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 Fan Fiction By Sirina Anthony

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PostSubject: Fan Fiction By Sirina Anthony   Sat Jan 22, 2011 4:36 pm

http://www.fanfiction.net/~phantomsyren < FF Profile

Alrighty. Since some of these posts were moved about, I'm just going to repost the direct links to my Hellsing fanfictions.

Please read and comment on them. Smile

Loyalties Proven > Captain Hans Fan Fiction -Complete-
Why did Anderson display shock in the Manga when he saw Hans? He was looking at Hans and had an incredulity expression on his profile. Also, Dok would have needed some data from other genius than his own, even if he had to have someone steal it. On the way to steal this rival scientist work, Hans reflects upon the main members of Millennium as well as the mission at hand.

Fools > Integra and Alucard Fan Fiction -Complete-
I just got an idea at three in the morning and had to write it down. Read and find out. One-Shot.

Not Yet, My Death > A series of poems I pick at when the mood hits, the poems being about Hellsing Cannons. First one is about Alucard, second one is about Integra. -On going process-

Our Story > Iscariot Fan Fiction. -On going process-
When he knew he was gonna die, the fear in his eyes was like that once when he was a wee bit of nothin'. This was maybe one of the hundreds of time ah saw that panicked look, but after his goals were set, this was the last time ah saw that expression. When that little nun died, 'er expression was no longer Yumie, but Yumiko. How could Yumiko understand that, except understand the risks that she had been taking all along? Heinkel, so head strong and stubborn. What about 'er? She had changed to be as devil tempered as Yumie…..
^This one so far, it slow going. I need some more ideas. Got some? Post it in the R&R section of the Fan Fiction please, or put 'em in this thread. Smile
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Fan Fiction By Sirina Anthony
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