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 Zorin Blitz

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PostSubject: Zorin Blitz   Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:31 pm

( I don't see many people stepping over each other and clawing at their faces to get the role so, someone's gotta do it)

Zorin Blitz

Sex: Female

Age: Unknown, but I'd say over 150 years possibly


A tight, black and armless top that shows her muscular build, baggy trousers (Wehrmacht Trousers maybe...not sure)
with a number of straps hanging around the waist and black leather boots

Physical Description:
Zorin is a tall and heavily built woman...yes, woman.
She has short blond hair and the whole right side of her body is covered in strange letter-like tattoos
as well as a star on her cheek which is the Star of David
(Even though it is recognized as a Jewish symbol, the Star of David actually has usage in Occultism,
as a symbol for conjuring spirits and a talisman in the practice of witchcraft, which seems to be something
Zorin specializes in) <---- thanks for the info Tegs
These tattoos seem to have significance to her illusion abilities. Her right eye is oddly distorted and a
different colour to her left eye, which is gold.

Alliance, and Weapon of Choice
Category B vampire

Organization: Millenium

Rank: 1st Lieutenant

Zorin wields a massive and deadly scythe with such force that any limb can be removed with ease.
She can swing the scythe around easily as if it were a toy.

Zorin has the typical abilities of a Category B vampire which includes:
-Supernatural strength and speed
-Low weakness to silver and other blessed objects
-Stamina and durability
-Agility and good reflexes
-Needs to feed on blood at least once every 2 weeks
Zorin is also very skilled at creating illusions and mind reading to mentally break her opponents.


Zorin is a muscular, spitfire of a woman who is loyal to Millenium yet somewhat reckless and cocky in her missions, often making her disobey some of her orders.
Her brutish attitude, love for battle as well as her sadistic nature is terrifying enough to make even the most powerful soldier cower with fear.
She takes great pleasure in using her ability of illusions to manipulate and send her opponents into submission or at least into a weakened mental state,
where her scythe will take care of the rest.

Zorin is a 1st Lieutenant of the Werwolf Forces although her origins of joining Millenium are unknown.
In fact, most of her past is not known. She is also a commander of her own troops which she leads with brute force and takes
great pleasure in watching her victims suffer, both emotionally and physically.
She is rather foul-mouthed and is usually seen smoking.
(Sorry, I don't know what else to add, not much has been said about Zorin's history or origin)

Canon audition:

Smoke billowed from the corners of her mouth as it twisted into a sly grin as she
watched the onslaught of soldiers making their advance.
The ground was scattered with dead bodies of mercenaries, each with puncture wounds in their necks.
Their skin was a sickly white as each body had been fully drained of blood.
'Pops' were made as Zorin cracked her neck from side to side, heaving her mighty scythe over her wide shoulders.
As she took another inhale from her cigarette, one of the soldiers approached, raising his weapon.
"Foul bitch! What business do you have here?!" the commander cried, all efforts failing in
hiding his fear as his gun shook in his trembling hands as
Zorin took a glance at him, spat her cigarette onto the ground and crushed it beneath her heavy boot.
"No business..." she said simply, giving another grin, exposing her pointed fangs.
"V...vampire!!!" the commander stuttered, noticing her inhuman canines, Zorin gave a cruel laugh.
"Caught on, haf you?" she asked whimsically "I thought you vould haf noticed earlier" she added,
lazily waving a hand at the corpses lying around her.

The troops looked petrified, their eyes darting about at the bodies and debris.
The man gulped and asked again "what are you doing here!?" and Zorin simply shook her head.
"Like I said...no business vhat so ever....I am just here for some fun...fun zat ist greatly overdue..."
With inhuman speed she charged past the man remove several heads from the troops with one, easy swing of her scythe.
"What the fu--"
Troops ran in fear...
Cut down.
Others pleaded for their lives...
The body count rose as she continued her massacre.
More troops began to emerge from the buildings that surrounded the bloodied streets.
"Trying to vin vith numbers are ve?"
Swiftly, she slammed her palm onto the concrete, the tattoos on her body seemed to flow from her
fingertips and spread like wildfire, engulfing everything in sight.

"What the hell is this!?"
the commander cried as he suddenly began to see visions that were somewhat familiar.
He saw soldiers marching, weapons and cargo being loaded onto ships and aircraft....
"M..m..my memories?"[/b'
His mind was suddenly filled with crimson as he envisioned his men being slaughtered.
He remembered that battle...he lost over half of his men that day...it was also the first time he had ever needed to retreat.
The vision then began to break apart, like watching a damaged film reel.
The commander seemed to snap out of some sort of dream,
he then noticed he was lying on his back, his entire army laid dead around him.
Zorin's towering form loomed over him.
[b]"Haf sveet dreams?"
she cooed, raising her heavy boot over his head.
Before he could even emit a sound or a plea, she brought her foot down, crushing his head like an insect.
The cries of pain faded and sounds of gunfire ceased...the fight was over within a matter of minutes
Slipping another cigarette between her teeth, she lit up and looked around at her 'work'
"It vas...satisfactory..." and she headed off down the dark street to return to the Deus Ex Machina II.
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PostSubject: Re: Zorin Blitz   Thu Dec 09, 2010 1:58 pm

I had hoped to spread the canon roles around a bit after the reset but like you said, nobody is killing each other to get this role and Millenium needs troops. I know you can play her very well and who knows, maybe in a few months a major Zorin fangirl will pop up and express interest. In any case, you have my full approval.


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PostSubject: Re: Zorin Blitz   Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:56 pm

I will approve, though I wish the 'lists' of abilities and appearances were in actual paragraph form. Sorry, if I have to gripe about it to the new kids, I have to keep up neutrality.

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PostSubject: Re: Zorin Blitz   Thu Dec 09, 2010 9:03 pm

Seeing as this is my sheet I cannot vote
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Zorin Blitz
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