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 *Alucard the vampire*

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PostSubject: *Alucard the vampire*   Mon Jan 03, 2011 2:36 pm

*throws his hat into the ring* Thought I'd give this a shot, the oppurtunity doesn't come around all that often even if I only wind up as a temp.

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.
-seen OVA 1-7, watched the anime, read the manga, Crossfire, and the Dawn

Vlad Tepes III, Vlad the Impaler, Prince of Wallachia, Son of the Dragon, Dracula, The No Life King, Lord of the Vampires, The Count, The Ultimate Undead, The Bird of Hermes, Alucard


Male (with the ability to shift between either at will)

Physical appearance:

Standard: Standing just over two meters tall, Alucard is an incredibly tall, imposing figure. Despite that fact, he is somewhat lean in comparison to other extremely tall warriors in the Hellsing universe such as Alexander Anderson and Hans Gunsche. His skin is very pale, appearing almost perfectly white at times which serves to accent his fierce crimson/orange eyes and midnight black tousled hair. Normally his hair is medium length, partially obscuring his face. However, as his powers release his hair tends to grow to shoulder length or longer and takes on an ethereal nature. Ever present are his fearsome fangs which serve to strike further terror into his unworthy foes. In terms of overall facial features, Alucard’s are highly pronounced, being easily described as sharp. This ranges from his pointed chit, to his long slender nose, to his high brow, and his deep dimples. As previousely stated, his eyes are highly unique due to their vibrant orange color but also due to their hawk-like shape indicating an animalistic ferocity.

Alucard, sans his hat and glasses:

A closer look at Alucard’s features in his “default” form:

Level Zero (Vladucard): Though his height remains the same, in this form (the appearance he had at the time of his first “death”), Alucard gains several pounds of muscle along with a full beard. Outside of these passing changes, the only other major changes between this and his base form is that his voice gains more of his original Romanian accent and deepens slightly. Overall, in this form Alucard possesses the common characteristics of any medieval ruler and carries himself with similar pride and regality.

Alucard’s appearance (Level Zero):

“Girlycard”: This is the form which Alucard took during his assault alongside Walter against Millenium in WW2. In this form, Alucard appears as a young teenaged girl with long raven hair reaching midway down her back. Her hair is cut straight in front just above the eyes which remain Alucard’s trademark crimson. Though his features have become far more feminine that usual, Alucard’s bust is very small in this stage making the act of identifying his gender somewhat difficult. This may be attributed to the age that he has adopted here (that of an early teen who has only just entered puberty) in order to toy with Walter. Lastly, Alucard is far shorter in this form, standing only five feet, nine inches.

Girlycard’s facial features:

Clothing of choice:

Standard: Alucard’s standard attire bears a striking resemblance to that of the late Abraham Van Hellsing, the man who originally defeated him. It consists of a charcoal grey suit with a double breasted jacket (the buttons being black), knee high dark brown leather riding boots with a raised heel appearing to be of Victorian style, a white dress shirt with thin black pin stripes, a large red cravat tied in an intricate knot, and a large red duster reaching to his mid-calf. The coat has a slit going up the back measuring 2.5 feet which seperates his coat into two tails. Along with his normally flamboyant dress, Alucard has several eye catching accessories. Covering his inhuman eyes are custom made, goggle-like sunglasses with orange lenses. Atop his ebony locks of hair is a large floppy red fedora with several bands encircling it (the bands are a lighter shade of red for contrast). Finally, on his hands are pure white gloves with buttoned, synched cuffs. On the back of each are a collection of occult and wiccan symbols with serves to help bind him to the Hellsing family and access his vast array of supernatural powers. Regardless of his form, the gloves are present.

Alucard’s most common form of dress:

A closer look at alucard’s custom sunglasses:

The seals seared onto the backs of Alucard’s gloves:

Level Zero (Vladucard): In his most powerful form, Alucard abandons all aspects of modern clothing and returns to his crusader garb. Clothed head to toe in dark grey plate armor, Alucard looks ready to ride into any ancient conflict. Unlike many of its day, alucard’s armor is segmented in numerous joint sections to allow for increased freedom of movement and flexibility. The various sections are held together with dark brown leather belt straps with bronze clips. Beneath this protective suit is a long sleeve shirt and trouser combo of think black leather for further protection. Draped over his shoulders is a magnificent crimson cloak denoting his status as royalty as well as adding a bit of flair to his otherwise drab appearance.

Level 0 armor:

“Girlycard”: Opposed to his other manners of dress, in this form the primary color Alucard wears in white. Once more clad in a double brested suit (the bottom of her pant legs being rolled up once) and a far more pedestrian trenchcoat, Alucard appears to be a simple girl out for a night on the town (albeit with a rather sophisticated style of dress). Beneath the woman’s suit is a white dress shirt and black tie. Finally, the outfit is completed with a pair of white dress shoes, a white scarf of silk, Alucard’s iconic gloves, and a Russian fur hat which, as with the rest of the ensemble, is white.

Girlycard’s attire:

Level One (Bondagecard): When the time comes for Alucard to reveal more of his vampiric nature and call upon his more arcane abilities, he adopts this mode of dress. Physically his remains in his standard form but gone are the glasses, fedora, and duster. His only clothing in this form is a full body suit consisting of a series of leather straps giving it a similar appearance to a straightjacket. This is most likely intentional as his arms were bound in it when Integra first discovered him in the Hellsing dungeon.

“Bondagecard form”:

Weaponry of choice:

The Cassull: A custom handgun crafted for Alucard’s personal use, this monster of a weapon is loosely based on the classic Colt 1911 but chambers the massive .454 Casull rounds, each of which is the size of a AA battery. The gun’s overall length is 39 cm which is roughly equal to that of the Jackal and weighs exactly 6kg. unloaded. The gun has a pure white color scheme with gold accents and a brown grip. The ejection port faces to the right so that it may be used in conjunction with the Jackal. In scribed on the sides of the slide are the words Hellsing ARMS 000001. The rounds used by the Casull are custom made explosive silver bullets made from crosses from Lancaster Cathedral. Though they are said to be explosive, the bullets seem to have properties similar to that of a full metal jacket in that they were able to pierce through two bodies with a single shot. The magazine capacity is 7 shots as opposed to the Jackal’s 6.

The Casull:

The Jackal: Weighing in at 16kg. and measuring roughly 39 cm, the Jackal is more firepower than any man was ever meant to wield. Made by Walter Dornez for Alucard following his encounter with Alexander Anderson, the words “Jesus Christ is in Heaven now” are etched on the slide in mockery of the Judas Priest’s gloves. The design is unique in that the entire upper half of the gun functions as a slide and possesses a silver ejection port so that it may be used in conjunction with the Casull. Along with the ejection ports, all accents on the gun are silver to contrast the otherwise midnight black color scheme. The gun fires 13mm mercury core, blessed macedonian silver rounds with hollow high explosive tips. The magazine capacity is 6 shots as opposed to the Casull’s 7.

The Jackal:

Alucard wielding both the Casull and the Jackal:

Other: In addition to his handguns, Alucard is more than happy to engage in combat using his bare hands and fangs. However, when in his Vladucard form, Alucard is shown wielding a large, two handed claymore of Medieval design. The leather wrapping on the handle is pure ebony which is the only decorative feature of the otherwise plain looking damascus steel blade. The swords overall length is 139mm and weighs 2.2 kg

Alucard’s Claymore (NOTE: The sword pictured below is a Scottish claymore as opposed to the more European variation Vlad would have historically used. However, the blade depicted in the manga closely resembles this sword sans the decorative rings at each end of the crossguard):

Race: True Nosferatu


Regeneration: Alucard's ability to regenerate is considerably greater than any other vampire's, and may be due to the Hellsing family's experimentation. He has regenerated from a pool of blood and from being blown to shreds by gunfire, incinerated completely, etc. When damaged to an extreme extent, his body simply turns into a shadow-like substance and reconstitutes.
Superhuman Accuracy: Alucard has been known to hit targets at great range using handguns while looking the other way. He does this by using his so called 'third eye'. He states that "if you shoot like humans do, you'll only miss like they do.".
Superhuman Strength: The extent is unknown, but Alucard can physically rip humans and vampires apart with ease. He also ripped through Tubalcain Alhambra's card which was strong and dense enough to slice through uranium.
Superhuman Speed: He can move faster than can be seen, and is faster than Mach Speed. He caught a magic bullet within his mouth [which tore through an SR-71 (which is made of multiple alloys, including VARIOUS amounts of titanium) and crushed it within his teeth].
Intangibility: The ability to pass through solid objects.
Superhuman Agility: The ability to defy gravity to an uncertain limit. He is also seen leaping impossible distances and can go up vertical surfaces.
Shadow Manipulation: Manipulation of shadows into physical form.
Shape-shifting: Alucard can transform himself or parts of himself into bats, insects, snakes, hell hounds, other human forms including a little girl, an amorphous mass of darkness, and many other forms. Alucard has four known human forms, each with different characteristics and weapons. He also states that his form means nothing and that he can take any form that he chooses.
Weather Control: The ability to control the weather to an unknown limit, as demonstrated by the fog created when he returned to London aboard the H.M.S Eagle.
Telekinesis: In the manga, Alucard uses telekinesis to close a door on a fleeing swat officer, as well as throwing six or more other swat officers through glass doors and navigating them to flag poles where they are impaled. Alucard is later seen moving a broken down air-craft carrier from the Gulf of Italy to the Dover of London all in a little less than 40 minutes, only traveling at a few knots. Maxwell states that the air-craft carrier shouldn't be moving, and that he was amazed it was, especially since a recon jet ( the SR-71 ) was impaled in the air-craft carrier's flight-deck.
Telepathy: Alucard can speak telepathically to his fledgling.
Mind Reading
Mind Control and Hypnosis: (fans sometimes call it the "Sex Beam" after a remark from Pip).
Summoning: The ability to summon familiars, the souls of those whose blood he has sucked in a variety of forms that either sprout from his body or swarm around him as an army numbering in the millions. These familiars can also include animals such as horses and the weapons and abilities that the familiars possessed in life, but Alucard can only use this ability when control art restriction system level zero is released.
Blood Sucking: The ability to suck a person's blood and absorb their soul and, consequently, their knowledge and memories. (He learns more about Millennium after absorbing Tubalcain.) He can also absorb blood through his clothes and skin, as he does with Luke Valentine's blood after his hell hound had eaten Luke's body.
Hibernation: Alucard is able to survive long periods of time without consuming blood, but is able to fight at a usual level of strength after drinking even the smallest bit of blood.
Immunity to the weaknesses most vampires possess: His abilities and health are not in any way compromised by such things as sunlight or silver. In fact, it appears that the only weapons capable of harming him to any real extent are the most holy of Christian artifacts, such as Father Anderson after augmenting his abilities with Helena's Nail (a nail which was from the True Cross which crucified Jesus Christ and was blessed in his blood).
'Supernatural Sense': The ability to sense supernatural activity (In The Dawn, a prequel to Hellsing. Alucard knew the Captain was a werewolf the moment he saw him, and in the OVA, could see the blessings on Father Anderson's bayonets).

It must be noted that most of the time the bulk of Alucard’s vampiric powers are sealed by the occult seals and binding spells placed upon him by the Hellsing family. There are five restriction levels in total, the lower the number, the more power Alucard has access to. On his own he is capable of releasing to level one for a limited amount of time should he find himself facing a significantly powerful foe. This is known as situation A during which Alucard is granted limited use of his higher level abilities “until the enemy has been rendered silent.”

However, only Sir Integra Hellsing is capable of unleashing Alucard’s full power by granting him permission to unleash Level Zero. Level Zero grants Alucard full access to his most powerful abilities. In this form, he summons forth the sould of everyone he has ever consumed in the form of a blood soaked army of familiars numbering in the millions. He essentially becomes a living castle however, he is also at his most vulnerable in this state. With all the souls within him called forth to fight, he is unable to utilize them to regenerate indefitely. All this means that he is essentially as vulnerable as any other vampire.

Alucard’s stance while invoking the Cromwell Release:

Alucard summoning forth his hellhound familiar, Baskerville:

Organization: The Hellsing Organization


One of the defining features of Alucard’s personality would have to be his arrogance. Utterly confident in his abilities, Alucard relishes in the thrill of combat and the opportunity to crush his opponents. However, what Alucard truly seeks in all this is a challenge, a worthy foe capable of finally killing him and ending his eternal existence. Because of that, Alucard has tremendous respect for mankind and humanity as a whole. He believes that one’s humanity is the greatest gift they possess and will fly into an intense rage should he witness someone give it up or take their own life. His view on his fellow monsters is quite low as he sees them as little more than mindless beasts who were too weak to live out their lives as men. Of particular note is his relationship with Integra Hellsing and Seras Victoria. In Integra, Alucard has found his ideal master and opposite. Her strength of will has only served to further his respect for humanity and he joyfully carries out her every command while at the same time testing her nerves with the prospect of immortality, more to ease his own boredom than anything. In Seras Victoria we see his softer nature in that he was so moved by her will to survive that he granted her immortality and now stands watch as he mentor and father figure.

Buried beneath his cocky and rage filled exterior, there is a forlorn side to Alucard. Secretly, he despises his own curse of immortality which is the cause for his obsession with finding worthy opponents. He realizes now what a fool he was for abandoning his own mortal existence, this realization is what has led to both his fascination with humans and his disgust with suicide. At one time he was a man of powerful faith in God but his years as a vampire have destroyed any love for God he once had. He now scoffs at both God and his agents across the earth, seeing Him at best as an absent father with no interest in his creation.

Alucard’s eternal loyalty to his true master, Integra Hellsing:

Alucard reveling in the joy of combat while in Level 1 restriction:

Alucard’s unmoving arrogance and sneer as if laughing at his own private joke:

Alucard’s respect for humanity personified with his ultimate rivalry with Father Alexander Anderson:

Rank: Secret Weapon

Vlad was born in Sighișoara, Transylvania, in the winter of 1431 to Vlad II Dracul, future ruler of Wallachia. His mother is believed to be the second wife of Vlad Dracul, Princess Cneajna of Moldavia, eldest daughter of Alexandru cel Bun. In the year of his birth Vlad's father, known under the nickname the Dragon traveled to Nuremberg where he had been vested into the Order of the Dragon.

At the age of five, young Vlad was also initiated into the Order. Vlad spent his early formative years in Sighișoara under the care and tutelage of their mother and the wives of other exiled boyars, a powerful family in Wallachia. During the first reign of their father, Vlad II Dracul, emissaries from distant lands came before him and demonstrated the great advances in education which had begun across Europe. At their insistence, Vladd II sent his young sons to Constantinople to further their educations. Vlad is believed to have learned combat skills, geography, mathematics, science, languages, and the classical arts and philosophy.

In 1436, Vlad II Dracul ascended the throne of Wallachia. He was ousted in 1442 by rival factions in league with Hungary, but secured Ottoman support for his return agreeing to pay tribute to the Sultan and also send his two legitimate sons, Vlad III and Radu, to the Ottoman court, to serve as hostages of his loyalty. Vlad III was imprisoned and often whipped and beaten because of his verbal abuse towards his trainers and his stubborn behavior. The brutality went so far that on more than one occasion, Vlad was raped by his captors which may have led to his fixation on execution by impalement later in life.

These years presumably had a great influence on Vlad's character and led to Vlad's well-known hatred for the Ottoman Turks. Vlad was later released under probation and taken to be educated in logic, the Quran and the Turkish and Persian languages and works of literature. He would speak these languages fluently in his later years. He and his brother were also trained in warfare and riding horses. The boys' father, Vlad Dracul, was awarded the support of the Ottomans and returned to Wallachia and took back his throne.

In December 1447, rival families within Wallachia used the support of Hungarian nobility and rebelled against Vlad Dracul, killing him in the marshes near Bălteni. To prevent Wallachia from falling into the Hungarian fold, the Ottomans invaded Wallachia and put young Vlad III on the throne. However, this rule was short-lived as rival clans with foreign support soon marched on Wallachia to claim the throne and Vlad was forced to flee or face certain death.
Vlad fled to Moldavia, where he lived under the protection of his uncle, Bogdan II. Following the assassination of his Uncle, Vlad was forced to throw his lot in with his former rivals, impressing them with his wealth of knowledge and keen intellect until they accepted him into their ranks. With their support, Vlad would slowly spread his influence throughout the Carpathians and eventually march on his homeland of Wallachia. There he led his forces from the front lines and crushed all opposition in his path before finding Wallachia’s current ruler and killing him with his bare hands in single combat. In killing his opposite number, Vlad had not only won the battle, but taken back his birth right aswell.

The next several years of Vlad’s life would be filled with a strange mixture of hardship, victory, and tragedy. Enduring military defeats, betrayal, and exile, Vlad was ousted from power several times. In total he ruled over his country on three separate occasions, each time working hard to expand his ever-growing empire and defend Christian land against the hostile Ottoman Empire. His Crusade became his obsession, the driving force of his life. However, in 1476, Vlad was finally defeated by his Turk rivals and scheduled to be executed. As he awaited his beheading, a strange thing occurred. The blood of his slaughtered men and homeland called out to him, offering him promises of revenge, power, and eternal life. Broken by defeat and seemingly abandoned by God, Vlad gave in and drank up the blood of his scorched homeland, becoming a vampire.

Now cursed with immortality, the being who would become known as Dracula destroyed his opponents and left the world stage for the seclusion of the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania. There he remained for years, locked within his own despair and boredom until a promising idea occurred to him. Learning of the sparkling empire that was Britain, Dracula resolved to travel to this new land and began buying up property. However, he gained another interest in the bride to be of his new real estate agent Jonathon Harker. His love, Mina, was a spitting image of Vlad’s own late wife who had been tragically taken from him. With this in mind, Dracula decided to make Mina his no matter the cost.

That decision however, would bring him into direct conflict with the suitors of Mina’s wealthy friend, Lucy. In his campaign to make Mina his, Dracula had turned Lucy into a vampire thus igniting the wrath of her three suitors. They alone would have been nothing before the vampire king, but they called upon another, a man known as Abraham Van Hellsing. Hellsing was the world’s foremost exert on the occult and under his direction, the unassuming collection of love struck men claimed victory over the Count. Defeated but not dead, Dracula was bound to Hellsing’s will and that of his family, cursed to serve as their lapdog forever more.

Abraham’s son, Arthur, would make use of Alucard’s immense powers during WW2 when he learned of a Nazi research program to create artificial vampires. Dispatched to Poland alongside Walter Dornez, Alucard, in the form of a young girl, briefly battled against the Major’s forces before annhilating the facility entirely. He assumed this was the end of the trouble with the Nazis, however, Alucard would learn later that he was mistaken in this. Following the Poland incident, Arthur sealed Alucard in the Hellsing family’s dungeon, believing him to be too dangerous to employ on a regular basis.
It would be years before the No Life King tasted freedom once again when young Integra Hellsing was chased into the dungeon by her power mad uncle Richard. Wounded by a bullet, Integra’s blood splattered Alucard, awakening him from his long slumber. Recognizing Integra as the heir to the Hellsing family, the vampire slaughtered Richard and his guards before pledging his allegence to Integra from that day forward. That was the beginning of their illustrious relationship, with Alucard as the ultimate weapon of the Hellsing family, employed by Integra to eradicate any supernatural threat which appeared on English soil. That relationship would go unchanged until a routine mission to the small town of Chedder. There Alucard was amazed to see a young police girl struggling against all odds to survive an outbreak of ghouls. Forced to shoot through her chest to kill the offending vampire, Alucard offered the woman a rare oppurtunity, the chance to become a vampire. Young Seras Victoria accepted and now stands alongside her master in servitude to Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing in their battles against the supernatural, the vicious Iscariot Organization, and the return of the Letz Battalion, the Millenium Organization.

RP sample:

Noncombat Post:
He was alone once more…alone in the shadows, the darkness, the loneliness of his own sad little world. Resting his cheek upon his fist, he briefly mused upon the old phrase “it’s lonely at the top.” Some would describe his own situation as that, the mighty No Life King, unequaled in power and majesty and thus cursed with eternal solitude. “They are all blind." he growled to himself, barely above a whisper. Alucard was by no means at the top. No, he was the lowest of the low, a pitiful monster who threw away all that was worth while about him long ago. As the old man said all those years ago, he had nothing…he was nothing. Reaching out with his free hand, the vampire grasped his wine glass filled with crimson liquid and took a long, refreshing sip. He wondered when the day would come that even that would fail to brighten his spirits.

Smirking a bit, Alucard took assessment of what he did have. Not the insignificant trifles like his weaponry or abilities, his greatness, his only legacy, lay in what he left behind when his curtain finally fell. His thoughts turned to his inspiring master and his promising new fledgling. THOSE were his treasures. THEY were his legacy. “And they will do me proud soon enough.” He chuckled into the darkness of his lair.

Combat Post:
“I tire of this useless posturing. Come out and face me like a true nosferatu so that I may silence you and do our kind a favor.” The Hellsing operative called out into the darkness. Like so many of his fellow vampires today, this specimen was pathetic. A weak willed drifter who sated his own frustrations on the poor souls of whatever town he stumbled across next. The idiot had made a poor choice when he decided to enter the United Kingdom and an even poorer one when he had fled into a bell tower. Cocking his head to the side, Alucard laughed softly at the desperate antics of the doomed vampire. In his haste to escape from the red clad nosferatu, the drifter had left himself with no escape roots. A long staircase was all that separated the two now. Looking up, Alucard could see the large bronze bell high above, long in disuse. Suddenly a loud snap resonated in the building and the bell plummeted towards Alucard, crashing into the sides of the tower as it came. The No Life King never moved a step, he simply looked on happily as the bell slammed into him, crushing his physical form and smearing the floor with a bright red stain as the floorboards gave way to the heavy bell.

Soon after the bell had settled, a lithe figure dropped down from the rafters and landed atop the now cracked bell with the grace of a cat. The disheveled woman corrected her posture with a flourish, throwing her hair back and laughing wildly at her apparent victory. Though her clothes were a collection of dirt covered rags, her posture was that of royalty. In a cockney accent she began taunting the seemingly dead Alucard. “Ow’s that ya bloody git!? Ya ave enough a me yet did ya!” she cackled on for several seconds before brushing a stray strand of hair from her face. However, the laughin never stopped. A second, far deeper voice had now joined in with the merriment. The crumpled, red form beneath the bell seemed to evaporate into a crimson mist and began to swirl around the ruined bell at an ever increasing pace. Within seconds it had formed a blood red whirlwind and rose into a tornado-like structure. The female nosferatu immediately backed away to the far wall, eyes wide in confusion. Two burning orbs appeared in the slashing torrent of evaporated blood and a dark voice called out in a dulcet tone. “Tell me child….how is it I could have had enough….when we have yet to even begin!?” The tone spiked sharply towards the end, becoming a bestial roar as the mist condensed into human form. Alucard the vampire stood unharmed beside the great bell which had crushed him just a few moments ago. Though his hat and glasses were gone, no apparent change had occurred in him.

The drifter, for her part, was awe struck and unable to move. She stood there cowering in fear of this superior specimen. A wide smirk etched across his face, Alucard licked his lips in excitement. “Careless…sloppy…worthless. That would be an adequate description of you don’t you think?” Reaching into the confines of his trench coat, Alucard drew a massive ivory pistol and trained it on the speechless draculina. His white gloved finger tightened around the trigger and his smile widened alongside his eyes which now sparkled with glee. “You drifted through life without purpose. Now your remains will do the same!” with that final insult Alucard squeezed the trigger and let his blessed silver round go forth. The .454 Casull round ripped through the weakling’s torso, leaving a massive bloody hole in its wake where her heart had once been. As she fell limp to the floor in a bloody heap, Alucard holstered his ivory pistol and scoffed. “Too weak to live as man and too stupid to even make it as a dog. Tch. Even calling you a monster would be an insult to the kind but I suppose it will have to do.”

Additional social post (Interaction with a young Integra)

His gloved hand picked up the phone and slowly raised it to his ear. A quick series of button presses connected him to his master's private line as he set his hat and glasses down on a nearby table. The stench of blood, excrement, and general gore still clung to his clothes, red smears still marked the corners of his lips. In his excitement he had yet to remove them, he simply could not wait any longer to hear her reaction. Finally the ringing ended and her young voice, yet one trained desperately to sound beyond its years, called from the other end of the line. Exposing his rows of sharp fangs with a grin, alucard addressed his master, Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing.

"It is done...my master. I can scarcely remember the last time I was able to garner as much enjoyment from an assignment as I did tonight. Are you satisfied?" the question slithered from his lips and hung in the air for a moment. It was a test, a prod into the true strength of her character. It was not the first mission his young mistress had sent him on, but it was the first time she had ordered him to hunt down human prey. Would she pale at the depths of his sadism? Recoil at this glimpse of his true monstrous nature? Or would she stand tall and bear it as her father and grandfather had done before her? In all honesty Alucard didn't know, and that is what made all this just so thrilling, the wonder of the unknown in all it's glory.

"You butchered an entire building of homeless people to kill one vampire and you think I'm satisfied? I ordered you to kill a monster, not my countrymen!" Integra said angrily into the phone. No matter what, she could not allow weakness to enter into her voice here. Alucard was a monster, but he was also her servant and her mightiest weapon against the supernatural. Though it was a shocking sight to see the new footage of the bodies, she had accepted this as her new role. Leadership of the Hellsing organization was not a blessing, it was a duty, her duty.

"Your orders...my master....were to search and destroy. As instructed I sought out the mongrel filth occupying that building and slaughtered him without hesitation. I never imagined the humans there would have already been swayed by the vampire's powers. To think, there are still those foolish enough to attempt creating covens in this day and age..fascinating. But I digress, never forget my Master, I am nothing but your servant, I do only as you command. Can you live with that? Can you accept the burden of my conquests?" his tone was almost taunting, daring her to break all while praying for her triumph. She had never disapointed him before, Alucard hoped tonight would not be the first time.

A cold response came in from the office in the Hellsing manor. The response of a woman beyond her years, a girl ready to command the very armies of hell itself in defense of her country, the Iron Maiden, Alucard's one true master. Hanging up the phone once Integra had finished ordering him to return, the corners of Alucard's lips upturned and began to quake. Without warning a joyful laugh erupted from his chest. His entire body shook with excitement and merriment at this newest revelation. "Yes! Yes yes yes! Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, you are your father's daughter, Abraham's granddaughter! I should have known my young Master would not disapoint, truly she is an embodiment of mankind. It seems that I no longer have the need to hold back. If such a young girl can show what it means to be human, who am I to hide what it means to be a monster?" like an insideous tide, Alucard's laughter faded into the darkness around him. This was only the begining, the fun was just getting started.
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PostSubject: Re: *Alucard the vampire*   Wed Jan 12, 2011 5:18 pm

I can't vote on my own application and I gave Morphine another 24 hours to finish up his Alucard sheet. After that I guess we can open up voting.

EDIT: I don't intend to keep this role permenantly. As it is I'd only be filling in until a suitable replacement alucard can be found whenever that may be.
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PostSubject: Re: *Alucard the vampire*   Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:01 pm

I see nothing wrong here, and that's supposed to be a good thing... Plus, you're a great RPer and I'm sure you will do greatly in the role of Alucard,

Also, I must note that you play his nemesis, Anderson... It would be rather weird and unpleasant if you had to RP the fight and all, but this role is dearly needed, and as I already said, there are not many people who could RP it as well as I'm convinced you will, so I find this to be no reason to disapprove.

So, with no more to say, all there is left to say is...

Approvals: 1

Disapprovals: 0
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Approvals: 2
Dis-Approvals: Zer0
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Apps; 4
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*Alucard the vampire*
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