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 Zone Tan (incomplete)

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PostSubject: Zone Tan (incomplete)   Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:50 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano: Yes I have, all available OVA's and I'm currently reading the manga the rest of the way

Name: Zone Tan

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Physical appearance: Zone is relatively short, being about 4'10. She is currently a low-level vampire, so still has her human eye color of a dark blue. She weighs 85 lbs and is relatively small and skinny. Although she doesn't have many curves, her dark but playful demeanor shows through in her looks, making her in general rather alluring. She has medium length purple hair with a side ponytail.

Clothing of choice: Zone wears a purple sweater that's a little too big for her, just barely hanging on her shoulders and the sleeves would almost cover her hands if it weren't for the cuffs. She wears the sweater sort of like a very short dress. Underneath she wears a set or normal, purple panties and wears long black stockings, ending in combat boots. She wears a skull pin for her ponytail and has a skull on the front of her sweater.

Weaponry of choice: Zone doesn't really fight... At all... Seriously... She's a support character, she creates the things others use in battle or missions. She's small, weak, fragile, human, and has almost no experience with guns or other weapons. She works behind the scenes, and if she was in the actual Hellsing series you probably wouldn't see her too terribly much honestly.

Race: Special Human (Witch, level 2 of 7)

Abilities: Zone doesn't have any fighting ability, at all. But as a Witch, she has a variety of other, interesting abilities

Potion Making: Zone is capable of making potions for either herself, or others to use. She isn't very experienced in the process, and as such is prone to making mistakes, possibly dangerous ones if she isn't giving her full attention. The recipes for potions are very rare, and must be mixed together in very exact amounts, and handled meticulously. Only someone who has been practicing for months is even capable of making a single working potion. After mixing the potion together, even more preperation must be done. While the mixing can be done in mass, using a large cauldren, the activation of the potions must be done individually for each dose after being put in a special bottle and being plugged with a cork. Afterwards, the witch must position the potion in the middle of a magic circle drawn on the ground, and meditate before the potion, chanting a special phrase over and over again for the specific potion that is being made. Usually to mix it all in a cauldren, the process will take 24-56 hours of work, and the ritual process for each individual potion takes an additional 4-12 hours depending on the potency wished for the potion. Zone has yet to learn how to make potions with "permanent" effects.

List of Potions Zone can make:

Potion of Healing: The potion of healing is one of the least complex potions to make. It is relatively weak, and is unable to regenerate lost body parts or limbs, however if somebody is direly ill, poisoned, or their body is recovering from great stress, drinking this potion will heal them quickly. If taken for bodily stress, aches, or exhaustion, then healing will take roughly 10 minutes (at least 5 posts). If taken for advanced poison or terminal illness, then the potion will take from 5 to 10 hours to finish the healing (the post count would be too high to mention, but I guess if you went through a situation non-stop, then 50 posts should do). If in battle, then the stress and strain will affect the potion, basically nullifying the disease for 5 minutes (no more than 3 posts). This potion is best used on humans, but can potentially accelerate the healing process for other races as well

Potion of Regeneration: This potion is still in the experimental phases. If somebody is cripped, or has lost a body part or limb, then this potion will restore what they have lost. As has been said before, this is an experimental and very new potion to Zone. Drinking it could cause a variety of side effects. Perhaps your limb will regrow in the wrong place, perhaps it will age you several years in the process of healing you, perhaps it will even kill you or cause brain damage. This potion should only be requested and used in extreme situations, as the chances of it working without side effects are predicted to be only 30% This potion works on all races with equal potency.

Potion of Suggestion: Zone is capable of making a potion that when injected or drank by a human, makes them highly susceptable to suggestion. While Zone 'can' make this potion, it's honestly probably just easier to make a drug that does the same thing, and possibly even making it more potent. Somebody under the influence of the Potion of Suggestion is able to be manipulated very easily. Somebody under the influence of this potion wil obey not just the commands of the maker or distributer of the potion however, but anybody they meet. Even when somebody is under the power of the Potion of Suggestion, they will not do something that directly contradicts their beliefs, instincts, or loyalties. (for example you cannot tell somebody to kill themselves, attack allies or say or do something that would go directly against their beliefs) One advantage this potion has over drugs however, is that the victim does not lose any cognitive ability, and is virtually the same in every way except they are obediant to others. The potion works significantly better on normal humans, and the more willpower and intellegence the victim has, the less effective the potion will be and the less time they have in the state of suggestion. Usually someone under the influence of the potion will not even be aware of their suggestive state.

Potion of Empowerment: This potion is rather simple, easy to learn, but impossible to master. Depending on the skill of the Witch and the ingrediants used, the potency can vary greatly. At Zone's current level, consumption of this potion will increase the characters strength, speed, and endurance slightly. For a human, it will roughly increase their speed and strength to double the norm, and their body won't bleed out as fast and will keep operating even after taking a few bullet wounds or cuts. This potion does not allow for somebody to do superhuman feats such as lifting or throwing a car, breaking through walls, becoming bullet proof, or surviving a blast from a cannon. The power increase is slight and will do almost no good against vampires or werewolves unless all soldiers against the vampire or lycan consume the potion, even then losses will be high. enhanced strength speed and endurance last roughly a half-hour (15 posts) Perhaps with additional research Zone will be able to strengthen the potion further.

(end of list)

Seering: Zone is also capable of "seering" the act of seeing something she couldn't normally. Like all aspects of witchcraft she is new and inexperienced in this, and honestly often fails. To make sure she gets a vision of someone or something in particular, she needs a sample from them to hone in on (for example a bit of hair, some blood, or dirt from a certain place) While it is one of the most indirect forms of magic, it is also one of the most helpful for gathering informaton. Usually a seering session can take up to 12 hours to home in on exactly what one is looking for

Enchanting: The second newest form of magic for Zone. Using enchanting, Zone can alter or imbue a normal object with different properties. This is the style of magic used to make weapons "holy" or "magic". (such as blessed silver or Rip Van Winkles magic bullets) Again, Zone is new to this and extremely novice, and only able to do the most basic of enchantments and even then usually failing or making a mistake.

Enchantment list:

Blessing: Zone has the ability, through hours of meditation and focus, to perform minor blessings on objects. Making blessed blades, bullets, or water. Note that this sort of enchantment in no way alters the weapon itself, it just makes it so that it does extra damage against vampires and other occult creatures. A blessed blade will break as easy as any other blade, and a blessed bullet won't be able to pierce through armor a normal bullet of it's calibur couldn't. As of yet, Zone can only bless one thing at a time.

(end of list)

Organization: Currently alone, not even aware of any of the organizations available except vaguely the Vatican (as in she knows it's the Vatican, no knowledge of the Iscariot organization)

Personality: Zone tends to be rather cynical, especially when it comes to "normal" people. She believes the world is, quite frankly, going downhill and that humanity will likely soon encounter a massive tragedy that will (hopefully) decrease the human population down to a manageable size. She is not seeking to spark this tragedy, she simply believes it will happen, and most likely it will happen soon (within the next 60 years or so) She isn't scared by the supernatural very often, she finds it intimidating yes, but she isn't frightened, usually fear is replaced with fascination instead. (however if she were to be on the wrong side of battle with Alucard or a supernatural being with a similar personality, and abilities vastly above her own, she would, regardless of fascination and interest, piss herself) She loves to learn about anything that isn't regarded "normal". This includes anything supernatural, secret technology and organizations, or aliens (of course ever since she learned of vampires and the occult, she hasn't been focusing on aliens too much) romantically, she's not really interested in many people, unless someone is the subject of her fascination (such as for example a very powerful vampire, lycanthrope, or special human) you don't really have a chance romanticaly. However she is not above using her feminine wiles to acomplish her goals. (as in, she isn't above sleeping with someone or flirting with someone if it gets her what she wants, however that is usually her last resort) She can be loyal to some people, but only those she has known for a long time and who she has been through a lot with. She doesn't care about honor or pride for herself, but she understands the honor of others and respects that. Ironically, she has a very powerful sweet-toth. Zone is very playful and easily bored by anything that isn't her witchcraft, or thing involving vampires, werewolves, or the occult or supernatural in general

Rank: Unaffiliated

Biography: Zone, suprisingly enough, has a rather bland background aside from her study in the occult and witchcraft. She's always been very small, ever since she was born, which has lead to a number of people mistaking her for a much younger age. As she's stopped growing and isn't even 5 feet tall, there is a good chance she'll be mistaken for a pre-teen for possibly the rest of her life. She was born into a distustingly stereotypically happy family. Her mother and father were happily married and loved their child, Zone, and Zone's younger brother was always an outgoing trouble maker and prankster, and now-days is somewhat of a lech. Zone rarely made friends, finding the boys too burly and undignified, the girls too squealy and prudish, and the goths and emo's too whiny and stupidly dramatic. She never found much interest in the more normal forms of academics, but she loved to research mythology, aliens, occult magic and lore (usually it was fake, but obviously she eventually found REAL occult books)
At age 12 was when Zone's research of 'true' occult works came in. She had found a rather promising book somewhere in an old bookstore. She researched it thoroughly and there was just something about the spells in the book that seemed to click, it seemed real, better than the other books she had researched. After she had attempted to make her first potion, a potion of suggestion (she was considering the potion of minor healing, but the effects seemed vague enough that it mght be a hoax even if it 'worked') She used it on her mother who she told to give her 200 dollars so that she could spend it on more books. The potion worked incredibly well, and her mother seemed to remember and not even care that she let Zone use 200 dollars on occult books. After further experimentation with seering and some other potions, Zone decided she would forsake all of the more mundane, and in her opinion, boring parts of research and academics, in favor of learning and mastering the ways of witchcraft. She's been practicing the occult magics and researching about it for 6 years now, and is enjoying her gradual increase in skill in the occult magical arts. Her life up until now has been rather bland, but perhaps that will change soon.

RP sample: (This applies to all members and the sample needs to be 3 posts long minimum, and will include the style of your RPing, and a segment of a battle post.)

Note: This character is essentially Zone-tan, created by Zone-sama. Zone-tan belongs to Zone-sama and is his creative property. I am using the character only for entertainment. I claim official ownership in no way shape or form, just like how people on this site want to play as Alucard or Anderson.

Note note: This isn't really a crossover though since Zone-tan is a mascot and has no story or background. All that is known is her personality from a few pictures and anmations, and her appearance of course.

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PostSubject: Re: Zone Tan (incomplete)   Fri Oct 08, 2010 12:00 pm

Staff, Sirina has asked that all votes and opinions on this sheet be held until
she gets back from work.
Yet this sheet is WiP...which makes this message somewhat pointless....
So just hold of votes, opinions, blee blee blah whatever.
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Zone Tan (incomplete)
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