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 Fallout new vegas: Grim reaper

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PostSubject: Fallout new vegas: Grim reaper   Fri Dec 31, 2010 5:37 pm

Part 1:

In the unforgiving Mojave Wasteland a figure walked in the scorching heat, it wore a tattered cloak with a hood, slowly the right foot came forward then the left foot, a hand reached out the cloak with a water bottle clutched in it, slowly the other hand opened the bottle then took a small chuck and closed the bottle putting it back into the cloak. Damn..it where the hell am I ? a strong breeze pushed the hood down off the figure revealing a young Caucasian male, with dark brown hair, fair skin and hazel and scarlet eyes Ahh that was nice he said as he pulled the hood back up. Suddenly gunshots where heard in the distance, up a head it sounded like..rifles and 10mm sub machine guns, Finally signs of life suddenly a burst of energy went through his body as he charged forward not caring for the gun shots.

Up a head was a caravan being hit by Jackle's, the once legendary gang now reduced to petty robbery there was a dead mercenary and two others shooting back at the attackers Damn it they got Ted ! one shouted, I know the other shouted, the two were in there early thirty's and were wearing bikers helmets with leather armor with a scarf covering there mouths, one of the jackles flanked them, he had a machete and was about to cut ones arm when ''bang''. The attacker screams in pain as a bullet pierced his arm, the pain forced him to let go of the machete and another bullet suddenly hit him smack between the eyes, both the mercanrys and the Jackles were distracted, and a grenade landed into the Jackles laps blowing them up.

Yoooo a young mans voice was heard You okay the two mercenary's looked at a young man grinning and waving with a 10mm pistol while spinning a pin with his other finger, the two gulped and one waved back replying Y yes thanks to you the young man ran other to them Ya sure ? he looked at the dead body Damn..I was too slow one of the mercenary's pulled down his scarf revealing a rather nice mustache Its sad another comrade has died but he died in battle...the way he wanted to go, just not to some punks like those guys he suddenly realized he forgot his manners and coughed My name is Marcus, thank you for saving us.
The young man looked at Marcus with some surprise he was, very well mannered and quite a nice guy My names... he stopped for a moment then began again Jay the other mercenary took his comrades gun and ammo May you're bullets kill my foes a baffled Jay looked on wards Um I don't mean to be rude but what did y. he was interrupted When we die if our comrade is around we take there guns and ammo they had to help them even after death the mercenary quickly and rudely spoke.

O..kay Jay looked at the brahimin which was oddly enough fine along with the cargo and the merchant hiding in the back I..is it over a cowardly voice spoke out as head popped out, it was a young Caucasian male with silver hair and blue eyes he also wore pre-war business clothes Uh..yeah, within an instant the man was out and shaking Jays hand I thank you kindly sir I thank you, you saved our back, my name is Clark Henderson the second hides if there is anything you need in the future just look me up at New Vegas.
The two mercenary's looked at each other and shrugged there shoulders, Actually are you would you mind me staying with you guys to the next town ? Clark's eyes light up it was clear that he was an opportunist and saw a great opportunity right here Sure sure why not the more the merrier he was made more happy since Jay didn't ask for to be payed.

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout new vegas: Grim reaper   Fri Dec 31, 2010 6:47 pm

Part 2:

Steadily going down the road, making sure the caravan was safe it three bodyguards were ever vigilant although non were more vigilant than the man who they were escorting from town to town, Clark a young hot shot from the west came to the Wasteland for new opportunities but got stuck with driving a caravan around selling what ever goods he had, the two mercenary's who had the luck(?) of finding Clark and getting suck..er convinced to escort him and finally the recent edition and the far most mysterious and possibly dangerous Jay a young helpful soul who crossed paths with the unfortunate group saving them, and then asking for nothing in return except to travel with them to the next town.
Marcus was looking around darting his eyes like a hawk, the same as the other mercenary, Jay on the other hand seemed relaxed, as if he didn't fear what ever came at them So, what exactly do you sell Clark ? Jay twirling his 10mm pistol around his right trigger finger as he asked What other merchants sell but better, supplies, weapons, clothing and armor all are top quality Clark was talking in his usual wise guy way and making hand gestures was he did so, the two mercenary's just sighed, they heard all Clark's boasting before and were getting very tired of it.

Clark looked at Jay with curiosity he could have sworn he heard about someone with the same description as Jay, Dark brown hair, young, hazel and scarlet eyes... he noticed something out the corner of his eye, and a then coyotes ran at them quickly, Jay noticed them before Clark who was just about to open his mouth. I've got 67% chance at this range..good he aimed his 10mm pistol and then squeezed the trigger, the bullet flew out the chamber and straight at a coyote hitting it's head killing it instantly, the others were taken care of by the mercenary's.
Jay grinned as he walked forward I'll make sure its safe Marcus was kinda wary of Jay, he was too good a shot and the way he noticed the coyotes before Clark who was the most perceptive of all, but the other mercenary was more worried about the other dangerous about the wasteland like super mutants and death claws, I don't see anything just as Jay was walking back something caught his eye in the sand, he went over and dug around the sand a little, the others looked on curiously.

What the he pulled out a safe Clark's eyes looked almost like money symbols Okay ? why throw out a good safe...hey clar he looked at Clark and was kinda scared Okay I'll give you it[/b he loaded the safe onto the back. Marcus sighed Okay we need to move..don't want to be caught out by anything. After a few hours of wandering they arrived at good springs a nice little town, with nice clean water a saloon and a shop. Marcus shacked hands with Jay It was good meeting you Jay I hope we meet again but under more, civil conditions and hopefully in a bar the two laughed Goodbye and good luck after Clark was shouted at by a local merchant he left with a few caps along with his bodyguards.

Jay stretched and threw his cloak off Damn its all torn up he had a carbine rifle on his back and his 10mm pistol at his right hand side, a .44 magnum at his left and his clothes were custom made, with pockets for ammo and other items Damn I need a bag he walked into the local store Hello he said happily as he entered the store, he was greeted by the merchant to shouted Clark away earlier e]Hello, would you like to bye something
, after getting an ammo belt full of ammo for his magnum and some purified water he left the store.
He began to gulp down the water like his life depend on it, which it didn't have a drink for hours and the heat was almost unbearable, he walked into the saloon to get some information, as he walked in he saw a pool table and a woman with a dog next to it, the woman looked nice and like she could handle herself, the dog looked like it would bite Jay if he made a wrong move. He walked to the right and took a seat onto the bar stool he saw a young woman fixing the radio at the back, she wore a hat with some pre-war clothes and glasses, Hi there hun, what would you like to get ? he quickly looked at the bartender who was a middle aged woman, with light brown hair all nicely done and wearing a pre-war dress.

A beer please she looked at him You sure your old enough ?] Jay gave a little chuckle I'm old enough to use a gun he didn't mean to be cheeky but the bartender gave him his beer which coasted him rough 14 caps, he had to pay four caps extra for the cheek, as he took a sip, the cold beer slide down his throat cooling it down more and he gave a satisfied 'aahhh' after putting the beer down, the woman was done with the radio and was paid good caps for her work, as she walked away she and Jays eyes met..not in the romantic way but in a strange way, it looked like she was in a hurry after looking at him to get out D..does she recognize me he took a chug of his beer as he let his mind worry.

The door opened rather quickly and harshly with a crash sound Trudy where the hell is MARKO Jay acted casual, it sounded like a mans voice a rough bandit type, and what do ya know it was, he was Asian, big built, bold and looked like one ugly son of a gun WHERE IS HE Trudy the bartender just started to go mental at the man telling him to go away and the two argued. The argument went wrong when the man hit Jay, who was sent to the floor, the woman at the bar came around and was shocked to see that the two stopped arguing because of Jay, who stood up like nothing happened Oh man look what ya did his bottle of beer was spilled and he picked it up Four teen caps come on he held out his hand waiting for the caps.
The man laughed at Jay, he swung his arm back wards then shot it forward only to hit the bottle of beer and the glass shards cut into his hands GAHHH WHAT THE HE before he could finish Jay held the sharp pointy part fo the broken bottle at the mans throat One chance, piss off and don't come back near me the look in his eyes was that of a killers, he actually scared the man off who shouted something about his gang wanting revenge for this.

Trudy stared at Jay then shook her head What I'll clean the mess up and pay what ever needs paid for she was shocked I'm not shaking cause fo that I shaking cause you just pissed off 'Dragon fire' Jay looked at her with a blank expectoration Who ? the two women just looked at the Jay with shock, they though either he was stupid or genuinely didn't know. After getting the saloon cleaned up Trudy explained what was what Hes part of some new multi cultural gang that is made up of all kinda fold even ghouls and I heard a super mutant too Jay stretched his arms and cracked his neck So I just pissed off another gang he walked over to the door, Well its been nice but I gotta go and do some work he waked, leaving the two woman confused.
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout new vegas: Grim reaper   Sun Jan 02, 2011 7:00 pm

Dude, do one about being in Ceaser's Legion!
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout new vegas: Grim reaper   Sun Jan 02, 2011 7:26 pm

Include me!!! I'm awesome in New Vegas!
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout new vegas: Grim reaper   Mon Jan 03, 2011 2:41 am

Rose pm me about a char you want please.

Part 3:

Dragon fire's hand was bleeding like mad, he pulled out the shards and growled Damn that kid I will KILL HIM he walked into a house that wasn't too far from Good springs, it was destroyed like most buildings in the wasteland in it was a bunch of guys with jackets with 'Gangstar' on the back Okay we got trouble some punk did this he held up his bleeding hand as one of the gang members began to bandage it I got a plan, well show people what happens when they mess with u he was interrupted by shouting of a familiar voice. YOO IDIOT COME OUT WITH YER HANDS UP Jay's voice rang through the building OR I START A SHOOTING he had his carbine ready, Dragon fire came out with his friends, there was five altogether.
They all grinned and laughed You fuckin idiot YOU THINK YOU CAN TAKE ON ALL OF US as Dragon fire finished his little speech, Jay aimed down the carbines iron sights and killed two men, it happened within an instant, one of the gang members got scared and ran off, another one was about to shoot Jay, but he was too slow and got shot himself.

Isn't that nice Jay said as three gang members lay dead and one fled leaving dragon fire alone They gave us some alone time Dragon fire was stuck on the spot with fear N no way h hes not human NO WAY he looked into Jays eyes, and suddenly realized something W wait y you are his face suddenly filled with fear, as sweat dripped down his face The man who killed an entire village of bandits GRIM REAPER. Jay grinned Grim reaper ? guess I am you dumb fucks keep attacking people and sing yer own death warrant he focused on Dragon fire From here I have a seventy percent chance on his head, seventy five percent on arms and legs and eighty percent on body Dragon fire turned around and began to run SHIT I HAVE TO TEL Jay lightly pulled the trigger shooting a burst shot, three bullets shoot into Dragon's right leg causing him to collapse.

Jay slowly walked forward Now you will now the fear you put into people Dragon screamed in pain as his leg bled he got up and tried to hop away but Jay shot his other leg, then he tired to crawl away T this can't be happenin I'M A GANSTAR WE ARE INVINCIBLE he looked back and saw a shadowy figure, he was practicably shitting him self with fear, Now its time for you to go to hell Jay was right in front of Dragon, the muzzle of his carbine was touching Dragon's forehead P please d don't I'll leave this town alone DON'T KILL ME. Jay looked at the man with no mercy in his eyes Begging ? did others do this, and you showed them no mercy, this is the wasteland there is no mercy for people like you[b] he pulled the trigger, Dragons head seemed to explode.

Jay lifted up his carbine and cleaned off the blood off the muzzle [b]Gangstar ? well atleast I know yer gang name, seems like grim reaper will really become my life huh ?
he looked up at the sky, the memory of dead people surrounding him when he was ten, filled his head as did the words ''Now you carry my burdens''. He hand his head downwards then looked up, and sighing Look at me he walked into the house and took a map So you're there huh ? on the map it had several towns marked down and where Ganstars base was. He rubbed his chain That's strange are they planing on robbing these places ? these towns are small...hang on that symbol his face went pale DAMN IT he rolled up the map I need to stop them now he began to run out into the desert. The symbol on the map was that of Ceaser's Legion!
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Fallout new vegas: Grim reaper
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