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 Dr. Selina Nova

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PostSubject: Dr. Selina Nova   Thu Nov 18, 2010 7:42 am

Name: Dr. Selina Nova

Age: 96

Gender: Female

Physical appearance:
Dr. Selina Nova is young woman with blue eyes and red soft lips. Her skin is a bit pale, but her pretty smile makes up for it. She is about 1,86 meter, what makes her a bit tall for a girl and she weights about 79kg, but don't mention it or she will show you that most of the weight is muscle mass. Her body curves makes her a really eye-catcher. The only really disturbing thing is, that her hair is snow white, absolute white.

Clothing of choice:
She loves to wear white, especially a snow white fur coat! Under her coat is a hidden bulletproof vest. Selina never wears high-heels, only boots are good enough, of course colored white. Generally she wears expensive clothes. Depending on her mood, she might even wear a lovely dress and of course she wears no shoes, just boots! Since her body does not react well on silver, she is used to wear gloves.

Weaponry of choice:
Katana, Combat Knife, Kunais
Glock 20 SF, Beretta 96 FS
Barett M82A3


Selina is fast, very fast, able to catch a high speed bullet in flight. Most of her victims can get only a glimpse at her shadow, before she ripped their guts out. Her reflexes are highly trained, able to adapt to her speed, in other words her mind moves even faster than her body. Selina posses a unique instinct for trouble. Sneezing means trouble, Sneezing twice means everyone in this room is about to die. As werewolf she can transform into a Lycanthrope. A trivia fact is, that her fur has the same color as her hair, meaning she is a snow white Lycanthrope.
Unlucky Selina shares all weaknesses of Lycanthropes.

Organization: Mercenary

Selina has a few issues with her mental stability. She tend to overreact, meaning if she is happy, she is very very happy, if she has a crush, she loves (resulting in sex), if she hates, she wants to kill something or somebody(either way run!) and if she is sad, well than she shares the corner with an emu. Selina is attracted to both genders and she can be very persuasive and forcefully. She loves to sleep with people, she is about to kill, or if they are unlucky, keep them as pets. Sometimes she reacts like an innocent child and can be very sweet. In her clear moments she is a thoughtful young woman with an sharp mind. In her crazy moments, well, killing peoples in a fancy way, having outdoor sex transformed or playing the piano. Her mental sickness results from her lost childhood. Nevertheless under this madness lies an intelligent beast. Otherwise she wouldn't have a doctor degree!

Former SA Gruppenf├╝hrer

Born in German, she lived a happy life, till her family was slain by a monster. The werewolf played with her family and let her decide in which order he would kill. He infected her with his blood, waited for her to transform and tortured her for hours till it was no fun anymore. He left her dying, but she didn't die, no, she was reborn as a new being. The hunter becomes the pray. Selina followed the bloody trail of the werewolf. After 16 years she confronted him, getting finally her revenge. And no, she didn't just kill him, no, that bastard deserved more. On this day something broke inside Selina, maybe her last human sparkle. Without any further goals she joined the NS after WW2 was declared. Because of her "natural" skills, she was ranked as SA Gruppenf├╝hrer and she did a great job at first, but soon she discovered the terror of war. Selina tried to escape, but was captured by the SS. They conducted various experiments on her, experiments that would kill a human and eventually even her own kind, but she survived. After weeks, months and years, her hair turned white and the pain slowly faded. It didn't hurt as much as it did the first day, Selina got used to it and the scientist thought they had finally broken her mind. Well, they were so wrong! She surprised them, surprised her guardians as she snapped their little necks like they were nothing, surprised the scientist as she conducted various experiments on them, surprised herself as she let the leading scientist decide the experiment order. After Selina was finished, she destroyed the lab and stole anything that looked valuable. Then she disappeared for 50 years.

Nowadays she lives in wealth and happiness, or it would seem like it. The past years she created a criminal organization, that develop and exports weapons all around the world. Selina cannot forget her past, but at least she had time to collect some precious memories like her first kiss or her first big love. Well she had nearly 50 years to make up for her lost childhood, but some things are lost forever. Like the faith in humanity itself.
She is just waiting for her chance to destroy this rotten world along with all its evil including her!

RP sample:
"Cover the right flank, Kat!". The hot wave of an explosion hit Selina's face and stole her breath. Then she lost her stand and was smashed against the wall behind. "What are you doing Trunk!?! Take out that goddammit rocket launcher." A man came to Selina and looked at her: "Are you okay?". "Yes, now get to work you lazy, arghhh....damn ribs....give me a second." Selina could feel, how her broken ribs fixed themselfs.
"John, you are a nice guy, but i'm going to be pretty pissed at you, if they seal of the factory." "Ok, Captain!"
"Shut up! I'm not your captain! My troop wouldn't be such lazy cowards!"
"If you say so, boss!"
John was smiling, than he turned around and left her alone. Well, she was fixed anyway. No need to play injured anymore!

The Factory was well armed, but not armed enough for a pack of hungry wolves! Soon Selina would hold a prototype of a new powerful chemical weapon in her hands. Hallelujah! Selina sneezed! More toys for humans to kill each other, more toys for her to kill her own kind, some freaks and with luck a dozen vampires. Christmas can be such lovely time, a time of peace and cakes. And sweet cookeys!
"Boss! GET DOWN!"
Luck and reaction was the only reason why the bullet missed. Selina sneezed again! Hell! She looked up and saw a strange man with a read coat and read hat.
"He, Santa Claus! A bit early for Christmas eve?"

"Barking, aren't we little dog? I thought to check my list, who's naughty and nice! Guess what happen next!"
"Are going to spank me? I'm too old for this sh*t! Lucky i brought Freedy with me."
With this words Selina pulled a M72 out of her rucksack.
"Merry Christmas! Or better! Adios Mother Fu*ker"

It was hurting. There where only few occasions when Selina had lost a limb. Lucky it was just a arm. This bastard was dangerous. Too dangerous for her taste. Still she could feel the chill of his breath, when she tried to stab him with the knife. He blocked it with his mere fist. And this smiling! Like a dog is hunting a fox. Just that she was a wolf and this guy any kind of bad-ass. She escaped! Lucky enough for today. Her limb was already healed, but it would take some time, till she could use it like her old one.
"Crazy bastard. Didn't even try to dodge the grenade! Did cost me a arm, did cost this bastard three limbs half of his body and he was still smiling at me. Creepy! Better I get out of here! "
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Selina Nova   Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:53 am

Welcome to the site Selina, very happy to have you here. Sadly, out of principle, I have to disapprove this sheet. You see, I truly feel that Millenium's Captain is the last of the lycans in the world. As such I automatically disapprove all lycan OCS. Along with that you have quite the arsenal; a sword, knife, throwing weapons, large rifle, and two pistols. That seems a bit much to me. Furthermore, I spotted a number of grammer errors and found the bio and rp samples difficult to follow. Sorry if I seem like I'm being too critical but I tend to get picky about sheets. That being said, I'm just one mod so even with my disapproval you still might get a staff majority and be approved.


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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Selina Nova   Fri Nov 19, 2010 6:03 pm

I would like to welcome you as well. However, I must agree with nearly everything Maxwell has stated. this being said, we (the mods) need to have a sit-down about the lycanthrope availability to players. So, while the sheet is good - but not without it's problems - I am afraid I must decline.

Approvals: 0
Disapprovals: 2
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Selina Nova   Fri Dec 10, 2010 7:34 pm

Quote :
Selina tried to escape, but was captured by the SS. They conducted various experiments on her, experiments that would kill a human and eventually even her own kind, but she survived. After weeks, months and years, her hair turned white and the pain slowly faded.

1. You need to answer the first question provided within the bio application.

2. The quote sounds much like The Captain.

I'm sorry, but to me, that part in quotation is Mary Sue.

As for werewolf status, if you're read the manga, you could have easily been a project from the Lycan experiments from Millennium back in the 1930's, and could have been classified as a special human with lycan like abilities to sort through and pick. No aging would have been one of them.

But because of the fact that this part of the bio strikes me as a Mary Sue, I'm going to have to say no, until you edit many things.

Approvals: 0
Dis-Approvals: 3

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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Selina Nova   Sat Dec 11, 2010 6:28 am

I have to agree with Sirina, after reading the bio, this OC does seem like a Mary Sue.
Plus, the Personality irked me quite a bit as I highly doubt Mercenaries would have a member in their group with such a high amount of mental instability (seriously, no one in their right mind would let this OC near a gun)

So unless some edits are made, I'll have to disapprove also.

Approvals: 0
Disapprovals: 4
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Selina Nova   

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Dr. Selina Nova
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