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 Mythilogical cluster crash.

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PostSubject: Mythilogical cluster crash.   Sat Jan 29, 2011 7:43 am

Okay,i was bored as hell last night so i made this,i might make more chapters depending on if i feel like it or not and i might push the story with other mythology. This the result of my damned boredom... x.x Enjoy,i guess... didnt really put that much imagination into it.

Mythological Cluster Crash

Chapter one: The Demon and child.

The dark storm clouds blocked all light from the sun as rain poured down from the heavens,winds made the trees sway and bend.
The heavy rain fall crashed against the muddy path as a large,7'6 figure wearing a long Grey cloak with its hood pulled up,a
kimono top with the sleeves ripped off and long worn-out,black Hakama walked threw the storm. The man was literally soaked from
head to toe,the only thing he carried on him was a long,dulled katana with a broken handle and a chipped blade. Behind him a much
smaller figure trudged threw the mud and rain,also drenched from head to toe,was a little girl wearing a small purple Kimono with
matching bottom,a large sash wrapped around her tiny waist with short purple hair,covered in mud. Together the two figures walked
forward,the tiny girl walking in the mans large footprints. The thunder crashed in the sky,lighting shot down from the clouds like
a angry bolt from Zeus,crashing into anything within its reach. The little girl jumped at the sound of the sudden cry of thunder
and ran forward threw the mud,falling face first into a pulled of brownish water. As if she wasn't soaked enough,she looked up to
see the giant man she was with continue walking without even looking back. "C'mon,Kachiru." He stated in a dull,unenthusiastic
voice,"We gotta get to the next town..." The little girl suddenly got a huge grin on her face and jumped to her feet,running after
the tall figure that was infront of her. "Can I watch this time,Oni?" She said in a hyper voice,running up beside him.

The large man tried to ignore her flailing arms but couldn't,he was taken in by her large,bright blue eyes which seemed like they
held a running river behind them. "Fine.... I'll let ya watch if ya stay a good distance away.." He replied to her question,moving
threw the mud,rain and strong winds. The little girl was very happy. Even since she was found by Oni she had been fascinated by the
crimson color of blood that always seemed to follow this man,that is why she chose to follow him,she was like his unofficial
daughter. The couple made their way down the mud covered road until over the small hill that they were making their way over,came
into sight the next village. A rather large one for this area way out here,but there was no mistake about it. The men who called
Oni was definitely here. The large man pulled his cloak up tighter around himself as he and the little girl made their way down
the hill,Kachiru was very excited,running down the mud covered hill she arrived at the bottom first,even more covered with mud then
before. She ran around in many circules before Oni made his way down the hill and finally made it into the village gates. The
village gate was nothing more then a broken door,multiple cracks and holes were covering it,the guards were asleep with bottles of
alcohol littering the area around them and it was basically pointless to even have it up as a gate. The two made it threw
without any trouble at all. "Oni,where are we s'ppouse to meet these guys?" The purple haired girl asked as she ran circles
around Oni while they walked deeper into the village. "

"The letter I got told me to meet them at the other side of the village. I really dont care who they are so long as they arent as
weak as the others who fought with me..". As they passed threw the slums of the town,they could tell the whole village was like
this,homless people sitting out side,homes with broken straw roofing and stray animals running around everywhere. It was a sight
that wasn't uncommon in this part of the region. This tiny island wasn't that wealthy and really couldn't do much for its people.
Kachiru suddenly stopped and grabbed onto Oni's cloak,tugging on it slightly. "Hey,Sketh..." She said out loud,speaking his real
name he had told her so long ago. "Isn't that them?" She asked pointing with her free hand toward the local tavern at a group of
men. The group didn't look like much,just looked like a local group of bandits. Dressed in animal skins and leather,most of them
looked weak and skinny from lack of food or dehydration. Sketh wanted to shrug it off but couldnt,the little girls hold on his
cloak wouldn't loosen up,she must of wanted to watch a fight really bad,it was in her nature to do so. Behind the innocent little
girl was a little girl who was memorized by the color of blood,its crimson shine when it was first spilt was almost
irresistible,even to Sketh. But he had been killing ever since he came to this land,it wasn't anything new. "I dont think so...
Why would they be here..." Sketh stated,finally pulling his cloak from the little girls tight grasp. "They look like weaklings and
Im not in the mood to fight weaklings..."

Just as he turned to walk away he was caught again by the back of his cloak and stopped. "No,its them.. They have the same smell
as the letter we read. My nose dont lie." Kachiru spoke as if she was in a trance,her pupils in her eyes grew small and she kept
her eyes open wide as she spoke,"Thats them,Oni." Sketh grunted and turned around,almost disappointed at the fact that weaklings
would even dare to send him a invitation to a fight. "Yer sure its them,right?". He got a small nod from the child as he walked
forward,pulling her along with him. The 7'6 figure rose over them like a large tree,towering above even the roof of the taver they
were infront of by 9 inches. The man on the right,dressed in animal furs and carrying a large axe on his back recognized Sketh from
the poster they saw,they sent a letter to him,not knowing if he would get it or not,looks like he did. "Well boyz,look wha we ave here." He spoke with a strange accent,or maybe he was just to stupid to talk properly,Sketh didnt care nor did Kachiru. "Our m'eal tickets er!" The other 9 of them turned around and started to laugh until they saw his full height. He was bigger then any of them by atleast 2-3 feet! The axeman who started the conversation moved his hand onto his back,grabbing the handle of his weapon but was stopped by a wave of Oni's hand. "Lets not fight here... It would be annoying if I had to pay for your burials and destruction that would be caused by us fighting in the town." The giant said with a dull expression,as if he wasn't really interested by the group and turned around,completely blowing them off. The man in the middle of the group,a hotheaded sword user suddenly took the opening of the mans back being shown to them,he was a bandit after all.

With a quick moment of a arm and a few long strides put the tiny bandit up behind Oni,sword in hand. Sketh heard the mans feet splash in the muddy water in the street,he hated fighting inside towns. The giant suddenly turned and swung his arm out in a wide arch,sending a muscle toned arm right into the mans cheek. The sound of bone snapping and popping could be heard as the man was sent back in the mud,a broken jaw and a few teeth missing. "Fiiine..." he groaned as he moved his large hand up to the broken sword on his back,gripping the broken handle. "I'll fight ya all right here..." Two more of the bandits ran forward,one with a spear,the other with a dagger,but with a quick pull the giant ripped the broken and dulled sword from his back and swung it in a wide arch infront of himself,the dull blade combined with the mans immense arm strength was like a saw ripping threw the animal skin and flesh. In a single motion,the two upper torsos flew into the air a few feet and fell down,one landed threw a straw roof on a house nearby,the other landed in the mud. Having killed 2 of the men and knocked one out,only six remained. The remaining men were dumbfounded,with such a broken sword how could he cut threw two men with one swing! Was he a monster?

Kachiru,the tiny little girl looked with awe as she saw the crimson color rain down from the sky and splatter across the ground,mixing with the mud. She was memorized by the color,she was so struck by it she almost wanted to taste it,standing a few feet behind Oni,she was watching,her eyes as wide as they could get with the bright blue gaze locked on every one of Skeths swings,hoping that with each one would bring more of this pretty Crimson color. So it did,after a few seconds one of the men stepped up and lifted his sword into the air. "If we attack him all at once,we can win! No way he can take on all Nine of us!" Four of the men stepped forward,talking amongst themselves with high hopes for this plan,five on one seemed like a good idea,at the time atleast. They all readied their weapons,gripping them tightly as they moved out,surrounding Oni from all sides. Kachiru watch unfazed,she knew they could not harm him,even if they came at him five on one,she had traveled long enough with Sketh,even since he saved her in the woods,to know that no one in this area was that skilled. 3 charged from the front while the others charged from the back. With a quick spin Sketh thrust his left arm out and slammed his massive palm into one of the mens face,pulling him with the spin as he swung his sword with his right hand back around,hitting both of the mens weapons from behind. The impact of the seven-foot giants sword sent sparks flying as his sword slammed into the other,literally lifting them from there feet and sending them flying back into the mud while he used the momentum of his spin to swing the man he grabbed into the last two,throwing the cluster of men to the ground.

After a few seconds,one man got up from behind and charged in again,seeing that a man infront of Sketh got up as well,maybe Oni was distracted? Sadly,no. The giant turned about a half step to the left and lifted his right foot up,slamming it into the man's chest behind him,the cracking of ribs could be heard as the bandit was throw back,blood shooting from his mouth. After he lowered his foot,Sketh turned again to face the man infront of him who had already stabbed at him with a spear but with a quick swing from his dull sword,split the wooded pole at the center and sent the tip flying over Kachiru and into the mud. The little girl hardly even noticed,she was watching the crimson liquid fly threw the air,splatter on the ground and smear in the mud. It put this tiny girl in a trance,right now her carefree smile was gone,replaced with the cold,hard look of those bright blue eyes. While the bandit stood there in awe as his spear was cut,Sketh lifted the dull blade up and stuck it down,the dull,chipped, and broken blade crashed down between the mans eye,the rough edge carving threw the bone of the skull and right down the middle,stopping at the middle of the mans chest. The man split down the middle half way,blood sprayed out like a fountain of crimson bliss in the little girls eyes. The man stood for a few more seconds,then fell down on hi back. "C'mon guys... This is just a bunch of BS is ya look at it,Nine of ya cant even take me down!" The last remaining men behind him crawled away in the mud,stumbling over themselves as they finally reached their feet and took off,so did the others who were alive,two of them even carried the ones that couldn't move,broken ribs and a broken jaw,that would take time to heal.." Sketh turned,pulling his bloody cloak off of his large,muscular body and long,unkempt black hair and began to walk back toward Kachiru,dropping the thing over the little girl,which seemed to break her trance of the Crimson poison that was known as blood. He eyes went wide as she pulled it off of her head and wrapped it around herself, "Thanks,Skethy!" She cried as he leaped up with leg power that shouldn't of even existed inside such a tiny girl,who looked the age of a six year old. "Where are we going now?" She asked,clinging to his shoulder. "Dunno,the next town?" The tall man wore not shirt fore it was torn off with his cloak,with only black kimono pants or Hakam and a sword in his hand. With great strides the man carried the little girl,taking her down the street and toward the gate they came in threw,his bare torso exposed to the stormy winds and rain. His eyes seeming to glow red in the shadows of the storm clouds.

Hakama = the bottom part of a kimono,just to end the confusion.
Oni = is Japanese for demon just incase that confused someone.
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Mythilogical cluster crash.
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