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 Child of I was

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PostSubject: Child of I was   Sat Mar 05, 2011 6:04 pm

Today there was rain, and it not very nice.
So I go outside to and see phone ringing.
I take phone, it very wet.
I put it in of mouth, so I can answer and make listening.
Phone stops ringing when I take it off hook. I say "Hello, this is London Calling. Yes, this is London Calling. BBC radio is this." Answers, a voice of lady.
"What the hell are you talking about? This is serious business, as you very well know!"I make an aghast at reply. It is very seroiusly talked.
"I sorry. I no BBC. I am became very seroius."The lady make to be relievingly, and tells me to go to the sqare of town at 5PM, and makes a hang up.
They make a curfew at 4:30 PM, so I make a knife and steal the door. After I make profit of door, I walk out to square.
The square was not rightly today. It was of not made of four sides, but for plus one, which makes a five.
"Five side square!? This is of interesting!"Then lady comes in black coat. It smells like rubber but it is of leather. It makes a hot but it cold because of rain which now is come with ice like brain slushy.
In fact she no lady at all. She is a car.
She turns on her engine, and I get into car.
It drive me very far, and soon comes sun which comes up from horizon. No I can see not because there still is ice rain.
Then the car turn into person, and I am still inside.
I make my hand come out of mouth, and I feel cool air but only on hand.
The lady quickly swallows, so my hand goes back inside her. It is not very nice.
The stomach is leather. So it very hot and watery. I go into other end, but there are Chevy Escalade on other end and they are very mean.
I carry always a leather eating dog. The dog is very fun to eat leather. It eats leather out. I think I still on earth but when I make a come out I not actually on earth.
It was very colourful and there were happy friends, but they were make technicolor of violets and electro greens which was whales.
I was make dash for it, but then car lady grab me and push me into her trunk and it was very bad.
I watch TV inside of trunk, but TV was in car language and gasoline made me feel a bad.
There was a glowing stick. I put my hand around it and did things to it, after few tries the trunk became of open.
I walked outside, and there was a spaceship, only a chevy escalade, only a lady.

It was the game.
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PostSubject: Re: Child of I was   Sun Mar 06, 2011 10:11 pm

'It was the game.'


I lost ._.
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Child of I was
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