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 Walter C. Dornez

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PostSubject: Walter C. Dornez   Sun Jan 30, 2011 10:01 pm

Have you seen the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.

Seen all OVAs, read The Dawn and whole manga.

Name: Walter Cum (as in “with” in latin) Dornez (can also be said Dollneaz). Nicknames: Shinigami (Angel of Death)

Age: 69.

Gender: Male.

Physical appearance: 1.9mts Tall (6'2" in us ft... I think), he’s rather pale, has dark hair always made into a ponytail, he has black eyes. Strong facial features (no round edges). He’s quite slim, not really muscular, one might say he probably does not weigh over 75 kilos (someone measuring 1.9 mts should weigh 80, but he is too slim for that). He has wrinkles around his eyes and expression marks (these of course, he didn’t have in his youth).

Clothing of choice:

Always: White gloves, which seem related to his microfilaments, they help him handle them better, even though there are lots of characters who wear white gloves in Hellsing, Walter seems to have been the only one to find a good use for them (that can be realized with Dark Walter as well, since he wears black fingerless gloves, but uses rings as well, presumably to handle the wires, still, this app does not contain Dark Walter and this was a mere example).

He wears a white shirt, blue vest and a black or red tie with dark blue pants and formal black shoes, plain white gloves and a classy monocle, which is actually pretty much the same he wore when he was young, except the gloves are a tad different and he did not use a monocle back then: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20081226014747/hellsing/images/0/07/Walter_C_Dornez_by_pinkwater1211.jpg

Weaponry of choice: Microfilaments (worn with gloves), they are sharp enough to slice through steel and concrete with no trouble though he can use them to bind and restrain targets without damaging them, stopping a high fall (even if slicing several buildings in half in the process), forming mesh shields to block bullets, and binding targets and controlling them as puppets. They are also thin (thus the “Micro”), and by thin I mean less than a milimeter, so thin they are practically invisible to the naked eye, and the only way for them to become percievable would be when they reflect light, or when they are cutting through someone.

Race: Human.

Abilities: High agility and reflexes (Even in his old age he is able to dodge bullets from assault rifles), impressive speed and quite good strength. Skilled in combat with microfiliament wires, he is also able to stand repeated blows (he took several punches from the Captain, and was less damaged than Seras was with a similar attack). He also designs weapons and ammunnition for Hellsing operatives (Seras' cannon for example). Of course, he can drive cars and fly helicopters when need dictates (an example would be to extract Integra from the mansion).

Organization: Hellsing (might RP my way to millennium).

In his youth: Short tempered, foul mouthed, arrogant (He refers to the artificial vampires as babies when they threaten Integra), and sadistic when it came to battle(He even insults and mocks the Major). He was, in short, a wayward teenager with much to learn and a bad attitude, who believed he was above all others because of his skills, and that he was the best... which he was! Always eager to prove himself, not only to others, but to show himself that he was capable and skilled, wanting to make a name for himself, and always be on top.

Old age: The perfect model of an English butler: polite, dilligent, dutiful, and intelligent with a dry, ironic sense of humor and a merciless disposition toward the enemies of his master. He appears to have softened on the outside, cutting apart his enemies with a cold precision rather then the glee and bloodlust of his youger self, and delivering only ironic and dignified insults instead of just swearing like he used to. He takes great pride in being human and in his age, even though he is also quite resignated and frustrated about being old and becoming useless. In a certain point in the Manga, he even tells Alucard that "If we cannot have our pride with prosperity, then we should reject such prosperity" Meaning that he was quite proud of being a human, even if his abilities ("prosperity") declined. Yet in spite of his statement, he feels he is no longer the Angel of Death he used to be, and is but a shadow of his former self, and that his abilities have been ravaged by age, even if they are still quite impressive. Just like in his youth, he still takes every chance he gets to prove his skills and capabilities, and to show that they have not declined despite his age and flaws, at the point where he even wants to take on Alucard (that we find out when he’s turned to Dark Walter, but if he was not brainwashed, it was there all along), yet the one whom he really wants to “impress” is himself, since others like Integra have complete faith in him, he is probably the only person who is not certain (if not reaching the extent of not being aware) of how unvaluable an operative he is to hellsing, up to the point where he feels expendable, and thus keeps on fighting with all his heart, yet in his good old style, at this advanced age

Despite all uncertainties he has about himself, he certainly, like any good englishman, quite enjoys the occasional game of chess. He also enjoys literature, and has come to spend an important amount of his idle time in the hellsing mansion library, acquainting himself not only with actual history, which is one of his interests but with more fictional literature. Oh, and how can one forget the good old fashioned tea, which is a must for the proper Englishman, he takes pride in his knowledge about tea, since it is not just a beverage, but a ritual, a lifestyle, and there are several kinds of tea, all which have their “secrets” for preparation and drinking, no two teas are the same and for the same situations and moods, and Walter will know which one, for which occasion.

Rank: Hellsing family butler, and one of its most capable operatives.

Biography: He was born in 1930, just outside London, his parents were in good relations with the Hellsing family and they had even worked for the Hellsings, and because of that he started working for them since he was young. His first job as a Hellsing agent being in Warsaw in the middle of WWII fighting Millennium troops alongside Girlycard (girl Alucard), where they obliterated an attempt to create an artificial vampire army. There, even though he was quite young (he was only 14), he was already skilled with the microfilaments.

He started using the Microfilaments at quite a young age, following after those who had had his future position before him, reaching an impressive mastery by his late 13s and thus earning the chance to go to Warsaw less than a year later, where he started making quite the name for himself and earning the full respect of Sir Hellsing.

Walter was educated at Balliol College, Oxford (where Arthur Hellsing and Sir Hugh Irons were educated) after World War II, and studied philosophy and politics. Even if he was already working for Hellsing, this suggests that his family's status was quite high or that the Hellsings decided to benefit him by giving him the gift of education, the aim of that is unclear, but he suspects that his position had already been chosen for him before he was born, and that he was born an raised to be the Hellsing's servant and the "angel of death". In Hellsing: The Dawn, sir hellsing himself says that Walter "Was born to bury the dead".

Nowdays Walter serves primarily as Integra's butler and advisor, not only helping her make crucial decisions, but telling her what her father, whom he knew and served so well, would have done in certain circumstances. He also makes special weapons for use by Hellsing's members as well as briefing and propperly equiping them for their missions, as well as providing intel (since he is quite knowledgable and acquainted with his enemies, both by having fought them before, like milennium, or by reading about them in the library) and to help taking care of some negotiations (for example, when Anderson appeared, he was the negotiator with the Vatican), though Integra's the main negotiator, he is her right hand in these occasions. However, he is much more than just an advisor and weaponsmith, he is still one of the organization's most capable operatives, wielding high-velocity monomolecular wires with incredible skill and precision. Walter's efficiency and power was so great that he earned the nickname the "Angel of Death," and even at the age of 69, Walter can still rip his way through hordes of the undead.

On a more personal attitude towards his work, he is proud but resignated to the fact that he is old, and is not as effective a fighter as he once had been. When Alucard tells him how growing old must be terrible, Walter tells him that "If we cannot have our pride with prosperity, then we should reject such prosperity", enforcing the position that Walter is proud of being human, and would not embrace the prosperity of vampiric immortality because it would mean sacrificing that pride. But lately his fear of becoming useless is overcoming his sense of pride, as his ultimate wish is to become "an Angel of Death in body, mind and soul". However he's not only the "Angel of Death", he is also quite the chess player and has an impressive knowledge on subjects concearning vampires, werewolves and Millennium and iscariot (and some of their operatives themselves), knowledge which comes from more than just fighting, but reading books on such subjects, comparing them and testing.

Age does not seem to wear his skills down, since he can still fight like when he was fourteen, if not even better, but he is constantly wondering if that is so, or if he is just a petty excuse of what he used to be, and so constantly looks for oportunities to prove himself, thing which also keeps him on top, constantly reaffirming that he is a true angel of death, despite what he thinks, and BECAUSE he feels ravaged and expendable, he keeps himself on check constantly, not allowing himself to make a single mistake, this is so that he can keep himself on top, and partially thanks to this, and his uncanny skills and wisdom, he succeeds on doing so.

(OOC: Yes, I’ve repeated a bit from the personality section, but those aspects of his personality have had a great impact in his life, and that is noted too)

RP sample:

First sample: Walter and Little Integra (I apologize if Integra's not too well played).

Master Hellsing had just recently passed away, Alucard having been released and all threats eliminated, the duties of the Hellsing organization had been passed on to young Lady Integra. Walter had no doubts that she would be able to handle them perfectly, yet of course, he had to be with her at all times, to guide her and serve her, just like he did with her father, always be true and loyal to his new master, just like he swore, even if she was sad because of her father's death, he felt the need and duty to be with her in this time of grief.

Walter entered little Integra's room, she was sitting in her bed looking grimly through her window. "Lady hellsing, do you wish for some tea? Perhaps some scones?"

She responded angrily "No Walter, go away!"

He inmediately replied "Fair enough my lady, I shall be outside if you need me" He bowed and left, leaving the door slightly open. He was not happy with the fact that he had to comply with her order. He felt like she needed him, and that he should stay, even if she asked him to part, but he knew what his duty to her was, and he could not go against that.

After hearing Integra cry for some minutes, he heard her call him softly: "Walter... Please, come in"

He entered without making a noise and looked at the little girl with a smile "Yes, my lady?"

"I am sorry for being rude to you, I felt like I had to apologize"

Walter bowed and said: "I completely understand, my lady"

Integra wiped the tears of her face: "Should I start to attend to my duties"

Walter replied: "I believe your father would have wanted you to do so, but you are grieving, and you could most certainly take some time to recover so that you can be at your full potential"

Integra smiled "Thank you so much Walter, you may leave if you want"

Walter almost smiled, but just nodded politely. This girl was quite special, and she needed him. "Well, I believe you could use some tea about now... It never does evil" Having said that, he left. As he was leaving he heard integra cry a bit more, and then say "And please, bring me some scones as well"

Walter smiled as he left the room, he thought that, when he came back, he would stay with her and keep her company if need did not dictate otherwise . He thought For a grim mood, there is nothing better than a soothing Lady Gray with some milk...

Second sample. Young Walter (fictional battle, I know, I'm going old walter... but this one was sooo fun to make!)

Young Walter stood in the dark devastated streets of Warsaw. He could not see Alucard, and he was getting overwhelmed by the Freak soldiers.
Slice after slice he brought them down, moving his wrist back and forth. He was getting tired of this, and they kept coming.
Eventually, he realized he had to get out of there and shouted “FUCK DAMNIT, NO WAY OUT! You little attempts of vampires are going to keep holding me here? DIE!”
That being said, he kept slicing through the incoming troops, making his way to what was left of a building. He could hide there and hold a while longer.
The Freaks kept shooting, and Walter was dodging the bullets at full speed, eventually covering his back by making a net with his wires, then he turned back at a hole in the building, cutting through several lines of troops. He jumped back and inspected the building… Not safe, but it was clear. The Freaks kept coming, but he was much more than able to bring them down. He ran for the top of the two story building, and from there started showing off his abilities, slicing freaks in half by twitching only one finger, dodging or blocking bullets, and he even mocked the enemy by saying: “You petty failed vampires, I will show you TRUE skills and power! You are no more than little babies to me and my filaments! COME ON, KEEP SHOOTING! IT’S THE SAME FOR ME!!”
Eventually the freaks stopped coming, and Walter was left alone. He watched the streets and the remains of the building, there were sliced bodies everywhere… He was quite proud of his skills right then.
Head tall and an air of accomplishment, he walked away from the devastated land, in search of Alucard and of a better challenge to prove himself.

Third sample: Older Walter (battle)

It had been a strange day... Walter was tired from having stayed all day in his room designing a new rifle for the lower ranked troops, so he decided to go for a stroll to clear his mind.

Out of the blues, some men walk up to him... but there was something odd about them, they did not look like normal men, when they spoke Walter realized there was something wrong:"Hello Mr Dornez... Ve just vanted to... talk". The german accent gave them away, no matter how hard they tried to sound English.

"I am not interested in chatter, although I must thank you for the opportunity"

"I believe ve have expressed ourselfs zhe wrong vay... You must kommt mit us now"

Walter drew his microfilaments as fast as he could... He was wise and never left without them. The men quickly drew their weapons... standard issue machineguns. As Walter sliced their weapons cleanly with the filaments he wondered how they had found him so easily. Questions were not necessary, the important things, like why they were here or who they were, were quite obvious, so there was no point in capturing or incapacitating them... that meant a quick death.

As the men realized their weapons were now useless they drew .45 pistols and opened fire again. This time Walter evaded their shots and sliced one of them from shoulder to waist into four pieces. The other one was visibly scared, but once you choose the Millennium path, you never go back... Walter sliced his head as well.

Then he turned back, arranged his clothes and tie, pulled his gloves back, and headed for the mansion. Walter felt pleased with himself, seeing how he did perfectly in this battle and his age had not been an issue... then again these were just mere grunts, but at least they were something.

OOA (out of app): You can lie to everyone, but not to me... YOU ALL KNEW THIS WAS COMING!!!! MUAHAHAHA!!
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PostSubject: Re: Walter C. Dornez   Sun Jan 30, 2011 10:11 pm

Looks much better than last time dude. Everything seems to be in order and I can see the effort you put into this sheet. Job well done.


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PostSubject: Re: Walter C. Dornez   Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:00 pm

All looks good

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PostSubject: Re: Walter C. Dornez   Sat Feb 05, 2011 9:35 am

Seems great to me. Good job, chap.

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PostSubject: Re: Walter C. Dornez   Sun Feb 20, 2011 10:48 pm

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Locked, dropped, and colored when you make the account for Walter.
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Walter C. Dornez
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