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 Herr Doktor

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PostSubject: Herr Doktor   Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:05 am

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten?
If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least.
Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga.
The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.

I have read all of the Hellsing manga, the Dawn, the tv series and was unfortunate enough to cross paths with Dok's Story and Desert Schutzstaffel and up to OVA 4 (dubbed) as I have no patience for watching full episodes on my spazzy excuse for internet. Bits and pieces of the undubbed stuff but that's about it.

Name: Referred to as Herr Doktor (Dok for short)
Real name: Avondale Napyeer

Age: About 90 or so, yet he would physically appear to be possibly mid 60's or even early 70's

Gender: Male

Physical appearance:
Dok is about 6'0 in height and has a very pale complexion, an emaciated appearance and long limbs.
He has blue eyes and blonde, straight hair that reaches his shoulders.
Dok is also a polydactyl, having an extra digit on both of his
hands which he conceals by stuffing his last two fingers into one finger of his gloves.

Clothing of choice:
Dok wears multilensed glasses, an odd shirt that exposed his stomach, grey pants with multiple zips,
long white gloves that are straped to his arms and a bloodstained labcoat.

Weaponry of choice:
Dok has no weapons, though scalpels could fall into this category as well as the remote he uses to control and fry Freak Chips

Race: Human

Dok has no abilities

Organization: Millenium

He is rather emotionally unstable, always snapping at those
who bother him during work and as a result, is not the most social person in the world.
Yet despite his eccentric behavior, he is undeniably brilliant.
Dok takes his work very seriously and demands no one disturbs him, whether it be a soldier or someone on the medical team.

Rank: Head scientist of Physiology and Technology

As a young man, he had always taken an interest in creating things out of either flesh and bone to pieces of
discarded scrap metal and soon after the proof of supernatural existence, an even greater interest in the occult.
Very little is known of Dok's earlier years as many records of his education had been destroyed so it is not entirely
known who he worked under or where or how many places he studied at.
Although during his time at an institute, he had a brief period of an interest in cyborgs, managing to create a small robot capable of accepting orders through voice recognition as well being able to display a small range of emotions.
However this personal project of his was never fully completed and as the workload during the war grew,
the robot was eventually shutdown, shelved and has not been touched since.
His knowledge on both human and vampire anatomy, as well as technology, soon began to exceed those around him which gained him many opportunities to lead small projects.
Dok's knowledge in the occult attracted great interest in the Fuhrer who eventually intrusted him with the Freak Chip project
under the Order 666.
50 long years passed and Dok succeeded in creating the Nazi Vampire army of the 'Letztes Battalion' via creation of the Freak chip in which Dok has the ability to detonate and destroy it's host.
Despite being a doctor, he appears to have neglected his own health greatly, evidence being his physical and mental condition due to a probable lack of sleep, food and human interaction.
Being called 'semi-mad' by some he may have had a possible case of Paranoia which might explain his fascination
with the dead and human anatomy as well as his short fuse and lack of patience.
Dok being probably the only human in Millenium, it is unknown how he has not managed to stay in (what very few could consider) somewhat steady health, yet it is also not know just how many of his treatments he has reserved only for himself.

RP Sample:

He could not afford for such little mistakes to continue.
It was an easy enough thing for medics to mess up, he supposed, but that did not mean he had to forgive it in anyway.
The mistakes were small, but they were enough to send him into paroxysms of anger that occasionally ended
in the defenestration of an unfortunate object or the onslaught of insults aimed at no one in particular.
To say he had a sharp tongue would be sugar-coating a bit too much.
Though this proved that he had not reached his breaking point, after all, his targets of attack had been inanimate and
not any of his staff.....yet.
As if that wasn't enough, such anger also seemed to attract unwanted attention which involved having unannounced
visits from soldiers and Werwolfs who attempted poorly at small talk but were clearly there just there to watch him seethe.
The mistake in question had actually been the incorrect labelling of a chemical, one that had been injected
into the bloodstreams of each of his test subjects.
Which instead of giving them enough strength to fight off the reaper for a few more days, had the exact opposite effect and sent them to their deaths much sooner than he had anticipated.

So now, with no living beings to work on, Dok found himself standing outside in the snow falling upon Millenium's current Base.
As much as he hated the cold, his attire completely unsuitable for such weather, he was relieved
to be away from clumsy idiots that dared to call themselves scientists and the increasingly irritating noise of machinery.
Within the small space of ten minutes, the snow falling upon his head melted and caused his hair to
plaster itself to his face, but he didn't care.
It would not even bother him if he were to lay in the snow and just let it cover and hide him entirely which, in all honestly,
was something he almost wished for.
Dok slid his long, numb fingers under his glasses and rubbed his eyes.
He figured he could be just the tiniest bit grateful for the evening's fault.
It had after all been quite some time since he had left the laboratory and he quite enjoyed attempting to catch snowflakes.
Of course the attempts were always in vain, yet it was a failure that managed to put a smile on his face.
Slowly reconnecting with reality and the realization that he could barely feel any part of his body,
Dok decided to head back towards the base and maybe be lucky enough to indulge in the rare opportunity of sleep.
Had he not learnt to dredge up even the smallest of positives during WWII, he probably would have acquainted
himself with a noose a long time ago.
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It's come to my attention that another member is interested in applying for Dok as well. To be fair I'll have to retract my vote until I've seen their sheet.


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I'm getting really tired of these mystery people....
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Locked and moved.
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Herr Doktor
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