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 Intro to a story I'm writing (objective 115)

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PostSubject: Intro to a story I'm writing (objective 115)   Sun Jan 02, 2011 11:20 pm

Out of the shadows of the parking garaged came a man around five feet five inches wearing a white Chinese traditional shirt with black pants, his eyes were hidden behind circular sunglasses, his steps making a soft echo throughout the parking garage. One of the three guards at the elevator turned around and looked at the figure walking towards them, his eyes widened in disbelief. “You got to be kidding me.” He muttered as the other three turned around. “Jesus Christ its Chang.” Said another, fixing his suit jacket; the third stepped forward, glaring down at Mr. Chang. “I get it; you must be ready to die.” The guard said, giving a slight smirk, showing off his needle like teeth. “I need to speak with him.” Chang answered calmly, not lowering his eye sight from the monster that stood in front of him. “The only way you’re getting through this door is over my dead ass.” The one that had stepped forward a moment ago said, aiming a nine millimeter handgun at Chang’s forehead. Chang sighed “So be it…” He suddenly brought his right leg up and kicked the handgun out of the creatures hand before kicking him in the face twice, the second creature reached into his suit jacket to pull out a handgun but was suddenly stopped by Arcading, a large Russian that was a former soldier to the soviet spetsnaz that stood about six foot seven, was wearing a white trench coat with a solid white suit, everything while aside from the man’s shirt. Arcading wrapped his arms around the head of the second security officer and broke his neck quickly. The last guard had his handgun out, but Rena, young Brazilian woman that looked like she was still in collage kicked the last one in the jaw then twisted his arm, unloading four, nine millimeter bullets into the last guard then flipped him onto his back. She tossed the handgun aside with an expression of slight disgust, as though the firearm were a rat or incest. The trinity walked into the elevator, the doors closing behind them.

“There are no weapons allowed in the club. If we are lucky, there will be one man for checking weapons.” Chang explained, cocking the slides of two, forty five millimeter handguns with his fingers, resting the grip against his palms. He let go of the slides after a moment, a clicking sound giving off the sign that the first bullet in each clip of both handguns was loaded. “And if we’re unlucky?” Rena asked as she hit the button with the word “Hells” on it, the floor that held the nightclub and the fortress of the man they were looking for. “There will be many men.” Chang responded, keeping a calm expression on his face. Arcading said nothing and only stared forward, pulling out dual mp5 sub machine guns out from under his trench coat. “My I take your… oh my god.” The coat hanger woman said as she was shoved into the elevator, the doors closing as the trio walked out, opening fire instantly at the five guards in the underground. One was rattled with bullets and fell behind the desk while the other four, lizard men jumped onto the ceiling and moved behind the pillars, standing upside-down. One of the lizards moved out from the pillar he was behind, shooting at the three in the opening with twin nine millimeter handguns. Chang and Rena ran to the right while returning fire, Arcading to the left also returning fire, holding one of his sub machine guns sideways as he ran. One of the four lizard men jumped from pillar to pillar, shooting his handguns, but Chang turned quickly and fired five bullets into the chest of the reptile. One jumped down, a gas mask covering his face as he fired a uzi at Chang, but the Chinese man moved to the side behind cover as Rena ran up the side of the wall, doing a flip off it, firing seven bullets into the chest of the person wearing the gas mask. The third lizard ran out of ammo and dropped to the floor, flipping across the room trying to reach the weapon lockers but Arcading Swiss cheesed him with the mp5’s he had. The last one walking along the ceiling had a G36c assault rifle, firing at Arcading before dropping down onto the floor, quickly turning. Rena kicked the assault rifle out of his hand and sweep kicked him quickly then kicked him in the chest, the force throwing the last lizard into the concrete wall, leaving a large dent.

Blood red eyes glowed under Rena’s sunglasses for a split second, her vampire side enjoying the taste of combat they just had. They proceeded through the double doors, loud booming nightclub music filling their ears. A place like this was far too loud for Chang’s likes, but it was fine for Arcading, he liked meeting new people, and as for Rena, she was also appealed to it, she always enjoyed the techno rave music that clubbed played. The three agents went back to back, forming a small triangle, aiming their guns at the crowd and slowly rotated their way towards the back of the club to meet the man they were after. They made their way up stairs, which was no easy task with all the people that were in the room. They made their way upstairs, where they found a man in a black suit sitting on a sofa, looking directly at them. The man in the suit just gave then a slight grin, not looking up in the slightest. “It’s over Bayman, you’ve lost.” Said Arcading, keeping his mp5 aimed at Bayman. Bayman suddenly kicked the table at the three in front of him. Rena jumped over the table while Arcading kicked forward, breaking it in half. Bayman stood quickly, kicking Rena in the stomach while she was in mid air, the force from it throwing her back against the concrete wall, leaving a small dent in it. Arcading wrapped his arms around Bayman’s head, ramming his knee into his stomach several times before Bayman rolled backwards with the forth knee, throwing Arcading off him and onto his back, flipping back onto his feet quickly. Bayman looked at Chang, giving him a smug grin “What are you wearing, size three? Bring it happy feet!” Chang suddenly ran forward, punching at Bayman repeatedly. Bayman kept up with Chang’s movement then right hooked, his fist rocketing towards his face, but Chang suddenly grabbed his arm in mid air and pulled it between his legs, doing a flying arm bar on Bayman. Bayman growled, slamming his elbow into Chang’s stomach then stood. Rena kicked out one of his legs with her steel toe boots then kicked him in the temple.

Blood ran down Bayman’s face as he caught her leg when she kicked again, flipping her onto her back. Arcading slammed his elbow into Bayman’s back then grabbed his arm, flipping him into the glass table that was in front of the couch where Bayman had sat just moments ago. Bayman flipped onto his feet, pulling some glass shards out of him quickly then slammed his fists into Bayman’s stomach then elbowed him across the face followed by a swift axe kick, the force causing Arcading to slam into the ground face first. Rena slammed her fist into Bayman’s throat, making him spit up blood before throwing him over the railing of the indoor balcony they were on. Bayman pelted into the ground, standing slowly and looked up to find Rena jumping down after him. He swiftly moved back and kicked her across the face the moment she had landed. Bayman then turned and punched Arcading in the face. The moment his fist made contact with his face, Arcading pulled out a SOD combat knife and slashed Bayman’s side twice, blood pouring from the sound then kicked it, making Bayman take a few steps back while holding his newly inflicted wound. Chang suddenly grabbed Bayman’s head from behind and pulled it backwards and down on his shoulder, breaking his neck quickly. Their objective was complete; Bayman was now dead, which means that there is one less monster and paranormal enemy that threatens humanity left.
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Intro to a story I'm writing (objective 115)
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