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 Marvel vs Capcom

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PostSubject: Marvel vs Capcom   Tue Mar 08, 2011 4:25 am

Ryu walked around a city that looked familiar but it was unknown to him, he noticed subtle hints in the differences like a few stores were out of place and a man wearing yellow and blue spandex with two claws coming out his fist was in front of him. Wolverine noticed the man in front of him he wore a gi that was torn at the shoulders and ankles along with a red head band and red gloves, the was Japanese and unusual spiked brown hair Hey bub what do ya think your doin here ?. Ryu looked at the man and merely I am seeking battles Wolverine crouched down Well that makes things simple don't it Ryu went into his stance, the two men charged forward.

Ryu's right fist shot forward with a quick powerful punch hitting wolverine on his forehead, Ryu felt something this mans bones were oddly strong like steel, wolverine was knocked back a little but then quickly slashed his claws at Ryu, who moved backwards the blades barely skifed his gi. wolverine kept crouched as he charged forward slashing his claws in a berserk-ed manner Ryu could barely dodge these claws. He had experience fighting Vega who had one claw but this man was different he used his claws as a part of his body, I need an opening Ryu though as he dodged the claws, and then he saw one, he moved forward crouchde a little then shot his right fist upwards in a uppercut as well as jumping SHORYOKEN Wolverine got smacked by the powerful uppercut he felt his brain shake a little, if it wasn't for his adamantium skeleton it could have been worse.

Wolverine smacked onto the ground, standing up he saw the Japanese man charging something in his hand it looked like blue fire HADOKEN Ryu shouted out as shot his arms forwards shooting the fire ball towards Wolverine who used his claws to block Damn its hot he swiped his claws out wards, and the flame diss-appered Well thats new Wolverine grinend as he bashd his claws together Ain't had a figth like this in a while. Ryu was amazed that the man could block his hadoken and forcefully destroy it I will say the same.
Wolverine charged again his arms wide apart as he screamed going into a besker like rage for a few seconds in which he slashed out mutlaple times, Ryu could harldy dodge these swipes the man had suddenly tunred into an animal! Ryu was cut a few times and he felt the blood trickle down, Wolverine kicked Ryu right int the stomak as he was caught off gaurd sending him flying down the street.

Ryu was laying on the pavement bleeding from several areas of his body, he sat up then fell onto his knee Damn that kicked winded me and with these wounds he stood up with all the strength he had going back into his stance I CANNOT LOSE HERE he declared. Wolvarine watched as the japanese man got up even with his wounds and heard his decleration Good bub I was hoping you would get back up he said grinning Come to think of it I didn't tell ya my name, its Wolverine Ryu made a serious face and a blue arua appreaed around him My name is Ryu.

Wolverine charged forwards going form side to side as he ran, Ryu breathed out as Wolvering had made it to him with his claws just reaching his chest SHIN he shouted as his fist smashed into Wolverines jaw SHO he moved his fist upwards RYOKEN he jumped as the force of the punch make Wolverines jaw almost dislocate, the pavement cracked and Wolverine passed out as he was sent flying up intot he air then came smashing downwards onto the unforgving pavement.
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Marvel vs Capcom
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