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 Morphine (redo, got locked out of original Morphine acc)

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PostSubject: Morphine (redo, got locked out of original Morphine acc)   Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:47 am

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano. Finished all 10 manga

Name: Alexis Emil nickname: Morphine

Age: 49 (youngling)

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: stands hunched over, but full height is 6,10. Brown hair is always combed back. Medium built but arms are somewhat bulky, 6 pack underneath clothes. Weight is around 135 without gear. Eyes are dark Platinum, scar going from the top of left eye down across his face to his lower right lip.

Clothing of choice: Military greatcoat with SS officer uniform underneath. SS uniform is pitch black with a nazi armband around the left near where the elbow meets the shoulder. Military combat boots. In general public areas such as cities, wears white tank top shirt with gray cargo pants, but keeps military boots.

Weaponry of choice:
MG42, MP44 (aka STG-44), stick grenades, mauser C96, panzerfaust



stick grenade

Mauser C96


SS uniform

Race: Warewolf (youngling)

Abilities: Extreme speed (estimated around 175 around sprinting speed) and strength (around 600 lbs of push/pull/lift etc. weight), acute sense of smell and sight.

Organization: Millennium

Personality: Generally calm, but can be a smart ass and extremely violent at times. Doesn't talk much unless spoken to first. No known phobias or fears aside from losing the "family" he has now. Likes meat, the sound of war, screams of pain, rip van winkle and the other members of millennium, reading mystery novels. (surprising isn't it?) Dislikes Hellsing, the Iscariot, people that are full of themselves, too calm of a place. He thinks nothing of killing others because he realized no matter how many people suffer or die, the world still keeps turning; therefore creating the diluted thought that the more people he killed, their life would be added to his own.

Rank: Oberleutnant (First lieutenant, will lower rank if it seems to high at request of administrators)

Biography: A man that has only known war. As a child Morphine was given his name for the amount of damage he would get from beatings by his parents and those around him and later from his service in the SS. Alexis had a thing for cruelty to others, even more so if he disliked a individual. A worker in the Illuminati and in the front lines, Emil had taken pleasure in his interrogations with others because he was given clearance to do whatever he saw fit to his victims. His hunger for violence grew in the months that passed by, whatever mess the SS had, he would clean up, weather it be slaughtering enemies, eating them alive, or lapping up the blood like a dog, he followed his orders to the letter. Though he acts hardened and like a smart ass sometimes, he is actually quite... "shy" when it comes to being around Rip Van Winkle, who he had taken a liking to after his first few assignments with her, but never admitted it to her. He had always thought of Captain Hans as a older brother to him. When the war came to a end, Alexis was trialed as a war criminal and set up for execution, however three days before his execution he broke out of prison, leaving a ocean of blood and a head full of rage in his wake. "How could his fellow men of the Reich turn on him?" he kept asking himself, until he came up with his own answer. "Because they have lost their grip on reality." he debated with himself.

When he had escaped form prison, he spent the next 20 years looking for the major and the rest of his comrades. Once he had reunited with them, his passion for Rip Van Winkle started up again, though he is still embarrassed of confessing to her. As the years with Millennium passed, he had started to practice Muay Thai and already knew commando sambo. The blood lust of Emil still lingers today, only a handful of people have been able to keep him in check, which is the Major, Doktor, Captain Hans, and Rip Van Winkle, even if she doesn't know it. His love for war is almost equal to that of the majors, but obviously the major's love for war can not be surpassed. During his time during the war, he went to japan on a special trip to meet with the emperor and was given a katana, still battle ready which he keeps in his room. Why he holds onto that sword so tightly is unknown, perhaps because he knows that his fellow brothers and arms on the pacific lost the war as he did. To lose a war to what was deemed inferior species was an unacceptable thought.

RP sample: The year was 1945, somewhere around the arctic circle, the beast waited in his dark room on board the battleship that had been frozen there for the past few days. The sound of gunfire echoed through the ship. Sudden the door broke open as a russian carrying a PPSH-41 had entered the room, the soviet soldier raising his PPSH-41 at the warewolf. The monsters eyes shifted up to the russian aiming the sub machine gun at him. Morphine's eyes filled with rage. He let our a loud yell at the human, "Do NOT point zat veapon at me, russian DOG!" He quickly grabbed the barrel and bent it, raising his right leg and thrusting it forward. The moment his boot made the impact on the russian, the force from it had thrown the russian into the wall and turned him into what looked like red jelly on the wall. Morphine smirked at the sight, remembering the feeling of taking another persons life again. The feeling was one that he could not pass up. He bared his teeth and grew a psychopathic smirk across his face.

The werewolf stepped out of the room and wrapped his arms behind a russian beside railing and covered his mouth, that sadistic grin across his face became wider. Pulling out one of the stick grenades from his side pouch, he pulled the pin and shoved it into the mouth of the russian and threw him over the railing. With a loud thud, the body stuck the metal floor in front of a russian squad below. "The fuck?" responded one of the russians, as they all moved in close to their fallen comrade, then suddenly came a large explosion, shrapnel cutting through flesh, a beautiful sight to the mad wolf. The monster walked out of the large crack in the as of now deserted, froze in "sunken" ship, only to find a battalion of russians waiting outside for him. This however did not stop the warewolf. In fact, it gave him a even greater feeling that there were just that many more people to kill. Morphine walked towards the large crowed and opened his arms, smiling kindly at the russians. His expression suddenly snapped back into that cold, psychopathic look, the wolf, cracking his knuckled, grinned as he walked towards the group of soldiers; only saying three words. "Guten tag gentlemen."
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Morphine (redo, got locked out of original Morphine acc)
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