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 Forum Exclusive: Terrys Hits (Interactive)

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PostSubject: Forum Exclusive: Terrys Hits (Interactive)   Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:39 am

Terence`s job nowadays wasn`t much different from what he did before.. delivering messages to other Knights, or even other organizations and killing single persons.. he had gotten sick of that over the years, but it was his job, and he would be damned if he`d disappoint...

Takeing a stroll in the park, Terence tried to relax from the stress in the knights council, but he only got so far with that before his cellphone rang.

"Hey, Terry..." It was Cruors voice. "I`d have a job for you..."

"... just send me the data i need. I have nothing to do anyways.

"I know.. the targets name is Jason Anderson Yule, 18, scottish. He works for Hellsing... but god knows not very often. Doesn´t look like much, just the generic person you`d find on the street, but he has those cat ears that easyly destinct him from the others. Uses a Katana that defies physics. Terence... i want him dead. And i want him to suffer."

"Got it." Terence said, terminateing the call. A grumble escaped his lips... oh well, he thought, the equipment is in my coat anyways...


Entering the Hellsing Mansion wasn´t going to be easy.
It was locked up tighter than a high security prison, with guards, helicopters, mine fields and everything money could buy... but he would find a way...
In jobs like these, it was of the essence to take some time, study the surroundings and the behavior of the subject... luck was on his side. It seemed that "Neko Jay" was takeing a walk outside.. perfect...
The guard on the outside was easyly distracted, Terence then climbed over the high fence, avoding the electric wire that went through it, and climbed onto a nearby tree...
His target slowly approached, minding his own buisness.. Terence attached a silencer to one of his precious 941 pistols, takeing aim... the sound of a popping tire rang out as Jay got hit by the first bullet, right in the knee, causeing him to stumble... a second one blasted through his hand, then one through his elbow... his heel was exposed, gaining another bullet. Terence had to work fast or the regeneration would kick in.. Jay got up, searching for cover, but another bullet struck him in the guts, almost causeing him to fall over once again. His Katana, quickly drawn by the good hand, deflected one of the bullets, but then Terence used a quicker fireing speed, easyly breaking the blade after a couple of good hits.
He had no cover left, so he reloaded out in the open, an empty magazine falling to the floor, before Jay did the same, hit in the other knee.
His blood was all over the ground by how, gushing and pouring out of his body that was struggleing to regenerate, before Terence brought up his second pistol, hoseing him down with thirty precise bullets aimed for non lethal parts..
His body was broken, he was next to unconciousness... a quick pointer of the laser , and he shot off his trademark ears, before the last bullet struck his forehead...
Pushing a detonator, a car exploded in the parking lot, distracting the guards once again before Terence jumped out of the tree, dashing over to Jay and fetching the ears before heading off....

"Terence..." Marcus`s voice said on the cellphone that same evening.

"Yes, Marcus?"

"I never said i wanted a trophy."

Terence smirked deviously. "Tape them to Kachiri`s head and make her a catgirl... and take pictures of it for me."

"..... excellent idea. I will contact you again, later..."

Not too soon, hopefully. Terence thought, then hung up.


Alright, people, thats the first chapter... not like i expected it to come out like, but oh well, i tried.
If you have a character you don`t like on the forum (Includeing mine, i`m not being a dick like that), suggest them to me and i´ll consider them as Terry`s next hit. Desired methods of assassination will also be considered.


1: No rapeing before death. Terry isn`t sexually interested in his targets.

2: Once one character is dead, he can`t be killed again. First come, first serve.

3: You can`t order to kill Marcus or Terry.

With that being said, see you in the next chapter!
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Exclusive: Terrys Hits (Interactive)   Wed Sep 29, 2010 1:28 am

Hit suggested by Heinkel.


Terence had just gotten cozy in his bed, relaxing from a long and stressful day... he knew Marcus would call, but he just ignored it. Even as he did, Terence was still lieing down, not minding the ringing phone... the automatic answering machine eventually picked it up.

"Terence.... if i find out that you´ve lured Kachiri into your bedroom, i WILL cut your payment... ....really, you´re not going to answer? ...alright, lets cut this short. Next target i have for you is Marluxia Parlazzo, a strange fellow... i haven´t found much about his history or whereabouts in his files, but he´s a young man with short black hair and deep sunken in eyes, working for Iscariot. I need him dead, ASAP. Now get out of bed, find out where he lives and kill him."

Terence groaned deeply, waveing his fist at the telephone and obeyed...
His nine millimetre pistols soon slipped into his holsters, along with his riot shotgun and his revolver... a search on the internet revealed his identity, but not where he lived... he had to pull some strings in order to find him. This had top priority... seemed like money well earned.

Just a couple of hours later he was standing in front of a house in the suburbs of rome.. he would`ve never guessed that Palazzo would`ve had such a good life. Oh well, it was time for buisness. He didn´t specifiy a preticular method, and the house was far from any populated area, so he was all on his own with this... he smirked, pulling out his shotgun and pushing a deerslug round into hits chamber.

Wood and metal sprinkled over the floor as the lead breathing dragon roared, the deerslug landing in the opposite wall. Terence holstered the shotgun again, in favor of drawing his pistols, dashing through the house in order to find his target.... an arrow struck next to his head as he was close enough.

"You`d actually use bow and arrow in this age?!" Terence said, laughing, but yet disarming him by blowing a hole in one of the bow´s arms, shatteing it in two... the violent recoil of the tensed bowstring made it fall out of Marluxia`s hand, just before Terence opened fire, empting his magazines into the poor fellow. The human man was close to death as he was riddled with bullet holes, yet Terence took his time, reloading his weapons and holstering them, before grabbing the neck of his target and smileing.

"Choose a better weapon in your next life."
With that, he brought up his revolver to Marluxia`s temple, cocked the hammer in a slow fashion, then pushed the trigger with delight.
The brains of the man splattered across the wall and the dead body sunk to the ground, but Terence didn`t mind as he left the house again, going back to his car.

"Marcus... the job is done. Palazzo is a puddle of red goo on the floor."

"Excellent... I like your handywork, Terence. I like it a lot."

"So much that you would share your girlfriend with me for a night?"


"Aw, shit."


Thanks for the suggestion! Next up, Beau....
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Forum Exclusive: Terrys Hits (Interactive)
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