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 Enrico Maxwell

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PostSubject: Enrico Maxwell   Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:03 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.
All manga, OVA 1-4, and clips from other OVAs

Name: Enrico Maxwell/Pope Lucius the IV

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: He has a thin, lithe form. Kind of wiry, actually. He's obviously not very athletic or strong. Despite this, however, his bearing makes him seem taller and more impressive than his size and build would denote. He has violet eyes and silver hair which he often keeps in a long pony tail that goes about half-way down his back. He is Caucasian, though a bit pale.

Clothing of choice: Enrico's normal wear is a bit complicated. However, its complexity demonstrates his attention to detail. He wears a pair of black, formal shoes, purple dress pants, a purple vest with gold detail, simple white dress shirt underneath the vest, white opera-style gloves, and, of course, a silver cross pendant that hangs down to his stomach.

However, he also wears more formal wears these days, fitting his new position. He dresses in the customary Papal trappings, changing into his normal outfit only for informal or discrete matters. The ensemble consists of a white cassock with a matching mozzetta. A white sash holds the outfit together at the waist, hanging down to just past the knee. A golden cross hangs from his neck and the buttons on the front of the cassock. Maxwell wears purple shoes as opposed to the traditional red, considering it a more regal color. On his right hand, he bears the Ring of the Fisherman, used to seal important documents and as a sign of his station.
This is an example of the outfit:

Weaponry of choice: Maxwell considers himself above simple combat. He leaves that to his subordinates.

Race: Human

Abilities: He posses no special powers. However, he is far from powerless. His clever planning, natural diplomatic skill, and passionate leadership ability makes him a powerful commander and strategist. Not to mention his complete control of the Iscariot Organization and its resources.

Organization: The Vatican's Section XIII, The Iscariot Organization

Personality: Enrico is charming, sociable, and very diplomatic. He always tries to be courteous and helpful to those he associates with and respectful to those he does not.

However, If you are reading this forum, you already know that's a mask.

In truth, he is arrogant, hateful, and power hungry. He is a sycophant, using manipulation and subterfuge to move up in station. He looks at people not as human beings, but as pawns to used or discarded as the situation applies. This began in his childhood and has colored his history until now. Maxwell prefers the finer things in life, seeing them as something he's always deserved since birth.He is highly envious, seeing anyone with power he does not have as an enemy to be removed. This would explain quite a bit about his treatment of Integra. Most of this stems from his low opinion of himself, something he keeps under wraps. While he does adhere to Iscariot's views and ideals, it too is a tool to achieve his ultimate goal: The world united under the Vatican with himself holding the reins.

Rank: Pope/Head of Iscariot

Biography: In his defense, Maxwell's life hasn't been an easy one. Born the illegitimate child of a nobleman and his mistress, he was kept out of sight, his existence a secret. Never allowed to grasp the position in society that should have been his birthright, but kept close enough he could still see it, he grew bitter and angry at the world. When his father finally placed in Anderson's orphanage, unable to stand his existence any longer, that is when Maxwell made a decision. He swore to become so powerful, so feared, so revered that no one would ever look down on him again. For this, he forsook everything;friends, family, love: it was a distraction to him.

He threw himself into study after that, dedicated to learning everything he could. When he joined Iscariot, his immense knowledge and scholastic skill proved to be his most promising qualities. This was where he discovered his talent for diplomacy, using his knowledge of many cultures and customs to smooth negotiations between different group. He also showed an amazing ability to inspire those around him with his words.His talent for knowing just the right details about almost any subject, his mastery of social word play, and his ability to inflame the passions of those around him allowed him rise quickly to the rank of Bishop.

After rising to become the leader of Iscariot, he began to almost ruthlessly to differentiate himself from his fellows. Utilizing his agents abilities to there fullest, he began a near epic campaign against the unholy and heretical forces of the world. He was determined to out do his predecessor in every possible way. With control of Iscariot in his grasp,he set his sights on becoming Pope. Once Millennium raised it's ugly head, it looked like he might have a chance to truly stand out. Removing the last stain of the Nazis, a blight on the Churches past, from this world would assure his rise to the top. With his promotion to Archbishop, it seemed God himself agreed. However, the battle in London destroyed his dream, leaving the Vatican's forces weakened and in retreat. It seemed as if his rise had finally stopped. At least, until Millennium attacked Rome.

When Millennium made it's move, the Vatican was unprepared. Only a hand full of Iscariot agents were in Rome at the time, the rest abroad seeking Millennium. Seeing his chance for true power, he made his move. He left holes in the defenses, letting Millennium soldiers pierce deep enough to reach the Cardinals and His Holiness . In the confusion, he took charge and decimated the Nazi forces, playing the hero all the while. With no clear choice and the Vatican in disarray, he had the title of Pope bestowed to him. With the title in his hand, he only needs to remove the only two obstacles in his path: Hellsing and Millennium.

RP sample:

Looking out over the city of Rome, Enrico marveled at the design of it. Such beautiful stone work, pristine architecture, the Tiber flowing into the Mediterranean. This was truly the perfect city. The perfect place for the Vatican. The perfect site for the Pope's seat of power. His throne. Indeed. This city was his.

He smiled, thinking of his life, of the events leading up to this point. His life with his father. His time at the orphanage. His years spent in Iscariot. All of it leading to this day. He had attained a position so mighty, so high, that no one would ever be able to topple him from it. He chuckled to himself, remembering how the other children had thought him odd for spending all his time in study. He didn't come out and play with them, didn't try to friends with them, didn't even talk to them unless he needed something. Bah! A foolish waste of time. He had been preparing for this day. Even back then.

His attendant coughed slightly. Enrico chuckled to himself. (Well), he thought,(time to greet the masses.) With that, he stepped out onto the balcony, overlooking the Vatican's main entrance and the swarms of people gathered to see the new Pope. As he waved, looking at their joyous and cheering faces, he had only one thought:

No one will ever look down on me again.

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Enrico Maxwell
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