as his eyes connected with hers. It was always like some one was seeing her, really looking at her for the first time, so she let herself begin to smile. Comforted by the fact that for one second she wasn't scared. Her smile continued to grow until she faultered, stopped by the new figures movement.

He had reached up into his coat, fingers grasped around some thing hidden. What ever it was, was whipped out in a blur and pointed out, straight at her. It was the smooth cold steely gleam of a large handgun.

The next words she always heard that made her heart drop like cold stone in her chest, ”Good bye freak.” As the muffled words left his mouth, strong fingers pulled the trigger, sending out the cold little bullet of death. One that hit her full force into her chest...
And always woke her up.


Her ears pricked at the slightest of sound, some of it natural, made by the small little red fox that was trying to slink away from her in the bushes, or the heart racing beat of the field mouse that was sitting as still as it could be waiting till danger passed. But there were other sounds. Unnatural sounds. Like the heavy but cautious foot steps of the man walking towards her at two o'clock. He couldn't hear her like she heard him, he was a newly transformed vampire and was only coming to terms with his new life and powers that came with the undead state.

But there was one thing the little bastard had learned right from the start. How to make ghouls. And this was just a small annoying mission to wipe out the vampire and the ghouls it had created. Not hard, just plain annoying. There were so many other things she could be doing. But hey, it was good target practice as Master had said to her in passing before she had left.

The young male vampire was getting closing in, unaware of her position next to a tree. Her entire body was hidden by the shadows as she stood there waiting for him with her Anti-Midian rifle. She had no need for the cannons tonight. They would easily give her place away, as much as she loved them, there was no place for them tonight. Much like this young idiot had no place running around turning every one into mindless zombies.

He trod closer, glancing around nervously. Seras could tell he was scared, and by Gods he had a right to be after what she was going to do him tonight.

'One more step.' She thought, her brow furrowing slightly with concentration. And he did just that. He took that one last step that would secure his end for good.
Swinging around she finally showed herself, much to the young vampires suprise.

“W-Who are you!” He grunted at her finally composing himself. He was obviously scared by now as he his eyes glanced down and saw the glint of the metal in her hand.

”Me? Im just sent here to smooth some thing over.” She said raising her arm. She wanted to get this over and done with as quickly as possible.

“W-wait! Wait! What are you doing!” He shouted, eyes bulging as he saw the gun, slowly being raised to chest level. He didn't want to die! Not now! Not ever!

”You have been killing innocent people and making ghouls, which have been causing havok in the towns. It needs to stop now.” She replied as she pulled the slide back with her spare hand. Seras had to do this now, otherwise he could call up his ghouls or do some thing stupid.

”Im sorry... I really am but I have my orders.” She muttered, more to herself than to the young man infront of her. Looking up to meet his eyes she started to apply pressure to the trigger that would send the fatal bullet through his heart and finish him and his army of weak ghouls with him.
But it seemed like the young man could see what she was about to do and he lunged at her, suprising her in the process. Faultering for a second as he lept through the air towards her, she took a step back and gathered herself.... Just in time to pull the trigger.

It almost seemed like every thing was in slow motion. The bullet left the barrel and flew towards the young man. But he couldnt move himself as he flew through the air towards her. Then every thing seemed to catch up. The bullet almost sped up and forced its way through his body as he landed ontop of Seras causing her legs to buckle under her. As the two fell to the ground Seras thought she heard a whimpering sound. Opening her eyes, which she had not realised she had closed on impact, she saw the young man. Pain was written all over his face, but there was nothing either of them could do. The bullet had long ago hit its target.

Coughing once more the man wheezed and went cold. Finally he was dead, which meant the monsterous ghouls he had created had died along with him. It was over, and she could go back home. But first she had to get the dead weight off her...

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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria - DONE   Thu Mar 24, 2011 12:30 pm

There is a second Seras sheet that is posted and completed. Please show signs of editing by Sunday night. If you do not show signs of interest in finishing and editing your application, staff will start to vote upon the other sheet by Monday or Tuesday night.
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria - DONE   Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:25 am

Sorry it took so long im in the middle of moving house. T^T
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria - DONE   Sat Mar 26, 2011 2:38 pm

I'm sorry. You really put a lot of effort into the sheet, but I just don't feel same sense of duality I get from the other sheet. This Seras seems very dark and grim compared to the other one. She isn't that combination of light and dark the other one shows. Sorry, but I'm callin' it like I see it.


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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria - DONE   Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:43 pm

eh you win some you lose some. No big deal. Im not too bothered if i get to play her or not XD.
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria - DONE   Sun Mar 27, 2011 3:14 am

Might wanna do a little more research on the age there to get it really accurate.
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria - DONE   Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:04 pm

ok I do not want this necessarily disapproved but rather placed on a waiting list, incase something where to happen to our new Seras that she would not be on for a while. So this will be our back up Seras, IF Approved by the staff so things won't necessarily have to stop.
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria - DONE   

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Seras Victoria - DONE
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