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 Escape Hatch 113

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PostSubject: Escape Hatch 113   Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:00 pm



((Look at this and you'd get my idea of escape hatches.))

Having been burred in snow for the last half century, there are few escape hatches that are totally clear; one must crawl on their belly about twenty yards in order to gain access to the full city of millennium. This is one of those still clear escape hatches. Simply marked EH113, it dumps out at the far end of the city near officer quarters.

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PostSubject: Re: Escape Hatch 113   Sat May 28, 2011 11:40 am

Fritz hauled the oversized FLAK gun to the escape hatch, and looked around.
He put his rifles on his back, and hauled the FLAK 88 under him as he went towards England..
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PostSubject: Re: Escape Hatch 113   Fri Jun 17, 2011 9:39 pm



Brushing off snow, Sirina continued to dig around in search of a metal opening hatch. She pulled one of her throwing knives from her back, and her Tanfoglio "Custom Hybrid" from her right hip. Placing the tip of the knife against some ice, and holding the barrel of her gun, she smacked the top of the knife, creating fractures and chipping the ice she had encountered away from a few hinges.

Out of habit, she put some snow in her mouth in attempts to hide her breath as she continued to pound away at the ice sealed hatch with her gun and throwing knife. A few minutes later, the tip of her knife hit metal. She smirked as she put her Tanfoglio away as well as the throwing knife. Pulling at the handle upon the hatch, it slowly opened. Before jumping down into the hatch, she checked her inner vest pocket for a small black bottle marked Formula VF. It was going to prove to be a critical tool in her mission. Her scarred cheek twitched up as she smirked again at the idea of blowing Millennium sky high this way.

She had left all of her holy artifacts back at the base, only taking her throwing knives, both of her handguns, and her sniper rifle, which she had wrapped up in, currently, white material. For fear that the enemy would recognize that her guns were not German made, she hid all of her ammunition and the guns themselves well with a blanket, her backpack or, when she obtained it, under an officers coat.

Sirina slowly pulled the fur hood closer around her face as she pounced into the hatch, her feet making hard contact with ice and gripping (thanks to the metal cleats she did put on upon leaving the base). Slowly, she lowered herself to her belly and started to crawl towards the fisher located in a horizontal fashion, near the officers quarters. She half grumbled about this part of the mission as she neared a dull light. She needed to get herself as close to the center of the complex as possible for an accurate hit.

The ice met steel and tin as her hazel eyes peered out from the fisher to watch feet walk on by. Like a ninja, she thought to herself. She took a few moments to familiarize herself with the setting before her.

The hall was long, dimly lit, the ceiling high above with ventilation shafts that looked large enough for her to crawl about in if she needed to. Many, many doors marked in Roman Numerals also littered the hall before sharply turning to the north and south, Sirina positioned at the west side of this section of the city. Weathered with age, the halls were rusted slightly here and there where builders failed to completely seal sections of steel together, but dust was not present whatsoever. What was present, however, was some dog fur. Simple stands of silvery-white dog fur here and there.

Humph; highly unlikely, the Iscariot field agent thought to herself. She knew it to be a werewolf. A few more minutes had passed before she did lay in wait to focus more, waiting for the right time to move in for more cover. When it seemed like all was currently clear, she slid out from under the ice fisher, her feet clicking on the steel floor as she pulled herself up.

A few seconds had past and she had those cleats off, tossed back into the ice fisher. Looking around the rusted hall for a second, she formulated a way to attack a vampire or freak from above.

She ran as light as a feather down the hall, ran to the right for a moment, and pushed off a wall, ricoshed into the opposite, grabbed the bottom of the vent, and flung herself over to an overhead light; gripping onto the cords of the light. She pulled her legs up quickly, and hung upside down by her legs, and waited.

Minutes later, two freaks (or vampires), were walking down that officers halls.

"Ah tink zhat we are lost," the male said.

"You got us 'ere," the female tossed back with a roll of her green eyes. Sirina smirked. They were both dressed in pants and large, almost green trench coats.

"No, no, no, no," the male tossed back with a smirk, one fang showing. "Zis is officers halls. We're taking a short cut to zhe room vhere Herr Major addresses us all. UNCLUDING zhe lower ranking officers und soldiers!" He lit a cigarette and blew smoke out his nose as they both walked right under Sirina's position.

The female was about to say something when Sirina let her legs loose from the light cords, flipped with the aid of her hands, and landed right behind them. Before the female could turn around, Sirina had one of her throwing knives in the males throat. In less than a second, he vaporized into ashes and burned bone before Sirina aimed her Tanfoglio between those sweet, pretty green eyes of that female vampire as she flung around.

"Take off that uniform. Ya scream and I'll have one silver round plugged in ya undead brain, ya cloths off, and ya body hidden before dat fucked up carvery shows up when dey hear dis gun go off." The silver plating gleaming from Sirina's gun, the female vampire looked shocked.

"You are a human. Zhere's no vay you can--"

"Less talkin' moar strippin'. Ah really don't have time ta chit chat. So make it easy on yaself."

The female vampire went to object one last time, and the Iscariot Field Agent pulled the trigger. In less than two minutes, Sirina had that uniform on, the white blanket in which her sniper rifle was wrapped in now in a green cloth, and the body of the female dragged off before she put the real silver bullet in between those shocked green eyes.

"Ah bettah get a promotion for dis shit," Sirina mumbled, kicking the females unclothed limb into a room and shutting the door. "Or at least a fuckin raise... Oorr a vacation ta Mexico or someplace hot as hell. Someplace fuckin sunny und da fuck away from dis damned vampires und freaks und werewolves und--" she mumbled and listed off, the word 'fuck' every few words. Lighting a cigarette to appear more German she tossed on sunglasses to hide her non ruby hues.

She quickly then, after this, pulled the little black bottle from her pocket, and splashed the pink, translucent liquid around her neck and wrists. She knew she only had a matter of hours now. Tucking it back into her inner vest, and buttoning up the dark green officers coat slightly, she headed towards the Assembly Room; the room in which the two now dead vampires spoke of.

TO: Assembly Room

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PostSubject: Re: Escape Hatch 113   

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Escape Hatch 113
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